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Digital Oil and Watercolor Painting | Intro to Art Set

teacher avatar Kakumon Studio, Illustrator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

14 Lessons (38m)
    • 1. Welcome!

    • 2. Intro to Art Set

    • 3. Project 1 Watercolor

    • 4. - Brush Fundamentals

    • 5. - Color Bleeding

    • 6. - Basic Brushstrokes 1

    • 7. - Basic Brushstrokes 2

    • 8. Project 2 Oil

    • 9. - Brush Fundamentals

    • 10. - Sketch and Background

    • 11. - Twig and Leaf

    • 12. - Lemons

    • 13. - Textures and Details

    • 14. Conclusion

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About This Class

Love both traditional painting and digital painting?

Wondering how to make your digital paintings look more real?

Couldn't find the right brushes and paper textures?

Wanna have more fun painting on your iPad?

If your answers are YES, then this class is for you! 

In this class, you'll be learning:

1. The basics of the app Art Set 4, which provides hyper-real brushes and paper textures

2. How to paint with digital watercolors: brush, stroke, and color bleeding

3. How to paint with digital oils: brush, stroke, and texture

It is recommended to learn both oil and watercolor painting so that you can acquire more tools and functions of the app. If you have similar brushes in other softwares, you can also join the class to learn some painting techniques.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me!

See you in class!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Kakumon Studio



Hello! I'm Kakumon. Glad to meet you! :) I am an illustrator based in Japan. 

I love exploring and experimenting various art styles with traditional and digital media. And I also enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience. Art brings us here and let's take the journey together!

I will launch both art classes and language learning classes in the future. So follow me if you are interested!

See you in class!

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1. Welcome!: I will come to the course through this course, you will learn to pin with Oyo and watercolor on your iPad. You're find that penny on digital device could be as in treated and really as penny on canvas. The software we would be using as our sit there many default brushes in our set, and each one is unique and requires some techniques to use. It could be a little overwhelming for beginners, so I sold it out the most basic brushes that you can use to create wonderful Panies and I were explained how to use them to achieve defect. You want more effectively if you have similar rushes in others off wells like procreate. You can also follow this cause, and there's some panic knees, but I highly recommend you to Donald Acid and give it a try. It is free to download and some of the brushes and tools also free to use. If you like the AB, you can then purchase that to get all the brushes, tours and paper textures with 152 Ford Russia's for watercolor oil paste. Oh, and panting and more. You can save a lot of time searching for the brushes online and stock for aiding today. The rial penny experience of our set were not only have you to get started with painting on digital device, but also it can get you prepared for traditional paintings. It's realistic. Brushes and paper textures can also be used to make thumbnails for your traditional paintings. After learning these cores and doing the exercises, you will be able to use various techniques to produce a your own oil in the water color paintings UK Enjoy panel your iPad, just like painting on a piece of paper by with more convenience and Frieden. And, of course, your findings show panning is so much fun. Join us. Analyze star painting. 2. Intro to Art Set: in APP store you can search are set to get the latest version off the software and please be sure that you're downloading our sinful, which is the latest version now. Do not don't love the older versions. They won't get updated after downloading while you open the app you were. See the gallery and the demo panning Zoff The software here, the bar below is the menu. This emerald brings you to the artwork you recently open. The question mark brings you to the handbook off the software where you can learn about the brushes, tools and functions off are set. This one is well copying the at work. This one is too safe and sure you're at work. This one is to delay t. I work your truth permanently. The camera icon as used to import images, the plus icon is to create a new canvas. We can say the canvas size here and we can choose the paper texture. There is a wide range of two fold paper textures in our set, and the last one is transparent background. After creating the canvas, you can still change to paper texture as many times as you want here we can see all the brushes. Some brushes are only available after purchasing. We can drag the tools we want to use to the sidebars, and if we tap the brush, we can give the pro pace menu. And then we can also track the ones we were often that just to the side bars. If we tap the plus, I come here and then tap, add it. We can get The tools we can see here are said, provides many tools wake and chose from, and we can track the tools out as well Here. If you want to change the same off your workspace, you can tap you. I dark or light to choose that you are you like the same goes way the color palette. You can copy the color by dragging and to the side bar, and you can truth a color not on Lee and edged away. But also you can add other colors to existing color, just like in a reward. In this way, you can improve your color mixing excuse and get a more harmonious looking off your paintings. One of my favorite features about our said it that after you set up the workspace. You can copy the workspace next time you create a new canvas so you can have separate workspaces like one for watercolor painting while for oil painting. 3. Project 1 Watercolor: In our first project, you will learn how to create bleeding effect and master two kinds of basic brushstrokes. The canvas size We were used as 3000 by 3000 pick SOS. We were used the first paper texture, the brush we were using as follicle a flow in a watercolor section off the brushes. We can drag size and then pesty to the sidebar the mantle's We were used a layer dry and slowed role, which we can find any edit menu. Uh, be afraid to use whatever colors you like. If you're interested in the colors I use in this project, it can use the eyedropper tool to copy the color palettes. Are you ready? Let's get started. 4. - Brush Fundamentals: when we tapped the brush icon, we can get the Brush Properties menu now. The pressure sensitivity is around 50%. Let's try this brush together. If we draw with consistent pressure, the stroke size were remained the same. If we apply different degrees of pressure, the size off the stroke were changed simultaneously. Let's turn down the pressure to zero and see what we're happen. The stroke size remains the same. No matter if you're changed the pan pressure or not. And then let's try 100% pressure sensitivity. Here we can see that the strokes as responds very, very well to the pressure. There's no best setting for pressure sensitivity. It all depends on what kind of effects you want. I will keep it around 50% in our set. You can use the snow drawer tour to draw smooth lines. This letter is now here. This tool OTA gives you more time to change the pen pressure you apply and to decide where the line is towards 5. - Color Bleeding: in our said we can use watercolor flow brush to create the very natural watercolor bleeding effect. Let's draw a simple abstract flower together to learn how to make and control the bleeding effect here. I'm just drawing some random lines, and I'm going to use the second color to pin a little throat on the top. And then I tried to use the red color to create bleeding in the front part. But you can see here the red color going down to tweak part because it is also wet. So I'm gonna under it and show you two ways to create color bleeding only in a part where you want it to be. One way is to use the little flying here to dry your paper, then what you have drawn in this layer where I'll be tried. And if we draw again, the bleeding won't go out of the wet part, just like in the reward. The second way is to draw on new layer by doing so. What we are drawing on this new layer were not affect the other layer. The advantage off using layers instead of drawing the paper is that it allows you to still keep the first layer as what? So that you can make changes easily. And let's draw the rest off the fruit. We can also addressed the A pesty to make the bleeding blend into no, like color. Yeah, And here we go. Our first water quarter exercise. Yeah. 6. - Basic Brushstrokes 1: in this video, let's explore three ways of joining run age brush strokes. The first way is to start with the light pressure and end with the heavy pressure. Just like these, we can use the slow drawer tour to make the lines Mother. The second way is to draw in, refers to direction, start with heavy pressure and then end with a light pressure. We can see the pan flows naturally to the end off the strokes. The third way is to first start with a lie pressure, then gradually increase the pressure and finally turned around and reduce the pressure. Using this way, we confer. Ate a lost Ron age the edges was mayor naturally into the paper. Let me Jim being so you can see more clearly. Now let's use what we've learned to draw some leaves here. I'm going to use the second in the third methods to draw the leaves, but then use whatever method you liked to draw, and you don't need to draw exactly the same as my just focus on how the pressure apply, were effect to the size of the strokes and do some experiments. No need to worry about running out to the pan of ringing. The paper drew as many as you like there. We can also add some color bleeding here. In there. Okay, here. So a second exercise. 7. - Basic Brushstrokes 2: we're come back in this video. Let's practice how to draw a shop age brush jokes any similar to join round edge jokes. But we need to be more careful about how we end this drugs. We first start with a light pressure, then gradually increase the pressure, thinking about where we were and the stroke where the tip would be and gradually decrease the pressure we apply. Try a few more and get used to control the pressure and the direction off the pan. Let's now try drawing the curves upwards together like pressure first, then gently increased the pressure and finally go back to light pressure. Remember to use the larger size brush if you want to pin a large relief. The largest part of the stroke equals to the brush size, you said, and you can see how naturally the color flows to the tape off the leaf in my belittle hard control brushstrokes condition devised at first. But don't worry, you are must quickly if your practice 8. Project 2 Oil: In this project, you will learn how to adjust the brush properties to achieve the effects you want. You were learning which rushes to use and how to use thumb when penning the background and the subject. After this project, you are able to create less digital and more Penta Lee style oil. Penning's The Brushes We were used a color pencil, razor palette, knife, big oil, stump lodge, techie, all your break and all your smear. We can put size a pesty load and grand off the brush in the sidebar. The tools We were used. A layers and Alfa lock the colors on the left side of four. The best friend, the tweak and the leaf, the colors on the right side. I used to pan the lemons. You can copy the color palette using the eyedropper, or you can choose the colors you like. 9. - Brush Fundamentals: from our previous listens. We know that the brushes in our set respond very well to the pressure off the apple pencil . In addition to the pressure, the brush has also responds to the tube and the Anglo off Follow apple pencil. So just like Penny with a real brush, we can hold our apple pencil in different ways. For different users, holding the pen with all our fingers were make it easier to pin large areas. If we hope the pain close to the head off the pan, you can see the effect were turned out to be different. Besides the tube off the pan, we also need to pay attention to the angle off the pan. Here you can see how the pain response to different and goes. Unlike a real brush, you cannot see the edge of the brush directly from Europe. O penso. So it could be a little hard to get the right and go at the first time. Yeah, yeah, yeah, A good way to get used to controlling the angle off the pen is to practice your strokes around the circle. This little exercise will help you find out how to pose your hands to address the angle in the Brush properties menu, we can adjust the load off the brush. It controls the amount of pen you have on your brush. I use this a large, so I direct it on the side bar. The third icon Miss, try different degrees off load and see how it turns out. First is around 50% off. Load them. We can try 100% and also a very low load. Ah, high degree of float can be useful to pent large areas. A low degree off load can be used to create some. Oh, you're breaking facts to make our pennies more stylized. You can experiment on different brushes to create your own interesting infects, and police notice that some precious like penso and pesto are not affected by the decree. Off load green controls Thea amount of texture a low degree off green were make the stroke looks. Martha was invisible texture. Ah, high degree off grain with shows and texture off the brush way can keep something here and there to give our painting a more really stake in trench. No feeling in traditional painting if it want to lay more pen on our canvassers we were Give pin on our brush every time we pin a stroke, are set walks just like the same. If you pan the stroke and leave your brush from the Templars, the software will recognize it as you are getting pinned. But if we do not leave our brush and dragging our brush on the canvas, the pen were run out. So when we have painting a large area, we need to lift our brush time to time to make sure there's enough pent on our brush. And if we want to blend two colors smoothly, we need to be aware that if we lived over brush, the software were automatically load over brush with full pent and then new color were cover on what we've pen instead of planning injury it. So in order to care the Baron natural blending, we shouldn't leave our brush from the canvas. We need to walk the pan back and forth on the canvas, and if we do not want so much pent, we can just look with the load a little bit 10. - Sketch and Background: first weekend Use the color penso to sketch the outlines off the lemon Theun We can create a new layer and switch the brush to Pelin Knife toe lay the background color Here I'm turned the load down to get a rough looking background All you can use the brush oil break to achieve this similar effects And then I used the big all your brush to feeling the bank areas. I like to keep the strokes visible and dynamic and I intentionally lived Sound small Everest blank. You can also load the brush with more pains to care the small cell looking in the back from if you like. Yeah, In the end, I usually use the stem lodge brushed clear some textures off the pallet knife while also keeping san textures to make the pending look more for you 11. - Twig and Leaf: here I'm using the brush Big oil to pin the tweak in the leaf I first lay the base color in them Panned the shadow When painting the shadow we can hold our pope and so on the screen and move back and forth to plant the dark coloring into the base color All we can use oils, mayor brush to make a natural transition. Yeah, yeah. 12. - Lemons: here. I'm using the same rush. Big oil to penned the lemons, just like painting the tweak in the leave. I first pin the base color and then adding the shadow. Yeah, yeah, I want the painting to look softer, so I didn't keep the shock contrast. As in the reference Bodo, I just chose to slightly darker colors to pin the shadows. I recommend you to find the reference photo with hot light in sharp contrast, like this one to practice because you can see the structure off the subjects more clearly. And they haps you to remember the structures better. - Yeah . 13. - Textures and Details: to make the lemons look like lemons. We need to express the rough surface of the lemons. Here we can use a texture brush techie to mimic the rough surface Quickly. First, I used a darker color to add roughness to the shadow part. Then I use a brighter color to add how lights on the base color. I also and some bluish highlights to reflect this guy. Finally, I switched to pick all your rush to pen the details and do some arrangements. - Uh , - and this is our second project. You can use what you've learned to create your own panning. And I'm looking for what you're seeing. Your artwork enjoy penning. 14. Conclusion: in this course we have finished to project. We have learned about the brushes and techniques to for eight bullock, Hillary and oil paintings. Thank you for taking the journey with me. I hope you find these course half full. If there's anything you do not understand, please feel free to x me in the future. I will lunch more classes. So if you're interested, you can follow me in dry panty and see you soon.