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Digital Marketing with Google Ads (AdWords) Taught by a Former Googler - Certificate Included!

teacher avatar Ben Lund, Founder - Rise Marketing Group

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

12 Lessons (1h 56m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Marketing Forum

    • 3. Google Account Creation and Search Campaign

    • 4. Introduction to Measurement

    • 5. Setting up Appropriate Measurement

    • 6. Introduction to Display Ads

    • 7. Display Advertising on the Google Display Network

    • 8. Video Ads on YouTube

    • 9. Find Google Ads Coupons

    • 10. Recommended Columns for Google Ads

    • 11. Recap and Recommendations on Where to Invest your Ad Spend

    • 12. Marketing Forum Reminder

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About This Class

Create your Google Ads account and start driving customers for your business. This consists of nearly two hours of content, covering all the basics and best practices to drive customers via Google Ads. 

Follow the steps outline and feel free to ping me with results, feedback or questions! I can be reached at Further, I will send a certificate of completion once you do the following:

  1. Take the course
  2. Submit a question / comment on our DIY Digital Strategy Forum, which I review frequently. 

I ask as posting a question is some form of classroom participation. Once you do the above two, I'll email a certificate of completion.

I'm sharing these how to videos based on our experiences managing Google Ads for our clients at Rise Marketing Group and from my experiences when I was at Google from 2014 - 2018.

Within this class you'll learn the following:

How to Create your Google Ads Account

Create your Search Campaign

Display Campaigns including Retargeting

Advertise on YouTube with Video Ads

Measure what you Advertise to Know your Return on Investment

Course certificate below - email me upon completion at


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Ben Lund

Founder - Rise Marketing Group


13 years digital advertising experience including the last four at Google. Previous to Google I was at major media entities such as RKG ad agency (since acquired by Merkle), Yahoo! and Monster.  Throughout my career I worked with enterprise companies (Nutrisystem, Philips, Aspen Dental, Weight Watchers, Equinox Fitness, etc.) literally helped companies make millions off of AdWords and now want to scale my expertise to benefit more people and businesses. 


Currently I'm the founder of Rise Marketing Group ( which offers full service digital advertising and a DIY marketing blog, DIY Digital Strategy (

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1. Introduction: everyone. My name is Ben Lund. Ah, A few of you may know me out there from, Ah, some advertising courses both on you to me and skill share. And what I'm doing now is I'm doing a refreshers on all my courses. The last courses that produced was about a year in a year and 1/2 ago, maybe even two years on Google ads. And, ah, few things has changed. And I want to make sure that I'm always providing the best value for my students and bringing up Teoh upto speed information on all things with Google ads for a few of you that don't know I am. My name is Ben Lund. I've been doing advertising over the past 15 years. Always a big companies. From when I was in my twenties, I was at Yahoo, worked in a big ad agencies that worked at Google from 2014 and 2018. And then in 2018 I left Google to start my own advertising agency way our Rise marketing group. We work with about 30 different clients of all different verticals from education and B two b b two c e commerce. You name it but part of running the ad agency. What I really enjoy doing, in addition to that, is training students training students on being really great. Ah, performance based digital advertisers. So I do have courses both on skill share and you to me. And to date, I think we have about 17 7000 students, which is great and I'm so pumped for. But now I want to do refresher on my content. So that way you are getting fresh content, and today I'm really going into Google ads. I want Teoh breakdown Google ads A zit did my past courses, but with up to up to date content. What is Google ads? How you can leverage it to grow drugs, growth from your business and really covering all the platform. So that school search that's YouTube so driving performance through video and with things to consider. With that, as well as through banner ads, Google has a network comprising of millions of websites and abs, and how you can leverage that to reach the right person at the right time with the right message and then, lastly, how can we title together with effective measurement? So that way, when you're driving advertising. Spend either for your personal business or someone that you're working for. You can show what the return on investment is to have a really data driven approach to drive business growth through Google ads. So that's a quick introduction of this course. What I'm going to get into now is creating your Google ads account. And then I'm gonna go into Google Search and take it from there. So I hope all of you enjoy this content. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out, loved it, chat with you. My contact information is listed on this website and I hope you enjoy. Thank you. 2. Marketing Forum: Before we get started into the training that I want to call out a really helpful resource for you. As I mentioned, the introduction where I manage a full service advertising agency. And as always, if you need help and you just want to offload your advertising, you can contact me and we can scope it out. But for all of the DIY marketers that Skillshare pretty much services and that my courses are designed for. I have this site called DIY digital strategy. And what's most important for you is I marketing forum. This just launched recently. And I created this just to provide my students and anyone on the web that has questions pertaining to advertising and marketing place, you can just drop in your questions. It's the easiest, most streamlined way to ask me and my team questions. We review and then provide a response. So for example, if someone just posted this yesterday of on Google tools when you use Google Search Console and when to use Google AdWords. What's the difference between the two? These are just like perfect questions that you should be asking and thinking about. And then so, so instead of just e-mail me directly, just go to DIY digital, click marketing forum, post questions. I'm going to see, am I going to reveal them? And so as you have questions pertaining to the content and or real-world experience, just post them here. And I think it's going to be the best way to help you out and to give like some pretty immediate feedback and to help you even outside of these courses. Thank you. 3. Google Account Creation and Search Campaign: All right, So now, now we're gonna start off with those who want oh, advertised on Google in order to advertise on Google, and you need a Google ads account. So I am going to walk you through this process before we get into all of our all of our campaigns and creating search campaigns, video display and all that good stuff. So let's let's go to your URL. Adds Dr will dot com will be one that you become very accustomed to. And if you are already an advertiser, you'll no, this you are all very well gonna zoom in for you. We're going to start now. It's gonna walk you. I'm gonna sign out of my account and then the log in as new email address that I just created for this. So you just log in with a standard Google Google account and answer is going to say I welcome terms accept it. Biscuits actually asked me to update my password. Cool. So we are going to create a new Google ads account, and I'm gonna walk you through something. This is so incredibly critical, and this is why I make sure that I don't just to even talk about the campaign's within Google ads. It's so incredibly important to talk about this staffer right here now for anyone who's watching like, Well, what's What's wrong with this was with a step. This is what's wrong. You are L right here, says Google ads Express. You do not want to do Google ads express, even though it automatically dif lt to it. Google Ads Express was created by Global with really great intentions to make advertising on Google simple and easy. But the downfall is it is because it's so simple and so easy. You're mechanisms to control who you're actually going after and measure appropriately, are significantly stripped. I would never recommend anyone to run a Google ads Express account. So in this case, what I want everyone to do down here is Are you a professional marketer? Say yes, Even if you're not today, hopefully after the end of this class and and trying this in practice, you will be a professional market marketer, So go ahead, switch to expert mode that is going to set you up in a huge positive way. And then, from here, Google has a bunch of different goals that you can select of doing drive sales. Dr Leeds DR Website Traffic at promotions, which I'm not going to get into in this training. That could be a whole separate course, but for the most part, go with the what you're after. I would either say its sales or leads bottom line. That's usually what people are looking for. Your just sell something to, or if it's a B two B site and you're just looking to capture some leads, then you're gonna go lead. So let's just say you want sales. I would pick one of the two and then that's gonna say, OK, what type of campaign do you want to build? Um, in this course, we're gonna start off the search, so let's we're gonna cover a couple of these later on. But let's start off with search and say, Okay, how do you want to track your goals from website visits? Um, phone calls, store visits, Goto website visits, because what we are doing is advertising for store and, in this case, a little critic campaign for Agency Rise Marketing Group rise, m k g dot com I'm gonna get into conversion tracking later. Don't do that right now. Um, first, I'm gonna walk you through creating ah, Google search ads, campaign an account, and then we'll go from there. So I'm gonna continue. So very, very first, we are creating a Google search. Is he conceded? Search campaign. Now another huge shortfall that Google tries to throw you off and throw performance marketers off, which I'm going to, uh, nip right here. It's, um so campaign name. I'm just gonna call this rise murder marketing group. It's our agency. And let's say I want to go after people who are googling, um, advertising agencies, but where you can show on search. So this is a search campaign. So what? That means it's our ties ing a agencies. If it's a search campaign, that means you're gonna advertise here. These are non image adds is just text, and you can serve ads to people based off of what they're searching up here. Um, so I'm going to This is that's what a search campaign is. And with Sergey Onley pay, if someone clicks on your ad and goes to the website now, this is a huge value property proposition Google has. If someone sees your ad they don't like the copy. Or maybe in this case, we're outside of the Boston area. And they don't You know, for whatever reason, they're like, Well, I'm in Omaha on I want some locally and they see that we're in Boston because it might be in our creative. They they're gonna skip it, they don't click it. We don't pay a dime. So, um, but if they do click motor website, then you do pay. Um, and I'll get into more of that later on. So as I'm creating, I was I'm creating this, Um, here's a huge downfall that I was referencing earlier. If it's a search campaign, you should Onley serve the search network, which includes Google as well as they have a bunch of partner network. So it's other smaller search engines. I think like Comcast is in there. Maybe like Verizon, I think a wells included just a bunch of like, smaller search engines. That's fine. Whatever you do, do not start to the display network. Um, what Google would do is say then serve your text ads as just banner ads on other websites, not targeting people who have explicitly searched your keywords by opting into this. Um, sure. Google is going to get more money because you're gonna be spending more on more of their products, But it's gonna kill your performance. And in the long run, my opinions very bad for Google. For often people Teoh just opt into the display now because it will not perform the same. A search display does have a time in a place for ads and I'm gonna get into those. But it should be a separate campaign and shouldn't be all mixed together. So I am going to uncheck this, See if there's anything anymore settings you can set your start and end dates. Um, everything else I would just I would just Yeah, I would I would leave that. That's fine. Here's another potential downfall. Um and that's why I'm really glad you're taking this course, because these are all learned from just years of experience, obviously working at Google and just managing all of our clients account. So with thinkable adds, you can target users based off of their location. So in this case, let's say, for our agency rise, we want to target anyone in the U. S. Really doesn't matter, because we're remote were virtual. But then what you want to do is make sure you check this one right here. People who are in or regularly in your target the location. So here's another downfall that I call him Landmines that Google puts out there is they automatically default. Whatever your location targeting is two people in or who show interest in your location right there that throws off performance because that technically, you mean if there's someone in Mexico But maybe they were interested in the U. S. Because maybe they have a trip to New York and, you know, in the fall, obviously post pandemic, um, Google back. Oh, well, you are interested in New York and that's the United States. So I'm gonna show on. Add to you This also is a huge downfall for any local campaigns. If you are, let's say, your pizza shop in one town, and you enable this into show heads to people were interested in your area. I look at jail reports all the time and you'll see people out of states, sometimes in other countries, just due to bad matching. So opt in this one, you'll get lower performance more unqualified users. So you wanted a second when people are in or regular regularly in your locations. Ah, languages. If this is a search campaign, honestly, you don't even need languages, because how we target search campaigns are based off of key words we enter. So if I'm advertising anti words that are English, obviously they need to speak English to type in these keywords so you can leave in language settings that's more applicable for display ads where they're not. You don't need them to type anything in. I'm going to. I'm going to get into audiences later. This is more just campaign set up. You can just leave everything blank for now. Um, and that's a separate section. I'm going to get into budget. One thing that's ah, really good with Google is you can spend as much or as little per day as you want. So maybe you have a budget and you're like, Well, I can spend $300 a month so 300 divided by 30. That's 10 hours a day. Let's just start off with something like that and then bidding says, What do you want to focus on, um, clicks or conversions? we don't have conversion tracking set up. So until we have conversion tracking set up, we can say I just want to focus on the clicks, whatever. I usually recommend this for any campaign. Try to get clicks because you don't know what how many conversions you're going to get, and eventually you can use automated bidding. Four conversions. But for now, just focus on clicks. One thing that I do like to do is if campaign is running and the CPC is otherwise known as cost per click is high, you can then set ah, budget. So let's say, for this one, Tongo spent $10 a day. Here's my budget, um, of 10 drivers. Many clicks is possible within this budget, but then I can also say, But don't go crazy. Just bend at most $3.50 per click because beyond that, that might be getting a little too expensive for my business. For it to make sense, Um, and this is a setting that you can change at any point. So if you start off with maximize clicks at a $2 max CPC and you're not getting any traffic , chances are you have to increase your bids. And so you can. You can change this, but I do like maximize clicks because cool respects your budget, and then it just tries to drive as many clicks as possible. And oftentimes it's usually when there's efficiencies in the auction, where it can get more inventory on the cheap is when you'll show up. So it's a good, efficient play. And then so now we're now we're getting right into right into the ads. I'm going to save all this. Um, this campaign set up for now and I'm going just I just created the campaign set up. Now it's gonna ask for a 1,000,000,000 information. I am going. Teoh, stop sharing my screen momentarily as I get through this and then I will get back online. Give me one second, all right? I just added my credit card information. One really cool and nifty thing right here is it's gonna ask for a promo code. Oftentimes, Google does run promo codes that you can find an easy way to do it. Just search for it. Ghoul ads promo code. See if anything comes up being a bang. Go claim your Google ads coupon will match the amount you spend up to $150. You just put in your email and you're going to get a promo code, which is awesome. Um, who doesn't like free advertising money, especially when you're just starting up. So enter that in. Based off of when you see this video, this deal may or may not be available. In my experience, it comes in waves. They'll run that promotion for a few months, which they are doing right now, but then they'll pull back. But just do a couple of Google searches for Google ads. Coupons. This is the landing page right here. Adds equitable dot com slash intel slash e n underscore u. S slash l p slash coupons slash So you may have luck not guaranteed. But, hey, if you can get 150 bucks and free spend Awesome. Ah, this is just a test accounts. I'm not going to run anything, so I'm not even going to bother with putting that in. So now I'm it's just setting up the building of the account. So we created the campaign, so we're gonna see right here. I did skip a couple steps out of this cause just cause this was in the overall campaign creation, I didn't want to create the ad, a group which are going to get into a little bit of what that is. Nor did I create keywords or ads and extensions, cause I my experience, it's kind of best just once you're in the account to build all this out. One thing that everyone should be aware of is Google automatically defaults. Your campaigns is enabled. So if you're not ready to launch, pause it. Otherwise, you're spending money and you probably don't even know that you're doing it. So a view that I always like to go to is always just make sure you're at the campaign level . So this is our one campaign. You see a little magnifying right here glass. That means it's search campaign. So now we're gonna go in and complete this. So if I click into this and I click settings, you're going to see everything that we already imported our goal sales. Google Search search partners were not in the display network US $10 a day maximize clicks . I could change the maximum CPC if I want Star Day and ate all that good stuff. So now what you you need to do is you need to click into this. And now we have what we call it's an ad group and add a group is simply, um, the ads that we are going to serve that's associated with a grouping of keywords. I'm gonna walk you through this. All it is is ads that are gonna show forgiving keywords. So if I'm an ad agency, which we are, And let's say I wanna target people who are Googling advertising agencies, I will have ads that are very custom towards that search query. So let's just walk through this. I'm gonna hit the pencil to the right of this just to change the name. So it's not a good Group one. This will be ad agency. Then I'm gonna click into In foreign and a group. You just need to things keywords and adds Simple. Is that so? Let's add in keywords. I could even just type in my website just and see if it has any ideas. Maybe it does. Who knows? Ah, advertising platforms. Advertise your business. That's good performance advertising, digital advertising platforms. Yeah, So there's a couple of things here. But what you really want for every ad group is to make it very thematically align. So if you're gonna have an anagram for ad agency, all keywords should be related to ad agency like you wouldn't dio um, online promotions. It's totally different in the intent is very different. And with Google search, you want to be a specific as possible because your pain for this traffic. So if I as an ad agency owner, if I'm advertising my business, I don't want to just pay for people who are doing the search for online promotion, because that doesn't necessarily mean that they're looking for an agency. Maybe that's just the research in some type of a promotion that they got in the mail or wanna launch their own promotion. But there's so many guesses there you want to be explicit as possible. The keywords in this case I'm gonna type in keywords such as Ever ties ING agency had agencies best and retire her ties ING agency. Um, let's see, what else would be odd ones had agencies? Did you know agency things like that? Now you're gonna see down here? It says how, How does Google match out these keywords to the search query if start off very targeted to low, not as targeted. If it's if it has brackets such as the example down here, that means it's exact match, which means you will only serve your head will only serve if a user is explicitly type in an advertising agency. So your ad would show for anyone who doesn't search for advertising agency or misspellings or plural is ations like advertising agencies you would not show for were like advertising or promotional? Agency has toe have these words in it? Um, another way that you can match up your keywords is through a phrase match, which means you say to Google show Show my add to anyone who Google's anything in Google, but they have to have this phrase in it. So there could it could be. It could include, um, advertising agency, Boston Best advertising agency. Because you see advertising agency, that phrase is somewhere included. Another way. What you don't want to do is if you don't put anything on that keyword advertising agency, Google will just match this out to any queries it thinks is relevant. Don't do that if you do anything. Google really doesn't promote this that much, but it's called broad match modifier. Were people in the industry they call it be? Mm. And what this means? It tells Google served any search. Cory, So long as this word is Well, this word are in the search course, so that means they're anchor. Don't. So it could be advertising and Boston Digital Agency. Because somewhere in the phrase this word is there in this order, there doesn't mean they have to be all in together. My recommendation is for any beginner. I would probably just start off with phrase match for everything. Um, so advertising a agency, best advertising agency, we'll just start there because there's just example sake, so I'm gonna save it. So let's say those were the two key words that we want to go after. Um, I'm gonna say this. You can also add a negative keywords. So negative keywords are Let's say you're telling Google. Okay. Served on my aunt and who types in advertising agency. But if they include anywhere in the search query, um, something like I don't know, free. I don't want to talk to them. So then What you can do is you can add it to the campaign and you can say free, Say so. That way you're telling Google I don't want to serve to anyone who has free were cheap because that means it's probably not gonna be a fit. They're looking for free or very cheap product and quality and cheap. Really Don't go hand in hand. So then I'm gonna say, Let's add that his negatives to our campaign. But let's go back, Teoh, Right up here. I'm gonna go back Teoh our ad group. Then we have our keywords. And now we can create some ads. I'm gonna go appear toe ads and text ad is just you heavier. You are also rising kg dot com as a headline. I always type in what the first headline is. What the keywords on targeting. So I'll be performance advertising agency Think that fits. I want people to know if they're Googling advertising agency, and that's why I'm bidding on. Um I want our ad to show up saying we are performance advertising agencies. So that way they google it in the very first. They say, Oh, Ben's agency has what we're looking for then headline to I usually do our business name Headline three I like to do some type of, like a call the action call for a free free growth consul to And then path is just like a vanity or all secrets to like, advertising agency just to make it relevant to the quarries, they're not going to go to this landing page. They're going to go to this landing page and then your description, people, whatever. Bill Like, um, performance based digital ad advertising a agency. Syrians the best with the rise. I'm just making a couple things up, um, results guaranteed or but cancel at any time. Click or call something like that. Um, I usually do all caps for headlines, just kind of sticks out better. And within down here, I usually do title case within the descriptions. Just be very consistent with your fun type, and it just kind of pops out. So I'm gonna say this ad another ad that you can create if I goto Plus is called a responsive search ad. What a responsive search as you just add in a bunch of different headlines, a bunch of different descriptions and then Google Auto automatically assemble a bunch of different ads. So if you have up to 10 headlines and let's say five descriptions 10 times 50 actually, it's even more than that. There could be probably hundreds of different combinations that ghoul could auto configure different headlines in different ordering. So I would also recommend every out group have a standard text at as well as, ah, responsive. So here, let's just do and then you could even see through the preview tool. It's just going to give like I'll probably rotate through a bunch of different May give you a different previews of what? This is a new kind of Maybe it won't. I thought I was gonna automatically, Yeah, so it's just giving you a bunch of different ones. And but then there's a really nice machine learning on the back end where Google will say, like Okay, these headlines are doing well. It's going to give it more love. So now we have two different ads for every out group, I say have at least two, maybe even three different ads because for whatever reason, some will outperform the others. So now we have our this is it. I mean, this is our search campaign right here. Um, I'm gonna go to all campaigns. I was whatever your get lost in the platform always just goto all campaigns. He came back out and then he hears your campaign. Her search campaign add a group is refresher all it is, it's a combination of keywords. So if I click in it, you have all of our key words. And then if you have the ads, are associated with those keywords. Now, if I created either within this campaign or maybe let's create a new ad group, let's say this one's gonna be this ad group will be video. Let's say it's going to be called video advertising. So going with the theme of it, I want only deterring people who are searching for video ads. So video advertising YouTube ads continue. And then what l want to do is have ads and seven same performance advertising agency. My ads. My key words. I'm bidding on around video, so I want to make that included within the ants of someone's gonna search for video ads. I want an and that's very relevant to that. So it could be video performance video ads, Razz marketing group that can stay and then, I might say, performance based video advertising agency experience the best with rise just so that way. It's very it makes sense. Um, I'm just gonna save him continuing and getting to add extensions a little bit later. So now we have another head girl. Search terms video. Um, ads associated with that is performance video ads. So the last thing with that, um, add a creative and they're called add extensions. So what add extensions are they're upended appendages to your ads? Um, and let's give you an example. So these are site links. They go deeper within the site. So this is just a standard text said, but these air deep once I go deeper into the site, um, and there's other extensions that you can have based in the Boston area. See, um, these are call extensions. He has your number. So there's a bunch of different things. See what else we have here? Great. So let's go through site link extensions. I would feel all these out. I would also recommend to do this at the account level, just so that way, you don't have to do this for every campaign. So long as this one account is, is advertising a specific set of products or services that's applicable for all campaigns? Just set up the account. So that way, you don't have to do this for every campaign, so site link. So I go to my website our is m k g dot com. So maybe I'll have ah link for claim partners. So, um, client partners see our roster of clients join the team, and in this case, it's a derail deeper on the site. So it's right here. Um, and you want to dio do a couple boom in this case, I'm gonna do to It's great if you could do all the way up to four. Let's dio advertising services. It's hope my euros done Hair advertising services. Uh, from Google to Microsoft to Facebook. Cool. I'll take up to that. Looks little Terry tool mikes off Facebook Ling point and and others. Actually, you can't put excellent point in. Yes, I do something like that. So that way it starts to show up there much more. The benefit of an ad add extensions is they go deeper into your website But also it just takes up more space. So you get more clicks. Google has came out and just said, If you have add extensions, your quality score of your ads are going to hire, so you're gonna be paying lower cost per click, and I'm gonna get into the auction dynamics a little later on. So I'm gonna save these. Is that Let's see, What else are we going to create? Call out extensions, these air non clickable text that just our differentiator. So great example. I don't think any of them are using call extension so you could just say, like, led by a former Google er, I would say that's a call out extension for any clients that we're working with just cause kind of have the inside scoop. Um, colonic number two. Could be, um, is your day Oh, clause. Cancel at any time. Um, data driven. And then, um, you above. Oh, that's a different kind of is Yeah, I do like something like this. Just extra text they were showing in addition to our ads, um, I had another extension. Structured snippets, these air again, I'll put at the account level. These air different um, products and services that you offer so you can go through if your education that could be courses, travel destinations, hotels. For most people, you've either be service, catalog or maybe even types. So in this case, I'll do service catalog, so it could be like, um, it's a good example. Be cool. Adds maker saw oft and linked in on Facebook ads. And they're gonna say that another one that you could do is you can do a call extension. So you without your ad, you can have a phone number. So for one just gonna make up one right here, back up. Excellent. Also, you can say, um, you can have call report and turn on what you want to report how many calls that you're getting. But also you can I'm gonna get to call tracking a little bit, but says use account settings, calls from ad so you can even count any call that you get from an adas a conversion. I'm gonna get into that later on. Within our measurement, um, phone number and nuts are must've entered. There are let's do the count level, as always, save excellent. Let's see what else that weaken Dio. There's a bunch of different things. Um, if you have a physical location, you can link up your Google my business account, which is that has, like, your organic listing. So here, let's see if I can pull ours up. Marketing group, um, dead May. So this is our Google my business listing. But just by logging into your Google my business account, you can link up. So that way Google know to show your address and and things like that so I could just go ahead and, um, link that up. I'm not gonna do it now because this accounts created under different email is my little my business. But you could just log in to link all those two up. So that way, let's see if any of we can get a Boston and to show a location extension right here, right here. Even has their address. That's what you get from connecting your google my business. Um, which is great. Um, let's see what else that you can do. You just want to like beef up your as with his many at extensions, is possible price extension. You can list the price is, um, in our case. It's very unique. It's customized for a re client. But let's say you know, you sell widgets. Um, you could say, Let's say you're you're selling ah ties and it could be like $25 all ties under $5. Um, tied up ties dot com is a website, but you I think you give the draft. You can just add in all your prices, and that way people can kind of scroll through. And if it's too much or too low for whatever reason, they don't like it. They can just skip your and they don't click. And not getting a click is actually out of bad thing. Because the Sawyer and they weren't interested. You didn't have to pay for the click. Um, see if there's any notable ones. I also want to call out if you have an app, you can add that if you have a promotion again, I always do at the account level, so you don't have to do for every campaign you could say either monetary discount or a percentage that in this case you'd be like 25% off. So it could be, Uh huh ties through June then we would have our fun ties dot com. So, yeah, just be like a nice little promo. If they need to enter in a code, you can just drag it down. It could be like ties is the code, and you can even schedule it. So there's a bunch of fun things that you can do. But the court take away is at as many of these add extensions as possible. It's just gonna make your ad look very robust and legit. And as I mentioned, Google will, um, improve your quality score just by having more ad. So, um, with that, I'm gonna get into quality score for a bit. But this is we just what we did, right? Here's we just create a campaign. We have our campaign rise marking group. We have to add groups one targeting keywords on ad agency and other Iran keywords around video advertising. All both ads within each are very relevant, um, to the creative and, um and then, yeah, I would feel confident on launching this campaign. You have the daily budget. Um, a couple of metrics I really like to look at. You can customize these columns over here. but clicks impressions which, or how many times your ads were showed clicks or how many times people saw your ad click. The rate is the percentage of people that cider at and clicked fear above a 2.5%. That's usually pretty good. CBC are cost per click How much you paid for every click again. If it's too high, you can lower that setting if you're using maximize cliques within the campaign. Setting a much more advanced strategy is doing manual bids for every keyword. But for anyone who is relatively new, I wouldn't do that. Um, and then overall your investment, you can add another columns, such as conversions and cost per conversion, which we're going to get into a little bit. Um and yeah, I think that's that's pretty good for now, I might even put in competitive metrics. Such is your search impression share, which is the percentage of time that your ad actually showed when someone did a search for you. That's that's impacted by how many competitors air in the auction. If your budgets really low, but a lot of people search it, then you're gonna have a very low search impression share or if your bids are too low and you're not getting the daily budget, um, that could affect it. But, um, yeah, so we just created our first Google search campaign. Ah, couple a couple things about this. So I'm going to do a search here for advertising agencies. So right here you have all these different as now you're probably wondering like, Well, my gonna be ranking 3rd 2nd 1st way down here or not at all. Your ranking is based off of. It's actually a term used by Google. It's called the ad rank, and it's determined by two things. It's the your bid. So getting back to our campaign within the settings, we said drivers many clicks as possible, but don't exceed this limit. So that's it. It's our ed. Rank is based off of our bid, so this one's probably paying $5 a click, $4 a click and then $3 a click. It's also dictated by the quality of our ed. So if you have really good ads and this is pretty much what we just build out, if you're bidding on keywords that are very relevant to your landing page, cause Google realize if I was bidding on keywords like ties, if that was a real example and driving to my landing page that like then you have no information on your landing page about ties, this is give me awful user experience. I would have to pay a premium because my quality score would be so incredibly low. But if you're bidding on keywords that are very relevant to your site and you're offering and your other super relevant and the medically aligned to those keywords your quality score and you have all those that had extensions, your quality score is gonna be very good. Um, so entering to get back to this examples of a factor of how much you're willing to pay per click in your quality score. So if you have a very high quality score, but your bid is in the middle of the range, you could actually still rank number one just because Google Bilic well, they pay less per click, but their ads are really good and we're all about the user experience, so we're gonna actually put them up, whereas if you have like a really bad ad, you don't have to pay a premium to get that in the top spot on. And that's another reason why you want to have a couple different ads running for any different, any given adequate. So that way global rotate in different ones and see what one's the best. So I'm gonna pause it here. I know we just covered a ton. Congrats on making it through watching, ah, creating a Google search campaign and now next thing and take a break and we are going to get into measurement in a little bit, and then we'll continue to progression through display and video. 4. Introduction to Measurement: So now we have created our Google Search ads account campaign as well as the Google account and a lot of people who might be get excited like Great. I created a search campaign targeting specific key origin, super relevant creative, driving them to an appropriate landing page. Let's turn on the switch and start driving traffic. Now that all sounds fun and my feel good at start. But I would say Hit the brakes. You don't want to do anything yet. What you want to do is set a conversion tracking. Now most of you have probably heard that thrown around a little bit. But what conversion tracking is it's simply tracking business outcomes that are happening on your site. So if you're e commerce retailer is tracking purchases. If you're a lead john, you're tracking in the lean form submissions, and you want to set up that conversion tracking for two reasons. One. It's going to dictate how well your campaigns are doing. So, for example, if you spend a couple 100 bucks and you have nothing to show for it, something is definitely wrong with your campaign set up or website or something is just off and you want to pause everything and re address on the flip side, if you launch it and you start to see, like, super efficient conversions, you want to ramp up that budget because it's making you money and let's keep this thing going for you. So that's one and two. Just by placing the Google ads pixel on your website, we will can create a retargeting audience. Now, what retargeting is I get to that in the following section for display ads are targeting people who have been to your site but didn't necessarily take action. So that's also very critical. So when that was jumping to measurement, so that way we're tracking the appropriate events, and it's all funneling back into well and so you can see what the your return on investment is. 5. Setting up Appropriate Measurement: So now that we created our Google search ads campaign, I'm going to jump and cover measurements, so we create our first campaign. Now, normally, people be like, Oh, sweet, let's just listen. Launch this thing and start driving some clicks to my website Big. No, no, don't do that because before you need before you do that, you need toe track appropriately. All the events that are important from your business. And, yes, like Google's gonna report how many clicks or get into your website how much you pain, average CPC, cost per click and total investment. Those are all good. Ah, but what's important to most businesses is not just people going to a website, but people who are actually transacting or buying from your website or filling out a lead form. So now I'm going to talk about conversion tracking. So you see there's columns for conversions, and if they're not there, you can add a column modify column conversions. Do conversion cost Burke immersion, and these are the really the core metrics that you want to be optimizing towards. And that's what we really do for other clients that we work towards because who cares about clicks. We really want meaningful actions on the site and home. How how much it costs to get those leads. So to set this up, go to tools and settings up Iran Corner under measurement, go to conversions. And and so what you want to do is, I thought, actually already just did this earlier, but I'm going to do a new one, so it's gonna be a conversion, and there's a couple different conversion events, so there's some more sophisticated means of, like tracking actions in your AB tracking calls on from your website. I'm gonna get into this a little bit more for calls from ads. Or you could import data from Google Analytics, where salesforce for this course. For those who are more entry level, maybe intermediate. Let's just focus on on site conversion. So that's people who are buying or signing up for your products or services. So it's pretty straightforward. You select the category, so in this case ah, for our agency, this is the categories contact, and this really is just more so. That way you can see what category that these air under a name you can count contacted anything else. A rise marketing group Contact form same value for each convert, or you can list values for each conversion. So maybe I say, like, always lied to me is worth $100 or $200. I I really haven't gone ahead and figure out how much elite is worth for me. So I'm not using a value for conversion action, which is fine. But if you work with a client or if you're business, you're like Ooh, easily. It is definitely worth at least $100. You can put that in, and then that way it'll be reported within interface. For every lead you get, theoretically, $100 of revenue. Um, count how many conversions to count per click or interaction. Now, if you're an e commerce store, people probably by multiple products in multiple different occasions. In that case, you want to count everyone. But if it's a lead Onley count one. If they somehow Philip multiple lead forms, which I doubt would happen. But if they dio, I only fell out one. I mean I only counted as one because it's still the same person. Um, a couple kind of nitty gritty things. This is all attribution. So how Google? Um well, credit the ad to driving conversion. So Google is a very click heavy attribution, which means the default setting is if someone clicks an ad and then within the next 30 days fills out this lead form, it's gonna count it. But if that lead form happened at 31 days after, it wouldn't counted, 30 days is usually about the average. The majority of your conversions from ads will happen within that time frame, so I'm fine with believing that there view through conversions. This is, Ah, little technical, but what that means is for any display banner ads that they that a user might have seen but didn't click on. Um, we can say like, okay for a view based conversion if someone saw our ad but didn't click, but then they saw it. So then later on, they just did a Google search and went to my site or did a direct navigation by putting the Earl. And let's count that as a conversion, I usually open these both of 30 days, and you want this. Ah, it's asking. Do you want this conversion reported in the Conversions column within the reporting interface we dio and then again, super nuance. But last click This is how Google is the default setting affords attribution. So if you have multiple campaigns, is going to give the conversion credit to the last ad that was clicked for your campaign. Um, so I would leave at that. Um, and most of our clients have that set up almost of their super sophisticated and really want kind of deviate credit amongst multiple clicks. Leave that as is and then creating. Continue now. This is where you want to have a Web developer. Web, Web hosting companies. Something like that to implement the tag. If you built out your own website, you could probably do this yourself. So what you want to do is if you installed it yourself, click on that tab and then you're going to see the Google Pixel is comprised of two components. One. It's called the Global site tag. This is a piece of Java script that goes on every page of your website. Just tracks people's trek treks, people who have been to your site from our Google ads and then next is called an event snippet, so this would go on. Um, let's say a thank you page. So my case, if there's a thank you page on the site, I would say, Okay, I'm gonna put this in addition to this global site tag. But on this actual event page, like the thank you page, the conversion page. But this little piece of javascript and then you'd say, OK, fire pond page load. For some websites that say that maybe don't have a thank you page on to the user fills out the form. You just click this to fire upon a click. And then there's some scripts that you'd need Teoh follow as well as instructions. But, um, that's if you do it yourself. Probably best is if you email this directly to a Web developer, you can just say my tracking this based off page load or based off click event, putting their email instructions, Air said. And if you use Google, take manager. There's some information right here, but I would definitely recommend to use a developer to set this up and then Yep, it's all set up and then and then you have you know, your contact form lead Another thing that you can dio um, you contract phone calls from our ads, so phone calls, calls from ads using call extensions or call only adds In our last section, we talked about call extensions so we can select this, and then we can say phone calls. Um, I'm not gonna put a value free to phone call. Um, I'm gonna only count one. And then there's a really cool tracking that Google Say, Okay, I'm gonna count a conversion if the call was at least 60 seconds. Or you can change this to 15 seconds. Whatever you think is right for your business, and then you can create an continues. So that way, what you're doing is you tracking both calls from her ads as well as lead forms on the website. Um, down the road. I can get it all kind of tease this up now, But if anyone has a website that has a phone number on it and you want to track any calls from that number, there were seated by ads. Um, that will probably create a separate course for that. That's much more advanced tactic. You might want to use other third party tools, a tool that I use and our agency uses is Qala Rail. Which contract calls it happen from numbers on your website there receded from ads. But for the sake of this lesson, do these and you should be in pretty good shape. Um and yeah, and then that's that's really that's conversion tracking right there. So I would recommend to set those up. Additionally, you can link up your Google analytics. Let me just go through that motion you go tools and sad means and then measurement Google analytics. And what that does it will just link up your Google analytics directly to Google ads. Um, I don't have an account created for this at this point because this is just a email that I just created for the purpose of this course. But you can link up ghoul analytics to Google ads, and the benefit of that is you can get some really nice site information, say engagement metrics for it. But, you know, let's just go through and set this up just real quick just so I can show you for anyone who might want to create Google analytics. If you have a website, you should definitely have Google analytics. So let's just say test training, you know, measure the web. Um, Ries marketing group cries of k g dot com except terms and conditions. Cool. And then once you set this up, they'll just say, Oh, put this piece of tag on your website, so that way you can track. Um but I'm gonna walk you through how to connect Google. Answer Google analytics. And if you do have a Google Analytics account Ah, this screen will look familiar. Obviously, there's nothing is populated here because I don't have this tag on my website. Well, all I would simply do is go to admin Google ads linking this is my count. How the numbers match up. It'll match it through the email. Same email. Um, rise, marketing Google ads. We'll share website dad out. Link accounts done. Now, you think those airlink which they are but in order to see these metrics within Google within Google ads, what we need to dio is go to linked accounts Google Analytics. Do you see where I hear What's his view? Click this and make sure you're importing site metrics. Now, the beauty of this in for the beginner, this is probably a little overkill, but might as well give you a little bit more information than you need. Um, if you go to modify columns and then in a little bit, um what will populate is Google analytics. Um, let's try one more time. I promise it's gonna work because I just link these two together, Let me refresh this page. But what we can do is we can add a column for Google Analytics. In that way, we can import, um, you know what these users air doing on the website? How long are they spending? Just has, like, a secondary metric. So let's try one more time. There we go, Google analytics and you can integrate a bunch of cool stats such as average fastened oration pages, procession, bounce rate, which is the percent of people who leave right after that first page. I personally like the average session aeration if you're driving ads that are driving high level of um, so I engagement. That's usually a really good thing. So this ah discovers measurement. So now that I have measurement set up, assuming I have the pixel on the website, I have this linked up to Google Analytics, so I can see what people are doing on my website. With it from our Google ads, I would say this thing's ready to go. And then if you let's say, spend 50 $100 you're not seen any conversions, then you want to just take a look at your ads, making sure that they're pointing to the right landing pages. And obviously there's a whole plethora of things that you can check. But what you want to do after a while is then get into a good system like Wait. I'm spending $50 for every conversion. Can I get that lower? And then what you'll see is even by ad groups, you'll say, Oh, maybe ad agency that cost for conversions just 25. But video advertising the cost for conversions 100. I might want toe pull back on this significantly or pause it in favor of the other, so there's a lot of cool things that you can do. Additionally, Um, once you are getting some conversions reported within Google within Google ads, you can change the bidding, switching from maximize clicks, Teoh maximize conversions and then Google's like, Okay, I'm gonna drive traffic to your site by me, less focused on driving clicks and more on driving commercials. And this is a setting within the campaign. So I believe that that I know this is a lot. But if you set up measurement like this, you're gonna be in a really good spot. So that way you will focus less on just driving clicks, but by actual business outcomes. 6. Introduction to Display Ads: All right, So now, now we're gonna jump into exciting world of display banner ads. So we pray your account, we have searched campaigns running set of conversion, tracking. Now we're gonna get to display. So display, I categorized into two segments. So first of all, displays any type of banner and then you see out on just Texas that you're reaching some schooling for products or services, just bridging people out in the wild across millions of websites. So how would you do that? Break down into two categories. So what is called re marketing? And this is probably your most valuable audience. What? This is turned all the people who have previously been to your website but maybe didn't come. But these are warm leads. Warm website you want fall over them. On the other side of that is more over to the website and through Google called Google Display Network. You can target by many different attributes from Jenner a hustled income, marital status, life events, starting a business, or what kind of content that they that they're. So there's so much that you can do out there. So but to start off a separate targeting campaign targeting past site and you'll hear me say they re marketing on and then also set up a prospect. So with that looks leading to the contact. 7. Display Advertising on the Google Display Network: great. So now we set up our Google ads account. We have a cool of search campaign set up appropriate measurement. Now we're going to venture into the world of display ads. So these air ads on websites like The New York Times and millions of other websites and ABS , so you can have just better at these air not driven by what people have searched in the past. It's rather through Google ads you can target your audience, um, across their network. And they have a display that were comprised of millions of websites and APS with an ad that ah, you'll pay if they click to go to your website. And that is one good thing about all things that with Google ads, you paper engagement. So, in this case, barely very somewhere to Google search ads you pay. If so, when quicks on the adage goes to your website. So let's jump into this. So right now this is our search campaign. You can tell because little search magnifying glass icon, Let's create a new campaign. And in this campaign, what I would recommend everyone to create is a retargeting campaign, so retargeting campaign is a displayed campaign targeting and people who have visited your site but didn't didn't comfort. For whatever reason, they were distracted. It was dinner time. Who knows? But you can target these people. Um, so I'm going is our first display campaign. This is what I would strongly recommend. So I'm gonna walk you through that process. And as I create this, I'm gonna show you other ways that you can target your prospects and new people who haven't even been to your website. Um, so let's ah, let's get into this. So is always are goal is either sales or leads. I'm gonna check this instead of search. Gonna go to display by showing visibly ads across the web. So that's what we're gonna dio. So what I would recommend to do is do a standard display campaign this way that you this way you have full control over where their ads are gonna be. And this is really where I would focus in. You can do Gmail campaigns and those do work. Okay, Um, where? It's just a sponsored email message. You pay for every email paid email that's opened. It's actually learn more, so I could just open this up for you guys, but what it is if anyone has use Gmail, which I'm sure like 80% of users if you ever go to your promotions. Taber Social Tab There's usually ads at the top that look like emails. Once you click on those toe open the email. That's when you pay a per click. They do OK, smart display campaigns is more Elgar. L grow the Mickley driven. Those can do pretty well as well. But I would start off with just standard display campaign so you could be very specific and who you're going after. So let's just go through the process. Enter in my website, this is gonna be retargeting campaign. So again, targeting people have visited my website. But having visited her, didn't feel it a lead for him. Where you going to serve us again? Pitfall that I talked about the 1st 1 Don't just select on this with people who show interest in my location. They either need to be or regularly in our location. If you ever wanted to, do you like more sophisticated things, you could go to advance surge. So let's say you are rougher and you need Teoh turning people within 20 mile of your zip code. You can do some fun stuff like that, um, and then ill will populate. But let's on go down a rabbit hole right there. So I want us in this case, I would do to English targeting because my level for search ads I was like, Well, you don't really need to target by language because you're targeting people based off of what they're typing in. If they're typing in English, you don't need that. But for banner ads just going out in the wild, I would always recommend to have, um, some type of language targeting there. Um, it's gonna say bidding I Usually I usually this is gonna focus more on conversions as long as you have conversion tracking set up. That's OK. But if you do not see your conversion tracking set up correctly and you'll be able to see it by going toe tools and settings conversions and you'll see if it's verified or not. Um then it'll probably switch to maximize clicks, or you can do other things like, um, other things like manually setting bids. But in this case, if as long as you have conversion tracking set up. I like this one. Folks on conversions, um, automatically maximize conversions. The budget. Let's say for this one I want you to didn't have dollars a day. Now that's the campaign. Now is a room out as a refresher within every campaign. This is where you get the ad group, which is just a combination of adds you're gonna serve to which audience that you want to go to. So this one is going to be called my retargeting and add group. Now, since I want to target people who have actually been to my website, um, it's not gonna be under here like these air all ideas that it's it's showing me based off of Google Crow in my website, trying to target people who are in tow Web advertising services. Here's a really nice way you can browse different audiences. Um, seeking browse by demographics and maybe I want to get in. This case doesn't matter education level, marital status, things like that. But for other companies, they are, and there's a few different categories you can go down Fandy and custom affinity. Fandy audiences are just simply people who have an interest in something so it could be food and dining. And you there's like a nice tree. So if you're a coffee shop, you can say I want people who have an affinity towards coffee shop. Um, in my case would probably be something much different than that would probably be more like . See if there's anything in media or technology, nothing really there, Um, but families are People have, like, you know, there have been offended towards it in market audiences are these people who are definitely in market for something, So in my case, it probably be something like business services, advertising and marketing services. But since this is a retargeting campaign, I don't care about Google's pre defined audiences. I'm just giving you, Ah, just a walk through of all these. You can even target people based off the life events. Job changes move in, uh, started a business which I'm actually using one of those from one clients. But let's get back. I don't want to go down rabbit hole. I'm gonna go to retargeting. And as long as you have the pixel, If it was long as you have the pixel set up on your site, you should be able to see something here. It should be like all site visitors. Um, in this case, it's Edwards optimized list. And that way is going to target people who have visited your website. Um, if I want to hold it in by demographics, household income, you can do that if I want to add in specific content where I want my as a show. In addition, Teoh, who I'm going after, you can add a bunch of different things whether websites have content room, specific keywords or things like that. I would skip all that for now, because for retargeting, you don't really care where there on the Web, you just want toe target them because they're valuable. They already raise their hand. But this is another huge pitfall I see all the time with Google. So Google, you know they're there. They provide a great platform, no doubt, and I do believe they have the best interest in for the user. But is it pretends to advertising At the end of the day, they want advertisers to spend money and some of the ways that they do that I highlight a couple earlier within this course, but another way that the U for display is saying like, Okay, you want to target past site visitors? Let's just throw in targeting expansion wedge. Well, send your head to more people. But the thing is for retargeting. We don't want to reach more people. We only want to reach people who previously visited our site because they have a high likelihood of conversion. So let's just turn this thing off. Um, dynamic ads that's more for shopping or e commerce. I'm not going to get into that. That requires a feed that's more advanced method. And then, in terms of the ad format, it's pretty straightforward. There called Responsive display ads pretty awesome. All you do is upload some images and logos and let's let's just do this. Let's see if we can do this on the spot. You can even scan your website to get a couple things, and if it doesn't have anything that, um, is good, you can just Here's some stock images. So let's just have some fun. Let's just say Take something more fun. It's just something like this. You can also upload assets. This case I am going to upload, uh, company felt logo. It doesn't fit the dimensions. Um, let's skip that for now then. But we will go through this exercise and uploads images. Let's do I do like this one. This one could also be good. So then I'll have your assets and we can check a couple if you have videos. You can link your YouTube channel to this and actually have videos. But they could be Ries Marketing Group, led by a former. You put a couple headlines in at Max 30 characters, each long description and long headline descriptions that could be rise above but of the competition. Turn clicks into customers, and I need to do a couple of descriptions. It could be satisfaction guaranteed or cancel at any point. You can tell. It's actually Khuram Carl on my site, content for free quarter consultation and then so what you can see is what's happening here . It's automatically creating a bunch of different ads for me. Super simple. Um, you look good, and this is just stock photos. If you actually have assets, you can upload those, um, on my website idea. Why digital strategy? I do have that. I do have all the all the ads Add specs that you may that you need What? Actually, let's go to If you just Google DEA y digital strategy, responsive display ads, it should pop up. And within this, just go well again D i y digital strategy, responsive display ads. And I have all the specs right there. So you can you can upload logo if you have it. And just also some like helpful tips. So, for example, if you're uploading images, don't have text in the image because Texas gonna be accompanying it. It's kind of like Facebook's ad format. Ries Marketing Group is a business name, and let's save this. It's always Google automatically default to enable pause that stuff until you're ready. And then So there we have it. Now we have, ah, display retargeting campaign targeting past users. And if I go into this, if I go into audiences, I can see who I'm going after, so it will say too small. The target for the display network. Google needs at least 100 people tracked through their pixel to start serving ads, and even once you get to that 100 it usually takes a couple of weeks. Or maybe a week or two after it started serving ads. Um and yeah, that's, um that's that's it from retarding. But let's say you would say like, Okay, I don't have many people going my website so I can't really have a retargeting campaign or will be small. I want to target new people through display as well. So let's just do the same thing. I'm what I'm interested in sales do display. Let's do a standard display campaign, prising g dot com And this one. I'll call it, um, prospecting, looking for new people, people that haven't been my website. Same thing. I'm sure I'll focus on conversions for bidding English Budget would say $5 a day. This will add group. I'm in ad group press press, I mean and then in this case, I'm just going to go through this. I really liked the idea of Let's do people who are interested in advertising and marketing and, um, you know, let's also dio it's two life events and recently started business. I'm gonna I'm gonna go after both these audiences. I want to turn off expansion and maybe, let's say, instead of just serving ads anywhere, including, like CNN If I think CNN's included, I say I want to be very contextually relevant. And let's say I want to be on any type of business. See type of website. Look out the impressions one from nine billion now dropped out to 1.2 billion. So it's definitely honing in our audience. And, um yeah, and then that's that's that. I'm not gonna create this ad. Um, I would just do something very similar, and I'm going to create create this campaign, but looks like it is forcing me to create it. So let's just do this real quickly. So the response of display as it just takes all these assets and just continues to assemble it. And there's some really nice machine learning out. What makes a good, um, good combination that Google will optimize towards are going to create this campaign. Cool. It's another prospect in campaign posit. So now we have a search campaign display prospecting campaign and retargeted now within prospect, and you might remember we have two different audiences that we're going after, So if you ever want to see performance, click into that, said your ad grouping Goto. Audiences on the left hand panel you'll be able to see break out of these audiences of what's doing well, what's not what's not doing well, simply posit, um, just simply posits, if you do have conversion set up appropriately, um, the algorithm will start toe focus more investment on the users who are doing really well. Um, a couple other quick things I would recommend to dio is Let's see here. I would, um I would also just take a look, see if there's any like, age demographics that you want to play with. So for may, probably less of the 18 to 24. Maybe I want to exclude, though is, um it may be your retailer, and you're like, You know what? I have some high end products. Household income less than 50%. Um, maybe that's not a fit for me. So you could do a lot of a lot of really interesting things, So, yeah, so that is, um that is introduction to you just set up here, setting up your account for search, and now we have some display ads, and, um, one other thing. I will show you guys before we go into the next section which are video ads is for all of our campaigns. What you can do is you can set up an ad schedule considered by day, day and hour or hour. One thing that you may want to consider is setting up in ad schedule. So let's, um it's going to add schedule, so I'm just gonna go back. So go to the campaigns view and let's click into one. So this is a search campaign. I'm gonna go to add schedule. You can edit an ad schedule. Generally speaking, adds that serve in the middle of the night. Just don't do that well, so even if it's a search campaign and someone's looking for a product or service that you offer, they're not in the right mindset to fill it a lead form, call or purchase. They're just killing time on their phone, more likely than not. So as a best practice. I would just limit your campaigns to just say, run from, let's say, seven or eight in the morning to 10 p.m. At night and, um, and just say that, and then that way you just remove all the evening spend, and I would do that for all of your campaign. So let's go back to even your display, go to add schedule and then just say I only want to serve from this case is 8 to 9 oclock. You'll save a lot of a lot of cash that way that sure you would still drive people to the site, but they're not in a frame of mind to actually take some actions. So with that, I'm gonna pause here and then next we're going to get into some video ads. One thing really wanna call out is if you ever wanted to for your retargeting campaign. Ah, if you targeting people across the Web who've previously visit your site if you want exclude, people have already converted. I would only recommend that if you're like getting leads lead generation, cause if you got their lead, no sense on filling up with them for shopping E commerce campaign. Sure, if they bought from you, why not follow up with them again? Because you might get more orders from them. But if you want exclude that audience, it's pretty straightforward to do um so within within your setting within the ad group turn audience. Um, we're currently talking last 30 days. But then there's the thing called excluded audience, and you can just kind of brows and it's under re marketing and then under website visitors . And then you can select all converges to to exclude self again. This isn't a maker break deal, but if you wanted to exclude anyone will already give you their contact information, you can definitely do so. 8. Video Ads on YouTube: everyone s. So now we're at the point where we create your search campaigns. Is that appropriate measurement? We have display campaigns prospecting, reaching new visitors as well as remarketing working on people who visit your side. But income Bert Now the last thing I really wanted to cover within this course are video campaigns. So, as you may or may not know, Google owns YouTube. So with owning YouTube, huge addressable audience and blood form that you can use, Google is has over a 1,000,000,000 users of worldwide. It's insane amount of the users that are on it every day, consuming content. So it's a really great platform to include within your overall strategy. Now I will say, Think of video ads is something different from a search hand. So when you think about advertising, put it all in perspective by intense. So if someone's searching for your products or services, that means they're looking for you right now, and they're probably ready to take some action so you can definitely grab them up and get a couple good leads that way. And it would display campaigns if you're reaching past site visitors. Yes, there in market for your services, and they'll have a higher propensity to take some action. But if it's another kind of quote unquote prospecting campaign targeting new visitors to your site for consideration, they may not, um, sign with you right away. But they'll, you know, the clay can go to your site and check you out. If it's a fit, they'll sign up. Or if it's outfit today, hopefully they think about you in the future. Now, video campaigns is much more on the consideration and brand awareness type campaign with YouTube. A lot of times people are watching a video with intention, so maybe it's a how to video or it's a Friday night and then just looking to relax and watching some music videos they're not in a mindset of like, I need to take action right now so you can target people who are relevant to your audience , which I'm gonna show you shortly. But just understand that it's not a platform where it's like your lunch and had to get tons of sales from it. Can you? Yeah, you can. There's exceptions to every rule, but generally speaking, it's more about brand awareness and consideration. But I love you too, Because in video ads, because you can tell your story with sight sound in motion, which you can't just search text ads or even really video. So within this, I'm gonna break down how to set up your video campaign. And then after this tutorial, you have a great foundation of of your main campaigns on Google search display is Wells Video. So let's take a look. Okay, so now we're going to create some video campaign, so video campaigns we can advertise across YouTube, and it's a great way just to share your story with video, which is includes sight, sound and motion. And you can really tell your story nicely with videos. So I'm going to walk you through how to set this up. So first and foremost, you need a YouTube channel. So your YouTube channel is going Teoh host all of your ad creative. So if you don't have one already, everyone has a business. Should have a YOUTUBE channel, um, and create some videos in it. I would say for ads you want to be less than 30 seconds because people get, um, you know, people get impatient. They don't have the longest attention span. So I'm gonna walk you through how to set this up. So the campaigns that is very similar set up a display campaign like prospecting what we did So. But first and foremost, you need toe link your YouTube channel with your Google ads accounts to go toe tools and settings, understand up, go to linked accounts, then go to YouTube. Gonna add a channel, and I have a channel right here. Um, have a blogger Gabai. Digital strategy just gives tips. This channel. I really don't have much content on it, so I wouldn't recommend to you payment any attention to it. I do have ah website D i r. A digital strategy. Where? Do update some blawg posts, but yes, so you can just go through. Either you own it or someone else owns the channel. Once link this. No, I'm going to sign in seafood. Chosen on my end here after logging under that email that owns it. Bear with me one moment we will ads linking just going to this process, going to link this and we should be all set. Refresh this page. Excellent. So this is all said so my YouTube account is now linked to Google ads. This is awesome for a few reasons. One, um, I can target based off the YouTube metric. So if there are people that have viewed my channel or saw when my videos, I can then advertise to them. Um, also, you'll get, like, some other, like, really cool metrics. So, outside of just how many people are clicking on my ad, you can also see how maney views that you saw that people of the that they saw your ad, How many people followed, Um, and just like a bunch of cool like Video Metrix. So let me let me walk you to set up the campaign. So we have we have all this created. So now we're just gonna do new campaign and give it a little bit. So for video, I mean, really, if your if your goal is video, it's probably going to be less focus. If if your goal excuse me, is sales, it's probably less focused on video. So video is very much like brand awareness and consideration. When people are on YouTube, very, they don't really often just say like, Oh, I see this video. I want to click off and buy this widget with someone's on YouTube. They're usually like ingrained in a video is a music video. How to whatever you'll definitely get your message across, and they'll likely consider you at a later time. But to get people to just leave their viewing experience and then actually take action, it's not really the best sales vehicle, but it's good at driving product and brand awareness. So let's just let's just pick one of these. That's why you see a lot of, like campaign types of display or video for brand awareness and reach and product branding consideration. Whereas if its sales searches is listed, number one for a reason. Um so let's say like you're just looking for product and brand consideration. Um, so let's do that and we're going to video ad. And then there's a bunch of different Um, there's a definite a bunch of different approaches that you can take add sequences so you could show ads in a particular sequence to individual users. Um, for shopping ads, Um, either either is fine. I'm just gonna checked influence consideration. So let's call this video cross affecting prospecting, new audience brand and product. Consider you shouldn't. So what I like about setting, um, what I like about setting, um this is our bidding strategy. It can be a maximum cost per view. So just to talk about what cost per view is any time something you see an ad on YouTube, you probably see, like, that's capable button where people can skip in ad. I'm just gonna go in the wild. Let's see if we confined on real quick. If I can't, I'm not going. Teoh, take up everyone's time. So right here, you can skip this. Adds of the What I love about YouTube ads is you can do bid on a cost per view. So someone skips your ad and doesn't actually watch at least 30 seconds of the video. You don't pay anything for it. So like if I skip it, boom, um, and then I just go back to video content. So let's go back to creating this. Let's say, you know, campaign total budget or if you want a daily budget, that's usually how I operate. Let's just say $2 a day. Um, I would When you do this, I'm just gonna run down these options. So all these networks, you can advertise YouTube videos. That's what this, like pre roll is right here. That's what I would recommend to start. You could do a YouTube search results, which means if someone does a search for, Let's Say, you're selling, um, let's say you're selling vintage table legs and I said that because my brother has a e commerce website, Drake Casting Co. Um, you could have an ad here. In this case, it's not necessarily a video ad. So if you really want to just, like, have video ads, I would just I would just focus on just YouTube videos. Um, I would also mean you can opt into this, but I would probably prefer just to break out each network into its own campaign. Video partners on display network out also uncheck that. That's just like if you're on, let's say CNN dot com some of their ad formats can run video ads. So, um, it's not, as an immersive experiences YouTube videos, so I would probably just check this and maybe do YouTube search results as well. Of course, you'd want to go through your languages. Let's do English United States, um, content exclusions s So this is where you can check your inventories of standard Inventory is great because it repeats. It excludes against shown on videos that have profanity, sexual content, violence and things like that. Um, so that's what I would recommend. That's what YouTube's been really trying to clean up their inventory so people don't have an add on content. That's just not brand appropriate. Um, let's see here. And yeah, you can say any content to exclude. So if it's mature audiences, you can exclude that. If it's Yeah, you can just kind of go through this and see what is what is right for, um, for your campaign. Uh, let's see if you want exclude embedded YouTube videos. So that would be like if I had a website and I have YouTube embedded on it, you can you can exclude that or even live streaming videos. Um, so, yeah, this is this is secondary. If you As long as you just get this right, you should be in a good spot. And then, of course. So we created the campaign. That's everything up here. Now we're going to add group. So let's say, um and, um prospect Dean So this case, I want to say, OK, let's say, for example, I am offering Well, let's say this is again for rise Marketing Group. So I'm offering advertising, um, services. So I probably don't want to go to 18 24. It's probably a little too young for me. Um, I don't really care about parental of their parents are not household income audiences. Um, yes. So do life events recently started a business and market for advertising marketing services . Um, and that would probably be sufficient. Um, it's pretty much every all the same attributes that we can target through general display campaign. If you want to target based off of content, I could say yes. I want to reach these audiences who are people but also target them on anyone who's on videos that are around like business business related contents of that way. They're kind of like in that more of like business, see type of framework, um, for video, I would almost recommend to layer on audiences. So maybe do an audience target, so create, like one or two. And then I would also probably layer on some contextual targeting just so that way, if I'm reaching this audience. I'm not reaching them as they're looking up sports videos as a zai just was where they might be a little bit more checked out. So, um, out of just just an example, you can also target specific YouTube channels. A few if there are channels real like, Ah, these YouTube channels loved to serving ads on because I know they just speak to my target audience. You can definitely do that. Um, let's keep on going. So this is bidding. This is a maximum CPV. So this is cost per view How much you're willing to pay for each of you. Generally speaking, you can I would start off with, like, 10 cents. And then if your campaign is limited by budget, just lower and lower it and you could probably get this down Teoh five cent per view. Um, and then so to create my ad, I will just put in my video. So let's say thing. I goto one my videos here again. It's not a lot of this is just more having fun with it. Copy this. Cool. So this is ah, video. I have I created just how to get $150 Google ads credit. Um, who knows if the offer is still going, but you can click and find out more. Um, so there's two different video formats in stream ads play before, during and after another video on YouTube. Video discovery is where it can show up in YouTube search results or next to related videos . Um, and then you're pretty much pain for that click Teoh you know to be discovered. But I would just stick with Skip Herbal in stream ads because this will actually show the video. And now, let's say in this case, I want Teoh dr Teoh dot com. Actually, maybe I'll do. Do you know why? Digital strategy dot com. Because on that website I show how to get 100 $50. Google added credits. Let's just had coupon. Let's see if I can find it sweet right here. So that's my landing page you can do is call the actual trial to recommend so it could be, um, click save today, $3 free ad $150 of free hand spend do one. Yeah, something like that. $150 free spend. Um, you can upload a companion banner So companion banner. See if I still have one of these videos that can show you a companion banner right here. It's, um it's just this nice like horizontal one. It's a companion banner upon a click. It will go to their website. It's optional. I would recommend. Definitely recommend toe have that. It's just more real estate. I don't have assets created, but if I did, I just upload the image. You can see the dimensions 300 by 60. Otherwise, it will just auto generate ah banner. But I would definitely recommend even using camera just a great one. Um, and then that will click to your website. And then you can just call this ad. I'll just call it and credit. Great the campaign, and then you can review everything is always a automatically enables it, so they just pause it unless you're really ready. So now let's take a look and then you can see. But this ad would look like $150 free spending dio a digital strategy, and that's that. So that's Ah, that's your That's your video campaign. Um, it's pretty fun and then, you know, is always once you have a nice portfolio of campaigns have search campaigns display and in video you can see by the video icon you can see how much it costs. Um per interaction, conversions, things like that. If you do any type of video campaigns I would strongly recommend to dio view through conversions and then also for Let's see if there's anything else that I would recommend. Yeah, I would do some video metrics such as average cost per view video played until 25%. 50% 75 or 100% How many views that you received? Um, I think that should be good, but I do want to talk about view based conversion. So this conversion is anyone who has interacted with your ad and then did the activity on your site, whether it signed up or purchased, but so many times. So when Caesar ads, but they don't take action right away, they don't click on it, but they're like, Oh, that sounds really cool. Got it? I'll check them out later. That's what the view cure conversion is. So they saw our ad, didn't click, but then eventually went to your website Teoh Purchase. That isn't relevant for search campaigns because those are a click base. But it's definitely before these display as well as video campaign. So there you have it. You just set up search display prospecting, display remarketing and video inver video. You can pretty much target all the things that you can do display, including past site visitors. So I hope this is helpful. Um, and best of luck with this. 9. Find Google Ads Coupons: excellent. So now I want to share on how to find Google ad coupons. So for anyone who's just getting started with Google ads before you activate an account just to some quick Google searches just to see if there's any any promotions out there, Google often comes in ways. Or sometimes I'll have promotional codes. Other times they won't. So let me. What I would recommend to do is just literally do a Google search. So Google ads promo code simple is that if it's out there, you're going to see it. If not, um, and make sure it's a Google site. So this ad cycle will dot com coupons. That looks good if you try a bunch of, like, other, like Rando sites like PPC Expo. Um, like this is just how to apply. Sometimes they'll, like, agree it a bunch of codes. I won't even waste your time on it. Like if you ever see a bunch of like coupon codes listed from another site, chances are they've already been used. I won't waste your time just to go through it. Just look for Google websites. Um, those are legit. So in this case, Google is doing this promo. They have actually been running this over the past five months. Um, and right now, it's, ah, late June of 2020. So I wouldn't be surprised if they start to pull this away a little bit. Um, I feel like its quarterly. Some quarters, they run it, sometimes they don't if they have it, it's super easy to get started entering your email. Um, and then they'll send you in offer code that that you can put within your Google ads account. Additionally, most, if not always, they stipulate that your account needs to be a net new account. They don't just offer credits for anyone who is looking to save money and existing ad spend this. Is there incentive that their marketing team is rolling out just to get new customers? So just keep that in mind. Um, Now, what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna pull up my my account that we all built out together just to show you how you can once you have this code, how you can append this, So bear with me one second when we open this up. So once you're in here, just go to tools and settings and then within under billing promotions. And I already entered one of this one of these a long time ago. But he just hit, plus promotional code and boom, you're set and the current offer is they'll match the amount you spend up to 100 50 bucks, so that's a good one. So, uh, I hope for anyone who's just launched on Google, there's a really good way just to get started to get some free ab spend to test out. 10. Recommended Columns for Google Ads: No. This, um, this section I just want to share what kind of columns to optimize or toe have on your display. I briefly, I believe in my touched about this a little bit earlier, but I just want to have a separate section just to talk about this so based off of your campaigns is going to defer for how much or what to have on your columns over here. But if I'm just talking about a straight out search campaign, this is just another account that I have running. This is for our ad agency rise marketing group, and I'm just bidding on keywords such a Z, um, advertising, Google Advertising linked an advertised on being things like that. So that's just something that I have set up just not getting a ton of traffic, but just to have kind of like a slow drip of just getting our agency name out there and trying to get a couple of leads, Um, of people that are looking for these, a high, intense search queries. So I'm just gonna I'm just gonna remove all these and sorry. I didn't explain exactly what I was. June go to columns over here when you're in the campaign view and for our search ads, I'm just gonna remove everything just to give you a clean slate. Here are the core metrics I will be looking at so cost definitely clicks, of course, impressions. How many times your ad was served? No. And you only pay for if someone clicks on one of your ads. Your click. The rate of the percentage of times people clicked on your ad when it was shown, um, I like average cost per click. And then for this account, I didn't set up conversion tracking yet. Um, it's a pretty new account. I need to add the pixel to the site. I would do conversions and cost for conversion. And and that's, um, those air. And then I would also do competitive metrics Search impression share. So far, search campaigns. I probably do something like that. So if we take a look at it, we can see day up here. Last 14 days, I spent $84.21 clicks. Um, of all of our impressions are and was clicked about 1% which is a little bit low, so I might want to test him the ad copy. There are average cost per click is just Ah, about $4. Um, I don't have conversion tracking set up are going to get that set up. That way we can see of my investment how many leads I'm getting That's back to these ads. So that way, if it's one laid for every $80 or $100 I can make sense. Does this make sense? Is a business that, let's say, for $500 I'll get five leads if it does cost me $100 for lead and then but I back into it of one out of every five or two out of every five turns into a customer, then that's pretty profitable, and I would want to increase budget. Um, you also have this metric over here called Search Impression share. I really love this for search campaigns. This was under that competitive. Let me just re show one more time under competitive metric search impression share. This is, on average, how often my aunt is showing when someone is searching for a relevant query. So right now it's low. It's super low. That's intentional. This campaign are low budgets just about upwards of $15 a day. I have ah, bidding strategy of Maximize Clicks, which tells Google there's my budget since I don't have conversion track. And I'm just saying, Maximize clicks drivers many clicks as possible and, um and yeah, and it's driving super efficient clicks If since my impression shares low, if performance is good and if I find out that performance is good, I can say, OK, I'm only serving 10% of the time. Theoretically, I could 10 times my budget to get to 100% impression share. Um, I don't want to do that right now. I just want to get a firm graphs of how this is performing. But these are the comes I would use for our search campaigns for display and be very similar. The only thing that I would change search impression share. Obviously, that's for search. So that would be applicable. I would add in, um, conversions view based conversions in addition to normal conversions. I'm not gonna have any data here because I don't have any display campaigns, but view based conversions, it's go back here. I had it. Let's try one more time versions. The three conversions. I would also add view through conversions What that is, it's Anyone who saw my ad didn't click, so that means it's a free ad because you only pay per click. But then they did see, um, they did. They did see our ad, and then they went to the website through an organic search. Or just draft navigation and and converted and either bought or submit a lead form for display campaigns. You will see view through conversions that's popular, oftentimes, for display ads. It's in a more of an awareness. People don't necessarily click it, but they will see it and then later on, check out your website. So that's a good column there and then for video campaigns. Um, it's gonna be it's gonna be a little bit different. I would I would change this a little bit, so you definitely want to cost. You definitely want to know how many clicks to your website. You definitely want impressions, Um, and then you also want a couple other things that you're You're less focused on conversions off of YouTube like you're just not going to get as much conversions because it's not a high intentional play. It's more brandy and in consideration. So you want views? How many people is you can read right here? Watch 30 seconds of your video or interactive with your video so it commented or they clicked. It, um, were shared it. Something of that matter. Livy can comment on these, but they did some inner interaction. And then you also want the view rate as well as the average cost per view. So a lot of the video campaigns you're gonna be bidding to a cost per view. So those are the columns out recommend for a video? Um, so yeah, but generally speaking, well, you want for everything. Cost, clicks, impressions. If it's and then conversions, cost per conversion. If it's ah, video campaign or display. You do want to add that view through conversions. And if it's video only, add in some of these metrics like view, view rate and average cost per view. So I just want to make sure that you guys are looking at the right, um, metrics. There's a ton of other other columns that you can add in. I would just focus on these. Those are the core ones, and you can certainly explore to some of these other ones. But I would just focus on that for now. 11. Recap and Recommendations on Where to Invest your Ad Spend: So now you hopefully have created your Google ads account. You have a search campaign. You have display remarketing campaign targeting past visitors who venture site but didn't convert. Maybe a display prospecting campaign region, new people to drive over to your side that haven't been to your site before. And then, um and then maybe even some video ads. We also covered a couple of concepts such as how to get free Google ads, cried credits as well as was kind of columns that you should optimize your Google ads experience to for these types of campaign. So all this is great. Now you're probably in the section of like, Great Bend. I'm gonna create these campaigns or I already have should enable them all. How should I allocate budget things like that? So one dad is gonna be your best friend. So as you run, you're going to see Dad. So under those conversions, asuni of conversion tracking side of properly, you'll see how maney either orders are relieved that you're getting and you can optimize budgets based off of that. But just high level even before you start to man. And I'm the way you should think about these campaigns is high level, from awareness and consideration all the way down Teoh High Person's intent, and they're probably ready, likely to either by right now, or submit their information your way through a lead and at the at the very high level, where you just driving awareness and consideration. That's like your video campaigns there on you tube there watching your ads, but they're probably not gonna leave that experience to go buy something right now, But they're like, OK, I'm taking it in interesting. It's kind of like high level brandy. And then, as you get lower in the funnel, then he have them This mid tier, which, like display prospect in targeting new users with display banner ads using some of Google's targeting capabilities, such as people who have our in market for certain things, certain ages and demographics. But then, where you get a lot of your performance right and to be at the bottom of the funnel, which is hi intense search campaigns as well as remarketing past site visitors. People have visited your site but did not comfort. So if you're to start a campaign outcry, start off with search and remarketing like started kind of like bottom of the funnel. And once that starts, Teoh get some good action and you start to see some results. You can start to open this up and really mature campaigns will kind of hit on all aspects of the funnels high level, maybe some video ads. Just more aware this consideration Mid funnel is just like that. Branding and consideration driving a website traffic and then at the bottom is just actually drive action of people were literally typing in Googling the products and services that you offer. So to start out, probably start off with Google. Search and re marketing and then based off performance continue to scale. But that's, um that's what we have so far. I hope you guys really enjoyed this course. I think this is a really solid, fundamental knowledge. And I think doing all this for is going into goal and blindly is definitely gonna put you leaps and bounds ahead of ahead of where you would have always been. So I hope I wish all you guys the best. I will make sure my email is accessible. So if you have any other questions or comments or you say? Hey, Ben, this is good. Could you cover this for the next course? Things like that. I'm always open for feedback. And, of course, if anyone is taking this course and like, you know, this is a lot of work. I I don't want to invest time into it cause you do need a best time sometime into it. If you do want our agency to help me manage this, feel free to reach out to me. My email will be assessable on. Be happy to have a chance to see if it could be a potential fit. So all the best and we'll be in touch. 12. Marketing Forum Reminder: Lastly, I didn't mention this earlier in the training, but as he have additional questions, again, DIY digital, go to marketing forum, post questions. It's going to be the very streamlined way that you can ask me questions. And then hopefully over time this could just give me a lot of information that you can search on a variety of topics as you have questions pertaining to campaigns launching, add a creative measurement. What does this mean? What does that mean? Just posted here. Me and my team will review and it's, I think it's just going to really help you into the next level of learning and actually doing with some level of support and the good thing about it, it's all free. So yeah, just keep that in mind as well. Thank you.