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Digital Marketing for Online Business

Vincent Okeke, Marketing & Business Consultant

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4 Videos (1h 37m)
    • Digital Marketing Intro

    • Digital Marketing Budgeting Strategy by Duration

    • Digital Marketing Components

    • Digital Marketing Strategy for Online Business


About This Class

This course contains all the key Digital Marketing Strategies and Components thank you can deploy for your online business.

You will learn all the various key Digital Marketing strategies that works best for online business, such as Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, Affiliate Ads, Influencers Marketing, and more..





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Vincent Okeke

Marketing & Business Consultant

I am a Trainer, Independent Consultant, Serial Entrepreneur, and Business Coach, with in-depth knowledge in subject matters like Digital Marketing, E-commerce, Entrepreneurship Practice and IT, having over 9 years of cognate practical experience across board, ran various marketing campaigns in over 10 countries.

I am also the founder of Dovichi Services, a tech and marketing company, and have founded several other businesses.

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