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Digital Marketing for Coaches and Hypnotherapists

William Batten, Content Copywriter, Hypnotist

Digital Marketing for Coaches and Hypnotherapists

William Batten, Content Copywriter, Hypnotist

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11 Lessons (24m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. The Three Rs

    • 3. Relationship: Intro to Content Marketing

    • 4. Relationship: Using Content Marketing

    • 5. Relationship: Your Voice

    • 6. Results: Your Unique Value

    • 7. Results: Testimonials

    • 8. Results: Testimonials and Content Marketing

    • 9. Results: Future Pacing

    • 10. Referrals

    • 11. Conclusion

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About This Class

Selling your Coaching or Hypnotherapy services isn’t the same as selling a toaster. For many people, it’s a big, life changing investment… and one they never make.

Even if you could help them live the life of their dreams.

That’s why getting your marketing right is crucial - not only for the health of your practice, but to help more people transform their lives.

Many people are afraid, unsure or reluctant to make the right choice.

As a professional, you can help them decide to become their ideal self.

This course covers the Three Rs - things that, as a Coach or Hypnotherapist, your marketing needs to focus on. Whether you write your own ads or you outsource it, knowing what to focus on saves you time and hassle, while attracting more clients.

I’ll admit it’s not always easy.

And it takes work.

But here’s the thing: a dud marketing campaign takes the same effort as a successful one. So before you spend weeks of work or thousands of dollars, why not spend less than an hour to ensure you’re chasing the right targets.

Head on in and learn the Three Rs that'll transform your marketing.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

William Batten

Content Copywriter, Hypnotist


William T Batten is a Content Copywriter for the Coaching & Hypnotherapy Industries. He is also a certified master conversational hypnotist and a qualified Learning & Development practitioner. This gives him a unique approach to marketing, training and change work.

If you're looking to transform yourself, your employees or your clients, he's the one to talk to.

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1. Introduction: Hello and welcome to digital marketing for coaches and hypno therapists. My name is William Batten, and I'm here to talk to you about how you can take your coaching or your hypnotherapy business and just really transform the way you engage with your prospects with your clients and with your previous clients to I am a freelance digital marketer. I specialize in content marketing, and the niche I focus on is exactly this niche. I work with coaches and I work with hypnotherapist, and there's a couple of reasons why I do that. One is that I really believe in what this industry can do for people. There are so many people walking around with issues with pain, with untapped potential that a few sessions with someone like you were just completely unlocked, completely transformed and just really help them to live their best and most valuable life . The other reason why focus on this niche in these industries is because I am part of it. I am a certified hypnotist, and I have quite a few hours of coaching under my belt, so I know what people like you are after. I know what your business looks like I'm familiar with your hassles, your struggles in your successes and what it is that you're searching for in trying to create. Now, this course assumes some basic marketing knowledge. So either you already know how toe cobble together a sales letter or something like that. Or perhaps you're outsourcing that function, which is a pretty smart thing to do. This is going to focus more on specific things that coaches and hypnotherapist can focus on and really pay attention to with their marketing strategy. It's not gonna go too far into the weeds. So if you already know some marketing, this is great. This will tell you what to focus on, and if you hire freelances, then this is great. You'll know exactly what to ask from them. 2. The Three Rs: When I sat down to think about what separates coaching and hypnotherapy from other industries, I came up with something that was quite pithy. And it's the three R's, the three R's stand for the relationship, the results and referrals. If you keep the three R's in the back of your mind while designing your marketing strategy , you can't go too far wrong. You have the normal sorts of things like gay. You'll need to write sales letters you'll need to contact prospects and so forth. But these three R's would you really especially to focus on and what separates coaching and hypnotherapy from other businesses? 3. Relationship: Intro to Content Marketing: so the first are of the three R's is the relationship. The relationship is so important because it's important in any business. Apple fans don't just buy Apple products. They have a relationship with the company. They have a community among other people who also buy Apple products. So this works that any industry, but it's especially important for coaching and hypnotherapy businesses. And the reason is, is not just about your marketing this time. If you have a good relationship with your clients with your prospects than your marketing becomes easier, yes, but even more important than that, if you have a good relationship, you will get even better results. I'm sure you know all about that already. The people who are eager to work with you, who trust you, who are open to the experience. These are the people who get better results faster when people who are skeptical, untrusting, maybe a bit closed off to the process. So the relationship is key, and one of the ways that you can build the relationship through your digital marketing is through content marketing. You create content, whether it's articles, whether it's e mails where there's pod cost videos like this. No matter what it is, you're creating something that has some value to them. Maybe you're explaining how to better overcome public speaking of so something. And then at the end of this valuable bit of content, you add a cool to action that says, if you want to find more, if you want more of this, you wanna learn more. If you want to discuss this, if you wanna work with me, then click this link or call this number now. 4. Relationship: Using Content Marketing: So how do you make your content marketing really work? How do you use that to build the relationship? Well, I'm not gonna talk too much about content marketing because I assume you either have some basic awareness of hell marketing works or your outsourcing that. But some things to really focus on is you want to be, you won't be consistent. I want to stay consistent. I mean, delivering content regularly. You don't want months to go by without people hearing from you. In fact, you don't want days to go by with that people hearing from you with your prospect with your current clients with your former clients should be providing them with valuable content every day or every other day. And you're not just being reliable, you know, just being consistent and how often you're delivering this content. It has to be valuable to. It can't be the sort of thing where people would unsubscribe or not read it because you're being too preachy or you being to sales a year being too boring. Your content marketing, if you wanted to really build the relationship, has to be interesting as to be exciting has to be valuable it has to be relevance to them. So you wanted to leave a content. Often you wanted to live a content that's of high quality, too. Do this, and with your readers you'll automatically build an even better relationship. So by the time you meet face to face, they are just ready to change. 5. Relationship: Your Voice: in part of building this relationship is figuring out who you are. Figuring out how you want to speak to them often described this as finding your voice and by voice. I don't necessarily mean you're spoken. Voice could also be the way that you right the way that you come across. You put your personality that bleeds through when you communicate, because as a coach or hypnotherapist, you have options. You might come across with this voice that embodies friendship like you're on equal playing fields and you're there to help them. You could be an elusive mental, that sort of wise goober at the top of the mountain who spouts wisdom. If only people disciplined and patient enough to understand it, you could be the loving parent where you just know that the person you're talking to is going to grow and achieve amazing things. One day can be the raving fan. We just absolutely enthralled with what they have achieved and what they will achieve in the future. You can take these voices and other ones to mix them together in whatever ratio is right for you. Do this, explore your voice and you find a riding style that really sells who you are and really separates you from everyone else. 6. Results: Your Unique Value: The second are refers to results because this is what it's all about. People aren't hiring you to talk with you to have sessions with you. They're hiring you to get the results they want. Now. The coaching and hypnotherapy industries are interesting. There are so many practitioners out there so so many, which is great because it means that there's a demand that the services you offer. It also means that you need to work hard to distinguish yourself, because thes in most places are unregulated industries, especially coaching. There are a lot of people who call themselves coaches who aren't necessarily all that qualified or experienced. You can create amazing results with people you need to sell that express that make that clear through your marketing. This is about making yourself stand out by making so that someone is reading your website or your blawg or your email or listening to your podcast. And they have been thinking about working with a courage or hypnotherapist. And then there's something about you that says yes, this is the person I want to work with. No one else even matters. This is the person. Do you want to figure out how to do that for your ideal customers. So it really pays to think about what is unique about you. You get results. Yes, but who do you get results for? How do you get results? Really think about this. What makes you stand out? Because I hope you're not trying to appeal to everyone. That is a long, exhausting process. Finding your niche, finding the people, he can really help these other people you can focus on. And when one of them reads your your writing or hears your voice, they'll know that you're talking specifically about them. 7. Results: Testimonials: Of course, you could talk about your results, more sort of results you get and how you get them and with who all day long. But what really captivates people, especially in a relationship driven business like this. Our testimonials testimonials are advertisements from your former clients. They could be a few sentences long, saying, I worked with this person and the results were amazing. I completely changed my life. And what's great about testimonials is that you're not selling yourself. Someone else is selling you. And if a former client is willing to say these things publicly about you, then you must be good. You must be worth working with. Now this almost goes without saying, but I do have to emphasize it. You do not want to make up testimonials. These need to be honest. In most places, it's illegal to make them up. If nothing else, it's unethical. But that the challenges that you can get amazing results with people and there will excited about it in the moment and you ask for testimony on they say, Yeah, I'll do that. I'll do that. Time passes they forget. All of a sudden it becomes awkward for them So while he can't make up testimonials, you can provide a template for people. Maybe you write a few paragraphs off. What, you think they would riot? And you say, Hey, how's this for a testimonial from you? Is there anything you want to change? Anything you want to tweak? Add any woods. You want to swap around anything that makes it sound like them, as opposed to you. To you, the coach of the hypnotist. So you've already done all the work for them, and maybe they turn around and say, No, I'm happy with that. Just put my name and where I'm from at the bottom and good to go where they might say, No, no, no, That's not quite how I feel. Let me rewrite it for you. Either way, you've made steps towards taking the difficult part out of it and doing the work for them, which, if you follow, will drastically increase your success. Right now, a good template for testimonials is to say something like, I used tohave Problem X. Then I used product or service, and now I'm living my ideal life. Why it tells a story. It's sort of dramatic story, but the story who your prospects will resonate with. They'll say I have a problem X and I want to live my life like why? The only way to do that I can see it now is to use this product or service. 8. Results: Testimonials and Content Marketing: now here's how testimonials and content marketing this work really well. Together, they just work hand in hand. If you're contacting your former clients regularly and like we talked about before, you definitely should be, because it helps build the relationship than every now and then you can just put a call out , you say at the end of one of your bits of content. If, if my work or the work we did together has helped you in any way, please consider giving me a testimonial, and you could even add a few a few words around what that testimony you could look like. Do this with people, and they never get the chance to forget. It helps the relationship because they're always being reminded of how much you helped them . Reminding them of this is part of your service because it deepens the change. It strengthens their conviction that they can change while at the same time reminding them that, yeah, a testimonial would really help you out, and it would help other people out. To testimonial is a great way one of your clients to give back to help other people make the right decision. So you can use your content marketing. Teoh Get more testimonials. You can also use your testimonials in your content marketing because if you're struggling to think of an idea for a blood poster, an email or a blogger podcast, you could just take a testimonial more or less. Put it in word for word if it's flattering and often true enough, and then add some comments before and after saying is his someone else's take on what I've been saying in the testimonial. If you'd like this for yourself, he is how it can be as simple as that. Or you could have these elaborate article or podcast where you're taking multiple testimonials and you're analyzing them, going into even more depth about what you can do to help other people, to help the reader to help the listener to really expand on what it is you do and the situations in which you do it best. 9. Results: Future Pacing: one of the nice side effects off focusing on the result is you invoke what we content marketers call future pacing, and this is in itself part off a therapeutic process. You take someone from where they are now, and you describe their ideal future. You talk about who they'll be, what they'll be, the sorts of challenges all of overcome, the sorts of opportunities they'll be enjoying. You make this so vivid, so crystal clear for them that they can't help but be hypnotized and and enthralled by your message. It's like I say, there's a good chance to use this as part of your coaching as part of your hypnotherapy. Already, it works exactly the same with your content marketing. The reason you focus on results in your marketing is to create this future pacing in the reader or the listener. They start imagining themselves in this in this perfect state, with all of their problems solved and just really enjoying the situation. They find themselves imagining this so strongly that they can't help but fully your call to action by focusing on the results that you and you alone can give. The rest of your marketing might be average. It might not be that well constructed, but if you get this right and people cannot resist you 10. Referrals: the third are refers to referrals. They're referrals are huge in this industry. They are big. They are the gold standard there. What so many people salivate over because if you can get by on referrals alone, then you can put your feet up. You can relax because you're marketing takes care of itself. Your clients love you so much that they just tell all their friends and family, and that is your marketing. It's easy, it's effective, and it's natural. The only challenge is getting to that place to recruit your clients, to become referral agents for you. And this could be tricky, because even if people love what you often love, what you do love the change you created, they might feel uncomfortable or awkward about talking to their friends or family. Or someone in their life might have a problem. And they might think all that's not really a problem for such and such, when in fact it could be perfect for you. It might be the exactly the sort of thing you can help with. If you seed the idea of referrals in your messaging, then people can't forget you. You always be in the back of their minds when they're talking to people. And if you're using testimonials using examples of where you've helped people, then the people who are reading you, I will say, Hang on this conversation I'm having with someone right now it's reminding me off that email or that podcast I listen to the other day the person had exactly the problem. But this person is describing to me right now. And they were helped by that coach I saw a few years ago. I should refer them to that. I always stay on people's minds and always suddenly suggesting this idea that people can refer clients to you. It can do amazing things. The number of referrals you received. It can be a simple as including a sentence like Think about how much better you're off now Imagine someone you care feeling this way as well. All thanks to you. Maybe that's just a simple sentence you put at the end of your emails or at the end of your blog's. If you do this regularly, enough people will always be thinking about how to refer people to you because people want to refer to you. They want to take some of the credit for the results that you create in other people remind them of this because you're doing yourself a favor, the reader of favor and anyone they refer to you. 11. Conclusion: now, these are very high level concepts that we've discussed, and I hope that they have inspired in some way you should go about and think of how you can use them to direct and shape your digital marketing. Because of the three R's relationships, results, referrals, they all support each other, they all feed into each other, and they can look very different based on your clients, your business, the way you want to run things. And yet, no matter what sort of practice you have, no matter how you go about doing this, these three things and three ours will help you guaranteed. And the great thing is that your relationships lead to better results have already talked about that. If you have a strong relationship with your client, if they see you as an authority, they trust you and respect you, then simply making eye contact with them and saying change. Now you're no longer a smoker that has works before, just by the power off the relationship. And if you have the relationships that good, it could work again. Your results, if you shape things right, lead to better referrals because you can take someone's smoking habit away from them, say, or you can completely inspire them to the point where smoking is irrelevant. They walk away a changed, posing a better person and everyone they mates going, What is going on with you? You're just amazing. Lately, it's so much easier if it's someone like that to say, Hey, you should also go see this person who changed my life. They're referrals, become easier, more natural, more effective and the better referrals you get, the better relationships you get. Because let's say someone's best friend referred them to you. You now have some of that relationship, some of that trust, the years off, giving and receiving and just mutual respect and sharing time that led to those two people becoming best friends. Some of that is automatically imparted onto you by the referral. Their friend trusts you. Therefore, they'll trust you to all of these principles, support and reinforce each other. When you focus your digital marketing on the three R's, you're coaching or hypnotherapy, business will change for the better