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Digital Marketing Strategies to grow your Audience Organically

teacher avatar Diego Davila, Top Digital Marketing Courses for You!

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

29 Lessons (2h 7m)
    • 1. 1.1 Welcome to the Digital Marketing Strategies course

    • 2. 2.1 Using YouTube to build your audience

    • 3. 2.2 Creating YouTube Content that attacks new followers

    • 4. 2.3 Which keywords is your Audience using

    • 5. 2.4 Driving people to your Website, Online store or Email list

    • 6. 2.5 Assignment 1 - Using the YouTube Strategy

    • 7. 3.1 The Facebook Group Strategy overview

    • 8. 3.2 Discovering thousands of potential clients and followers on Facebook Groups

    • 9. 3.3 Real Life example - How I builded a business with this strategy

    • 10. 3.4 Create your community on Facebook Groups

    • 11. 3.5 Do you need a Facebook Page

    • 12. 3.6 Assignment 2 - Using the Facebook Group strategy to grow your Audience

    • 13. 4.1 Using Forums and Quora to grow your audience

    • 14. 4.2 Finding the Forums where your audience is

    • 15. 4.3 The power of Quora

    • 16. 4.4 Assignment 3 - Find forums or Quora questions about your topic

    • 17. 5.1 Why Live video

    • 18. 5.2 The Live video Strategy

    • 19. 5.3 Going live to 30 social media platforms at the same time

    • 20. 5.4 Assignment 4 - The Live video strategy

    • 21. 6.1 The guest blogging strategy overview

    • 22. 6.2 Finding the perfect blog for your guest blogging

    • 23. 6.3 Contacting the Blog’s owner and getting their attention

    • 24. 6.4 Writing the article and delivering massive value to their audience

    • 25. 6.5 Assignment 5 - The Guest blogging strategy

    • 26. 7.1 The Podcast strategy overview

    • 27. 7.2 The easy way - Be a guest on a podcast

    • 28. 7.3 Creating your own podcast

    • 29. 7.4 Assignment 6 - The Podcast strategy

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About This Class

Digital Marketing - 6 Digital Marketing Strategies to grow your Audience

"By the end of the day, you could have at least one of the 6 powerful Digital Marketing strategies working for you, helping your business to grow 24 hours a day."

Does not matter if you don't have an audience or if you already have thousands or even millions of people following you, these Digital Marketing strategies will help you to grow your audience even further.

This is not rocket science, All the Digital Marketing strategies I’ll be sharing with you in the course are simple but powerful, Digital Marketing strategies that you can start using TODAY to grow your business and spread your message all over the world.

To accomplish that, we’ll use all the power of YouTube, Facebook, Facebook groups, Live video, Forums, Quora, Podcasting and other social media platforms.

Here are the 6 Digital Marketing strategies we will be exploring during the course:

  1. Digital Marketing Strategy #1 - YouTube

  2. Digital Marketing Strategy #2 - Facebook

  3. Digital Marketing Strategy #3 - Forums & Quora

  4. Digital Marketing Strategy #4 - Live Video

  5. Digital Marketing Strategy #5 - Guest Blogging

  6. Digital Marketing Strategy #6 - Podcast

My goal is to make sure that by the end of the course you have all these 6 Digital Marketing strategies, working for you 24/7, attracting new followers and clients for your business.

One year from now you will wish you had started today. Let's start now with these 6 Digital Marketing Strategies!

See you in the first lecture!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Diego Davila

Top Digital Marketing Courses for You!


Hi, I'm Diego. welcome to my SkillShare profile!

My Mission is to help entrepreneurs and small business owners to spread their message all over the world and make a huge impact in the life of their fans, friends, and clients.

My goal is to produce the absolute best material, best courses to help you to bring your life to the next level, next level on your health, finances, relationship, and to help you to conquer your goals so you can live a more fulfilled life.

I want to thank you for taking the time to improve your life and learn more and more, take a look at my courses. I created each one of them thinking about YOU.


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1. 1.1 Welcome to the Digital Marketing Strategies course: Hey, guys, working to the course and happy to see you here. See that you enroll in the course and you're ready to take action and learned these strives . So these strategies are built in a way to make sure that you get resource and that by result I mean but that you grow your hours, That's my goal. If you are starting from scratch, let's say you have no audience or if you are already an expert, the strategy work for everybody. For any industry, it will get a resource for you. Some of these try This will work organically. That means it will take some time to see results I beat. I want to be 100% honest with you, but some off them you'll see when you after you complete this drive you on assignment? We have an assignment today. At the end of each model, you will see immediate growth on your audience. Okay. So, for example, is trying number two, where The Facebook Group strategy. When you apply these, you'll see an immediate growth on your hours. That's how this try this work. So these tried is probably you saw a few off, then on the Internet. Probably you already are the using sun off them, but we are perfecting them here on were actually taking action in the rain in the right, where we are optimizing the process to make sure you have the best result possible game so you can take the course in or there. That's another question people have. Okay, what's the best way to take the course? You can take it in order. You can take it. You can jump from one. Strides went to another. They this fine. You can decide how to do it. If you prefer that safe, try to number two instead of going to strike number one. That's totally fine. You can jump to strike number two, and I started learning. If you ask me my favorite assumes. Always ask me What's your favorite? Striding off 86. My favorite every started here works, but my personal favorite is Strike number two is trying Number two. It's fantastic. You can jump there right now. If you want on, I see you there. Let's start the course. Guys take action. Ask questions in a Q and A on Let's start operating result for your business to you in the next video 2. 2.1 Using YouTube to build your audience: working to the section here on these first section where we're starting to take action. Guys, we're talking about YouTube on how you can use all the power of you took tow, grow your audience even more, or if you are starting, if you have no outings, you gonna start building your community with this strategy. All the strategies we share here in this section are very simple, but they are powerful, so please take action. That's a key. Guys just literally strides and start taking action, applying that to create the result that we were. So why you to why we need to invest time on YouTube in order to grow your audience even more? Because probably, you know, YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the war. The 1st 1 is Scoble. YouTube owns Google out, so it is the second biggest. So people go to YouTube to find information. If I want to know how to do something, let's say in my case, I have also trainings on Facebook marketing, for example. So my Souness, my audience, goes to YouTube to find information about the specific topic. For example, they can they want to learn how to install a Facebook pixel on their website or how to create a Facebook picture. Right? So that's a key war that they searched and we will talk. Beat us about that in the next section. But basically they go to YouTube to find this information. They're not going toe Facebook, right? Facebook? Also is Facebook fantastic and were using Facebook in these cars is good to create a community, but they are not going if you want to learn how to create. If these were big, so are you going to Facebook and type? Actually, how to great effect with pieces on Facebook? Probably know, right? You go to YouTube and you find this information. So that's why it's powerful, because we can create content here, guys and you in front of millions of people that are looking for the specific answers. So the key here is to find what they're looking for on YouTube, and we will explore that in a minute here on the section on Create content so you can attract. You can add value to them, and you can forward them to your website to your products, to your email lease or whatever you want. to send them. The second thing I love about you, too, is because you don't have evergreen content. So if I pose a video today on YouTube, this video will start. Booster ranking right will reach people on. The video will work today, and it will were also one year from today or two years from today. I have videos on my YouTube channel that are 56 years old and they are still getting a lot of views. I promote things in these videos. People are still taking excellent buying these things I am promoting right, so that's the power. If I pose, for example, on instagram stories, it it last for 24 hours. After that, it's gone. If I pose on Facebook, are good percent of my community will see what I posed, but the Ahlgren prevents to show these to everybody. I also remember that people don't discover new people won't discover content on Facebook. They go to YouTube to do that. So these are a few of the reasons because we want to explore YouTube and we'll start doing and applying the strategies in the next video. Let's go there 3. 2.2 Creating YouTube Content that attacks new followers: creating content that attracts new follower own you to the one thing wanting to keep in mind. This is simple, guys is to put yourself in your your customers in your audience place and think about the pain point they have. What are the key words when they go to YouTube? If I am part of your audience, let's say I go to you tube to find information about what you teach or what you share or what you wore with on your company. What I am looking for on you to what at which are the specific keywords I will use on YouTube toe find videos, information about what I am interested on. So that's the thing we need to think right now. Make a lease off all the keywords you think your audience is thinking when they go to YouTube on wall in the next video, where I'll share with and sharing with you how to find these keywords. What are the key words? If you have already, at least you concert for each one of them, and you can have more and more options, So that's the thing. The goal of the strike is to create content with keywords or about the subjects that your specific your out its will search on YouTube. Also, no way to see these is going on. I think. I mean thinking on what's the pain point that your audience has so every audience have a pain point on you with your business. The promise of you the liver is that you will solve the problem with your product, your services or anything that you provide on your company, right? Anything that you teach that you share with your audience. So think about these pain points on Create videos about that. Impose that on YouTube. We will explore that, indeed, test later here on the section. So if I am talking about my audience, for example, I teach social media marketing digital marketing. So 11 thing that my out one pain point outing has eased, for example, that they don't know how to create a Facebook at or they are creating Facebook at on the arts are not converting, so I can create something like a video title for simple Why my at are not converting why your Facebook art are not working. Four. Moloto. Make sure you're at work or how to create a Facebook at how to plan a Facebook at what the 10 tips toe to improve on Do have a successful Facebook at. So all these ideas are around one specific keyword, one specific pain point that my audience has right, which is that they are trying to create at and they don't know how to do it or they are doing it. And it's not working. So these are the pain points of my specific audience. When we talk about Facebook marketing on you saw that I just share with you a few ideas, a few key words that I can have for my audience. So now, before we move to the next section, police make a lease, grab a pen, a paper or open your computer, your your text processor and right. At least five keywords on pain points that your audience have, and they are looking for the solution on YouTube, right? So make a list of five in the next video. We are using that to discover even Mawr more keywords on by then off this V that they did this section. Their goal is to have a good least so that you will have a good lease off, very clear on down to the point keywords that you can use to create videos on YouTube became so by doing that, were attracting new people on. You will put your putting your videos in front. Off. Brand New out is that I don't know you on will become your clients. Okay, so let's move now to the next video or we're talking more details about keywords. But remember now he before you move, grab your pan and make a list of five pain points or keywords that your audience will search when they go to YouTube. After that, see you in the next video. 4. 2.3 Which keywords is your Audience using: Okay, guys, which keywords can we use for you out is how do you know? Exactly how can you find more keywords that your audience is looking for a searching on YouTube? I'll show you in this video tools that you can access right now free to discover Maura Mawr keywords. So you have. You will have by then of these of this section. Hopefully, ah, whole least off possible videos. Possible YouTube videos you can create to attract hundreds or thousands of people to your YouTube channel. And consequently to your business to your email list, your website or whatever you want to send that. Okay, So if this is the deal we want toe now, in the last video you created at least five keywords. Or do you think your onus will was searching on YouTube when they want to find more information about your product? You're serious and all that. So we will use the least right now in this video on discover new keywords were using to tools for these the 1st 1 on mom. Both of them are free. They have remain options so you can upgrade if you want, but you don't need to um, they have the free version for sure. So the 1st 1 is keyword tool dot io Here. You see, the u R l is keyword keyword tool dot io on here we This is great because we can search keywords for Google YouTube being Amazon eBay, an upstart, came Also, you can define the market where they want to Sirte for you have different languages, different regions. Let's do globally just for these sump. Let's see if this one first So what? The key were here You come on the keywords toe We were told that I owe and you'll sell like the YouTube tap untied your keyword. Let's do a test here. Let's say we have a dog training service on. We want to create attract people, toe my local business, which is adored doctrine in service, for example, Um, how do we use it on YouTube so we will find the keywords will see what you my customers are searching on YouTube. I will create content on that, delivering massive, massive value for them on. They will follow my basis later, so let's see how. Let's a dog training here, Doc training Search on. If you have the free version. You will have access to the numbers here on the search volume, training all that if you want. Of course, you can just register here on for the service so you can see the numbers. But we have the keywords, which is very important. So here we have dog training doctrine in video. This is what people are actually typing on YouTube. We have the keywords suggestion, the questions proposition. So here we go to questions. Now we have all the questions people are asking to YouTube, and this is the one that we're using when they when they start for information about the stopping. So the 1st 1 is our dog training callers. Crew are dark, turning color safe. How can I train Dog? How can a dog training shake and doc training? Let's see here. What more? How can I do the training? So all these dog training doc to do tricks. Ah, let's see what more how the training works. So we have all these options about doctrine. Let's try a different key where a more specific you were and you will see how wonderful disease how toe train my dog. Let's say I go to you tube on the I search for these. So let's see, Unfortunately. Okay, let's move to the key words here because we actually this is important. Guys, I glad this happened. You see that they are not showing the term here because for the questions, Eirik, it's better if you use only keywords. Okay, for if you are asking a question here, you use the keyword phrase, which is asking a question. You go to the keywords suggestion here, and we will have all these ideas. So we have 108 unique keywords phrases that we can use to inspire yourself un create new obedience. So this is what people are actually looking on. YouTube searching on YouTube. Okay, So how to train? My dog is who is the 1st 1 how to train my dog to seat? This is another video that I can do because an expert on dog training, for example, how can I train my dog not to bark at people? This is exactly the phrase people are typing on the you tube search guy. So here we have a great opportunity. People that are looking for solutions about in this case about doctrine, and they want to know they have a pain point, which is? The dog is not is not trained. They want to train the dog to the specific things on your providing the value here. So this fantastic. So how the train my dog not to bark to people how to treat my dog to speak. I don't know. How do how would they do that? How to train my dog to attack How to train my dog toe here How to train my dog to bark So you see that all the specific keywords is the questions people are typing on YouTube. So here we have a huge least off possible content that you can create toe attract more people using the power of you to drop track more people to your business right with this powerful social media. Okay. So he would have Ryan drone not reading all these because we have 100 A. But you get the idea, right? This is the first tool. What's the second tool? Second, to least call is called tooth body. And I love this one to body. You can go to to body that come or if you want you can Visa Diego nabila dot com slash to body. Ok, so, Mr Here, Diego Davila dot com slash two body this go. These will drive your straight to the two body page on you see here. Here we are. You gonna go straight to two body dot com? That's fine. So nobody is free to start. If I could click on pricing here, you can see that they have Pro Star legend. You don't see the free here, but you see the free option here on the comparison. So you have, like, all these tools that you can use for free. I mean, I think you will love this because I have the legend plant for two of my channels and I absolutely love it. I I use it every day for two C t o to increase my my presence on YouTube and create more optimized content. Right. So you come here, you create an account, click on my account or sign for an account of something that on one. Another thing you need to do is to download the Google chrome or the safari or the Firefox Extension in this case and using Google chrome so I'll started on Google for to body chrome extensions. Here we are. So this is the one. And this is the extension. I can add these two chrome. This is important. This is fundamental and is required for the PLO in tow. Work. When you have these in style, you can go to YouTube channel. You will have the two body. I can hear the top. You logging on? That's all you need to go in this one. I have the free version. Let me open the other one that I have the premium version one second here. This is the one that I have with the premium version. Wonderful. And so far in I let me go to the home page here. Okay, Excellent. So we also use the stool searching for the key words that your parents will search on this case. How to train my dog is the question. Let's search for these on here. We have the results. This is what is good in the right side we have the search explorer where we have all information about this key word or the phrase that you are typing on the search. So here we have the search volume is our my screen. So it is good. People are searching for these a lot. The competition is middle, which is good. Two is no on the Red Baron on overall is very good. This phrase is very good. So if you are watching these and you actually half a business off dog training this is a wonderful keyword because you can use these right now. You see here that they qualify these us A very good keyword to create content. So here we have the related searches similar to the one that we saw on the keyword tool Io that I o. We have at least off all the top phrases. People are searching on YouTube that they're related with what we tap. We type here at the top, which is held to train my dog. So the 1st 1 after these, the one that people are, are certain Morse on YouTube is how to train my dog to protect me. How to train my dog toe Walk on a leash is the 2nd 1 how to train my dog to attack on command like this one. For example, how the train my dog to be a dog service. How the trim I don't to poop outside How the tomatoes to stop barking to seat, to roll over on to stay So these are the top phrases that people are searching every day, every minute on YouTube there is related with my audience, for example. Right? So millions of people that are not in my hours are searching for the information. I can create content. Now, I have all these possible videos that I can create right now because I know how to do all these, right, Because I am an expert on dog training, for example. So I'm gonna start competing with this guy that with these guys on the start, writing my videos here. So let's see here, the most used tax. Remember, when we Ablow the videos to YouTube, you have the video, the description, the title and you also add the YouTube tax. So these are the most the most use YouTube tax for these for the to rank well on these for this keyword the how to train my dog. So people are using dog dogs, Doc, Obedient seat. American bully dog training. You know all these and you see the percentage of people that are using these specific tax. You see that we have a hugely least off task that you can use start in right now. So how do you use all these? Are ensuring with you you have your release of five key words that you are insert for when they've want to find your content. You come here, you You can use either to body heat on YouTube or you can use the Let's see here where we are there this one, the keyword tool dot io Remember the select the YouTube tap. So, like your market here and start searching If you want again, you can up a sign for an account to see all these data, which I think is very useful if you are. If you are taking this seriously, this is almost at least off infinite videos that you can create content you can create for your hours. So make sure you do that. Now is the time to apply your five items you wrote in the last video search for the key words here and make a lease off all these options that you have right now. I mean, make a list of all the possible videos that you can create. Remember, here we have the option to copy all or export. You can export these to an excel file. Have that ready for you. Okay, let's do it now. See you in the next video. 5. 2.4 Driving people to your Website, Online store or Email list: Okay, Now we have the least off all the possible topics that we can use to create new videos on YouTube, which is fantastic. We can attract new people before you. We know that people are certain for these specific topics. So we are creating content and show view to will show them exactly what they want to see because you have exact phrase came. So now what The next step is toe. Think about how you will record that. I mean, what's the process and how are we actually getting people from YouTube to your website to your email leads to your online store on Consequently, how we can convert and for regular people into people are on your audience on your video. The first thing I will suggestion is that own your video and you're recording at the beginning. Always give a call to action. Remember that it's good to start the video saying hate. Welcome to this video. In this video, you will learn these days and these by the end of the video is there so that you will have , for example, if we're talking about dog training by their very off the video, you'll know all the strategies you can use with your dog right now to train them to sit. When you say sit, the door will say every time And after that comes your call to action saying, Hey, if you want to learn more about the training, please go to my website described to my email least, you know, or if you want to down, you can even offer something for free elite magnet in exchange for their name and email. For example, if you want to learn not only how you can teach your doctor, see, but you can learn how to teach them to do all the tricks you can name or the tricks. For example, police down you enter your email here and download the pdf where you will have access to everything or or enter your email and you will have access to a meaning course where I teach step by step. Help accomplish that. So offer something for free through the audience in exchange for them name and email, so it's important to have the call to action in the begin off the video. Remember repeating one more time in the beginning or a video we have we're talking about what they will air on the video working. This is what Euler on. Also, if you want to learn more about this subject, please click on the link that is in the description. So Beazley will be pointing toe anywhere that you want. You can again you can send in tow a landing page to enter the Maimon email. You can send in tow another video. If you want to learn more about these, I have other videos teaching that here is the link in the description. You can send them to your website, where you can sell something you can offer something for free to or by by paying something right. They come by your product or service, or you can even drive them to your Facebook group. You can drive into your Facebook page or there is no limits and no rules for the so you can adapt this year visas and do what is more convenient for you. Okay, so now we have the call to actually beginning. We have the video optimize with the description, the link on the description of Lean sending them to someplace because that's the angle right when we want at the end is to make sure these group that is watching this video will become your outings. And the only way to do that is by sending them to specific places where they can consume more of your content. Right? Perfect. After that at the end of the video, especially if you have a long video at the end of the video is good to give. Remind them a game that you have these things on the description, the legal description, where they can visit your website, your eat your landing page, your groups or anything that you want. So defend a second call to action at the end of the video on before the video ends. Asked then to subscribe to your YouTube channel by doing that, you warranty that they will creeks, clicks describe. I mean, if they click, that will be great, because when they click you warranty that they're part off your Ahrens Immediately. Every time you send a new video, their subscribers YouTube will show then on the results on the gift will give more priority to your channel because they know that this specific viewer on YouTube, the specific YouTube user, is interred in its interested UNECE ascribed to your channel. Okay, so these are the things that we're doing. This there were a simple guys, and this looks very simple, but it's powerful is important for you to do it and do it in the right way. Optimize it, create an optimized title off your video optimizes description. Use the tax on your video and all that. Okay, the next in the next section here in the next lecture of this of this model. We are talking about the first assignment. Okay, first assignments are very important. I'll tell you everything about that in the next video. 6. 2.5 Assignment 1 - Using the YouTube Strategy: Theo. Guys, welcome to these first assignment on the course and excited to see you here. I see that you're advancing. We have a lot of great strategies Steel toe cover on this course. This is just the 1st 1 we have once tried any. All the stretch is very important. But you can. If you are not much into YouTube, you will find others. Try this later. That will for sure. On 100% sure of that will help your view implement toe grow your out is even more. Okay. So on this assignment, the goal is to put into the practice to actually act on decree. Ate the results that you want in the only way too. That is by executing the strategy we share with you today. So in order to complete this assignment, you need to have the least off possible videos you can create. You need to create a video, a little at least one video off the least. So in this case, if we're talking about dog training, I can create, for example, how to teach my dog to seat. That can be an example can create a video about that. Create a video posted on you to remember the things that we talk in the last video. He don't they on this model about call to action, driving people to your website and all that optimize it posted on YouTube, and here you can share the link with me and with the community to receive positive feedback from the community. Share the link off your video with exactly where that you are using, and after that you can move to the second strategy, which is the Facebook. This is fantastic. I love it. You can use the next tried to grow your out and exponentially, but it's very important to use all the tools we have. So let's concentrate now on this assignment. Create a video in the next section, share with me and with the community to receive positive feedback on. After that, we move forward with the course 7. 3.1 The Facebook Group Strategy overview: Hey, guys working to the Facebook group strike. This is fantastic. I'm sure you will love it on. I'm sure this is tried. If you applied in the right way can help you grow your audience exponentially. Doesn't matter if you already have a now audience or if you are starting prescribed, you have no out is right now in off. In all the cases, this strategy works for you. So we'll talk about in be terrorists about the strategy. But I want to give you right now in the first video on exact on approximate description off the strides. So you have an idea of what's coming up? Okay, So the strategies like these on Facebook, probably. You know, we have Facebook groups. These Facebook groups are usually feel or with our audience with intrepid knows that are interested in one specific are in what topic. So we have groups about dog training, about digital marketing, about cars, about boats. Doesn't matter what suited we have groups about that. So the group's airfield with people that lost that are passionate about the subject on people that I want to learn more about that, right? So the strategies did we will join these groups. I'll show you how to do it. Actually helped identify the groups on all that on will scan four questions that people are asking in these groups. Usually these groups people are asking for help, right? They want to learn something. They want to be good at something on. They keep asking questions to the community. So that's the concept. Off the group is a community where people help each other us questions, I reply, and that's how it works so well, go in These groups us an expert because you have a company, you have a service, a product that solves a specific problem on. You are an expert on that, right? So we are going to this. Groups were identify will make a list of all the questions people ask. We will record videos answer into each off these questions on will pose these videos on YouTube on later shared the link in the community, share the link on the groups. These groups are filled with thousands and thousands of people. You are providing massive value by creating a video answer to these people on posting in the group. So that's a strategy that works all the time for me, for my clients, from a serious. And I am sharing this with you right now. So we go to the groups. What the perfect tag. The target outings for your company. For your brother. Your services leave there. They are looking for solutions. You have the solution because you have a company about that. You going joined the group answered the questions on video on provide massive Alistair community. You'll. You'll spread your videos all over the community, not promoting, but actually adding value on that. Fantastic people will start seeing you as a leader in the topic. People will start viewing your videos on YouTube following you on your websites are signing on your email list on becoming your outings, which is the end. Go on. Maybe these sounds a little bit complicated. Too many things toe. Don't worry, we'll will be cleaning. I will give you the clear path so you can walk step by step. I'll show you exactly how to find the best groups. Hold to make sure your audience actually leave their so you invest time and you get audience to your company. How you can drive these people to your website, your families, your channels or whatever you want to send them to buy your products or services on how you can become a leader on this community that have thousands and thousands of people that are interested in your product. Your service on what you want, what you have to share. Okay, so I hope you're excited. This is important. Important that we complete this one on. Let's do that, starting that in the next lecture. 8. 3.2 Discovering thousands of potential clients and followers on Facebook Groups: discovering thousands off new potential members for your audience. Let's do that on this video. As you know, we're talking about here about Facebook groups before we drive here on my screen and show you how to do it. Let me tell you that Facebook groups are fantastic because he's the best way we have right now. Toe build a community. All the communities, like a foreign, probably you hear about the forms, and we are talking about Forest also later here on the course. But he's on Facebook. Everybody used Facebook. People are on the Facebook all the time, on their phone or even online on the computer on their tablets on Yet Facebook have an option, which is Facebook groups, where you can create a community or you can join the community. The wonderful thing here, guys is the people that join these communities are usually very passionate about the topic . Right on. They are very active, usually on the community, so you may be asking yourself, Okay, what's the different between a Facebook page on a Facebook group? We're talking also later here on the cars about Facebook pages on why this is important for you, but Basically, the main difference is that the Facebook page is like your website on Facebook is a place where only you composed so I can have my Facebook page on. I am the only one that can go there post content. Anyone on my hours can't comment on like the page, but they will never be able to create a post that will be visible to everybody in the other side. In the groves, we have a very active community because anyone that is in the community will be able to pose in the group. So people posed that That's tells the algorithm on Facebook that you would you pose when you come in on the same community with the Calgary knows that you are. You like that because you are commenting, You're like and you're posting your active so they will show you more and more content that is related on that group, right? Quantum New post that people create their. So that's why I pose are super powerful humor in Facebook. Let me show how to find the best groups for your hours. So now you need to think about your topic. OK, probably if you are watching this course in order, we made at least off the relevant keywords in the last section in the YouTube strategy. If not, you can make a list now, off the top of the top keywords your out. Its used to find your content right on YouTube, for example. So let's say on we will use that here to find the perfect Facebook groups. So let's say we're talking about dog training. Let's have a business about a dog training so I can come here and I can type dog training. Okay, so I searched that and I go, You see here all post people videos. I have all these options here, so we click on groups. And here we have all the groups that are about the keyword that I searching at the top, which is docked training, which is in theory, what I do for business. Right in this example. So we have here, Doc training hub. We have 14,000 members. Don't training one on one foreign community, 57,000 members more than 10 post every day. So you see this? All these communities are very active, and with thousands and thousands off members here that our reading and interacting here with each other every day, engaging with the community. Modern dog training behavior, Dr Any secrets. So if I argue, I will choose at least two off these groups to join. You can join more than three. Remember not to join, like more than 10 at the same time because Facebook will flag your account. They will think that you are spamming or something like that. So wait, join five weight on our or wait, wait another day on. You can join back later. So you join these communities and you will be able to see what members are posting on, especially what we want here is to get the question. So when I joined the group, I will see all the post on. We'll scan this group for questions. I want all the post when people were people. The members are asking questions about that. Same. Hey, I have a dog. I tried these, but the doctor is still barking to everybody. Any stranger that that goes into my house. So what do we do to fix it? That's a question that they have it and you can write that down, make a lease off all the top questions people as because. Is that the perfect target outings for you on? They are asking this question they are sending to a community. So you will get these questions and record a video answer for them. As you assess plain in the last video, we will pose that on YouTube. So we're exploring the whole YouTube strategy with these with this idea, right, we're posting on YouTube. We're promoting your content is ever angry ever were in content that always we will be available on YouTube on also will share with them the link to your video heat in the community. So you are helping your there even massive value to this community, for example, of 57,000 members. So that's fantastic on this world's guys. Is this quarter investing on these? This work on you can you can start using these at any time. So you see, when I click on the group, for example, I click on the on the 57 k members here. You see that this is a close group in physical across group, you probably know you won't be able to see the post right away. You need to join fair. So you you click on join group on When you get approved, you'll see you're able to see the all the questions on all the post here on the scroll. The next one. Let's let's see if we have on Open Group here. Public Group Let's group click on the public groups. Okay, so we have here one with 47 K members, which is public. So let me opening a new tab here. Let's take a look here where we can click on Joined the group, of course. On the name his mother doctoring on behavior. Okay, New poll 17. You post every day. So this group is very active here. Here we have top recent polls. I have a questions. I have a question. Okay, this is not, Let's see here grow Facebook Group. This is not related with the dog. Training is actually rated with Facebook Management Group. So that's I need help on a dog trainer on I don't worker and which, Okay, let's see main issues. Let's let's read this one. So here you have a question from Header, which is a member of this group. You can read these and record a video answer we have. We see here 25 comments, people answering here. So basically what you can do is to record of any everybody. If the community is very engaged, people will reply with tax, but you can create videos, which is a differential imposed. These us an answer for the specific person. Right, Let's go back here. Let's see if we can see another questions. See all posed. Let's see. I need help. This is the same one saves more or six months all. Let's see here I have a question. Here is another one from from Penny. So she have a specific question about a golden retriever so you can create a video about that I seriously needs. How need help on you. See here on you can create videos about all these questions where you see that most of the post are people asking for questions about the specific subject. So by by creating a video and sharing your video here, you are driving these people back to you, too, because they will say you to billing that you're sharing. People will start seeing us a leader on this specific area because you are not or only providing answers. You are recording gray video For them. Video is to make sure they understand what you're sharing on. They were kind of leader on this community. And in this case, for example, we have 47 1000 members. Thes people will start is a great way toe. Drive these people to your audience to make them your audience. Okay, Unearth a nerveless really quick before we and a video letter B you. Let's say I have a digital marketing digital marketing. I work in the system back in the area. So I select groups here and you see here all the members, right? You can select public clothes or any group. And here is one that I love. Look, these digital market in question and answer. This is exactly what we need. If I were with digital marketing, I provide solutions, which I actually dough. I create courses about that toe, help you to grow your your business online. This is a perfect room for me because of everybody that joins here. They have their working or they are trying to implement digital marketing on their business . And they have questions about that, right? That's why they join here. So I have 40,000 members here that are a potential audience for my business, about potential clients for my business. So this is fantastic. So let's see if this is a private group or is a close group. So it's a close group. I need to join first before seeing the questions, but you get the idea, you know? You see what I mean? Budisa strides. So this is great. Now your is your term. What you need to do is go to Facebook right now, sir, for your key were here a little digital marketing said For your keyword, make sure you select here, paid us or groups on find the groups join at least five groups on the start. Scanning the groups for the questions make at least off all the questions people are asking . Record a video. You don't need fancy equipment. Just do it with yourself on if you don't have any equipment. If you have a camera, you can just suppose the camera, their record yourself on post on YouTube immediately on share dealing with the community. But remember that is good also to use. So Mr is not just a simple video in the last section. If you are following the course in order, you know already. If not, go back to relax, section and watch the lectures. Because there we talk about how to create the video. How to structure to make sure you are driving people to your to your community. That not drinks or they're not just watching the video Onda jumping off, but that they're watching the video on following you on becoming your audience. I share strategies either about that in the last section. Okay, so go to Facebook. Search for groups that are exactly about your rowdies join at least five groups. And after that we continue the next video. I'll show you are really case off. How used these on my business either? 9. 3.3 Real Life example - How I builded a business with this strategy: Okay, guys, welcome to this video here I will share how I use this technique to build a business from scratch. Taubira Nowadays, off more than 10,000 people in a in an email list that are passionate I my client's right now and I'll show you here in this video specifically how you how I did it using these strikes. So in 2014 I was preparing myself to do a trip. Exactly. A trail in Spain called the Camino de Santiago is a trail from the border between Spain and France for the period News Mountain on you work from there all across Spain to the but to the Atlantic Ocean. Right is 35 days. Working every day is a trail on for that trail. You need to prepare its not easy. It's many days. So you need to think about equipment, how to prepare physically and all that. I was looking for information about that, and I didn't find any a lot of information online. I just found forms on some Facebook groups without much options. So what I did is I joined the forints and I will show you later in the next section exactly the foreign that I joined, so you can see the questions and all that. I joined the forms. I jumped. I joined some of the Facebook groups that people had. I read books about it. I wrote down all the questions that I had on my mind and the questions that I saw on the four on the people. All the other people that were preparing for the Camino had so and I had the least of all the questions I record videos that I assign recommending to you right now. I recorded videos, um, about these questions with my answers. So I read on books. What's the answer for these questions? What's what's the best equipment for the communal? What's the best backpack? What's the best shoes and all that? So I learn about that myself, and I record the video on with that, I start posting your new, too, so you can see here my YouTube channel. Let's see if you go to YouTube and you search for the Camino Santiago, which is the name of a trail. You see that I am number one here becoming nurse Santiago eyes. The first result that I get on Also, my videos are showing here on their result, right. All my videos are showing here and you see all the videos that I have here. We have some subscribers and all that. So basically, I record that this is important wishes for me, for the Brazilian, the Brazilian community on you see that most of the videos are questions about the Camino. Once the Camino How to do it, How to get from the city to the city. Do any to the reservations. You know what's the best camera for the Camino? Do any to get believe a blanket. How to get to the starting point of the Camino So all that I start recording videos about it right on. People start finding organically on YouTube audience that we're usually what I do to actually learn about these what I should do. I should go to YouTube and search about that. What's the basic in the best equipment for the communal? What's the best backpack on? I see videos recommending things, but there was no content on YouTube, so I start creating these from scratch. I published these. I now have a 10,000 members on my team. Olis you see that I have a block about that. The sub log is important. Which, of course we have. Ah, Facebook Page. I'll show you in a minute. So we have an e book here. We have all the questions. You know, the YouTube videos. Everything is ready here for my audience. Also, we have a Facebook group with 40 more than 40,000 members here. People are very active. People are sending questions. You see these video almost 10 times 10,000 views. Five moments, seven shares, more than 1000 likes. So it's a really active community. And I did exactly using exactly strange. That I am sharing with you is the Facebook page for the community. They come in the page. We have a here more than 6000 people liking this page again. Here I post videos, photos, comments, answers about I go live here also about the communal Santiago. We have again the YouTube channel on all that, also the way they're monetizing these. I have cars in my own website. This is the course again. It's important is a complete cars, so prepare for the Camino. More than 30 hours of video more than 200 lessons. Maps, equipment least least off hotels are burgers where you can sleep the community on. They have access, lifetime access to the courts and all that. Here I some examples off the videos I recorded for the cars. Um, we have review from one of the students more reviews here. And here's the curriculum of the course. You see that? It's so long course with all these. So basically, guys, all these most of these videos on my course are Q and A are just answered video answering a question that people have. You know, you see here how toe hold to get ah Sim card for myself in Spain. But I need an extra battery. Is there a WiFi during the trail? Ah, do people accept the credit cars? You know what's the best? A external hard drive away these details that people need to know. I recorded videos, start ports in a posting on YouTube, saying, Try the I un recommend to you on this is the end result. So I really believe that this is very powerful and can help you to grow your hours. If you are started for scrap, you can do it. I did it from scratch on this case and I answered doing these for my other courses for my desire. Marketing courses for everything that I provide right now on my business. I do this a strategy on this. Help me to grow exponentially every month. OK, I hope you like this. I hope you you work with this and in the next section we're continuing with the cars. 10. 3.4 Create your community on Facebook Groups: I hope you like these astrology, and I just want to give you one last tip, which is to create your online community. I have suggested to you here to go to Facebook and search for Facebook groups that are full off me off. People are interested on your topic so they become your audience. But you can also start creating your Facebook group. That's very important because you will have your own community in the beginning will be a little bit difficult. And that's how groups are because your career in the group you are the only one in the group probably, or you are. You invite friends, family, maybe maybe one or other client on in the beginning. We don't have a community. You are the manager off the group, so your work in the beginning is to start feeding these group with lots of information. Go life on the group post questions posed videos, their post article share pictures. Just keep feeling the group with information and soon people will start joining the group. People will find the group in the search because you are providing value here. You are active on the group on when you start seeing people you are approve a problem. People to the group on. You'll see that soon people will start helping each other, and that's where the magic happened on the group's. When you have a good number of people there, it can be. I don't know, 20 people, 100 people or 10,000 people, 50,000 people. That's a matter this size. But when you get the group on, did you see that members are helping each other in the community? That's why that's when you, the group, became become a community because you don't need to be there all the time to provide content. People naturally will start asking questions, sharing great information about the topic off your group, and that's fantastic. So it's important for you to create This community is very valuable on its another way. Another thing that you have online. They are part off hours when they are on the group, so you come here to great the group. Probably you know this. If not you come here to the top right hand side and click on Create group. Excellent. Entered The group may hear group name. Okay. Remember to use a group perimeter. The group name is important because people will remember that way. Surge for groups a minute ago in the last lecture, right? So Well, how we did it. We got the key. A key word, for example, dog training. And we served for growth. Right? So remember that the name off the group is important because these is the key word that people who will certain Facebook, right? So if I enter here, group name or group by Diego, nobody will search for that keyword. So if I have a dog training service and this is a dog training group, I can enter something like dog training for new honors, for example. No. Or something like that. That's up to you. You don't you don't use just your company name here or something is important to use at descriptive keywords. So the Algren can find these and show to new users. When they search for your topic on Facebook, you can just hear if you want an open group, public or secret. Initially, arguments to a clue, a close group or a public group secret group is when you have a group just for clothes. Number of people. It's not just is not to collect new new out here, so probably you can start with clothes or even a public group and you change it to close later. Click on create. And that's all you need. With that you have a group, you will start creating a community. And I hope you like this. I hope you do these and see you in the next video. 11. 3.5 Do you need a Facebook Page: Do you need a Facebook page? That's a question that a lot of people have is a Facebook page a good deal? I can only do any just the group, or I also need the page is too many things to manage? What should I do? Great question. The groups, as you know, are very important because we're building a community. But the Facebook page are also is a must for your business, and it won't take you your own time because you create the page on your page on Facebook is like your website is a is a page and the URL a space on Facebook that is dedicated to you, your company, your product, your services. You need to have a Facebook page. Don't worry too much about feeling with a lot of content. The page. If you have time to do it, that's wonderful. You probably know already the difference between face Facebook page on Facebook groups as we talk in the last lectures. So the page is important because it's a place where you have your brand. You show your problems, you share your content. You are showing your website. You you people confined your website your you are l the phone number of your company. Your address. Everything there is like your website again is very, very important to have a Facebook page. How you great one. You come here to the corner top, right on site and you click on Create page came here Facebook. Show us two options. These interface may change in the future. Facebook changes interface every week sometimes. So probably if you are here, the interface will be different, but you can find the right way to do it. So in this case, we have two options. Business or community. We'll create a business because it's for your business or brand. You enter your your business name on this case, Let's a dog training for already That for example. Let's say on Interact agree here unclean can continue that or help integrate a Facebook page on the page off course. You need to add your logo. You need toe. I let me show my Facebook page here. So you have an idea. Let's see. Let me see here, Diego Deauville. Um, you need to add a banner like this one on the top, your longer or your picture. You can add content videos, everything that you have. People will start liking the page you see here that we have about. We have a description of the page, which is important. We have the link the U R L to the page, the email address for people, for people to contact you. You can add your phone number here. So all this information is important for you. Artist. That's why the page is some must for you or for your business. OK, that's it for Facebook pages. In the next video, we have the next assignment where we're putting into action this strategy about Facebook. See there. 12. 3.6 Assignment 2 - Using the Facebook Group strategy to grow your Audience: Theo. Guys, welcome to this assignment and excited to see you here on assignment. We are ready now to put into action or the wheeler on this section. So the North is complete. This assignment, we're talking here again about the Facebook strategy. Facebook groups tried him. So I recommend you toe follow step by step, everything restriction that I gave you here. So find the Facebook groups where you're out and sleeve, find the questions. Make a list of all the questions people ask on these groups. Record a video for each question imposed on YouTube. So you are leveraging the evergreen power off YouTube. You are posting that on you. Two people will find it organically, which is another strategy, but it's fantastic. So you pose on YouTube, you share the link with the members off the group. So if I ask a question about eggs, you record a bit about that and go back to a group and send me send post. Reply to these questions with the link to your video, and that's fantastic because you are in massive value. So this person, and not only to the person that asked, but also to the whole community. So do that on record. The video posts share on Facebook on the Facebook groups on in the next section here on assignment, Please share with me and with the community the link to your video Any off the video answer that you recorded for the strategy. You can just copy and paste the link off the video here in the next section on. By doing that, you're sharing your video with the community on the community's fantastic. We have a lot of students here that are super smart on you will provide you with positive feedback. If there is anything that can be improved on your video or in your strategy, as all they will give you feedback on, that's a way to grow. We're also building a community here on the course, and I will love to see your video heating the next section. Okay, after that, we move forward to 1/3 strategy. I hope to see you there on Let's do the video right now. 13. 4.1 Using Forums and Quora to grow your audience: Hey, guys, Welcome to strategy number three Heat on the course and excited to see you here and in this section. We're talking about forums on Cora on how you can use the forms and Cora toe. Grow it out is to reach more people that are interested on what you have to offer. If you have products, services, if you teach something doesn't matter what in which, Aria, Your businesses will find the right people for you on forums on Cora. And the idea here is to use the same strategy that we use in the prior section. Let's try the number two and we talk about the Facebook group. Remember, we joined Facebook group. We make sure we capture all the questions people ask on. We record answers For these people, the strategy is the same. So in these section I'll explain that to you in board details and will adopt. This is striving for forums on for core. I will share with you also a really life example that on my business I did that for the Camino. Santiago is on each business I have. Right now I have more than 10,000 people in an email is using these exact strategy that uncertain with you in these specific section. Okay, so I hope you are excited on. I hope to see you in the next video. 14. 4.2 Finding the Forums where your audience is: finding the best forms where your audience leaf or your potential audience leaf. Right now we're doing that in this video. Also, I'll show you the exact examples. I used exact forms I used to build my business on the Camino Santiago right now here. So we know that the strategy is exactly the same that we use on Facebook groups. Facebook groups are super active community community, but we also have forums and we have quarrel, which I'll talk about in the next video after these. And it's fantastic because their forms are we have Forlan's for years. Here on the Internet seems the begin of the Internet. People join communities, start joining in forms and forms are active on until now, so you can find people that are potential members for your audience. People that are interested in what you have to offer in all these forums are also encore. And I'll show you right now in this video, guys, how you can find the best forums to make sure that these forms is were exactly what your audience leaf and you avoid. By doing that, you avoid wasting time, informs where you have people that are not really interested in what you have to offer. So we have. We're here on Google and to find this is very simple. All you need to do is type your key were here on type the word forum. So let's say we are searching about dog training. Let's say half a dog training business on. I want to find forums that are specific about dog training. So by doing that I can up, I'll call, I can join there and I can find specific questions specific people that are interested in what? What I have to offer on my business. So let's see here. Dog Training forum. Let's see here forms. Let's see what's there. So if we have we have here, Doc, Doc forms, Let's open these in a new tab to dock training forums, dog training, behavior, dog training behavior. Positive. So pet forums. Here we are. Let's all let it explore the story. I haven't looked at this before, just doing on the fly with you, so because I want to actually give you the exact experience that you will have when you search for your keyword. So this is the way you find for you? Come to go on. This looks simple, guys, but it's really simple. And that's fantastic, because it's easy to find right use. You tied your key were hit on the search on at also the World Forum. So if I am looking, for example, for about digital marketing, I can tie Digital Marketing Forum. Let's say Facebook Marketing Forum. Um, whatever you teach wherever your niche East. Let's say you are a graphic designer, so you could you woke. You can go graphic designer forums or you're a freelancer Freelancer forum that say you are a lawyer Lawyer forums So O. R. Forms about specific subjects on your business. So that's how you find it on when you are here. Let this is one. This is one of the forms I have not looked at this before. Is the first time on visiting here so explore usually here in the forums we have different categories on you can you can go. I go deep in each category, explore its each category to find where the questions where people are asking for questions . Remember that you will get these questions on your you will make a least of all these questions. Record a video for these people, both the I mean, if you if you just do that and pose the videos on YouTube, that's good enough already. I mean, you are having, you know, that this is an outings that excited that it's your perfect target audience. So you are getting their pain points their questions. You record videos, answers for then solutions for them on you pose that on YouTube. That's good enough. Already. You are exposing. You're creating new content for millions of people that will discover your videos organically in the future. And it's an evergreen content because it's on YouTube and well off that. But if you want to go and an extra step on this is actually the strategy entering with you is these videos are you post it on YouTube, you get the links. Come back here to the Forum on. You share dealing with the community so you share and you keep doing that. People will start seeing yourself leader in this Iran. This topic in this specific subject, people will follow you on YouTube. They will visit your website by your products or your services, which is the end goal off these cars right, let's say next 12 for us. So here this is like a block and you will see that they are recommending to farm. So I want explored these in details right now, but it's just so you have any idea Here we have another forum platforms. Okay, um, we have that. Let's do another example before we move forward. Let's find something about digital market. So marketing. So let's say digital marketing forums. And here we have. This is an ad. Let's see. Here is the wiring for the warrior form. This is one of the biggest digital marketing forms. I know this for my used very frequently way. See here the smart, passive income front path Flynn. Five off the best intern marketing blood, more blogging forms. So here we have five off the best for us. Let's open these and take a look and also opened if wire foreign for now. So it's expats. Let's see. So the 1st 1 he recommends is wire form so we can visit these. This number of members threatened post more than one million post This is another one that he recommends on. This is the 3rd 1 So I wouldn't go to this one. Let's go straight to the wire form, which is the biggest one. And so here we are, right? How where do we find the questions about the market in here? So let's see. Should I should I just keep my daily job? Looks like these guys additional marketer is making some money, and he's wondering if you will just quit the job and work on Leah's freelancer or not. So if this is actually what your audience ah, question that your arms will have you can create a video about these. Let's see, we have some categories here. I think. Let's see what working what we can do here. Let's see. Search off the mutation. Let's say we work on email marketing this again. This is the first time I'm going here, guys, that I'm just doing this on the fly. So you we together figure out how to do this right? Because you will, though you'll need to do it right now. After the after this letter, you need to find the forms and find the questions. So let's see here. How toe white Lisa Domain name. Maybe this is a question that your outings will have. Let's see here. Email harvesting Best business email data provider. So what's the best email data provided? That's a question that my out is. Actually, we'll have that. I teach digital marketing, and I can create a video about these on. I can also find which is the best company of the company that I like better contact this company and be an affiliate for them, for example. So when I recommend to my audience these I mean this case, for example, the best business email data provider. So I have a company of mine I can contact this company signed for the feeling on. I can recommend these to my out, and so I will get a commission when they sign. If they sign right, of course. Make sure you actually love what? Your suggestion. If you are being on a feeling so male Jimmy's crab, Does anyone have any alternative? So you can create the video about alternatives about male chain that are freed, some that are paid some that are premium. So these another one. And if you want to have more ideas, you can just click on here and see their replies. See what people actually suggest, right? So you have already the answer for your video. Here. Let's go back. Let's see, guys. Best way to clean up on email Is these and other questions for the specifics. Garnish. Let's find another one for now. Let's see. Let's see. Let's see which one do you want me to go in? Let's fine grow hacking social media. Let's see social media. Okay, Wonderful. How can I get more views and subscribers how to tell Facebook? Page has fake likes Where do I buy Twitter followers? You don't want to grate on video about this because I personally don't believe on buying followers. I think that will actually do, Ah, negative effect on your basis. So you get the idea. This is how works on this is how you can do it. And now I will show you the specific. In the last section. I show you the B since I have about the Camino Santiago, which is a trail in Spain, right, that people work for 35 days. People need to prepare for the journey. So I created ah whole business around the trail. So I have a website, Facebook page, Facebook, group. I have my complete courses, like a 30 hour course about how to prepare for the Camino equipment on all that on I have 10,000 more than 10,000 people in an email is just following. This is tried. So I'll show you that the foreign I use in the beginning to start with on I did. These strategies are ensuring with you right now. So let's go here, Camino the Santiago Forum. Okay, The 1st 1 is the B is for all of about the Camino Santiago. Right? So here we have the communal princess, which is one coming over to guests. So we have different kind of caminos here. Let's see equipment questions. This is what I need, right? I can create millions of videos about equipment. So hiking shoes or hiking boots which one you can create? Ah, via concrete. I created a video about that like Camino Santiago. Should you should you use hiking shoes or boots? Which one are better? So creativity about that? Let's see here. Smart backing uninspected back, um, about upbeat ideas. Another backup recommendation requests how to train for the coming this and no other complete subject. I can create a course about these because I am an expert now on working on this business for six years so far. So I on expert on this subject, so I can basically about how to train for that. I mean, I can create a brand new course, so this is a great source of inspiration. Also for your business. Let's see, they pack essentials overheating favorite cargo shorts so you can talk about that. You can took a talk about, Let's see here, sleeping back leaner in April. Which what do you need to what kind of a sleeping bag? How how warm needs to be, how heavy needs to be backpack, what kind of backpack you need to bring to come in on all that. So you see that people are asking millions of questions here. I mean, a lot of questions and we have, like a lot of categories is the biggest. We're starting seven pages off questions here on these only on this category about equipment questions in this form. So you see that this is an unlimited source of inspiration on an unlimited source off content that you can create, right? So this is the tragic thes world guys is not. It's not just on a strategy that is not proof. I did it on my business. My seen It's my clients do it every day. So I recommended that you actually take these very seriously and you can use or the Facebook astride the that I showed in the last section, or the forum strides that I'm sharing with you right now. In the next video, we're talking about war. Uh, so how you can use Quarrel, which is one of the biggest blocks and website where people go toe to search for answers for people. Goto ask questions on fine answers about any subject, But you can imagine we're talking about that in the next video. 15. 4.3 The power of Quora: Okay, guys, let's talk about quarter 1/4 as you can see here on the Wikipedia is out of question and answer website that where questions are asked, answer and edited and organized by community off users. So let's go right now to the website and the good thing about Quarry said. You confined questions about any topic, anything that you can imagine people have. There is a category here, and you can find the audience your perfect target hours asking questions here asking for help here. Inquire so you can be the one that provide answers, provide solution. And also you can use these as inspiration to create new content. Right? So let's say that a right now here we are on cora dot com, you can see this is the home page. We have random questions here, and we could once we can do a search here. So I didn't hit on the top. You search for the keyword. The topic that you use the topic that you teach the topic about your product or service is your business. Let's do one example he didn't do they again. The dog training the dog training topic and see what we have. So I haven't done this before again and doing this on the fly to make sure you get the same . You see the experience off actually finding information on applying it's strategy for your business. So the training here we are he will hear about the questions. We have some questions by type questions. Answer post profiles. So we have different things that you can use by the time you can order by all the time the past hour. So if you have a new event coming up on you, see that something happened and you want something updated questions and answers updated. You can see it's like the time here, but for this case, we don't need to worry about time. So let's see. The questions were the best dog training books. The second question you can be on Amazon affiliate, for example, un create a video about these saying, Hey, these are because you are You are an expert on doctrine. In this case, let's say I am an expert on don't indoctrinate. I work on that for years, so I know exactly which are the based books. This is my audience asking me a question on day and they're requesting help. So where I can find the best dog training tips, you can go here and actually point your website or your products. What were some vital doctrine tips? Okay, this is saying how the correct improper door training, which is the best dog training color and why all their dogs trained poopies is this is all questions. Okay? What's an easy way to learn dog training? Let's do something different here. How? Toe train my dog. And again on doing these on the fly guys, Should I start to train? How she was trying to train my dog? This is one good video that you can have. You can see the answers here. So the basics are. Sit down. Stay and come. You can create eat one video for each off This move for each of these training. What is the best way to train? How to display my dog? How can I train my dog perfectly? How can I train my daughter home? Let's see. This is a good one. How do I train my dog? No, to pope inside the house. How do I trained my dog to stay in my yard? without a leash. So you see here that this how does how Dwight trained my dog to stay count? You see here that we have a lot of questions about dog training and you can search for any topic you can imagine. If you don't find the questions initially, you can try different questions about your topic. You can see that we can find great inspiration here. And these people are asking questions. Here they are your outings. They are your potential clients that they want help and you are here to help them. This is what they hang out and you can participate. Help them add value so they will start becoming your audience following two website on hopefully buying your products and services. This is Cora. I want to spend. I won't take more of your time. Here is very easy to use all units. Really. Just come here set for the key work and see what comes up And remember to record we make a list of all the questions record videos helping these people on poor pose that on YouTube and later share the link here on quarrel. So they will see your video. They will consume your content and become your audience. See you in the next video 16. 4.4 Assignment 3 - Find forums or Quora questions about your topic: Theo ther assignment here on the course and excited to see you here. Here. We're ready to start applying all the strides, Wheeler on this model. And this model is about forums. Encore. So to complete this assignment, you need to find the perfect forums or the perfect core questions for your needs for your business where your audience lead. Remember that these questions are coming from your audience asking for help, and you are there to have them. So find the forms. Find the questions on Cora, make a list of the questions to record a video post on YouTube. Share the link to the video on the communities. So you they will start seeing you as a leader in the niche. And after that, when you have that ready, please share here with me under with with or community in the next section off the assignment. Share with me. The link to your video doesn't matter. The subject doesn't marry. The video is one or 10 or one hours or 10 minutes two minutes 30 seconds is good. All we need to complete this assignment is that video. But you are answering a question about four to your audience and share the link you on the next section. After that, we can move forward the course, and we're talking about exciting stuff. Andi, I think you will love the This is live video. I will share with you how you can explore how you can use all the power of life video right now to reach more people in any platform. But now let's complete this assignment. See there. 17. 5.1 Why Live video: Hey, welcome to the section. Now in this section, we're talking about life video How you can use starting today live video in any platform to reach new audiences and get to your followers hard. You know, get your message across. Make sure you convert these people into your audience. Make sure you convert that into raving fans. They make sure they actually consume your content and, at the end, buying your products and services. So why we need to invest on life video? What's the deal with life Video Everybody's talking about that right now is very hard right now in the social media marketing aria. So it's just because all the platforms, or at least most of the platforms that we have right now like Facebook, YouTube, periscope, twitter, they give priority to rely video. So this is favorite, for example, a Sorry are you took I am just on youtube dot com in the main page on you can see here in the recommended The 1st 1 is a live video. This is life right now, right? So this guy here I unsubscribed to this channel. I got a notification. He is a notification bell at the top I identification saying that these specific channel is life right now. And when I go to youtube dot com on my phone or my TV on my computer anywhere, these will show first because this is life right now. So they are the youth of all grim give priority to life session. They know that viewers on YouTube, prescribers, lof life session on everyone. I mean for sure. We have people that are potential members for your audience that leave on YouTube. They use YouTube every day, and you can reach these people with this astrology awesome Facebook. Here we're on Facebook. If somebody likes your page, I have the deal. Avila Page, for example. If you like my page where every time I'm going life, you will get a notification in two places here on Facebook. If you have the Facebook page open, you will get a notification here on the lower left hand side. Here on the screen, on also at the top in the notifications are icon here, right on the world. I can You will get a notification saying, Hey, Diego's life, click here on everything. That's great because people are on Facebook. All the time on your out is is there too. So when every time you go life people will see these notification on join your life section . So that's fantastic. I will share all about this. Tried to hear how you can do it. How you can extreme also this approach it, actually, How how are you going to strain to more than 30 platforms in one shot? So instead of just grading one session, one instrumentation for Facebook or just for you to I'll show you how you can do it for free to more than 30 platforms. Okay, that's fantastic is a free service and you'll learn all about that in this section. Let's start with that in the next video. 18. 5.2 The Live video Strategy: Okay, let's talk about the life video strategy. Where do you go life? How you doing? What you do when you are online. What specific content you deliver? Probably you don't know that. So if you don't know that, we will talk about indeed such about the strike itself and also all these points Very important points in this video. Okay, so the strategies simple is just to go life. You can set up a specific day to go life. Ideally, you can go life once a week. Another option is to go life every two weeks or every month. You know, at least you you need to go like every month. So, people we'll start expecting your life session on when you are consistent with that. Also, the social media algorithms will see that you are consistent, that you are the living life sessions in a frequent frequently on, they will give your priority on the rankings on notifications for your users your like your followers. So where do you go? Life. You can go life initially to start on Facebook or YouTube, right? These are the two main things Were most of your audience leave off course if you're out is you think Leave more on Twitter. For some reason, you can use periscope on purse copies from Twitter. So it's link so you can reach everyone on Twitter And also in the next section here in the rest video. Actually, I'll share with you how you can go live to more than 30 platforms in one shot for free. Okay, so Facebook went on Facebook. Do you have a Facebook page? Maybe. Maybe you have a Facebook group, right? So where do you go? Life We can hold you choose that. That's up to you. UN. Depends specifically on the needs on the subject on the topic. You talk about right in the kind of company you have. Because if you mean if I have ah, if I have a company that teach digital marketing, for example, probably I will go life toe Facebook groups that east that are related with my specific topic. But for some other companies, they prefer go to life on the page. So that's up to you. If you are not sure You said you know. I'm not sure. What should I do? Tell me. I will tell you this. Try going life on your Facebook page. On also going laugh on your Facebook group, See the engagement, see where people engage more on. After that, you decide. And you know that people engage more on the page or they engage more on the on the group and you keep doing that. Okay, so people lost life section people are We are usedto to see toe watch life. Television is not nothing. Nothing that is edited. You know when when when you see me life on Facebook, when they will see you life on your page in your group, they know that you are not. You are not editing. They know that you can make mistakes, and that's part of the business. You know, people love that you are there not released, like having a one on one conversation, and that's very powerful. So go life on Facebook groups or on Facebook based tests. Both of them see what war better, which in which one. You have more engagement. And after that you keep doing that. Another place you can go live Isamu to Maybe you're out into leaf on YouTube so you can invest on you too. On go life there every time. Right again, if you are. If you're not sure. Facebook you to where do I go? You can tell You can test for your specific audience test on Facebook. Taste on you gypsy engagement where people are participating, participating more like in view in your videos on interacting with you on. Keep doing where you're out and sees where you have more engagement for sure. Also, what do you do so you can ask? Okay, I'll do first on Facebook or I'll do first on YouTube. Wonderful. And now you may be asking yourself, OK, what do I do on the face on the life section? What you like? What? What should I say? You know how long it should be. I have a complete course about that actually call the social media life streaming. You can search that on for that on you know me. But I'll give you the answers here in a really quick way anyway. But if you want more details, information there, we have a complete course that is only about that. So you can go life to teach your out in something right? Doesn't matter if the kind of means that the business that you have. You can always teach somebody. If I have a dog training service, I can go life and teach people how to train their dogs. I can share quick tips that they can do right now to make to change the behavior of off the dock. For example, if I if I have a pool cleaning service, I bull, I have pooping service getting Florida. I can go life toe anyone in the world, and I can say, guys, in this video, I will share with you the best, the best products for your poor that will make sure your pool is create clean as a hotel pool. You'll love it every time. So that's 11 session 111 life session that I can do right now for my hours, right? So there is no limit. Also, you can do Q and A. If people have questions about your brothers, your services, your company, you can go life on. Do A Q and A with them, you know, interact with your audience and guys. Here I am ready toe to answer any questions. So just some of your questions I will reply to all the questions all the doubt here. Life also. You can go life to give updates about your topic. About your niche, about your company, about your products, any updates that you can give to out. And you can go life and do it so more limits. When we talk about this subject what you do like there are no limits. You can just grab yourself on. This is all you need to a life. You can buy a microphone if you want better some What? If you want a little more professional, There are cameras that you can buy. The are enable for life is trimming or you can use even your computer so you can get yourself on. Just do it behind the scenes on your company. Right? Hey, we're here on the Diego's Bakery, for example. Is my bakery you say? Okay, here we are preparing the bread, you know, Here we are. What are you doing? You can interview your employees. Talk about your business, your products, interview your customers So there are no limits guys on. This is very powerful because you will conquer more people. You will. You will get more followers on gun increases size of your hours also, so that's fantastic. So life, you neighs go life to update about your out. It's about your products. Services your company about your needs about the industry, you know, Teach them something, use life, DEET, then something. Add value to them, and that's very, very powerful. Okay, when you are consistent with this Australia, when you are doing this every week, every month people will start expecting for your life. For your life. Session is like block. You know, probably you saw on you tube. There are bloggers that go a record, your their life daily. You know, they edit on the publish on YouTube on millions of people follow that People start suspecting that if we If you watch, for example, TV series like Games Off Trump's let's say we know that games off Strums is going live every Sunday, right when they are actually running the season, we know that every Sunday will have an episode we don't home. Oh, let's hope this Sunday we have a new episode. Now we know that we will have a new episode because every Sunday when they are running the system, they weren t HBO guarantee that they will release us one of the episode. Right. So your allies need to expect your life session in that way, you need to be very consistent. And that's the secret on this is try to be consistent and add value every time. Okay, so before we end, this is quick and almost a damn guys just kind of there because it's important when you have your life session, right? You are going live your consistent. Everything is wonderful and beautiful. How do you convert that into your hours? You need to have called to action. Probably. You know, these probably simple for you, but it's powerful. It's simple and that we need to be grateful that this is simple, right? That is not some complicated thing at called toe actions to your videos, your life sections. When you are starting the life section, say, Hey, guys, Welcome on Diego. If you want Tohir in these life section, we will talk about this this and this. This is the end result that you will have. If you want to learn more about all these yours, just click on the link. That is so the description here on the YouTube life or on Facebook life or whatever you are on, you will have access to more information. You can also give them a free gift. You can give them a free e book free video, Siri's or, I mean, there are no limits also to the things that you can do with the call to action. But it's important to have a call to action in the beginning. On another call to action at the end of your videos, so ask. Then click on the links that are on the description to learn more. To visit your website, ask them to subscribe to your YouTube channel or to your Facebook page to like your face will pay to life the video and share the videos. This is all called to action on this simple call to action will help you to grow your audience even more because you are asking. Then you are deliver invited or say, Hey, this is what I have. I give you good things. All I ask in return is that you just share my video or that you subscribe to a China or that you visit my website and they will do it. Okay, I hope you are excited In the next video, I'll share with you how to go life to more than 30 platforms in one shot. See there. 19. 5.3 Going live to 30 social media platforms at the same time: Hey, guys, we're going to this video here. We're talking about a service that will help you to stream at the same time simultaneously for free toe more than 30 platforms. That's fantastic, because you can reach people not only on YouTube or Facebook, but more than 30 platforms in just one life extreme, which is good. So the services call re stream that I owe. You can go straight to the website or you can go toe. My website created a short link for you. This is Nana. Feel it is just to make things easier. His Diego Davydenko Davila dot com slash multi cast all one war Diego avila dot coms Last multi cast. As you can see it on the screen on just these will ready rag you to their website. So here we are restoring the i o. We have the this Is that the idea? Right? We have your camera here. We will be streaming to their re stream service. This server actually on this server will work for you automatically. They will distribute your continent all these more than 30 platforms at the same time. Okay, So you come here, you can sign up Let's me clinically consign up. Yeah, all you need looks like is your name. Sorry, your email on your password on Let me a streaming nor pre roll ads. No limit on vibrant. So that's good. Let's see what pricing? Let's go to pricing just to have an idea. So if you want you, can they have plants that you can upgrade to? The only catch here, guys, is these. I didn't know this in the beginning, so that's one sharing with you if you want t when we say when they said that they are helping you to stream to more than 30 platforms, you can actually do that. And if YouTube is include that purse copies included, but not Facebook. So if you want to add Facebook to your streaming, they are charging 12 49 a month for these. If you pay yearly, it's cheaper. They also have several times in the year they have promotions that you can get this for like, 80% off for something like that. So mine, I think I pay. I don't remember exactly. I think I pay like 50 or $40 for a year off subscription for the private our TMP server and that will allow you to stream toe any Facebook asset, right? That means Facebook pages, Facebook groups, any page, any group, your personal profile, whatever you want to go life on Facebook with these you can do on the good thing here is that you can do. You can do a life session so you can go life to any Facebook group or page with these class at the same time. You can extreme life toe all these more than 30 platforms, and I'll show you the platforms right now. Okay, So this is the monthly animal. Let's see here. Yeah. So these are the prices. Let's go back on logging here. So you see, um the the dashboard. Let's see. Okay. I need to log in, Actually. Sorry, guys. Wonderful. Here we are. So here. This is the dashboard right here. I have my channels. I have the string key. All is here. I want to spend time here showing you how this works. I just saw you the channels, but it's very easy to two years. They have also help thing where you can layer with videos on They have a chat here, so any time you can come here and ask questions and they will give you Ah, great support. You can come here and ask them if they have any promotions right now for the private are TMP Server if you are interested. So if I goto at channel here you see here all the channels they have for free, right? So first select a service. So you see here twitch you to prevents YouTube life use dream periscope, which is owned by Twitter. So if you're out and sits on Twitter, this is what you want to select, so you can select all these guys and it's all free. Came. Um So all these are available right now on life? I don't know most off these, but I mean, if the penny off off your kind off your niche, you may have this hopeful. Probably. Your outings also is always here on also, I have they paid platforms, which is the Facebook life. You can see it here and they have the added just three more. Actually, in the beginning, they just had the custom Are TMP Now they have three more. So when you say like these, you go to a necklace. Let me select this one, for example. Just toe see So you can connect to these things you can set up manually. So if you have a logging, you can just click on connect and they will ask you for your loving information. After that is connected to your re stream account. And all you need to do is just come here. You will have all the channels ready. So you see that this is on This is on this on. So you will have all the tennis ready when you are ready with that, you can start likely streaming with this suffer off course. To do these, you'll need another. Another software, which is I won. I recommend is O. B. S is open broadcaster software on Don't worry about these being complicated because they have video tutorials that you can follow on their websites. Very easy to set up. Anyone can do it is just copy and paste a few numbers. If you quote one time after that, you forget about it. You just press go. Life on Andi will be simultaneously I streaming to more than 30 platforms, which is fantastic. So O. B s open broadcaster software is 100% free works on Windows, Mac and Lennox on. It's a simple software that you can use to go life every day you see here all the things And again, if you want more information about that for me, I have a course. You concert on you to me for life streaming social media. Life is streaming and you will find my courses there. Okay, so this is the tool re stream that i o or the el avila dot com slash multi gas to make it easier for you on That's it. After that in the next video showing off the assignment where we're putting into practice all the wheeler here to make sure we're creating the resource that you want for your business. See you there. 20. 5.4 Assignment 4 - The Live video strategy: Theo, guys walk into this assignment Here we are again at the end of the model, that fantastic. You are moving forward in the course, and that's outstanding. So in this assignment, why the Simon is important? Because, remember, assignments are the way that we have to guide you and to help you apply what you learn. All the only way to get the resource that we want is by taking action. And that's why the assignments are important. And I hope you complete this. I hope to see your submission here on the other side of this assignment. Okay, so how do you complete this one? Make sure you understand. All the strikes that I share with you in this section create your life session. Go life, toe anywhere you can go like to Facebook, periscope, YouTube, instagram any social media and shared the link to your life session here with the community on the assignments area. When you click next, you will see on an area where you can share your link. So please share the link to your life session. By doing that, you're sharing that with the community we have here on the course. We have very smart people on unsure they will provide positive feedback for you if there is anything that can be improved, anything that you can make better on your life stream or on your nature, anything on your business. We have great people here giving feedback. So I hope to see you really hear the next session. And after that we move to the frustration. Number five. I hope to see there. 21. 6.1 The guest blogging strategy overview: working to strike number five in this section. We're talking about guest blogging. This is very powerful guys. Now, in this section we will identify where your audience leave on the Internet, in which websites they are, which blocks articles they are reading where they are investing their time reading, informing their self about your nature product, your services. We will discover that for you will do it together here in this section. The thing here is toe countable contact and I'll give you a formula to contact the owner off the website. The influencer the the owner off the block so you can do a partnership with. Then you can write on article for the audience. And by doing that, what we are doing actually the big benefit is that we're putting your content in front off a brand new audience that don't know you. But they are interested in what you have to offer, because we will do their research first rhyme to make sure they are actually ready to buy your They will be ready to buy your products, services or or two to learn toe, learn more about you on your company. So if we have a block, a block that has, like, let's say, 1000 people that read moment. Let's say every week they rate on article that this block is lounging every week. 1000 people where we allow into your your yes, blowing. Here, your article would pull. It will report yourself. Your company. You're counting in front of all these new hours, and that's fantastic. Okay, so this is the big advantage. Usually at the end off these articles, these influences allow you to promote you, promote your company, promote your website, your online store, your courses or whatever you have. So any answer that you have online your Facebook page, your YouTube channel so they always allow you to promote at the end of the article. So you will add value. People will love it. We'll write this in a way that is compelling. The where you are talking you are you are reaching your customers heart right, which is what we want with your content on a van. They will see your website, your YouTube channel, your Facebook page or whatever lean you want to share with them. And that's very powerful. So this is the guest blogging, striding We'll talk first about how to find the perfect block. Right after that, we will see how toe find who is the owner off the block so you can contact them on how you contact them to call to call their attention on. Well, right. These specific article, the countin on reach your audience heart. Okay, See you in the next video. 22. 6.2 Finding the perfect blog for your guest blogging: finding the best block and websites to create your articles and do guess blogging. This is also simple guys and well off. Simple, because the simple ease, the quicker you can implement and start doing it. So let's goto Google right now on all units of this is similar to the thing we need to find forums. Remember in the prior electors. So here we are, typing your keyword, the keyword off your business, for example, dog training, digital marketing, cleanings or anything, depending what service you provide pool cleaning on the world block. So, for example, we can go dark training class block, right? So with that, we have are sort of some results. So these are blocks that have information about dog training if we want to create articles about that. So let's open to off them and take a look. And I'll give you another example in a minute here that you will like. So here we have the Doctor Jen's dog block. Let's see, we have articles you can install. One thing you can install is the Alexa rank on your Google chrome. So if you have cool chrome, you can install that so you can see information about the website. You know, where is the ranking globally? Words? Their ranking on the US? How many sites are linking to these similar website so you can use this offer to find more blocks about your topic? So in the similar websites tapped search analyses. So you're going to use all these to find to find more information about the block to make sure it's a blow that is credible. But usually if he's first in the ranking or these on the first page of Google is a very good. He's a very good content. Very good. Ah, blood for sure. So this is one Let's take a look at another one. The dog life blogged dot com The heaviness case in our one is second on the results, so you see that they have articles. They have pictures here, So for sure, you can share your your content. Here. Your article on Let's see, let's go back here to Google and find another another area. So if we type here, let's see a travel block, for example. Let's say you work with travel. You have you have a travel agency or something like that. So here we have some results. So you have the travel block that are best travel blocks or 2018? Let's take a look on this one. Young advantage, Travelers. 10 blood. 10 bloggers you should already be following. So you this is a good one to find. Actually, that was that once our kid Nomadic Matt. So let's explore this one. This is the 1st 1 expert vagabond. So what? How do you do this? You find the blocks. You make sure Read the content. Make sure you you die in what they have here To see if this is actually good content. If you want to make a partnership with them and if your audience will be, she will be hanging out around these blocks. If you think the hours off this block, this is the key point. Guy. Guys, if you think the out is that is reading this block is the perfect is the same audience that will buy your products or services or will be your outings on your blood, your website or YouTube channel. If you think is the similar audience, this is a must. This is a site where you can invest. You can come to the influencer and you can make a partnership writing a great article and sharing with these hours. By doing that, we're putting your content again in front of all these. Thousands of people are reading this block every week on they will probably become. If they like what you write, they will become your followers for sure. So this is one. Let's see the sun or one. Ah, hi. I'm lease. You can check again the Alexa ranking to make sure it's good. This is my Alexis firing up here. Let me meet her. This is 68,000 on the U. S. So this is a good 1 333 sides. Lincoln, back to this one. Looks like a great block off course. Willing to read the articles to make sure is is qualified for your audience on the last one . Is that nomadic Matt, for example. Here we have. So how the you How do you contact these guys? In the next video, I will share with your tips that you can use to contact the influencers. But now I'll show you where I mean, probably you know these, but I just show you very quick in case you don't know how to contact these guys. So you see here the top. We don't have a contact me tap. Usually they will have that or in the sidebar or in the bottom, right on the foot off the website. So here we have about us contacts or you can click on contact. Here is the information. You can contact them by email offering your partnership offering content that you will create for the rowdiest. Let's see, here we have Meet me, for example. Get to know me. So here you have information to contact here on. You can use thes toe. Contact her any time. Also, this is another one. Look this start here. Block vaccination, contact heat at the top. Say hello or war with me. Some some blocks already half on us. A page of pay Arpege talking about how to do partnership. So this case were with me. If we click here, we'll see that they already have some great data. Great information for partnerships. So if you want to partner with this guy, for example, you can contact you. So you see here extra vagabond dot com reaches five million people annually. That's fantastic. Imagine putting your content in front of all these people, right? Citing statistics. This is good. You need to make sure you ask these and we'll talk about that in the next video. So monthly visitors half a 1,000,000 people visit the the website every month. Almost a 1,000,000 off page views. The domain authority. 55 followers on Facebook 80,000. So this is a good blow. This say good partnership that you can do with this block specifically. So this is how it works is very simple guys, but it's just going to all searching for the key work class they were blocked on. You will see the results. Take a look on all the blocks in the first page. Make sure you explore. Then make sure you check the Alexa ranking to see if he's good. Go to the contact us, see if they have information about working like this one working together, and in the next video I'll share with you. What's the best way to contact the website? Honored because these guys receive millions off emails every day, so you need to stand out on differentiate yourself from all these emails that they are receiving. I'll share with you that in the next video 23. 6.3 Contacting the Blog’s owner and getting their attention: Okay. Now, if we have the web site we found the perfect website with with your audience leave and we're ready to create content. Right? But first, before creating the content, we need to contact the website owner the influence, or to make sure we have a partnership, right To make sure they allow you to create a gas blow against guest article their toe Do guest posting and share your knowledge. Share your expertise with their audience and putting it by doing that, they were putting yourself your content in front, off mediums or thousands of people that visit the website every day. So how do you do that? First, we need to keep in mind guys that these influences these owners, they receive probably lots off emos every day. I received a lot of emails. I is impossible for me to reply to all of them because off the number of emails I received . So how can you differentiate yourself from all these emails that they received what I do? What I love to the one works for me. If you want to contact me on you, just send me an email. Hey, let's do a partnership. Diego This is what I have to offer. I usually don't reply because a number of emails but I see and I read and I replied to all off the ones that send me a video with the email. So this is what you can do? The separate tip. This will work for you. Create a video. Ladies, You can use your cell phone. Just put in selfie mode and start recording saying Hey, this is Diego. I saw your block. I am an expert on blocked on traveling. I have BCE amazing content with to share with your hours. And sure, your audience will love these and they will get a lot of value from the continent sharing on. I just record this video to offer your partnership. Andi, let me know if you want to do it on, we can I can create the content for you right away or something like that. You know something simple. 30 seconds thanking them for the world that they are doing on the website offering than the partnership on this fact. You can hold these on YouTube privately. So you upload that to you two. Don't, don't don't At the video centered on attachment on the email because usually the videos are large fires and it will sometimes get removed by the the email provider. So it's good toe a blow. That to YouTube is easier. Just posted us private video so nobody can see it other than the influence. Not Private, actually unlisted remember needs to be unleashed that if he's private, even the influence there won't be able to see. So said it as unlisted on YouTube plays the link on the email that you are sending to this influence and saying, Hey, I just recorded a video for you with a partnership Andi, with a thank you message for all the world you're doing. Everybody will watch this because I mean, we do work every day, and they are putting hours and hours for years on the block on if you send them like a thank you message first on offering a partnership. Later on the video, they were watch it for sure, and hopefully they will reply. So the video strategy, some must, is a way to connect. And it's a way to differentiate yourself from all the thousands of emails that they receive . You can even put put on the subject line. I made a video for you leak on the email or something like that, so they will see that on the subject. These will call the attention of the influencer off the website owner and they will watch the video under a partner with you. So what are the things that you need to negotiate with them? Before you write the content, you need to make sure. Do you get the number off off? Uh, the number of visit they get every month. That's important. Sometimes people don't want to share that. But if you as most people will share that information with a Z you saw in the last video we had the blood, the travel below, where they said that they have half a 1,000,000 visitors unique visitors every month. And that's fantastic because you are putting your content in a very powerful website. You know how many people will potentially read the article? Another way you can ask for this information for this data is you can ask how many people they think will read your article, you know, So every week when you publish a new article, how many people usually visit this page of the article. By doing that, they probably will share with you. Okay, let's say 10,000 people will read your article. That's good, because you are putting yourself your content in front of 10 new 10,000 new people, right that can become your client. Your followers on social media. Also remember toe before you close the partnership, the first thing is to ask about the data how maney visas they get, how many people were read your article on the second thing and this is the last one is to ask them if you can promote or you can add a league off your content of your website at the end off the article. So usually this is very, very common practice. I do up a guest blogging for you on you Allow me to pose at the end the link to my YouTube channel to my Facebook, to my courses or to my website or any links that I want to make it easier. You can offer that to that and you can assure them that you are not collecting name and email, right? So because most influencers they will allow you to do that. But they don't want you to collect t collect name and even from their outlets. Right? So that's sometimes nor monastery So But if you have everybody toe join you on your home page where you add something, you can shut them a video with then or anything like that. So two things to remember here sent a video number one. This is the most important thing to differentiate yourself. Also, when you are negotiating with them, number one, you ask them for the numbers, How many visit that they get? How many people will read your article? They estimate on just an estimation. On the second thing is toe, if you will be able to pose and to promote your website at the end off the article. Okay, that's it. In the next video I'll share with you. Want deep to make sure these article that you'll write would be irresistible and make sure you are adding massive value to the hours. See you there 24. 6.4 Writing the article and delivering massive value to their audience: Hey, guys, work with these video. This will be a short one. I would share just one quick pro tip here on when you're writing the article. Remember toe at number one, remember toe at massive value. Share your basket strategies on this article. So when people really they will say Yes, this is fantastic. This guy, it's great. This girl is doing a summation stuff. I love this article, So share good stuff. Number one. Number two at at the IV. Possible. This is optional, but DC's the prototype at a video on the article. Just let's say I will do an article about how to create a Facebook big song for your website. Let's say for my clients my audience. So I will write the article explaining how to what's if it picks out why this is important , how you do it, how easy it is to do on. Also, I go extra step and this is a protein. I will create a video like this that you are watching right now saying guys, welcome to this article. I'm glad you are reading on. By the way, I will show you this video how to do it in the practice. How you can go to Facebook? This Let's go to Facebook right now, so I will record my screen. I'll show them how to go to Facebook. How to grate the Facebook picks up on all that that I am describing on the article. So you are delivering the continent two ways in in written form in an article on Also, you are delivering in outer visual form in a video game. That's fantastic, because some people prefer to watch video instead of reading on. Some people prefer to do both, they read on. Also, they will watch the video on by having the video. You are making a better connection with these new audience that that is rain your content, right? So it's not the article. They will see your face. They will see they will hear your voice, and they will consume your content in a different way, which is video. And it's one of the most powerful things we have right now to convince people to visit your website, integrate that relationship that we want to create with your future out. Okay, so remember toe, add the video. This is just optional, but it's very important to add a very own your content off course Eve. The influence on the website owners allow you to that. Most of them will be glad to do it because you are adding more value to their hours. See you in the next video. 25. 6.5 Assignment 5 - The Guest blogging strategy: Theo Guys work on toe assignment Number five. Here we are moving following the course. That's fantastic. And now is the time to take action. And this one is easy because all you need to do to complete this assignment is to find some blocks. I will recommend your 3 to 5 blocks about your niche about your subject, about the related with what you have on your business with your company, right? So if I have I have a dog training service, I will find a sideshow in examples 3 to 5 blocks about dog trainer. If I have a digital marketing service, I will find a digital marketing block, right, So find 3 to 5 blocks related with your outings. Goto over now set for your key work, plus the world block share in the next section the 3 to 5 blocks that you found about your needs with the community and say, Hey, I work in the detail market in Arab. He are the three blocks that I found for my business. I will contact these influencers and I will move forward by doing that. You are comedian here with or community saying, guys I am taking action. He are the blocks and I am ready to contact. These influences are move forward with this strike. OK, I hope to see your blocks the least of your blocks here on the next section on. After that, we move forward to the next strategy which he spot us. This is fantastic, is very powerful. And I'll tell you everything about it in the next section. But first, let's complete this assignments either. 26. 7.1 The Podcast strategy overview: we're going to strategy number six in these strategy we're talking about podcast podcast is fantastic because it's a different way to consume content. If we create videos for your audience that that's good. But people will need to sit down and consume your content. They need toe pay full attention to your video. They need toe watch and listen to consume your content. Which is good, right? That's why we have all these strategies in the beginning. The life video, the YouTube striding, the Facebook is tragic, creating videos and all that. That's good. But also we need to attack your audience, willing to attack people to become toe, grow your arse even more with podcasting. And the beautiful thing about these guys is that in order to consume the content, if we're talking about podcasts, they just need to listen so I can be driving. I can be commuting. I can go to the gym. I can clean the house on while and doing any of these activities. I am listening to podcasts, so this is a way to get on your customers hat or get in people's heads and converting them to your audience. Make sure these people that are least and it's a brand new. Our earliest brand new aria that we can explore toe find more people to become your audience, your clients on your funds, on your website or on any social media. Okay, so that's podcasting. We'll be talking here about two things. Two strategies that we can use if you said they were. I don't have time for more strategies. I already have a lot of things to do. In this case, you can refer thing, which is be a guess on a podcast. Fine. A podcast that your hours is listening to goto items. Find a podcast about your niche. Millions of people are Thousands of people will be listening weekly to this podcast you can contact again. Similar strategy that we talk in the last section with a guest blogging. You can contact the influencer in the same way I show you the last section. You are a guest on this podcast at the end. You promote your website, your company, you're probably your services on. They become your hours. So by by doing that, you're you will invest on our of your time on an interview, right? You Whoa! I mean, or sometimes they do it online. You do an interview with this expert, you share your value with their outings. The thing is, life on your itch, thousands of people with just that one hour or your time. Right? And if you are time, you want to invest on podcasting, which is which I think it's a smart decision. You're going to start your own purpose. I'll show you how to that on this section I share with you articles from Pat Flynn on Gary V, and I share with your videos from them all free stuff. That you can watch it right now on a star you podcast with a few steps is easy. It's free, and you can do it very, very easily right now. So that's the sort advantages. This is the strategy put, Captain is powerful guys. We can use it right now to reach more people, and this will work for you. If you are starting now, if you have no audience or if you already have established business with thousands off clients, you can grow this even more with podcasting. So let's start talking about this strategy in the next video 27. 7.2 The easy way - Be a guest on a podcast: In this video, we'll talk about how to be a guest on a podcast. How to find the perfect podcast, where your audience leave the podcaster your out. Its is listening every day and how you can be there. Contact the influencers on advice to these new our audience that you can share with them. After that, your website, your own and store your courses or your any of your channels. Okay, so first, the first step is to find the podcasts several ways to find a podcast. Guys, you can go to school and type your key war and podcast. So let's a dog training on the world podcast on. You'll see some results. The My Favorite Ways East to actually use my phone on Go to the the application on the iPhone, the items application that broadcast uncertain there or if you have an android. Also, you can go to the purpose application and Roy uncertain there. But now, for this video, I will show you how to do it on items. If you are in a mag, this is the Mac version. If you are on Windows PCs story, find you can now we go toe items out iTunes downloads is free Downloading style it on your on your machine and you concert exactly on this way that I'm sharing with you right now. Came on 1/3 way that I will show you Joe's in case eso everybody gets benefit is using overcast. This is our application overcast dot f m You can come here on certain podcast on type Any keywords for example, dog training. And you will see at least off all the podcast about this subject game. So let's goto items right now. This is items so you can see all the new podcast. I wonder are Fichter here? We have all the categories that you can choose for about will use at the top here, the search bar. So we're tape typing doctrine in here. Okay, let's see Dog training. Wonderful. So here we have the results. This is a little bit confusing sometimes. Guys, you see here What? What? What cups? Podcast episodes. This is no what we want. We just want the podcast at the top. So we click here on podcasts to make sure we select only the podcast and click on See also we can see all the podcast from the result. Now we have a clear lease off all the podcasts that are about dog training. So all these parkas in the parkas they have the key war war training so they want. My suggestion for you is to analyze the top blind at this, a top five or the top 10. You can analyze all of them on contact the influencer toe. Offer yourself as a guest saying, Hey, I can add value to your hours. Let's do an interview. Let me share these with your arness So you do that you schedule an interview on your life for all for a brand new out of that is interested on your topic. So what do you analyze here? Let's click on their 2nd 1 here. Dog trainer. So you see here that the trainers quick and dirty tips for teaching and caring for your pet . So you analyze here first how many episodes they have, So in this case, looks like they have 2000 and 17 episodes. That's fantastic, because that means they are consistent. You don't want to be guest on a podcast that have only 10 or 20 episodes, and the storm on and stop after that, right? You want some? Some particles that are very active Onda always creating new content for the hours. Second thing you check is the reviews. How many reviews they get, how are they? Start so you can click here on reviews and ratings and you see that most of the reviews 110 are five stars. They were they will always have. I want to 13 star reviews, So don't worry about it unless they have a huge amount of one or two star reviews so you can go there and read and see what's going on. So if they have good reviews, they have recent episodes and a lot of episodes. This is a potential ah, potential podcast for you to make a partnership with, right? You can contact the the influencer on. Do you see here on links? We have the website, so we click on the website and you see that we are going toe their home page, Another homage to their broadcasts. Page. So here we have more information about who is the owner off this podcast. We probably will have a contact us tap someplace here on the website. so you can contact them used. Remember to use the same strategies I share with you in the last section toe. Contact the influence or make a video for them. So is more appealing. They will see your your video and were applied to you. Okay, so let's do a Nordic simple here. Really quick. Let's say we want something about digital marketing or travel. Blogger Lets say travel. Let's see. Searching about it. Yes. So here we have podcast. Okay, we're podcast. Episode is sober. Generic. So you see that? Don't glad this happened. We don't We don't have, like, really resource that are just for Apopka's because he's a broad term. So they have a millions of pocus about travel. So let's be more specific here. Let's do hiking. Let's see. Okay, perfect hiking. So here we have some podcasts. We have the focus episodes, and below we have the podcasts. We can just like the podcast to at the end. Here we can see all here we have the least off all the podcast about hiking, and I can start reviewing them. So the 1st 1 is the 1st 40 miles hiking and backpacking podcast. So if This is exactly what you have. What you want for your audience. You said, man, this is my audience. I teach. I have ah business about hiking and backpacking. So this poker is perfect. Wonderful thesis. A great opportunity for you to be a guess on this podcast you see here. And I like the episodes. 149 episodes. Wonderful release on July 31st 2018. Wonderful on you See that? Their reviews are a lot. They have almost 1000 reviews. Almost all of them. I mean, 572 of than our five star. So this is a great podcast. Every opportunity for you. So click on website to visit the website is these guys so you can contact them and you can go on find the contact us page. Here we are. Let's see. Contact us. Um, you're not finding right now. By the year. Of course, if you spend some time here going through, maybe you will find the contact us information on. You can contact these guys on offer. Then make sure you offer them the partnership. Make sure you talk about the benefits that you can add to their audience how you can transform it, transform the costumers life on. By doing that, you will be a guess. Putting yourself in front off a brand new audience that will love your contact. This is how we find the parkas. How we contact these guys on. I see you in the next video to continue with this strategy. 28. 7.3 Creating your own podcast: the second option we have on the strategies to start your own podcasts. And this is great guys is good investment. You buy, buy something. Your own party issue will be building your own audience. You will have total control off how you're doing it, what continent you're putting out promoting to your audience and new people will start discovering you your podcast on your content on items on any social in any in any off the podcast players. Right? So how do you do that? I won't show you right now how to do it. Step by step, How to create a podcast. But I'll share with you two great articles one by Pat Flynn and or but another one by Gary V, which are fantastic or both of them have videos, links toe all the resources unit. So all you need to do is just scan these articles and star appliance that by step, by the end of the article you will have a podcast life. It's not expensive. Actually, the continent's free. You will pay only for the hosting off the files for your partners, which is, I think, five 5 $10 a month, something like that you will see that in beaters in the articles I'll share. I'll send you here on the resources of this lecture. Okay, So what do you need to know before starting apart? Cause you need to know What are you? What's the goal of the partners? What's the transformation you want to make on your audience? Right. Which kind off content you want to deliver, how long the podcast will be. It will be a podcast off 10 minutes every day or 10 minutes every week or 30 minutes or an hour podcast or to our podcast. So what's the former? You can you can start small like with a 10 15 minute episodes on after that. If you see that you want to grow more or you want to even do it for less time like five minutes on episode, you can change that later. But it's good to have an initial idea off the specific strategy that you are using on the podcast, right? So we But with all that in mind, all you need to do is to come to this article here we have. The smart, passive income article is on the resources off the selector resource area They re selling. You can just click it that open these you see here. How to Sarah? Podcasts. The path complete step by step. Podcasting to Tolia. Tutorial Updated. So you have here the steps to get started on the podcast. What do you need? How is that different from this is another thing. Let's see. This is actually his brother. So we don't want to talk about these. What broadcasting has done for my business, how he transformed life of people. Wheat podcast. You see here more than 48 million downloads? Totally. So here is their recent who I d he's doing. Let's go back to the tutorial. So we see. Let's see here how podcasting actually were. So you can start here on an overview. Read these how the podcasts works. So you have a clear idea. After that? You see that preproduction tip tips how to record that podcast? How to do it. How to search it on items how to host. You're the host or talent name. This is your name? The right that is creating the podcasts, right? You see, that is a long article here with all we have, the tutorial videos. Or you can just keep it straight. Literal. Bilious on. Watch the videos, video one, podcasting, equipment and software. This is more, more straight to the point. Video to top podcasting. Tips for recording interviews on exporting video three. The podcasting hosting submission made it simple item Streeter, Google play. So this is all you need. Guys with you. Follow this article to you are ready to create your podcast step by step. Another article are sharing with you is by Gary V how to start podcast. This is shorter. You don't have videos, video here, But you have all the links toe everything. Unit in the Gary V style. Right? What's a podcast? What? Do you know why you need to start podcast. How do you know the idea or the old? They outline how you do it. The basics. You can do it with your cell phone. So you any any extra equipment? Or you can buy a professional equipment if you want. Number three recording. Editing the podcast. How to the street with the podcast. Everything is here. Okay, so these articles are in. The resources are off this lecture. If you choose to support because I think it's great. It's a great way to reach new audiences that don't know you don't know about you and consume content in a different way because people that listen to part because not every time they are on YouTube, right. Sometimes there are people on your audience that just listen to podcasts. And they don't consume videos on YouTube because takes time. They are intrepid nerds. They are BC people that can listen to parkas while they do all that they do other stuff. So this is one idea. I hope you like it on. I see you in the next video. 29. 7.4 Assignment 6 - The Podcast strategy: assignment Number six Heat on the course here. We're ready to take action in the podcasting s strategy. What you need to do to complete this assignment? This is the beginning. Off the strategy, guys, please complete this. Establish important is toe make a decision. If you you have three decisions to make, right number one, you can say I want to start a new podcast. I will do the strategy starting my new podcast so I can reach more people with my message. Or you can make the second decision, which is? I will be a guest on one parkas. I will start with that because I don't have time because you can. You can find any resource so but it's totally fine. If you don't want to start your podcast, you can say that you will be a guest on a podcast. Find. Find the podcasts. That is where you are. It's leave the focus that you're artist is listening to contact the influencer and you're gonna start with that on the third decision. They say the A. I don't. I already on applying all the strategies you shared in the course. I am not. I will hold on this one. I'm not ready for for podcasting yet. That's totally okay to I respect that. And that's part of business. So in the next section here, off the this assignment, you will just share that you will use that I commit to start my podcast. Or you said I commit Toby, a guess on a partners to find the bed Best podcast to share my knowledge to be against on add value to the community or the third decision. You can say I'm not doing this right now. I am working in Northern s tries. So in the next section, please share with me which off? The three decisions you made. And after that, we moved for with the cars. See there.