Digital Marketing: Email Marketing for Beginners | Phil Ebiner | Skillshare

Digital Marketing: Email Marketing for Beginners

Phil Ebiner, Video Creator |

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9 Videos (59m)
    • Basics of an Email Marketing Funnel

    • Recomended Email Marketing Tools

    • Create an Irresistible Lead Magnet

    • Where to Add Opt-In Forms

    • Segmenting and Tagging Your Subscribers

    • Email Sequences that Work

    • Write Better Subject Lines

    • Use Analytics to Improve Emails

    • Case Study: Getting 100 Subscribers in Less than 1 Week

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About This Class

Learn how to do email marketing for your business with this digital marketing mini course!

In this course you'll learn:

  • How to create an email marketing funnel
  • Recommended email marketing tools
  • How to create a lead magnet
  • Adding opt-in forms to your website
  • Segmenting and tagging your audience
  • Creating email sequence
  • Writing better email subject lines
  • Analyzing your emails to grow

With case studies and real world examples, you'll learn how any business with any budget can properly utilize email marketing to grow your business.

This is one mini-course in a larger digital marketing class taught by Phil Ebiner & Diego Davila - most of which can be found here on Skillshare.

See you in class!






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Phil Ebiner

Video Creator |

My passion is inspiring people through online courses. I've been creating things (videos, photos, businesses, projects) since I was a young child. I've created (produced, shot, edited) thousands of videos over the past five years. Now it is time to teach you!

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