Digital Marketing: Define Your Business Purpose & Target Audience | Phil Ebiner | Skillshare

Digital Marketing: Define Your Business Purpose & Target Audience

Phil Ebiner, Video Creator |

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9 Lessons (45m)
    • 1. Define Your Purpose

    • 2. Case Study: 3 Brand's Purposes

    • 3. Position Your Brand

    • 4. Case Study: Amazon and Harley Davidson Positioning Statements

    • 5. Unique Selling Proposition

    • 6. Personality: What's Yours?

    • 7. Case Study: 3+ Brands Show Their Personality

    • 8. Find Your Target Audience

    • 9. Validate Your Business Idea


About This Class

When starting a business, one of the most important things to do is to honestly figure out what your purpose is, and who you are serving - your target audience.

In this mini-course, you'll do more than just that:

  • Define your purpose
  • Position your brand
  • Figure out your unique selling proposition
  • Come up with a brand personality
  • Find your target audience
  • Validate your business idea

We'll walk you through practical projects that help you achieve all of the above for your business. Plus, we have case studies to show you other successful companies' examples.

Let us help you launch your own successful business!

Enroll now and we'll see you in class!






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Phil Ebiner

Video Creator |

My passion is inspiring people through online courses. I've been creating things (videos, photos, businesses, projects) since I was a young child. I've created (produced, shot, edited) thousands of videos over the past five years. Now it is time to teach you!

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