Digital Marketing Crash Course - Social Media & Search Engine Marketing (Basic to Advance ) | Jimmy Lee | Skillshare

Digital Marketing Crash Course - Social Media & Search Engine Marketing (Basic to Advance )

Jimmy Lee

Digital Marketing Crash Course - Social Media & Search Engine Marketing (Basic to Advance )

Jimmy Lee

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15 Lessons (24m)
    • 1. Intro & Course Outline

    • 2. Popular Social Media Platforms

    • 3. Types of Facebook Ads

    • 4. Types of Instagram Ads

    • 5. Types of LinkedIn Ads

    • 6. Types of YouTube Ads

    • 7. Popular Search Engine Platforms

    • 8. Types of Google Ads

    • 9. Types of Microsoft Ads

    • 10. Advanced Digital Marketing Strategies

    • 11. Bonus 1 Troubleshooting

    • 12. Bonus 2 AB testing

    • 13. Summary

    • 14. Outro

    • 15. Class Project

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About This Class

This is a course on Digital Marketing, specifically Social Media and Search Engine marketing. 

It's designed for brands, marketers, influencers, start-ups or anyone trying to grow their business through digital marketing.

You can expect to learn how to leverage both the social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube) and search engine platforms (Google, Yahoo, Bing).

So they can reach out to more people and potentially get more sales, increase brand dominance or grow their database.


  • You will learn the most effective and commonly used social media and search engine platforms to run digital marketing advertisements..
  • You will learn the types of advertisement formats and placements on each platform.
  • You will learn the type of objectives and outcome that each platform is most ideal and effective for. 
  • You will learn 3 ADVANCED STRATEGIES to increase the accuracy of reaching the target audience you desire.
  • You will learn a powerful concept on how to troubleshoot your marketing funnel to increase click-through rates of your ads and conversion on your website.
  • You will be able to add Digital marketing skills and knowledge to your CV


  • No prior knowledge or experience is required
  • Small business owners
  • Marketers
  • Brand Managers
  • Start-ups
  • Influencers
  • Anyone trying to learn digital marketing

Meet Your Teacher

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Jimmy Lee


Hello, I'm Jimmy.

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1. Intro & Course Outline: Hello and welcome. This course is created for anyone interested in digital marketing. Where do you already have existing knowledge in this area or unfamiliar? And we like to get the learn more about this. In this program, we'll first take a look at some of the most popular and effective social media platforms available today. Before diving into the type of apps available on each platform. Next, we move into the more popular and effective search engine platforms. And what are the types of ads and marketing strategies we can use with each of them. After knowing the platform options and, uh, types of advertisements you can run on each platform, we will entry advanced digital marketing strategies, namely retargeting, lookalike, audience, and programmatic marketing. Lastly, for the two bonuses of this course, we will go through a powerful concept behind troubleshooting our marketing funnel and as we learn about AB testing. Finally, we'll wrap up the course by sharing my thoughts and experience on which platform is better and which you use for different marketing objectives. Ready to lend. Let's go. 2. Popular Social Media Platforms: Here are the most popular social networks in a word based on the number of users. In this course, we'll be focusing on the non messaging focused ones, breaking down the types of advertising opportunities on each of these platforms. Facebook has the largest market share with about 2.7 billion users as of the time discussed, is created beyond just the number. Facebook is also, in my opinion, the social media platform that offers the most types of advertising format on their platform. And that is not including Instagram and Facebook Messenger, which are also owned by them. Next, we will go through Instagram, which is a very video-based social platform, which is owned by Facebook. Then we'll learn about advertising on a worst largest online video sharing platform, YouTube. And finally, we will go over the biggest professional networking and career development network, linkedin. Linkedin may not be the largest in terms of its user base, but this platform is the best social media platform for B2B marketing and advertising of professional development or Canadian based products and services. 3. Types of Facebook Ads: There are four types of ad formats, or Facebook. The first to image and video ads are the most common types of advertising formats on Facebook. Image ad is simply a tambien, our digital banner, which represents the video ever be like an intro or teaser type of shot commercial in place of any match. The type of ad is called carousel. This is simply an ad format comprising multiple image ads that allows for more interactions. They are most effective for product-based ads, where you want to showcase multiple products or when you have a story you want to tell through images. The first type of ad is called the collection at. It provides a visual and immersive browsing type of experience for the user to check data collection. And as the name suggests, it's most effective for product-based. There are many places on Facebook where you can set your image or video ad to appear. The Facebook news feed is the first thing you'll see and start scrolling when you learn a Facebook webpage or Facebook application. This is the only ad placement where you can choose between any of the four types of ads to be shown here that is imaged at video ads, Carousel ad or collection is the Facebook right column placement. This is only available for image ads and is usually used in conjunction with the news feed placement. Facebook Instant Articles is a mobile optimized ad format that enables publishers to distribute fast loading interactive articles to the Facebook ad. Next is the Facebook videos. These are the ads that appear when your audience are watching any video streamed on the Facebook platform. Facebook story at policemen allows you to tell your brand story to an audience who are really in the mood for video-based types of immersive interaction. On top of video, you can also run image, as in Facebook stories, which will show for five seconds or until the user swipes away. Next is the placement of image, video or Carousel ad in the Facebook marketplace. This allows you to target audience who are already in the shopping mood as the browsing in the marketplace. Lastly, the Facebook search result at policemen allows you to reach audiences who are really in the discovery mindset across both the Facebooks and marketplace search results. Now before we proceed to Instagram kids to not feel overwhelmed with so many types of ads. How we will know in hockey, you decide what's the best type of S to use when you eventually start running ads on the platform and apply the AB testing concept that we are going to share analytic part of the course. You'll be glad ID are so many options for you to use and get creative. 4. Types of Instagram Ads: Similar to Facebook, there are also four types of ads on Instagram. The first three types, namely photo, video, and Carousel ads, are some of the most common types of ads on this platform. The same type of ads as Facebook, where the image and video is a single visual and video placement where the carousel allows you to showcase up to 10 images or videos within a single ad. The collection ads on Facebook also provides an opportunity for audience to instantly experience and browser product collection. There are two places on Instagram to Plato at. The first and most common app placement on Instagram is in a min fit. It is the first thing people see when they opened the Instagram app. And likely the first thing any Instagram users do would be to actually scroll to the Instagram feed. Similar to Facebook, you can run any type of ad formats on Instagram feed. Beat, single image, image, carousel, video are the collection. Instagram stories are born when Snapchat refused to be sought to Facebook. Since its launch, IG story is fast becoming another place on Instagram that uses visit. They spin off ads in the Instagram stories also allows you to add stickers, emojis, and adequate IV elements like running pose, etc. The fourth and last place on Instagram to place your ad is on the Instagram explore. This is where users visit to discover content from across the platform based on their interests. It's on the same page as the search function and shows posts from accounts than the USA is not yet following. Here. You can choose either a single image or video ad to be placed among other organic content. 5. Types of LinkedIn Ads: There are three main types of ad formats on limiting. The first is sponsored content. There are two versions of sponsored content. While he sponsored content when you promote a piece of continuity have on your LinkedIn page. And the other version is known as a direct sponsor content, but you can simply place an ad without having the first posted on your LinkedIn page. Once that content ads are the most common and effective type of ad format on LinkedIn as they are placed directly in a user's news feed. Here you can use an image, video or carousel of images to have a dice. Next is the sponsored InMail. As the name suggests, this option allows you to semplice, analyze, and private messages right into the LinkedIn inboxes of the audiences. These ad format has an 100% deliverability where LinkedIn and he sends out a sponsored InMail to your target audience when they are online. This also ensures that a message is please strike at a top of the inbox. The last and final platform on LinkedIn is taxed at this f or my only runs on desktop and is shown on the right rear of the newsfeed. They are cheaper and sponsored content and can be very useful to gain awareness when used in conjunction responsible for DNA. 6. Types of YouTube Ads: Here are the main types of ads on YouTube. The first is skippable industry mad. These are advertisements that play before or during a video. Also, pre-roll or meteoroids, viewers have the option to skip watching after five seconds, hence the name skip over that advertisers like a South appear when a user have watched at least the first 30 seconds of your, they have interacted with add by clicking on it, whichever comes first. The next type of ad is the non-scalable instrument. As the name suggests, these are amino acids that don't give users any option to skip the air above, for example, is one of the advertisers who uses only not skippable ads, where viewers will need to complete your media before they can continue with the content you have been viewing. This type of ad is good if you're aiming for a while, lived in brand awareness, you need to try to ensure they are creative is strong enough to hold your audience's attention for the full 15 seconds. Alternatively, you can also choose a 6 second version, which is also known as Bumper. The next hour view to add is discovery. Discovery ads are ads that shows up alongside other videos when people search for videos on YouTube. Now for advertisers without resources and time for video productions, you do also offers non-video at options. The first option is display ads that appears on the right-hand sidebar, say other milliliter and recommended videos. Yeah, you can include an image and text alongside a call to action with a link to a website. The second option is InVideo overlay. This is an abandoned, it appears floating on top of the video content that you're watching. 7. Popular Search Engine Platforms: Yeah, the most popular search engines based on the US market share. In this course, we'll be focusing on the three largest ones, breaking down a type of advertising opportunities on each of these platforms. The first search engine platform that we will be going through is none other than Google. Uga has the largest market share. We've almost 90 percent as of the time this course was created. Next, we will go to Bing and Yahoo, which are both owned by Microsoft. Advertising on Bing and Yahoo alongside Google allows you to expand the reach into new and unique territories and fill any gaps in your online presence. 8. Types of Google Ads: There are many types of Google ads, and Google Ads can span across other channels like YouTube and dogs as well. To avoid complicating things, we will look at two of the most common types. The first is Google search campaigns. This type allows you to reach users who are searching on Google for the products and services you offer. These attempts at steadily split amongst such results on the Google results page, the trachea audience based on their search keywords. Such ads are great for driving sales, leads our traffic to your website as your audience already has a research or by intent when they are actively searching for your products or services. The type of ads on Google and display campaign ad. They allow you the rich people we visually engaging at as they browse across millions of websites and apps, also known as the Google Display Network. Display ads is a great option to expand the reach of your search campaigns to other parts of the Internet. They also allow you to fall out with retargeting ads to new and existing customers, which we will touch on monitor in advanced search engine marketing segment. 9. Types of Microsoft Ads: But will they still king in a such advertising space? Bing and Yahoo, which are both owned by Microsoft, allows you to reach audiences that can always be reached with Google at Microsoft Edge, which is also formally been at Microsoft self-serving advertising platform that allows advertisers to BYU campaigns. And I can users across Microsoft, such an Audience Network. Microsoft owns tree search engine, Bing, Yahoo, and AOL way advertise on one platform your ads is actually seen an artery. There are many different Microsoft ad campaign types that span across such shopping and display. Here are some of the most popular ones. First is the Microsoft expanded text ads, similar to Google search. And this is the step of such advertising where these men is shown above the organic results when someone suggests for information using the Bing search engine. Next is the Microsoft responsive, such as it's the same as text, except this ad type help you optimize your ads without a need to monitor them yourself. How it works is the summing up to 15 headlines and find descriptions and Microsoft are mixed and matched them to find a best-performing pair or eliminating the edit. And as effective. Next is the dynamics such as is just let it expand that text ad, but are designed to target such queries that are relevant to the content of your website. This ad fact pickups cut out a lot of work associated with maintaining Q at least and constantly optimizing bits. The fourth type of Microsoft at is productive, as the name suggests, put our axial case specific items in their brand catalog that's related to the users such keyword terms everyday this are also able to include product-specific, like braising, custom images and salary information. That's on the lease is the Microsoft audience. Similar to the Google Display Network? 10. Advanced Digital Marketing Strategies: Here are three advanced digital marketing techniques and strategies that we will end today. The first is retargeting. Retargeting allows you to keep your brand in front of your potential customers after they have left our website, hence, persuading them to reconsider your products or services. Here's how it works for the Azure customer brought on Internet via website and decided to visit after check our website, be left without buying anything. But the next time you surf the Internet or ever be retargeted them to capture their interests and bring them back to your website. In this time, Rahul for video to need to obtain customer retargeting allows you to target specific users with specific apps with the goal of convincing them to convert from visited your website to a customer. This strategy is effective because they enable you to show the visitors at steady have already expressed an interest before. With the help of retargeting, you have the opportunity, the remainder of the problem they are trying to solve, and why your product or service offers the best solution. Next, advanced digital marketing technique is the use of programmatic advertising. Programmatic advertising is an automated method of buying advertising space to algorithm based technology to get the most accurate at policemen in the fastest time and at the best price. How it works. A person clicks on a website. The website or no, then puts an ad impression out for auction. And everyday this offer bits for the impression. The highest bidder will win the ad impression. But it would be served on a website to the user. And the user hopefully clicks on it and converts an artist actually happen automatically. And in real-time. Programmatic offers events like getting to a wide range of audience in a fast and cost-effective way. It also offers a variety of attacks. They need the video display mobile for advertisers to try out what works best for their product or service offerings. That the elastic advanced digital marketing strategy is the use of a live audience targeting as Mugler cause it similar audience targeting. Look a lot in similar ideas, targeting allows advertisers to reach new people on social media platform, on the internet who share similar characteristics with the existing list of customers. These people are more likely to be interested in your business as they assimilate to existing customers. Or search engines like Google. This could be in terms of the things they search online or the type of webpages. That is it. For social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, it could be the demography, the pages they liked. The groups did join the queue as they search for within the social media platform. Or even a key was used in the social media profiles. 11. Bonus 1 Troubleshooting: In the first bonus segment, we will learn a simple but powerful concept that will help us in troubleshooting our digital marketing campaigns. To help with the explanation. Picture. A typical retail business where a customer sees your advertisement on a newspaper or a TV commercial and decides to Vizio reduce shop. Inside the beauty shop, they speak we for salesperson or Cs and install gondola before deciding whether to buy our goods by engaging your service. In the above scenario, assuming that a customer Daphne your product or service and that there are this also offering it. Whether the customer decides to Vizio reduced tar, assuming they do need our product or service, will be based on how attractive your newspaper ads on TV commercial was. And whether the Via engage in your service will be based on how good your sous percent is. Assuming a product and pricing is as good as the competitors. Now if we relate this back to digital marketing, your newspaper ad on TV commercial is our digital ad. Where do we go click through to your website, assuming they need your goods or service will largely depend on how good your digital is. And after clicking through your ad to Vizio website, whether they buy your product or service, will actually be dependent on how good our website is. In this case, how good is our sales? Copy, your image, your user experience, and interaction with your website. Knowing this concept, if you are targeting the correct audience online, but they are not clicking through to your website. You will likely be due to the additional. Hence you should try a different marketing message, image, CO2 action, or even add formats such as image, carousel, video, for example, to increase the click-through rate. If there are people, in this case, traffic clicking through your digital ad to go to a website, but they're not buying. You may want to take a look at a UI UX skills copies or even images that could be affecting your conversion rate. So I will note is if your product or service is relatively new, we might not buy on the first or second visit your website. In this case, consider using the retargeting strategy share earlier to be net. Now once you have pay-per-click into your app and a comforting on your website in terms of buying a product or engaging or service, you can try AB testing our apps and websites to improve the matrix. 12. Bonus 2 AB testing: In the second bonus segment of this course, we will learn an important concept known as AB testing. Ab testing, also known as testing, is a process of showing two variants of the same advertisement or webpage to different segments of audience at the same time. And comparing which fever and drives more conversions. For example, in your digital ad, you can use a different headline or try a different call to action. On your website. It because you different images or image placements to get which attracts more interests and drives a higher click-through rate regardless of which version you are testing, bear in mind to only test one variable at a time. So you know that any improvement is based on the variant. Even I think helps get better return on investment for an existing traffic, reduces boundary and is completely data-driven with no room for guests were s-domain end users are based on statistically significant improvement. 13. Summary: The best digital platform to spread awareness would be our Facebook. Like a new product launch or limited time offer. Their ads are inexpensive, endeavor crazy large user base. We built browsing Facebook, but also in a relaxed and choose the unusually wouldn't my checking iOS. In fact, if you're advertising is interesting, there will be very happy to fire more uneven share about either by replacing our Facebook or sharing on Facebook messages. The very just a younger crowd of users as compared to Facebook, you can reach this group of audience on the go as the platform is preyed upon bouba, as instagram is owned by Facebook and creating off Instagram ads also to the Facebook platform, advertisers usually run ads on both Facebook and Instagram concurrently. Youtube is a great platform to convey a brand's personality provider. You have the production budget to create engaging videos when done right? Your video ads on YouTube movie a very nice complement to the other marketing strategies. Apple, for example, goes be on YouTube ads with almost every new product launch. Among the social media platforms, linkedin, or the most expensive in terms of cost per region. But also offers the highest level of targeting, a super effective for B2B marketing and marketing of professional products that persona accreditation, professional learning courses, etc. From personal experience, once more, edit advantage of advertising on linkedin as a marketer is that they're seldom any negative Arturo type of comments on your LinkedIn ends as it is a professional social network, enhance p-bar more responsible for what is a search engine, right? Well, there is no doubt that Google is, as should be the top of my platform, the right search and display ads over the internet. Microsoft S is perfect for complementing your overall search and display marketing strategy. A fueling any gaps in your online presence with Microsoft Edge accompanying your Google ad campaign, you can expand the reach into new and unique territory. Okay. 14. Outro: Congrats and thanks for staying to the end of the program. We hope you have learned something from this program. We were appreciated. You could leave us a good review of feedback. This will have be asked to create more useful causes. They'll benefit Marlin's in future today and we wish you the very best in your digital marketing journey. 15. Class Project: Here's our class exercise. After you have completed the course, download document below and few in the following. First, indicate the industry you are in. You can use a real line adjusting of any industry that you would like to use for this exercise. Next, putting one at a marketing objective that you would like to achieve from running the marketing campaign, you may split them up into primary and secondary objectives. Some common marketing objectives are stills from an e-commerce or lead generation. Getting our followers are driving our app downloads. Next, using the knowledge acquired from this queue share of us, which are the social media platforms and what types of edits on these social media platforms will you choose to achieve the above objectives? Also explain why you chose the above platforms and the type of ads. Once that is done, proceed the share which such engine platforms and what type of search engines eds we choose to help achieve the above objectives. Likewise, also explain why you chose the above platforms and ad formats. Once then share by uploading a document, our screenshot of your document. This exercise we have apply what you have learned in this course in the real life practical applications.