Digital Marketing Automation: Tips, Tools & Strategies | Arno Burger | Skillshare

Digital Marketing Automation: Tips, Tools & Strategies

Arno Burger, Marketing & Business Development Expert

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16 Videos (49m)
    • How Automation Assists Your Online Marketing Efforts

    • The Benefits of Online Marketing Automation

    • Why & When Automation Isn't Always Appropriate

    • Sales Process Automation

    • Automating Repetitive Social Media Tasks

    • Popular Social Media Automation Services

    • Tips & Best Practices for Social Media Automation

    • Why Automation is Essential for Successful Email Marketing

    • Tools, Tips & Best Practices for Email Marketing Automation

    • Repurposing Content & Content Management Tools

    • Automating SEO

    • Webinars, Content Visibility & Content Creation Tools

    • Content Curation

    • Website Analytics

    • Using Automation to Keep Existing Customers Happy

    • Putting it All Together to Form Your Overall Marketing Automation Action Plan


About This Class

In today's day and age, marketing automation is absolutely essential for any business to survive and thrive. This is because of one simple reason; it saves time, money and energy. Automation takes care of routine tasks and frees you up to focus on more important things such as growing your business.

Join me in this course and I'll show you how you can use marketing automation to free up hours of time and optimize business performance. When you enroll you'll:

  • See how automation can make the difference between being ‘stuck in the weeds’ and being able to focus on the big picture
  • Learn how automation tactics can not only free up your time, but improve your business performance 
  • Explore automation tactics that help with each part of your sales process…. so that you’re always growing your business (even when you’re not there)

Enroll now and let's get started!





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Arno Burger

Marketing & Business Development Expert

Hello Skillshare!

My name is Arno Burger and I am a certified educational trainer with more than a decade's experience in the field of marketing and business development. I'm currently the head of instructional design at Mindmekka, a company where we create courses meant, not only to educate, but also to elevate.

I've worked with companies, big and small, on the formulation and execution of various marketing strategies & initiatives. Now, I want to share that knowledge with you...

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