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Digital Marketing Automation Made Easy with Zapier and Mailchimp

Pasil Thampi

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12 Lessons (59m)
    • 1. Marketing Automation Intro

    • 2. Getting Started with email marketing tools

    • 3. Zapier-The Automation Tool

    • 4. How to create a lead form and integrate it with Google sheets

    • 5. Setting up a simple one step email marketing automation

    • 6. Introduction to Advanced Marketing Automation

    • 7. Integrating Landing page with MailChimp

    • 8. Testing the Integration

    • 9. Drip Email Marketing Setup

    • 10. Designing Emails for Drips

    • 11. Testing the Drip Email Campaigns

    • 12. Setting up Behaviour Based Automation


About This Class

Automation is inevitable in almost in every business nowadays. In the digital marketing industry many tasks can be automated with ease. Lead generation and sending automated mails is the first step in digital marketing funnel. This class will teach all these techniques in detail.


1. Marketing Automation Intro: Hi there. Do you want the automation course? In this course, you will learn to trigger marketing automation campaigns to sepia and putting on a mission to so the end up because it will able to trigger marketing automation for this following. That is so much going on in a more information in the name of the automation that picked off market automation and the next to be here, this marketing automation there is a meme, according is like sending on cities off in the morning campaign was on your list on behavior based marketing. Automation is like sending marketing, even marketing campaigns based wanting it off subscriber in the like opening the mail on kicking the Lincoln, things like that, based on this absolutely area you can go. You are a modern campaigns based on they did up given. So in this lesson, I'm going to show you the more toe trigger Oneto one a male marketing campaign. I mean, surely we're really, like, feeling what they during the late form on, see what I mean automatically any one. So I'm just going to follow the We're from here that this lead from off Facebook, you know, late for our landing boulevards camping. So just wearing different over here, that's a on my human being. He's had. It is an automated best for my have greater if reform its line. So I just figured it. Are you picking on something? Okay, you can see the response of Southern Utah on. Let's go into the email inbox off my business before that. Just more time here. That is Sloane, 40 a. M. And much off Sunday that it's sort of it if the diamond did off that response and that go unseen the demon Lady, whether it's right. Three years in, both off competing is a gym a dot com Go into fresh my in box here. So where can see hiding from the Dominican I'm using for the automation tool on a distribute Lee automation? He might just because they did up, I'm feeling good from life on your The humility is omitted in good form, So this isn't think this job I am soon here that has triggered the email marketing automation to appear here I can see I will discuss about the stool on photo listen, complex marketing or dimensions toe human metaphor pumps, and that's mass marketing I love with the lessons, with lack of strength and deployment, side of marketing, automation, the future. So I think that's because you will learn marketing automation and become a marketing automation expert. Right? So that's it. I'm assuming this Listen. 2. Getting Started with email marketing tools: and this. Listen, I've been introduced to the where this number told Oliver for email marketing, ordination in the Internet. I totally stopped someone imminent with which I believe the best tools available in the market. Right? So let's get started here. These other sandals a medalist here we're going to is melting fast. The many, many people in this course, because it's really easy for pressures to get. You know, the interesting, very simple in main symptom combat toe. Remember, insult us, and they are for free version off the software for use on 2000 subscribers. And I don't those inmates every month before going on to mention I will show me futures off other tourist sites or bust will be constant connect for this copy and placing in the brother here. So, just like one of the first year this constant right earlier in the campaign off Constant Cartwright. Yes, this is one of the best software's available in the market play, So let's go and see about the Prince pregnancy. They don't know for any three offers. Yes, they already enforcement free offer, but people interact. I shower great on the Big Corp with one right So after 30 days, you can cancel the subscription, right? We can see if you pay $5 you can send or like, even since 11 on big toe the doors in front of us. They are expensive. For just I got into the money bp, right? So problem with this is fight or us only finally a built based on getting only one user. So each then asked the wrong if you just I'm one VP, that is $5 total us and forfeitures. Right? So next to be so this from a point of view, I would say to piston this email marketing software I abused over way because I'm saying this is it has an extraordinary food, Justin. Compared to what? The limiting stools we can go to marketing. I mean to be minimal. Quitting the hearing based automation and flow other so much off you just in this software . But the problem is, we can Is this software for free? If you are one least understaffed Alice analyst. So if if the new sex it's the will automatically, you know they charge on your card is this stood out that you were cut out of it cuts. Believe software, right? So it's clean. Little subscribers unlimited email since. But the problem is, the outside actually read intimate car. So almost a little Cindy Fleece, our frequents for 30 days might be out that I thought I could get out of the car. Except Megyn. They have for free suffer for absolutely Stop 2000 on. We can send around the photos and emails permanent. Right? So I recommend to use melting. If I were a few out of fresher getting sort of the mammography This There are some players one off this impressed, usually to process. So it will be easy for the first, it will get started in the market. So I wouldn't be concentrating on Major in my lessons. That isn't ample incentive when he was mating, but the main software, right. So in this lesson, I will show how to integrate veggie Andi zipper toe though marketing automation right before going under that big Just go on. See, the futures are making I have 30 earlier piece one of the best tool by making ass. And if you just close to Britain in modeling software, you can imagine if you're refreshes Actually starting with Major, right? So we condemn everything. Facebook ads and Google AdWords with Beijing. It's a little onesie for pricing here. Second, see for new businesses there are giving you a free software, right? Let's get one more year. So as a savior, we cannot have probably stop talking on. We can send our own totals. Animals permanent. I It has every few just in the free listen. So if you have to be up next, worsen big $10 for months. So if you're a fresher Iraq monetary situation, first on C ho are even more getting capital for forming the American was the operational major, right? So let's listen. I will give you a slight induction to save your and after that may lead by going to the all right for that. You know, I haven't seen the next list the way 3. Zapier-The Automation Tool: the last thing. These are the list off amendment in software that is the best off in American software. Available Internet from my point of view. So let us and I will introduce you the automation tool I'm going to use. Or I'm going to teach you in this course toward this course. So zip you the automation boom which has and number off. We just attrition did me and integrate every in America with that for free. We can use it for free for 14 days. And after that, the few just leaving limited. Right. So I didn't go to Zambia and show you the pricing list available before going into the software in the time stole the both of next time. I think the problem with my daughter. So, yeah, I mean, the home baby off Libya. This is the best automation tool in the Internet. Can interrogate the most every up Facebook and other imaging software s on bottom. Adorable. Right. So on quickly jump into doing placing paid off Libya. Here you can see free forward plan, but zero Dostam one. But the problem is, if you can make one week post observance Andi o cool his 4. How to create a lead form and integrate it with Google sheets: And this isn't I will show you how to get a lift from through all forms on sheets in the Google. Right? So in the same year, who then I think that this girl from us and live from off your Facebook ads are the landing page from the Edwards campaign. So before getting onto the process, these are the real question. Is people out before going into the marketing automation? So this isn't going to show you one on my market animation email marketing with my So before going on to that, you know how on the one good form get a bit Google drive And they I showed I was created last year. I hope I You're then the porters. No, Andi, I'm going to show great good from here, so just click on 10 demon. So I'm going to Is Commish on 36? Yeah. So I'm just trying a password according next. So in the introduction video was shown some the movie d more right. So I created that mobile command should come. So what? I Louise, I'll just go and delete the for itself that I created earlier on show you get a fresh new form and go. Right. So just go one God. Right? - It's taking some time. So you can see this is the form that I regretted. For the moment you on this is the ship the top of the responsibility for me, right? So what I would do is I just delete this two forms on the theory that foreman she Andrea, how to get the form, and I could drink on the spot next time. All right, the next to go in, create the new from here for that Just going kick new on and to con forms. So as a failure. Just asking this. Formosan FB lead arts from our landing but off adverts camping so you can integrate your landing page are Billy Accident Xabier that I will be discussing in the a primitive since this just to show how to shoot an automation. Immediate, Jimmy. So let's get started. So just name the form for us automation. This yes, just next is to adequate here. So what do you think This short selam Name this question. NHIS name on another section toe. Just collecting my ladies. So again, as you are scribblers, enough questions like name your first name last name in my lady's mobile numbers about this , Like whatever information you want, this escape toe give you right. So my second question would be e more address. Next will be. And that is so I So I just need these three questions to be asked since it's a trial form, so that be okay, Drink the from here. All right. Next used to store the response is senior, we will feel so Whatever it is, let's go on creating nation ship So where it is this kill some time to load for the sheet in the room. So I am living just nation Sorry automation This so this the former curator on next is to integrate this for me gold form that I really so desperate Responses stepped on three on a like response distillation So you can really use spiritually for the form. But I fed us to use this method. You can select like this in special Select So this is this Lipsett Al Qaeda some years ago . So this selected and click on select so that it be okay that in the form an integrated with Google worships the next step is to go and below this form for the district consent on. You can send this young male copy that lean directly and cannot. So is the embedded corner upset? Ah, value one toe. Get the details off the famous. So what I do is I just copy this link and no point in here. Separate window. Now you can see the form this lady here. So whatever. Lewis, I just loaded it up with some sort of the form. It's on data and see the automation to this. For that, we need to help go for the beer that eventually minutes. Listen. 5. Setting up a simple one step email marketing automation: and this is time we show you to interrogate me. Clean form that is a coliform with Libya. I say we need our own before going under this person. So I let us go and greater use of your country feet not created. Get right. You're gonna credit for feet. So I'm going to go into a potential how to integrate the Google for metal. Do it right. Since it's said one normal in the marketing automation, I really do my back intellect. Listen, I will show how toe create complex. I mean, behavior based automation on also to remember getting with managing. All right, so just click on logging here. I get this process and show him two American. So here I am in the hold off. Xavier. That's Malcolm. So you can see you can interview a number off ab split each other recent city, right? You can see if we leaders can be integrated GPS. Leave our home so you can just go and growth through all these APs and create zaps that I will be teaching in the embolisms, right? Yeah, 6. Introduction to Advanced Marketing Automation: But then I will explain in the league contact everything Great demon marketing and real basic marketing ordinations. I'll explain on given introduction to this. I want somebody in techniques that is using automation. Right? All right. So what is the email marketing? I mean, we can send the sequence off males females in regular diamond wealth for your constructive to move with the communication strategy that since our drips a pretty intense it off messages to customers are prospects over time. This method is offering tick the form off. Aiming marketing. Right. So we can send the sequence off. He means to our distributor Customers happen. Didn't already the water mission channels like Xavier on we can integrate with slight, even looks like convention sending glue or other even if elected anything as always. So this is the A team in marketing. Salable. Alright, So next trees, they hear this automation. This may be one of those concepts and it gives on the first business on around a blogger Anything based on the activity, right? So this is the music of rebel activity mulish So for that believe in at least a single campaign which has to be present earlier on. After that camping, we can track the behead off the scribble in our full and we can send personalized fitness for him, huh? Right, So it can be done using email ones Links click on the May on game Wednesday had met one woman. So what is in it opens Cesar sending and campaign off human marketing. It can be done like if it was open human. We can have todo follow be my based on its activity. Right. So next this link clicks on the my four. If our your blogger will turns on you see the slides in the incident, we could have mention your link to a black was necessary. Listen, black was so for user clicks that link, you can think another balco's our new centre to reverse a favor, Right? So next will be time. Once a year, you can insert a snapback quarter off. Uh, we can, you know, drive the activity off the subscriber in Europe site so it will take the time off. The South cable was taken a website. I'm based on that information. We can trigger emails. Right? So these are some basics off marketing automation with even one began a baby based automation. I have been discussing about these two concepts in the optimal essence for that's it final I was, but by 7. Integrating Landing page with MailChimp: in this lifetime. Enjoy you How to integrate the landing. Build off your marketing campaigns that you're email marketing platform. Right? So with Tzipi, we can integrate. You are landing bridge with the human, Margaret, in fact form. So what? I will, Louise. I will show you an example landing. But in this case, every day, you know Google form us and landed example here where I'm saying this is you know, it was like on once the one of the best landing page Twitter are paid and also in the pier We cannot use on bones in a vehicle. That's a problem here. So I'm unsure how it works was made for the Lord. So if I'm choosing on one's asked the trigger here You can see this hair to integrate on guns, But you are email marketing platform We have to get the European American on after that began in the late once and for once we need to say, based on what's to use and once began training for iterated free trade by addio or debit card. One site. So, like this one, we don't need to go for a that one since your first job, so I'm going to lose up, you know, simple gold form After landing Bagheera, the matters would be same for every landing. But just, you know, to map the correct feels intercept you. Right. So what I will do is insure the really gator would forming my date. He's going thought google dot com this right for the system to Lord and they're here again. See the guru form ongoing should. Right. So whatever, Louise, I will interview this good form as an landing beachings appear Andi at those scribbles toe mate in place. Right? So why don't these I'd quit drinking point with sepia on Click on make news up. So we're just There are two Giusti to get us the landing bits. No gets girlfriends in the example Landing been shell, So I'm sitting there. So new response inspection. Right? So whenever new responses out of the spaceship, is it your The data will maintain place. So desperate Cornu respondents, treachery. It's quick, safe and continue. So what is the goal? Which should I'm going to select. So the second I am clearly which is already so. I am just looking this up on your own country. Expect should be amazing English that created already the possibly seem for every landing distribute to map the character data intensive you, right. So don't really as I'm using Google form, it will be seen for every landing which using just in Tokyo have the correct they don't, right? So it's showing us. We knew that some later in the well from already. So in this goingto do some data here in the form. What do you think? This Copy this for on I'm just went best. This in a new window are in depth on Just use some dummy data here, so first name will be so since we're logged in the chewiness and and quite a few let's get to link on opening night and going door window. So just give some randomly, don't you This protesting opposites we need toe you just they don't, right? So yes, you might Anything like we're just testing purposes. We need to get some damage it out in made a Great So the list of Senator I know we can go at on just with physical right so fresh and continue as justice after full Cynthy Wolke, I received data from the good form and it has shown it US district practice for in the next episode applicant, continue a condom. Next truth, the action upto mating to be vaccinated things to be able to transfer the data from the landing page to melting this. So before the step, I need toe the jalape recreated. Listen, imagine security. You can see I had a single email and named it as that This formers that is the list US clan . All right, so I'm going to use this trail list in Zambia. Andrea interpreting just being without some list before we went on the steps. Right? So here come have multiple options in medicine. We can find a campaign by the suspect. Were are you can have some more camping in the campaign and sort mail address a little segment, So this will be industry option. Say, if you're running a week almost business, you can had subscribers to a segment where? Based on their interests, Right. So I will be discussing about this stripping, not listens, partner. Just we need to create a list in Major. Right? So I had a subscriber. The list off you're choosing right for the next step 27. Continue. Yeah, uh, this is the account off mine in Beijing On getting one Say when. Continue on. We need to truth the list in Memorable. So my list will be this army trying that I showed in the Lost. Stuck. Maybe not. So here you can see toilets de listening, and I are given it here. So the Sask rebel image will be Napoli from goulash or tripe. So subscriber remains will be address. Right? So I'm just getting an email address on those blue. The ultimate step next is to map the much feels off meeting with the first and second name people avoid you toe alone Landel mill on spam. Personal reason makes planning family objects. All right, so I'm going to map the first name off the user rights here. So this will be the last name from the Google for on next Really lost me. So based on your needs, you can go ahead and, you know, get that horse on phone about fuel sucks caper, but for no, I don't need any data like that. So I am just looking on. Continue Sharia So far, no, I'm this keeping the just Since we don't have any data in the Google form RC noodles and data before having these trip. So I am just looking landscaped destiny here and clicking on finish. So this is all we can set up at that Integrating both the landing page on the, you know, even market English with the use of tabula. So for now, I just live this step on Show you the landing. Big data. Amazing listing limitless. Well, that's his final Everything in my life. 8. Testing the Integration: that's a shining last. Listen, a great area integration with landing pitch. That is a good fit on mentioned place. So I are given a name it us, and they contest. And I already given intimidator into the cool form here. So this is the from we have been speaking up. What? So you can see the me dummy on the meat? All right, so with these up, I simply data into my mention place. So I will be showing another example so that just I go into copy the link off my landing page in this case, this lead with foot. So I'm just going to copy on because it continually including dog, right? So I'm just pasting this morning, so I'm going to the new did up. That is a new damage it down and see whether it is in boarding on. Amazing. So cure done me. One will be any name on Don't me who will be the last name handing may rebuilding. Don't me, do I? Jim, I don't call right so extreme Republicans have made Yes, I know. The data has been store. I'm going to see whether it doesn't soul in the Wolfram, so you can see three responses. Now that it's done me one on, we're going to see the very best in same in Gucci. Just clicking with the first button here. So we consider me to ask Miss Children in which, as well. But the problem is, in the next time we are missing a three point of Deb, you're so it will take approximately 15 minutes for it to get the data from the good ship and send it to mentioned. Right. So we got laid for the time for I'm going to rent detest Memoli here on the stricken Vidana . Your and click on. Right. So the zap your will go for the new data from the gunship six point data on does send the data that is immediately gets done. Me to activate our commitment. Right? So it will be sent to me list off making. So I'm going to first the button cue and see whether we have a city data from zip here. And yes, success. We'll reset the data. You're right. So that we do at gym a dot com is important too. Amazing. Bleeped. So they acted with integration off the landing judgment. Zip your on the mention during that time teaching about the drip marketing on behavioral based email marketing automation, But I 9. Drip Email Marketing Setup: in this lesson, I'm going to show you how to set up a drip timid marketing campaign in managing. So I, for sure in the loft listen, you got to be made with the strap side that I would do during the last lesson. So I'm going toe, create a brand new campaign and surely holder Amy Morgan a gunman's. So let's go ahead and click on good camping here. Next up will be great. An email. Hi. So you can create in our regular email and send you your subscribers in your lists already . So, you know, I guess I'm going to send up automated email. So he will be a great American subscriber and think, you know, I repeat my eyes based only on the date I submit. Right? So it will be a welcome message. Our event. Click on on building more cities and then a drip off a message to the South River so that campaigning will be on bonus lease on the This is the list. Name off. I ended up right. So let's click on. Begin here. I mean, the list just recently was a sequence e on the trigger will be whenever a sub scribbles electoral list. The system will get an email on medically but thought any human interference on immediately after tribal journalists. You can I d the trigger on during the day. I still was right? Seven. Surely. Don't you can see the dealer right so we can delay but for us this or exploit So in my guests and window sending mail immediately after joining me in my list. I'm just getting one immediately. On next he's Abdic triggered right? So this lady case, where such terrible joins my list on sentiment together Email in reality so you can scale it every day, all day in Vegas are anything as well wish on this is t He might weaken on the 61st minute . This is second meal after on didn't like this, we can create any number of males for yourself scraper. So after sending the bus mate again, I did it to get based on time. When they are would be car, you know. So in our guests I'm going to give the least possible time with this system that is in us. We can you little point. It's a little it's not possible. So their point on us will be the time here. Does he go to six minutes? Right. So I am going to have been the trigger here. Oh, sorry. So the need and 11 Lee one hard yet, right. So click on a big trigger. So the next step is to recently mill here. So the name of Ariel email Kanto region. Its object will be this. Sorry, best one. Andrea, this really be text would be shown before opening the made in your mobile inbox. So they family meal, the feeling and the automate sewing that maybe, just maybe, and I'm going to kick on next year. All right, So the next step is to chose the they would here, So I'm going to stick house on random, labored on, And you can listen the military based on the content you want to add to the subscriber. So we know, case I'm going to just add some takes and the Defour items in the doublet and just use, um well, did you All right? So just everything is still on. I'm going to give you some my own Tommy data to test whether the system works. Nice. So lovely. Testing with six Geo. Yeah, it takes bag. It's added on. I'm going to it going. Police. So listen be This is, um yes. All right, so just to conserve here, Andi So I didn't work for So when a subscriber is added to my email is immediately this maybe trigger. Right? So, like this weekend, different name Is this January requirement on or noticed the minimum time after this may last me shoot two agreements. Ex stripper. We're not after really will be waiting for the system and next human tissue so you can be seen in the bathroom. It's like this little working right. So I'm going to seven. Exit this and see whether embracing So nobody out of this insect on exactly. They're going to see whether email has been to get after the rascals out of Dimension place . So let's go ahead and form here. But it's a landing, bitch. So I'm going to copy the dark, the Skopje and basically and cognitive, You know, I'm gives some data here, so in this case, I'm going to give a really medium recent so that we can test whether I am receiving the male character so calm ish. I don't 36 That come, I think. Fascinating. Be call me is here. Uh, so So I'm going to get along scoping All right. Police in Chile. So are you asking? Right? So next will be giving some nature like this, this party sub leader on Next you shoot. Go ahead and to the other daily area. Zebra will take some time to fit to the data on sending approximately 15 minutes. So I'm going to run these ads manually, so I'm just getting down low and click on run here. Now you can see one goal from response innovator and sent to mention. Right. So let's go in there and take Major. Whether the list is Adam, someone is it will be. So I'm going to send a text email. So we already just asking us out of this son, finding ways Let's get this trip and show you in the next lesson, right 10. Designing Emails for Drips: in the last lesson. Good. A senior into somebody. All right, so that is some arrested. The male were created there waas us in this truck. The instruments trip since we have left some placeholders me. So I just later on, you can see Dick knocks in all the insight. So I'm going to add some show information to these. So I'm going to add the Miss Friends to humanity. So this is demon. Before that, laid out some person fishing. Hi, my name is Jack would be my first name. That is the last name of this extra bright. So just click on first name here. Come on on Extras to stay in close I can't say on continue So a Sicilian we can add on email if you want to send the email to It's ok, but just to click on a demon This is an exclusive Millfield vicinity thing on the trigger can change based on your acumen can be a day Columbia or you can make me feel welcome it. Right? So in this case, I don't need a trip email that this is the exact way to create the last minute that is to shoot them email again well, and I strictly to get automatically somewhere just convinced appear take on demon on just confirming ability here. So corn say when exit Dashwood this information I can see Dick knocks on every aspect. The next step is to click on, start work through right to construct a fruit are calling What Autumn? It's nothing started, right? So I would be showing The trouble is in the next video my by. 11. Testing the Drip Email Campaigns: in this lesson, I assure you, whether we're raising the automated email, a good 1,000,000 for that. I'm going to fill out some data on the landing bridge. So in our case, it is the rule form here. So I'm describing the league. I'm opening it in a bride of integrative in Dohuk and placing it between I just want coping them. So I again going to be a condom in tow on just placing the link here and monitor. So whatever, Louise, I will open a temporary mileage. I give. It does, but they don't in the good from your So just I think this girl from one blinding bit I'm repeating tonight. Since the everything clear, we cannot go for PayPal's, like, once under stuff. So I'm disk copying this later. So that's basically data here. Right? So you are Answer me. So this is the first name on on the last name will be a dummy name like John. All right, so I'm just giving the one of a bank leader. I'm getting a summit. All right. Now the medicine mistress traded on, and this data will be entering the Google street, so I think said earlier they take place 15 minutes toe back the data, nothing to get everything. If we are going So what? I'm going to release a man that man will, right? So no, they barely for the doing it. I mean, we were sits on a stretch and send the data to major. So let's cook engine Pinta Magic man See whether it is shouldn't be made. So the list quite on you can see successful with argon Added big me Was Sam protesting in this course? So let's go and see whether the maybe a senator is addict Here you can see the email were at a loose end please mean everything This site so next is to see whether the system has to get the campaign toe may lady. So I'm just getting one of the campaign single created here so you can see be to cure, right? So amazing us. Forget the made on Let's go and check the email inbox off our the baby May on keeping one person. Yeah, it is. The data are since you, with the humility on the image body located in the three. Let's listen here, you can see the first name that is too much for use on the main body. Right? So this is Ah, good marketing works. The one step is to add, you know, an email after was, if you want to say and good Stewart compliments. So I said, You can trigger here, Click on, add on, Edit the trigger and thing and the bathroom is listen to regard the system will should a menstrual us right? So this is all about the marketing. In the next lesson, I be showing you the most important for the marketing operation that is behavior based are getting Artemus. So that's it. I've seen the next let's go by. 12. Setting up Behaviour Based Automation: in the last lesson we saw how the creator dripping with what we can been right. So this campaign were set up on the soft. This is my destiny. Try. So here is setting up the behavior bit automation at this email marketing automation that made him so let's get started. So just click on, create camping here. I agree with the steal Evil did off the previous made. We have seen that it took me maybe a son in the last. So this click on giving you may Andi automation will be the best speak. So just get going. Concern yourself space again on the be sure, right? So ongoing cities want to be the behavior based automation. You mean, what do you need at this camp by name? On getting on being. So what? I always I'm goingto crazy behaviours off the previous image harassing on trigger Lehman based on their being here the last minute. So before that, I don't want this means since we are using here grand vision, I don't want this image to be saying this minute or actually, I think this you might hear All right, so I'm just getting all the minutes as a savior. You can add animal Pemex based on your camera as we're doing a test email year. I don't want this immense to trigger, so I'm going to leave the trigger. Andi, drag debated off the use, Made an accent. I'm just going to the trigger on. You can see we can send behavioral based automation email marketing with this data so we can send their email. It will place. My look we made was weapon base after a word or we can done this can be like meeting. So when the campaign yes, ticketing and pain are not open it being based on Citadel began Cindy Mays. So I'm just going to send that email whether and actually taking this campaign, which Wasim best recently. So I'm just picking one object. A girl here. Ah, next. Usually send this mail, right? So just like art is inhumane. Onda And this would be a little maybe area. I'm just giving it. And I mean, here on the you made subject reeling. Give me our goal. Right. We had a based on a mission, and you can give your critics since it's a test loss and I don't want to fill up those mutates, right? I'm just going on. Next year, Andranik Step is to select a campaign on going to select the same campaign. I think that it was used for the last lesson. It would be a public tender seizure, so I'm going to let them know everything's presently the template 10th of the fish. He might right. So I'm dating on Wonder Blocks here. If you want, you can add. So here I am. I really did all the on wondered text blocks on other switching with buttons, right? Another lady stuff so we can address additional leaders here. I'm just giving us. Sorry. Thanks for opening. The you made here is thes Can one right? So desperate corn seven close and you can continue next is to click on the next button here ? Yes, everything. What's that? And click on start. Awful. What's happening? I'll throw. Yes, the autumn s new fees. No, you can see a email followed by the behavior off the separable. Your list. So the zone behavioralist quality automation works. Hope you go to my idea after watching these lessons. So just go away. That set up some 20 minutes on you can learn you made marketing automation easily for the most part. A career? No. By