Digital Marbling: Create Stunning Abstract Art in Procreate | Rich Armstrong | Skillshare

Digital Marbling: Create Stunning Abstract Art in Procreate staff pick badge

Rich Armstrong, Product Designer

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14 Lessons (2h 2m)
    • 1. Digital Marbling Class Intro

    • 2. Procreate + The Liquify Tools

    • 3. Rich's Favorite Tools + Techniques

    • 4. Working With Color

    • 5. Adding Richness

    • 6. Making Your Colors Pop

    • 7. Mirrored Painting + Liquifying

    • 8. What's Next For Your Pieces

    • 9. Start to End #1

    • 10. Start to End #2

    • 11. Start to End #3

    • 12. The End

    • 13. Bonus 1: Life-like Marbling

    • 14. Bonus 2: Gold & Glitter!

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About This Class


This class is all about digital marbling and how to create beautiful abstract pieces of art that may resemble Paper Marbling, Ebru, Suminagshi, Acrylic fluid pouring, Dirty Pouring, Bottle Cap Pouring, etc. that's what I love about this process in Procreate. You can mix styles and techniques, and go from liquid to dry canvas in milliseconds.

The class covers my favourite tools and techniques, and I show you everything – from the basics all the way to how to finish a piece in style. And of course, I cover a few Procreate tips and tricks as well.


Above: a few pieces I've created with the techniques shown in the class.

The best part about these beautiful messes is that you can create them in bed, on the couch, and in the train – with no paint, and without mess. And, you don't have to know anything about Procreate, or art, to take the class. All you need is an iPad and Procreate. An Apple pencil is optional.

If you're looking to create in a fun new way, or do something relaxing, come take the class. It's short and fun, and great for kids and adults.

Here is a quick outline of what we're going to cover:

  1. Exploring Procreate + The Liquify Tools
  2. Rich's Favourite Tools + Techniques
  3. Working With Colour
  4. Adding Richness
  5. Making Your Colours Pop
  6. Mirrored Painting + Liquifying
  7. What's Next For Your Pieces
  8. A few Start-to-finish Examples
  9. Bonus: Life-like Marbling

And if you want some sweet Digital Marbling goodies join the Tap Tap Kaboom fan club.

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