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Digital Mandala With Affirmation for Achieving Goals

teacher avatar Shalini Bisht, Artist @

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

12 Lessons (1h 3m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Project & Resources

    • 3. What are Affirmations

    • 4. PRO TIPS How to use Mandala with Affirmations

    • 5. Ibispaint App An Introduction

    • 6. Mandala patterns creations

    • 7. Mandala Outline Creation

    • 8. Sketching Details

    • 9. Mandala Pattern Filling

    • 10. Incorporate Affirmations in Mandala

    • 11. Merging Layers & Exporting Mandala

    • 12. Final Thoughts

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About This Class

Learn to create Digital Mandala with Affirmations for Achieving Goals!

In this class you will learn:

What are Affirmations?

How to shift your mindset to achieve your Goals?

A BOLD MANTRA to use affirmations effectively!

How to choose your Affirmations?

How to create Digital Mandala?

How to Incorporate affirmations in our Mandala?

& How to use Affirmations in day to day life?


This class is for Android user's and for Apple user's as well :) We will create it by using Ibis Paint x App.

Mandalas are so relaxing to draw, by making this we can increase our concentration skills and with Ibis Paint App, you can make mandalas quite fast and pretty easily.


Who I am:

My name is Shalini  Bisht. I am an Artist, Illustrator and Social Media Marketer from India.

I am happy to invite you to join me in this class. I will teach you a unique way to achieve your Goals by creating creative & mindful Mandalas! 

You will learn:

  • What are Affirmation.
  • How to use Affirmations effectively to achieve our Goals.
  • PRO Tips: How to use Affirmations in day to day life.
  • An Introduction of Ibis Paint X app
  • Ways to create fastest Digital Mandala
  • Outlining of Mandala
  • Detailed pattern creation
  • You will get PDFs of: PRO Tips, A Bold Mantra, Mandala Patterns, Positive Affirmations, Mandala Guide.

This class is for all levels i.e for Beginners & for Experienced Artists, I will show you step by step process to create Digital Mandala Art & Incorporation of Affirmations in Mandala for Achieving our Goals! 

So let's start this mindful & creative journey! 

And I already can't wait to see your creations!

Additional Resources:

Follow me on Instagram

Check out my Website

Watch my Skillshare class of - Digital Mandala Art - Inspired by Nature 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Shalini Bisht

Artist @



Hello, I'm Shalini Bisht !

 I am an Artist, Illustrator & Art Educator based in Gurgaon, India. I love to create Digital Art, Mandalas, Acrylic Art and Watercolor Illustrations.

Since childhood I am fond of creating art. Creating art is like meditation to me, it relaxes and rejuvenates me. I have been exhibited my paintings in many art galleries. I help people to live Creatively and with Mindfulness!

Here are some links where you can see some of my work and get to know me better.

Have a look at my shop on Redbubble 

Let’s be friends on Instagram!  

Follow me on Facebook.

Subscribe me on Youtube for more tutorials.

&nbs... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Formations are the self-help strategy took a more self-confidence. I'm to shift your mindset to achieve your goals. This class is the amalgamation of the Mandela's. I'm a formations. Hi, my name is Charlene mean. I am an artist, illustrator, art educator. I'm social media marketer. In this class, your takeaways, data formations, how to create it, and how to shift your mindset to achieve your goals. How to make digital Mandela and incorporate information into Mandela. How to export it? How do we use it in day-to-day life? Glasses for big nose, I'm experienced artist and sudden. This glass is for Android users, I'm falling. Apple uses. So if audience laughs only need any tablet and any stylus. I'll APP coin, I have this paint we will evoke in IV Spain's app. So the angle lift lousy already gets a bonus PDF of prototypes. How do use a formations in day-to-day life effectively? So let's move forward to create relaxing Mandela. I loan to shift our mindset to achieve our goals. My employee with creative thoughts. Thank you. 2. Project & Resources: Your project for this class will be this beautiful Mandela with affirmations. If this seems a lot to you don't worry about dark. Iep choose step-by-step process. And you can follow my instruction and you can make out the pills. So you have to open WW dot And once you will reach on my class, below my classes, there is a section slake about reviews, discussion, Project and Resources. You just have to click here on Project and Resources. And the right side, there are some resources which I have attached for this class. You just have to click here. This is a pro tip, my knowledge with our formations. So ILD June for the glasses about this. So this PDF is for your friends. So whatever I am teaching you, so you really get this downloaded and frame for pattern creation. Download this Manila burdens. Download this also Malala designs. So all these resources, all the seven resources you just have to download it. And, and you can find it in your gallery section. Download them for, for the glasses. I'll teach you step-by-step how we can use them. These resources we will require in further classes. 3. What are Affirmations: So guys, let's see what our affirmations, affirmations are. Self-help strategy used to promote self-confidence and believe in your own abilities. For example, I am focused, I am confident. So basically our formations can be used to increase your confidence and to achieve your goals. But please note that emissions generally vogue as a tool for shifting your mindset and achieving your goals. But they are not, for instance, abscess. You can't achieve it by without being consistent. You should have to be patient for achieving your goals. You have to affirm our formations religiously and consistently. So guys, let's learn how to create your own affirmations and how you can choose your own affirmations for your Mandela, RFR, any of the vocals. Lake. If you are creating your affirmations, you have to think some of your area of your life which you want to improve. Our, you want to change something in your life. You have to think, what is the limiting belief? What is stopping you to move forward? If you are thinking you are not able to achieve your goal, something isn't stopping you, then you can convert dark statement into our formation. Now make your affirmation by shifting the state. For example, I am not focused. If you are not focused and you want to achieve something and you want to complete your task. But still you are not able to complete your task for any of the reason. So in that way, you are not focused towards your goal. So now you can done this a statement into the affirmation, like I am focused. Now, you just have to repeat this. I am focused and you can write it say. So, this will be your affirmation. You can choose it as your affirmation. That way you can create more deformations which you want to achieve. Also, don't use so much of our formations. I'd single point of time. Even you can choose. Five are then affirmations for achieving something foreign, achieving your goal. 4. PRO TIPS How to use Mandala with Affirmations: Now let's learn the most important part, how we can use our Mandela with our formations. These are the some pro tips which I personally use and I would suggest to you can use it for your personal use and you can achieve your goals. So number one, get the paint out and place it around. As reminder. Example, you can take the printout of your Mandalorian or formations and you can paste it or you can stick it or you can keep it. And Tube Station until by room. Your any of the exercise room are late. You can keep it around anywhere you want. Number to fix the time and start your day by saying your affirmations for three to five minutes daily. You can choose the dime in the morning on PS2 ghetto are in the nighttime. Once you go firstly, this is the best time you can practice your formations and you can see your formations repetitively. Also, you can CEO of omissions. At least 10 dimes are singular formation. Then Boehm's see it twice in a day for better results. Number 3. You can take a picture of your Mandela widow formation are you can take a screenshot, radio mobile, and you can see if this man dialogue with our formations in your mobile as your wallpaper, our home screen. Also you can save this on your laptop desktop image, and you can also email it to yourself. As a reminder, this Mandela with a formation will be in front of your eyes once you open your mobile, your laptop, or your email. So whenever you get there dying, you can repeat it as much as you can as reopen money and time. Number 4, visualize it. Violence, you are fond me your affirmations by saying you can visualize it. Also, you can get the feel of dark. You should have that emotion that you are really achieving this. So you will get the better results. Number five, 10k answers tense, please. This is my personal suggestion. This is my Poznan suggestion. Don't stop in-between. You should be consistent, at least do it far, don't even days to get the better, isn't unemployment graph, are you? It clearly works. Number one thing, it yes, you heard it, right? You can send your formations. Maybe you are digging your shot and you are thinking you are formations and you are visualizing it by closing your eyes. And maybe you are going for a drive. And two was singing it while you are driving. So these are the ways you can sing your affirmations. You can find more vase and you can always sing it so that you can achieve your goals. Number 2, saved can repeat it as much as tying new gap. So maybe you can say it when you are doing your exercise. Venerated 0, you've got time. You can say it in the morning, and you can say it in the nighttime venue, outgoing to sleep with. Number three, live it. You can feel it. Once you really feel it, you will put all your emotions and it definitely you will achieve your goal soon. 5. Ibispaint App An Introduction: Hello guys. So in this class we will be learning about IVs paint eggs, which we can download from the Play Store. You can click ibis paint eggs. Absolutely, it is already there in my tablet. 6. Mandala patterns creations: In this class we will learn how to make mandela patterns. So I'm there on my ibis Paint app and I'm just clicking here on my gallery, clicking on my plus icon. Please set your canvas 4000 by 4000 pixels and 350 dpi. Click, Okay. Select ok. So at the bottom, on the right side there is a layer icon. So once you will click here, so these are the layer section. So we will invoke on first layer or stop all. And then further we can add more layers above that. So there's NPV don't need that, so I'm just selecting it and deleting it. And once you will click on this camera I found you will read each on your online gallery. And I'm just importing the grid which you really get in your resources section. So it will be fit on your canvas size because I haven't designed it like that. And you just have to click right. So it is imported on second layer, we required it on our first layer. Okay, So first layer is the gift section. So you can always check, are you working on secondly, our first layer by clicking this i, we're done. So we are on first layer right now. And this good. And now we will work on our second layer. Alright. So we will be making are now new Manila patterns, simple buttons. It is required for making Mandela. So you can always drag your canvas and you can always draw as Bjorken mean and like this. So we will start with making basic shapes. Just click on Brush, icon. Select Dane, Ben, select the size. Then you can always increase the size by sliding right side, decrease the size by sliding left side. And now I need 10 px size of my brush, and this is fountain pen. Alright, so let's make basic shapes which we require for making any kind of mark glands. So these are some factors down particles. Round patterns may claim that it is very easy to make. Some long petals like this. Take your time and make it very easily. It's not dark typical it simple. So these are sharp by adults. These are round long patterns. And novae will draw pointed pagans. And so you can draw it like this also. Be pointed by design. These are nominated by independence, right? These are some basic shapes which we always me, I making on my glands. The, I'm making more basic sheep. Sheep. Darts and so plants like this. You can also practice like spiral patterns. Let's draw some freeloaders. Fillers are basically those patterns match me thrilled. Inside the basic outlines. Lenders. You can always come up with your creativity. Feel free to make your own patterns. There is no foundation. It really enhance your creative skills if you will come up with more and more patterns. For now, we will fill this point. Did pardon? I'm just making a middle line and making some diagonal plane length it I'm making are crying and ship atoms and Trilling thrillers inside this triangle. Let's fill this shape. So these were the pillars. Now we really make some connectors. So if those are basically those which connect the patents with each other, like this. So we have drawn the filler area. This is via reference. And now we will make connectors to connect this are connecting these two patterns basically. So this is fired connected us. I hope it gives us fillers which we've really from inside connectors which connect each part done and we can make plane this. All right, So two fingers are moved as far as fire events only amortizing it to because this was only require a fence. Making some more connectors. So these are the connectors. Now we really draw some nature inspired paradigms. So you can always come up with your own creativity. So I generally prefer to make nature inspired by our density my mind last. So I'm writing this round and ranchos. So these are the, some of her nature inspired pagans. And I have also made of clasts aren't digital Malala, inspired by nature, in which you will learn how you can make nature inspired mainland and how you can take the inspiration from our modern nature. Where I have shown so many processes where you can take the inspiration and you can make the major inspired Mandela, and you can get connected with Mother Nature. So this was all about the pagans. You can always have this kind of pardons in front of you to take the inspiration. And you can always make the mileage by taking the inspiration from these kind of pardons my having these kind of bargains. You will not feel the lack of fact and you will always have the burdens video and you can make more intricate and detailed Mandela's. So let's meet in our next class where we will learning how to make the outlines of our Mandela. Thank you. 7. Mandala Outline Creation: So let's make our Mandela outlines. Are you excited to make this? I am too excited to teach you this. There's a most interesting part. So, but so far we just have to select 4000 by 4000 pixel canvas size. And once you select it, it will come up like this. And the job right bottom corner, just click on the Layer icon. And you can always increase the layers by clicking this plus icon. As we don't need that, We will be needed that infringer section. So I'm just deleting it. So on the first layer we are and you just have to select this camera icon by this, and by selecting this you will be reached on gallery section. So we will import Mandela diet, which you will get in your project resources section. Click Okay. And it did, It has already imported in the second layer and which we required basically enough force there. And we will require one more layer on which we will draw our Mandela outlines. Okay? Please make sure to select pounding bend. Psi is then Bx as we are making outlines. So I wanted to make more ticked. And then the detail part so flaked can be excites. I'm showing you the Ruler section. So in the top right corner, select second last icon. This is called ruler. So there are some rulers like rectangular and circular, oval shaped ruler. And these are some semi-feudal nose. So we have to make Armen law or by using the symmetrical ruler. So you just have to click on the second burden. So this is a Galileoscope ruler. We will walk on this Galileoscope ruler, how it will work. I will show you. So there are maximum AD divisions and minimum do divisions. So we are making six now. We are making our Mandela on 16 division. So we just have bootlegged 16 division or radio are bizarre. This Galileoscope ruler is like if we will select party, do var div or whatever it is. So you can make more intricate patterns like I'm just showing you how it will invoke. So once you want to make more and more invigorate carbons, then you just have to select your divisions mode. So we are logging on 16 divisions right now. And I'm showing you how the Galileoscope ruler actually books. So I'm just going to undo selecting my ruler again. Make sure do you 8. Sketching Details: So let's start making some detailed Darden inside these outlines. So for that, first of all, we will create one more layer, the third layer, and we will invoke on colored layer. Same pen I'm using founding pen size. I really use five px as earlier we were using be excited. Now I am decreasing the size because we weren't more detailed road. So the flow will come, claim that too. Let's start making RDD and patterns. Okay? As you have seen, I'm making some more botanical gardens, teacher inspired bargains as I really love to make that. But it's up to you. Please come up with your own creativity and start making some beautiful patterns. Whatever likes you are, you can make vitamins like that. And these are connector. So we can make some designs to connect all the patterns. So now we don't require this MLA Guide, which was there at the first layer. So I'm just peel off this, I pretend so that it will learn the stove, our pattern so we can have a clear picture of our artwork. Okay, hello. So now I am clicking off the symmetrical ruler to see how my Voc very gum. So as looking nice. And I'm okay with these burdens. So I completed. Now we will fill the parts. My bucket tool in the next class. 9. Mandala Pattern Filling: So let's fill our pagans. So I'm just clicking this bucket tool to fill our patterns. And first of all, let me search on the symmetrical ruler. So after clicking the bucket tool, we just have to touch the screen wherever you want to fill the color. So it really come up like this. Make sure you don't touch your band outside the boundary. It should be inside the outlines. Also, if you will fill inside this, it will freely like that. And if you will touch the outline like this, ER, all outlines automatically will be take, so make sure to fail after the gene only inside the outlines. Selling this pattern. Right now, I love the outcome. So let me check by clicking here on symmetrical ruler off and see how that's looking. So the finer touch, again, search on the symmetrical ruler. You just have to zoom-in, zoom-out and you have to check wherever the gaps are showing to you, you have to fill that. So see, this is a whitespace in-between the pattern, so I'm just doing the color over there. Otherwise it will look bad. So you have to check each and every pattern when Nala, one-by-one. So give the finer Dutch to the shapes, not coming out and vote. So I'm just selecting the eraser and reducing the size of the eraser to five px size. And now I will remove that. So by Darwin, he or she will be good. All right. Now, complete. So let's follow it to the most interesting part of this Mandela journey. So see you in next class. 10. Incorporate Affirmations in Mandala: So let's start writing our beautiful formations, which we want to achieve, which we want to manifest, and which we are thinking like it will happen in some time. So just put the endangerment behind it, visualize it, and make it happen. Just put all the efforts by thinking about it and you can repeat it. So let's start by doing this. We just have to select calligraphy ban. So I'm selecting telegraphy and I am selecting the size steam. So they all are in their separate layers. Lake, If I'm clicking on earlier, so we have what we have done in earlier, we have twill all the things by bucket tool. So that was the third layer. What we have done in check and limb the outlines, so outline in separate layer. The feeling part is in separately. And now we are making one more layer for writing are positive of formations. And the center of the Mandela, we just have to write, I am, I want to increase the size to give it the center of attraction. So I'm just simply adding the thighs by 20. Yes. Alright. So we are making out of formation. So I have already ADHD affirmations, the positive of omissions in the project resources section. It or omissions as bird. Your goal as per your endangering, what do you want to achieve and what you want to manifest. So now I am decreasing the science 215 px. Two of our brush calligraphy brush tool, it does 15. And let's write our positive affirmations that I am writing. I am creative. I am first, I am blessed. I am healthy. So we have arrived in a clockwise. You can see the flow. Now I am writing opposite to this so that it will look more beautiful. So you can write, I am grateful. I am successful. I am enough. So you can take out the 15 minutes from your daily routine in the morning or maybe in the nighttime. And you can always see this and you can always decide them to make it happen. So in the next class, we will see how we can export it for social media bubbles on, for our delivers his purposes. 11. Merging Layers & Exporting Mandala: For saving and exporting our work, we just have to click on the Layers icon as we have book under four layers. Now it's the time to merge all four layers. So you can see this was our Mandela guidelines, which we required for reference purpose. So now we don't require that. So I'm just deleting this the US layer as we don't require that. So for that, we just have to click here. And you can select this delete icon and it's related. Now, the fault and outlines in the first layer and in the second layer, the filling part. And in the third layer we have written our formations. So from the third layer, we will start doing Merging. So for that, we just have to select this third layer and select this option for merging layers. So earlier is merged into second. And now again we are merging first layer. So for that, again, we just have to select the second layer and click here on the image icon. And so now all our work saved in one layer. So you can always check by clicking this I burden. So all work is in the first lab. So if we will select on this Ibadan, so it's all come back to in one layer. All right, so for saving our bulb, we just have to click back to my gallery. And we will click here on the dots. So there are the formats in which you can save your work, save photo in PNG format. They forgo in JPEG format and Save Movie and people leave command. So you can save your work in PNG format if you want to get print nine on bed sheets on bush and goes far, print on demand site focuses. And you can always save your work in JPEG format. So it will go vest if you want to take the band out of it. And if you want to share your work in the social media and see a movie option in mp4 format is best if you want to share your work in social media in a video format as videophone might get the real engagement from your followers. So let me show you how we can do it. So click here on sale for JPEG format. So if you want to save your work in video format, so you just have to click here on Save Movie. And there are multiple options. Tends again six seconds, 20 seconds, or whatever it is your requirement, you can save your work. So I'm just plugging in 30-second to show you how it works. And click. Confirm. Okay. So now all your wealth is whatever you have done it showing you all the work in thirty-seconds. This is the best format if you weren't, those show off your work in video format. So I always take advantage of this to get the real engagement from my followers. Always people want to see how we have done the work. So let's move forward in the gallery section. So it is already showing in my gallery. This is a JPEG format. You get, you can share your work by clicking here. And wherever you want to share, you can share it directly from your tablet. And here is the sharp movie option, which we have staved in mp4 format. You can also share by clicking here. Alright, so does take out debris, don't copy it, paste it in front of your eyes, and recite it as much as you get to get the effect a little bit. Thank you. 12. Final Thoughts: Thank you so much for taking this class. Congratulations to you for completing your class digital Mandela with of formations to achieve your goals. Now I would love to see your work and you can upload your work in the project and resources section of this class. You can also take me on my Instagram highly creative underscore paella body. By that way, I will share your work on my stories with my audience. Please leave a feedback about my class and do not forget to follow me on Skillshare. By that pair, you will get a notification whenever I will upload a new class. Thank you so much.