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Digital Mandala Art - Nature Inspired

teacher avatar Shalini Bisht, Artist @

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (59m)
    • 1. An Introduction

    • 2. Project & Resources

    • 3. Ibis Paint X - An Introduction

    • 4. How to take Inspiration to Draw

    • 5. Let's Create Nature Inspired Patterns

    • 6. Sketching Outlines of Mandala

    • 7. Sketching Details Part 1

    • 8. Sketching Details Part 2

    • 9. Sketching Details Part 3

    • 10. Saving & Exporting

    • 11. Final Thoughts

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About This Class

Explore a new way to create Digital Mandala Art inspired by Nature!

In this class you will learn How to design and create Digital Mandala Art inspired by the nature. This class is for Android user's & for iPad user's, you will create Digital Mandala Art on Ibis Paint X App.


Mandalas are so relaxing to draw, and with Ibis Paint App, you can make mandalas quite fast and pretty easily.

Who I am:

My name is Shalini  Bisht. I am an Artist & an Illustrator and I am happy to invite you to join me in this class. I will teach you a unique way to create Nature Inspired Mandala and how you can incorporate nature in your mindful Mandalas!

By the end of the class, you will learn:

  • An Introduction of Ibis Paint X app
  • Ways to create fastest Digital Mandala
  • How to take inspiration from nature to draw
  • Botanical doodling inspired by nature
  • Outlining of Mandala
  • Detailed pattern creation
  • You will get a PDF of nature inspired patterns

This class is for all levels i.e for Beginners & for Experienced Artists, I will show you step by step process to create Digital Mandala Art inspired by nature. 

So let's start this mindful journey! 

And I already can't wait to see your creations!

Additional Resources:

Follow me on Instagram

Check out my Website

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Shalini Bisht

Artist @



Hello, I'm Shalini Bisht !

 I am an Artist, Illustrator & Art Educator based in Gurgaon, India. I love to create Digital Art, Mandalas, Acrylic Art and Watercolor Illustrations.

Since childhood I am fond of creating art. Creating art is like meditation to me, it relaxes and rejuvenates me. I have been exhibited my paintings in many art galleries. I help people to live Creatively and with Mindfulness!

Here are some links where you can see some of my work and get to know me better.

Have a look at my shop on Redbubble 

Let’s be friends on Instagram!  

Follow me on Facebook.

Subscribe me on Youtube for more tutorials.

&nbs... See full profile

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1. An Introduction: I create our childhood. I love to find out angrily painting ration. Hi, my name is Charlotte, and I am from India. I am an artist and illustrator. In this class, I'll teach you how to make digital nature inspired my lab. How you can take the inspiration from nature and how we can take inspiration from other websites, like being created website called an acid list. So I show you step-by-step broth that and how we can make update. They do link for my glass. And then later we will incorporate those nature inspired by them in my lab if the other inspired by nature. So this lab is, we know friendly and or experienced, are that all you need to have only tabulate and insiders. So this lab is for Android you live and appellee or the realm. So only have to have Lee haploid I sustained app. So at the end of the class, you will be able to make your own nature inspired by data. And you will learn how you can export that nature inspired my love in high resolution. Images it, although you can upload it on things that aren't in my plane. So let's get started in the relaxing journey. 2. Project & Resources: Your project for this class will be this nature inspired Mandela. If this seems a lot to you right now, don't worry about that. I'll teach you step-by-step process and you can create dark to evil Mandela. And to get your resources, you just have to open Skillshare classes in browser. In any browser, WW dot, once you will open in your Chrome or Safari or wherever you are opening it. Then once you will go in my car sales, see this is, these are the classes. And under that, you will get about reviews, discussions, project and resources. You just have to click here on project and resources. In the right side, you really get these four resources. You just have to click here and you can download it, are, you can save it in your gallery. After downloading all default images. It will show you in your gallery. These four v have downloaded. You can get it in your gallery or in your download folder. So in the, for the classes I teach you how we can use these for resources. All right, so far proceeding this glass, kindly download these four resources. Thank you. 3. Ibis Paint X - An Introduction: So in this class we will be learning how we can download the ibis. Been absolutely, this is the Google Play Store and I'm just typing the ibis paint it is already having on my tablet. So I'm just opening it directly from heel. So I just paint app is for Android users and as well as for iPad users. So I'm using the Samsung tablet and my stylus as spends. So I'm the Android users, so I can use the ibis been jab and also iPad users also can make on this. So this is a compatible app for both Android and iOS users. So all you have to do is this is the interface of Ivan's Paint app. And once you will open it, there are speedups collection online gallery and my gallery. So once we will click on my gallery, so it will show you whatever I have been to. So this is all saved here. And on the top-right section, this is select Edit. And once we click on this plus icon, there is the options of the canvas sizes like fun to 800 and nine by 16 ratio. So you can select alphabet York Armenians. And so I prefer to make my glasses on 4000 by 4000 pixels. So it is there 4000 by 4000 pixels? You can customize your canvas size. And I always draw on 350 DPI. Dpi is far resolution, so a higher it will be, so higher-resolution will be. So I'm clicking here on Okay. And on the top-right corners there are some options like gallery, skills, rulers, and on the left side there are tools. So I'm just introducing you those tools which we can use on this glass. So first of all, I'm clicking on the brush. So there are so many brushes you can see in the gallery. So far making Marla's, I will be using fountain pen because this span is compatible to draw mandalas. So once we are selecting the founding pan and you can increase the size by sliding right side and decrease the size by sliding left signed. So I am just showing you how it will impact designs like it is HB excise ones, I increase the size. It will relate that. So always remember two fingers or undo. And once you will do three fingers, it will follow a redo. Two fingers, undo three fingers to redo. And this is a Eraser tool. So in the same way, we can increase the size of our reserve by sliding right side and decrease by sliding left side. So you can erase like that. And once we are making any pattern, like I'm just drawing by our friends. And this is a bucket tool which will fill the colors in it. So this is once you will click here, it will show you the color options. So you can always drag here and select your colors by sliding it and play with these. So far, this class we will be using black color. So I'm just selecting the black color. And once you will draw, I'm just letting the brush, like I'm drawing this battle, selecting this bucket tool. And once you will click here, so it will be failure whole element. Always remember if you will make the patterns. If you will make the patterns and you will not joined these patterns like you have left it open like this and you will click on bucket and you will fill any Galois lake I'm just selecting here for your reference. And whole canvas will be like dark. The color will spread outside this pattern. So always remember to make your patterns by joining the and should not be open. So that way you can fill the elements more frequently and more conveniently. So this was all about DIBs paint interface. So in the next class we will be learning how to make nature inspired patterns. 4. How to take Inspiration to Draw: In this class we will be learning how to get inspired from the nature which is around us. And we can observe the shapes and we can make the patterns as body shapes. So whatever is around you just try to observe them and try to observe the shapes. So you can always take the reference by clicking some good pictures and make them later. So whenever you go for a walk and you are going for any classes or wherever you are going, just try to absorb the paint around you and try to meet those veterans. Lake, I'm drawing this site now. So I'm just observing the shape of these petals. And you can always take more and more of their friends. That way you can enhance your dictionary of the patterns and make more designs. So once we are feeling lack of inspiration, we can always take the inspiration from the power plants around you. And I'm trying this, just try to observe things, ridges in these. Now this was all about how we can declare France. So I'm just trying to making the shape also. It says the mining plan, which is also you can take dear friends from the websites like Pinterest. I'm showing how EV can take the interests inspiration. So in Pinterest, you can always click on Search bar and type B, our keyboard lake, I'm typing here botanical, botanical illustration or you can die a botanical drawing. So botanical illustrations, so you can always take the difference from this. So you can find more and more inspiration later. See here how many patterns are there zoo you can make of bank of your patterns and always take dereference of these patterns. So Pinterest is a good way of inspiring to get the inspired and ate more and more reference and you can incorporate those patterns in your mind. Glands are in your any artwork. Also, you can take the difference from Unsplash. Unsplash is a website which provides you a royalty free pictures. So you can click ER, keyboard heel, botanical illustration. So these are the illustrations like this as a very good thing you can take the inspiration from this flowers. So that's a good source. Also, there is a website called pixels. This websites also provides you the royalty-free images. So here you can also search like nature, nature and drying. So we have to be very specific on that. So I'm again typing here the botanical world would be more good for tyrannical. See. So many inspirations is around you buy internet and you can always take the difference from around you. So this was all about this class. And in the next class, we will be discussing how we can made these Biden's more detail, more detailed burdens in our art and how we can incorporate these gardens in our mainlands. Thank you. 5. Let's Create Nature Inspired Patterns: So in this last learning about new agents by batons. So by clicking here on the plus sign, we will be having our 4000 by 4000 pixel canvas and 350 DPI. And click here on, okay, you will get to your Canvas and by clicking on the brush. So you really get the so many British ships option there. But please click on fountain pen, which will be perfect making Mandela. And you can increase the size by clicking right side and decrease the size by clicking left side. So I'm sitting here on the exercise. All right. So here these are the layer icons. So once you look here, you can increase the layers by clicking this plus sign. So presently we don't need that. So I'm just deleting it. And by clicking on this camera icon, you will get your gallery section. So I'm just digging this grid which you will get on your resources section. So click here on Dick. And here you got your grade. You can increase and decrease the opacity from here. So I want this in first grade, first layer. So I'm, we are on second layer. I'm just merging it too fast layer, right? So here we are. And I'm reducing my opacity to 50 percent. And now I'm adding one more layer or does good. So we are working on this second group now. So first of all, we will make some patterns, some flowers. So you can always drag the canvas as per your convenience. So we will be getting the paddles here, so we will make patterns. You can always take the inspiration from obviously modern Ni Jue. So you can make with me, these are some basic patterns. And if you didn't have these kind of resources, so you will not have the lack of designs. Some point. So we have made some buttons. Now making flowers. So if you get two fingers stop here on this game, you really get the angle ci fingers. So I'm tapping two fingers. I'm just doing undo. These are the slides. Now we are making some grand kids and my dad. Hi. Besides like getting you. If you click here on the bucket, you can fill in the pattern. Click this up in here. These are our branches. Now we can make some compositions by including patterns, flowers and branches. You can incorporate flowers. Creativity. You can take the inspiration from. I'm again using the bucket tool. I am making the adjustment of the leaf. Hi. So this way you can take lots of inspiration from around you and take the inspiration from being placed on splurge. And you can observe the shapes of flowers and you can make your own patterns here. So this was all about the composition branches, flowers and petals. So in our next class we will be learning how to do good for our marginal. 6. Sketching Outlines of Mandala: So in the previous class we have learned how to make on patterns or nature inspired by dense. And now in this glass here we'll be learning how to include those patterns in our mind glass. So click here on my gallery. Click on this plus icon. I'm setting my canvas by 4000, by 4000 pixels and 350 dpi. Click, Okay, and your canvas is ready. So in the first layer, they will import our month-long guide, which we have provided you in the resources section of your class. So I'm clicking here on my camera is gone. So it will take me on my gallery. So that which we have provided you the Monday lab grid. So this is in men, so it doesn't, it will look like black, so ignore it. So if you will click here, it will commonly dad, and it will fit on your beach because this grid is also 4000 by 4000 pixel. So click here on rye. Extract line drawing, so cancel it. And we are just working on our first layer. So I'm just merging it on levels layer. So this is our first layer. So just checked we are on first layer by clicking in this aye, aye. Button. All right, So now I will be working on second layer. So I'm clicking here on plus sign. So now we are on. Secondly, and this is in the top-right corner. This is the rule. Once you will click here. So we will select here the symmetrical ruler. So it will show you the Kaldor scope ruler and there are maximum ED sections, but we need here it only 16 sections, so you will be working on 16 sections. So it depends on the intricate patterns. If you will, increase the size, you can make more intricate patterns. So for this, we will be working on 16. Alright? So this is our Galileoscope scale. I'm showing you how it works. Once you will draw anything like this, it will draw on other sections also. So by this way, we can make our Manila very fastly. Me on two fingers to undo and three fingers to redo. So always remember this. Two fingers undo and three-finger. So you do. Now. I'm adding some glomerular also by clicking Hue. So this is our circular ruler. I'm setting my Canvas so you can move it here and there and fit it on the same general feel, Mandla. And and you can adjust name this. So now I'm selecting my founding Ben. And since we are making the outline, so I'll be doing the outlines by 10 size, right? So you can zoom in, zoom out to it as per your convenience. So this is global art books. I'm declaring a bit size. Again, the underlying taking here and clicking off as we don't need now, the circular. So we will be making our outlines. So let's do I always start with the pointed by du. So we can meet like that. Since the gradients there. So it is very helpful to make our Manila more uniform. You can always use your creativity to come up with new patterns. So I'm trying to get all the patterns which is inspired from the nature. So to start with our shapes, we can do undo our lives. Now I'm making a lotus. Okay? Okay. So this is all about sharp outlines. Now we can select in symmetrical ruler and see our performance how I look. So you can make more another Python so you can always incorporate in your mind glands. All right, so in the next class we will be learning how to create detailed bargains. So first of all, I am, I have done off this kaleidoscope hula, and I'm going on my layer section. You can always check my deselect of this Ibadan and it will look like that. So it's there beneath this layer. But once we will click here, so our guidelines, we appear because it's the first Biden's nature inspired by these outlines. 7. Sketching Details Part 1: All right, So we are there in our next class and now we will be learning how to fill these outlines. So for that, I am again on my Galileoscope ruler. And now we will be selecting our Burj, the founding Ben. And these were the outline. So now I am decreasing the size of my brush. She, and I'm taking it down to five big science of it. So I'm going on my layer section, make sure we are working on our Got it clear. So always check like that. So yeah, we are on are currently working on secondly, we can also do one thing. We can do detailed parts in the third layer. So that way you will have your outlines always. And you can always include more burdens once you can do that. All right, we are on to our layer and we're going to be working there. We have to have only requires the age span. And we will be filling out pageants. Listener's eyes off the Ben. Always made sure once you, when you draw your patterns, it should not be open from any end. Otherwise, you will fill the inside, darn done, it will fail on lagoons office. I'm showing you what I mean. Like, if we will make in Baghdad late Darden, it is open from data and once you will fill the color in that, it will be like that. And once you complete, once you mix all the edges, then if you will fill the gap, then it will come like that. You can make more patterns from that dictionary on. You can take inspiration from being crews from Google, not references which I have given you. 8. Sketching Details Part 2: Making some underlying thing. Dance. All right. We are working on gorgeous. I'm taking some time. The main issue, thinking more advantages. Studying to do final. So I'm just trying to impart breathed more intricate patterns. So directory under law very difficult for transfer. Okay. So now the time to fill some of the area. So I'm clicking here on the bucket section saying here, the black color. Imagine starting at transcending and 9. Sketching Details Part 3: Each are non feel every part. Otherwise a little messy. I'm just trying to highlight some of the part. Okay, so whatever is the left patch now, electron burj. And we'll hear this all the way zoomed out and check whatever it is delivered to. You can always do. I want here as a little fat. Okay. So it's time to check. Just looking. So I'm just clicking the kaleidoscope. Boss. I'm checking my world by zoning. So the middle space is a little bit blank. So I'm trying to add some patterns. And this one that I'm using again, the Bueller. Bueller Bueller. And decreasing the size of the ruler. Selected my brush and making the outline. Now, kicking off on the ruler and meeting more battles, are you all right? I'm filling the adults. Again, CFT my brush and checking. Selecting off. Yes. Here u. So we have completed our my law so dark that you can make more and more modern laws. So let's talk about in our next doubts about defining towards how you can use them. All right. 10. Saving & Exporting: So now we have completed our nature inspired Mandela. And now I'm going to tell you how we can export it and how we can save it for our social media bubbles and for adult opposites. So for that, as we have evolved in three layers, now what we can do, we can merge all three layers. And this layer was the Mandela guideline. So we don't need for that. So now I'm just deleting this. And this was only the outline in first. So I'm just merging both of them. So for that, I have to click here. And this sign is for merging. So now it's in all work isn't one layer. So if you will click on a button, it will appear, and if you will click of this button and it will disappear. So it's in one layer. And so we have compacted in a layer. So now I'm clicking here on Back button and I'm going back. There are also options like you can save as transparent PNG and save as PNG. And I'm going back to my gallery showing you some more options. So if you right-click on the dots, there are three options in which you can save your work. Cfo in PNG format, say for going JPEG format, and you can see a short movie kind of default. So for social media, you can always save your work in JPEG. So. 11. Final Thoughts: Thank you so much for taking that cow. And congratulations to you. Meeting your needs by my lab. Now you detailed enough to make your only to find where none I would love to SEO. And you can download YOLO in the photic they share. And chin lab. Also, you're going to add me on my social media higher than God or three a day Monmouth put that on body. By that, I can share your love for my audience. I love to share, Yeah, I love that my audience. And I'll fill it really made me like that. The email being bad. Oh my God. And you can all come follow me to get the update off my lab, time to film lights.