Digital Lettering: Control Your Curves and Enhance your Designs

Martina Flor, Letterer & Designer

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8 Lessons (1h)
    • 1. Class Trailer

    • 2. Introduction

    • 3. Taking sketches into your computer

    • 4. Drawing with vectors

    • 5. Optical adjustments and best practices

    • 6. Choosing a color scheme

    • 7. Adding texture

    • 8. Final thoughts

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About This Class

In this class Martina Flor, lettering artist and designer, will share her secrets to successfully digitising a lettering piece to achieve expressive designs.

Vector drawings can help you achieve a greater control on the shapes of your lettering. Also, the nature of a commercial project often requires the scalability that a digital drawing provides. If you want to get all nerdy working on your curves and adding visual depth to your designs, this class is for you!


You already took your first steps into lettering. With this class you’ll learn how to take those designs into a digital environment without loosing expressiveness, visual richness and its tactile effect. A digital drawing can help you achieve a better control over your shapes and allows a number of effects that can improve your results greatly. In this class, Martina will cover how to:

  • Digitise your hand sketches with Adobe Illustrator
  • Polish curves and make optical adjustments
  • Choose a color scheme for your artwork
  • Add effects that enhance your design
  • Make texture treatments that add a tactile feel to your lettering

This class is the perfect complement to Martina’s previous classes, "The Golden Secrets of Hand-Lettering", “Storytelling Through Lettering” and “The Golden Secrets of Script Lettering." It is designed for designers, illustrators and anyone who wants to improve their skills to create attractive digital letters and art!