Digital Illustration Tricks: The Mesh Tool & Swatch Patterns | Cory Kensinger | Skillshare

Digital Illustration Tricks: The Mesh Tool & Swatch Patterns

Cory Kensinger

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6 Videos (30m)
    • Class Trailer

    • Using the Mesh Tool

    • Applying Mesh to Satellite, Saturn, & Rocket Window

    • Create Visual Interest with Swatch Patterns

    • Finishing All Space Station Elements

    • Using the Photo Transparency Trick & Final Touches


About This Class

Learn two powerful tricks inside Adobe Illustrator to polish your current illustrations. These Digital Illustration tricks are sure to give you an extra edge when completing your designs. Looks great on various design styles, adding realism and cohesive balance to your vector art.

You'll learn:

  • How to use The Mesh Tool to make custom shading
  • How to adjust shading meshes to make vector objects look more realistic
  • How to create halftone patterns to add visual appeal and balance
  • How to use photos inside Illustrator to make vector objects glow with realism





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Through the deep vibrations of music. Through the grit, color and character of illustration, I'm on a path to create the things that express my deepest passions in life. Bringing together the various pieces of my inspiration I've had my whole life into a centerfold expression of the things I want to say to the world.

You'll find Music Production, Illustration, and Graphic Design here.

There's more in the making.

As I develop this ch...

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