Digital Illustration: Start To Illustrate Your Style with procreate | L. Laura Coleman | Skillshare

Digital Illustration: Start To Illustrate Your Style with procreate

L. Laura Coleman, Fine Artist and Illustrator

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4 Lessons (10m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Brushes and tools Introduction

    • 3. Guided Steps

    • 4. Steps In Slow Motion


About This Class

Have you thought about illustrating your style and fashion look book but don’t know where to start?  In this short class, Artist and Illustrator Laura (Burge) Coleman will walk you through the process of illustrating the styles in your the lookbook and how to make your illustration come to life with color and shading. With this foundation, you’ll be ready to illustrate new fashions like "Illustrated Styles From A to Z" and begin publishing illustrated lookbooks each season for admirers of fashion and art around the world.





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L. Laura Coleman

Fine Artist and Illustrator

Hi, I'm Laura!

I create eye-catching, colorful, whimsical, light-hearted illustrations that inspire women to do what they love, create art! To put it simply, I illustrate logos, book covers that help brands stand out and make an impact! I'm a graphic designer, illustrator, and artist equipped with the skills to help your business look fabulous while bringing in the money.

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