Digital Illustration: Refine With Overpainting And Effects | Sydney H. | Skillshare

Digital Illustration: Refine With Overpainting And Effects

Sydney H., Digital Illustrator

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9 Videos (31m)
    • Introduction

    • Preparation

    • Thoughts on Rendering

    • Importance of Edges

    • Rendering Your Image

    • Adding Rimlights

    • Adding Effects

    • Finishing Touches

    • Conclusion


About This Class

For this class, you will need a graphics tablet (or tablet with pen stylus)!


Prerequisite class: Digital Illustration: Underpainting Made Easy

Want to take your underpainting to the next level? As a continuation from Underpainting Made Easy, I’ll bring you through the final steps of completing your illustration.

With this class, you can further enhance your drawing through the application of over painting and special effects.

My idea of over painting is to add the final layers of “paint” (color) through new layers and the use of layer modes. By using layers in this fashion, it gives you the opportunity to define your shapes and add edges to your image with style! Including special effects can add even more depth and make it look more appealing than it was before. Not only will I go over how to overpaint, but I will also show you some finishing touches on how I make my drawings look clean and professional!

Please make note that it is required for you to complete Underpainting Made Easy to follow the lessons in this class.

Having a tablet with a stylus is essential for this course to be completed smoothly.

Enroll in this class now to learn some new techniques and methods on overpainting!


Tools You Need:

-Tablet with a Stylus (Graphics Tablet)

-Adobe Photoshop



Rimlight Image References: Corey Rich and Erin Crooks





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Sydney H.

Digital Illustrator


A freelance artist creating artwork that strives to engage and generate pieces that everyone can enjoy. I love exploring multiple fields of the art some of which is digital, traditional, design! I'm highly influenced by old illustrators (like J.C Leyendecker), anime, and video games.


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