Digital Illustration: Learn to Draw An Adorable Unicorn with Photoshop

Jeca Martinez, Animator & Illustrator

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9 Lessons (33m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Sketch the Base of Your Unicorn

    • 3. Build Up Your Unicorn

    • 4. Add Personality with Features & Accessories

    • 5. Create a Color Composition

    • 6. Color Your Unicorn

    • 7. Add Texture

    • 8. Add Details and Finishing Touches

    • 9. More Examples & Final Thoughts


About This Class

In this fun 33-minute class I will teach you the basics of digital illustration, and my tips and techniques that I use in real-world freelance projects, all while showing you how to draw your own super adorable unicorn in Photoshop!

This class is designed for beginner digital illustration artists who have some basic understanding of the layout and tools in Photoshop. 

You will learn how to:

  • Construct and design a simple unicorn
  • Create a color composition
  • Color your character
  • and basic digital illustration tips, tricks, and techniques!

By the end of the class, you’ll learn not only how to draw your own unicorn character, but also my tips and tricks that you can apply to your future digital illustration projects.