Digital Illustration For Designers : Combine Shapes & Texture To Create Intricate Artwork | Shubham Sharma ☺ | Skillshare

Digital Illustration For Designers : Combine Shapes & Texture To Create Intricate Artwork

Shubham Sharma ☺, Graphic Designer & Illustrator

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11 Videos (46m)
    • Class Trailer

    • Your Class Project

    • Creative Research

    • Starting To Sketch

    • Outline Using Foundation Shapes

    • Adding Basic Features

    • Working On Precise Details & Shapes

    • Applying Colors & Effects

    • Constructing Custom Shapes

    • Applying Theme Based Texture In Photoshop

    • Final Words & Thanks!


About This Class

About the Class

Illustration is the art of making images that work with something and add to it without needing direct attention and without distracting from the thing they illustrate. The other thing is the focus of the attention, and the illustration's role is to add personality and character without competing with that other thing.

If you have a dream to be a professional illustrator then this class is for you. In this class we will start from zero. Then gradually we will move on to more advance level. You don't need to be have any artistic or digital experience, we will discuss everything in this course.

So,  whether you are a newbie or a pro, you will find this course very useful.


What You Will Learn !

We will start from scratch. I will walk you through step by step process of Illustration Design.

First we will have an introduction to illustration design, then we will discuss creative research process, sketching illustration design and then digitizing in illustrator.

We will discuss every technical and artistic aspect of illustration design in detail. I will share my experience and my tricks with you.

Join me in the journey, where you will discover illustrator inside you.





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Shubham Sharma ☺

Graphic Designer & Illustrator

Hi! I am Shubham Sharma. I am a professional graphic designer and illustrator from South Asia. I love to share my skills and get interacted with budding designers. Design is an integral part of my life. I like to stay inspired and keep people motivated.

I love to talk about design, and stay close with the design community.

Thank You.

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