Digital Illustration: Flat Design Character in Adobe Illustrator | Mark Rise | Skillshare

Digital Illustration: Flat Design Character in Adobe Illustrator

Mark Rise,

Digital Illustration: Flat Design Character in Adobe Illustrator

Mark Rise,

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6 Lessons (19m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. How To Draw Flat Design Portrait

    • 3. How To Draw Flat Character Body

    • 4. Start With Details - Head

    • 5. Start With Details - Central Body

    • 6. Start With Details - Arms and Legs

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About This Class

Have you ever wanted to create your own flat design character? It’s easier than you think. All you need is to learn how to play with two geometric shapes; circles and rectangles. And after that, you will enjoy your creativity. Here, I will teach you how to do this.

I will show you how to draw a flat design portrait. You will be guided step-by-step, and I will teach you all my tools and shortcuts that I use to draw flat design character illustrations. It’s simple to understand and easy to follow.


We will move from the flat design portrait to the flat design body illustrations. Here, you will already be familiar with my tools in Adobe Illustrator, so it will be easy, and you’re probably starting to get ideas about how to design your own flat design character.


In the last part of the video, we will create details and shadows. Here the real magic begins! In a day or two, you will be able to create your unique flat design character illustration.  So, start today, and share your first illustrations with the world!

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Mark Rise


Hello, I'm Mark.

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1. Introduction: [Music]Hey, my name is Mark Rise, and welcome to Flat Design Mastery Course. [Music] Over 15 years, I collect skills that they'll make my character simple and beautiful. In this course, I will share those skills with you. [Music] Together we will walk through the whole process step by step, and you will get the incredible results in two days or less. [Music] The perfect so therefore, this course is a person who want to learn fast and want to create a beautiful character in the easiest possible way. [Music] By the end of the course you will be able to create your own character. A unique character, with beautiful details made by you. [Music] So if you are free to take a look at the course description, and I will see you inside. 2. How To Draw Flat Design Portrait: Hey, Mark Rise here. And welcome to part one. In this part, I will show you how to create a head with two simple geometric forms. The first one is rectangle and a second ellipse or circle. I will start with a rectangle tool, so selected it here or use the M keyboard button. Before I begin to draw, I need to choose one of the colors from a palette. It will be skin colors because I will show you how to draw a head in this part of the course. Now when I selected the rectangle tool and pick out the color, I can start with the drawing. Okay, we created our first rectangle. It will be the primary form of the head I intend. Now, I will select the direct selection tool, or hit the A keyboard button. And I can start with the rounded corners. Select the one of the points and pull it inside of the shape. If you want to create just one rounded edge, click the point before you can start to move and move. In this case, I need all the corners to be rounded because I just create the basic shape of the head. Now it's time for the second shape. Circle, I want to create eyes. So pick up the Ellipse tool or use the L keyboard button. When you start to draw, the shape will be prettier format. So hold shift if you want to avoid that, my fingers is always on the shift button. I will use the black color for the created circle. This is the one eye, and now I'll copy it. Just hold out and drag the new shape. If you want to be a more precise holdout, start to move the new circle, and when you start to pull the form hold shift as well. Okay, select the eyes, group it with control plus G command. Hold shift, change the size a bit, and move it here. Now it's time for ears. I will pick up the darker skin color. Hit M keyboard button for the rectangle tool, and draw the rectangle. Select the direct selection tool for the rounded corners. And after that, l will move the shape in the back of the shape. Select the ear straight click with the right mouse button. A rage and hits center button. If you want to be sure that everything is aligned right, open align panel. You can find it here in Windows or use shift plus F 7 command. Select all shapes and hit horizontal align center button. I will draw one more circle with the ellipse tool. So hit the L keyboard button, hold shift and create it. It's going to be black. I will move it here and it will be the beard of that character. When we copy the shape, we control plus C commend, we usually paste it with control plus V. But now I will paste it with control plus F command. It is paste in place. As you can see, it's copied on the same position as the first circle. If you hold shift and change the size of the shape, it be replaced, it's right, but not in the middle. So if you want to change it with the right proportion and in the middle, hold shift plus control keyboard buttons. Hold shift, move it up a bit and paint it in skin color. We got the nose. Okay, the next is the mouth. I will copy the beard one more time with control plus C, control plus F commands. Paint it in white color and got the O shape and I want him to be smiling. I will hit the M keyboard button and create the rectangle. Okay, now I want to just the white part of the circle and I don't need a part of the circuit below the green rectangle. So select the green rectangle, hold shift, and select the white circle as well. I will use the Pathfinder for this step. Here you will find the mines frontal, just hit the button and you will get the mouth. You can turn on the Pathfinder tab in the windows and be sure that everything is in the center. Okay, great, it's time for the hair. Hit the M keyboard button, draw the rectangle here. And with the direct selection tool, select the lower-left point hold shift and select this one as well. Start pulling them upwards. I can add a structure here. Hit the L keyboard, button, hold shift, and draw it. You can move it here. We need another one for the back of the head. So I will copy it with control plus C, control plus F command. Move it here click with the right mouse button arrange and hit center button. We can draw one more rectangular here and move the lower right point. We finish at the hair. Now I will show you how to draw a neck. When you double-click on the shape, it will isolate it. It means that you can change it without affecting other drawing elements. I will select the direct selection tool and pick these three points at the bottom. Move it here. Copy it, control plus C, control plus F commands, pull it here, anchorage sharp edges with the direct selection tool. It needs to be darker a bit hold shift, move it here, and center back. Okay, it's time for the body. So I will see you in the next part. 3. How To Draw Flat Character Body: In previous part of the course, I showed you how to draw the head with simple shapes. In this part, I will show you how to draw a body. I will select all, hold "shift" plus "alt" and change the size of the head. We need more space. First, I will draw the center body with the Ellipse Tool. Hit "L" to chose it, hold 'shift" keyboard button and start to draw. It can be orange, why not? Now I will draw the upper part of the shirt with the rectangle tool. I can change the size a bit. Cool. Now, legs, this will be the black belt. I need one more rectangle for the upper part of the pant. I will use the purple color and these corners will be round. Okay, great. I finished with a center body. It's time for the legs hit "M" keyboard button and draw the rectangle. Here, I want to align these shapes. Select the "shapes" and use horizontal align right. Now, I will copy the leg with "control plus C, control plus F" commands. Select the new leg together with the upper part of the pen and use Horizontal Align Left, the leg needs to be a darker a bit. In that way, I will achieve deep off the field. The new shape will be behind the upper part of the pant. Click on it with the "right mouse button", going to "arrange" and hit "send to back". I'll only cut this gap a bit. Great. It's time for shoes. It's very simple. Just hit the "M" keyboard button, draw rectangle, select points on the top and create the rounded corners. If you want one more hold "alt" and drag it here. Okay. Now arms, first, I will draw rectangle. It will be orange, but a darker a bit, deep off the field. Now, I will copy it with "control plus C, control plus F" commands. I will drop the upper edge of the shape and move it here. You will need skin color because it will be hand. Select the "Direct Selection Tool" and make these corners rounded. It's cool, but I want to go one step further and create fingers. I will use the rectangle for it. I will copy the shape, we "control plus C, control plus F commands" and move the shape here. And then I will create the thumb. I will copy the finger, hold "shift" and move the points, the thumb needs to be smaller a bit. I'll make it a darker and move the shape in the bigger one. Cool, I just created it a first-time. I will try to find the right proportion. Okay, hold "alt" then move here the second arm. Click on it with the "right mouse button", "transform" and select "reflect". Select the "vertical" and hit "okay". I will select and group arms, I'll do the same with legs as well. Now select all except this part of the hair and here, hit the "horizontal align center", hit the "end" keyboard button and draw rectangular for the shoulders. These corners will be rounded. Send to back. That's it. See you in the next part of the course. 4. Start With Details - Head: In the previous class, I showed you how to draw complete character, but you can make it even better just with a few details. I will start with the head, first I will create one object from these parts over here. I will go into pathfinder and use unite tool. It's done. Now, I will make it a little lighter. You can add a few rectangles and make these rectangles rounded. Its cool. If you want to go one step further, you can create a shadow of the front here. Just copy the Chevy control plus c control plus F commands. Slightly move it up, copy the shape one more time, and paint in the black color. As you can see here are two shapes now, the black in the front, and gray in the back. I will cite the black and the green and use minus front tool in pathfinder, and the shadow is created. Now one more cool part of the process. Copy the front part of the hair one more time. Just control plus C, double-click on the basic parts of the hair. In this way, you will easily get the basic head shape. Now, copy the hair shaping with control plus F commands and move it down a bit. Paint it in darker skin color. it'll be a shadow here on the face. Now copy the basic parts of the head with control plus C, control plus F commands. Select it together with the copied part of the hair and use the divide tool in pathfinder. [inaudible] the white, everything limited by blue lines will be the divided. Now, I can ungroup it and delete unnecessary parts. Double-click on the background and I got the shadow. I'll do the same with the beard. That's it. In the next part, I will show you how to add more details to the body. 5. Start With Details - Central Body: Okay, the editors are finished, now I will focus on the central part of the body. First time it will copy these shapes, we control plus C control plus F commands and then make it darker a bit. You can use the color from my arms, use eyedropper tool for depth, you can find it here or just hit I keyboard command. I would change size a bit and create the cool shadow. Now this part of the shape is pop up, I can add a yellow lines here. In that phase, I can achieve better dynamic with the course double-click on the central circle, hit any keyboard button and draw a rectangle, it will be yellow. Copy the circle and select copy shaped together with the yellow rectangle, and use the vital from Pathfinder. Here I can add a shadow in the same way as I did with the beard. Now I got a nice shadow here, I have a nice texture and it would be qualify create one more to the central of part of the body. I will do this with the rounded rectangles. I can do this with the yellow parts as well. Okay, now it's time to show you one more cool options in Illustrator. First, select the rounded rectangular, then hold out and move it here. Now I can repeat the last action with control plus D commands, and my last step is automatically repeated. I will select all these shapes and group it with control pus G command. Cool, this part of the body is done, here I can add one more gray rectangle, just for fun. I can add one more detail. Okay, I finished at the central part of the body, and in the next part, we can finish the rest of the body. 6. Start With Details - Arms and Legs: Friend. Let's move on. First will ungroup arms. Now, I will say the shoulder shape. Hold, shift, and select the red parts of the arms as well. The red shapes are selected. Go to pathfinder, and use unite two. I just created one single object. Here I will add a shadow, select the circle of the central body, and copied with Control plus C, Control plus F commands, make it bigger. Move it here, and it needs to be darker a bit. I will select it together with arms, and you send two back. I don't need this part. So I will copy arms. Select the circle as well, and use the white tool to cut unnecessary parts of the circle. Ungroup it, and delete just the parts that you want to leave. It's done. Now, I can add a yellow rectangle here. If you want, you can add a few rectangles, [inaudible] Here, I can create a few rectangles as well. Group shapes, hold out, and move it here. Here I will create a watch with the rectangle and a few circles. I will copy the circle. With Control plus C control plus F commands. Hold, Shift plus ALT, and change the size of the new circle. Now, you can add a shadow to the back leg. Copy the existing shape, pull the button point, and move it here. It will be darker. You can add more details. I will create one more rounded rectangle as a shadow. After that the background, and we are done. Use one of the colors from your character. In this case, it can be purple, but very light. That's it. The character design is done.