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Jon Burgerman, Artist and Illustrator based out of NYC

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16 Lessons (1h 9m)
    • 1. Project: Create an art piece from your doodle

    • 2. Pens Are Your Friends

    • 3. Research and Destroy

    • 4. Doodling Exercise #1

    • 5. Doodling Exercise #2

    • 6. Doodling Exercise #3

    • 7. Outputting Ideas

    • 8. Evaluating the Doodles

    • 9. Methods of Scanning

    • 10. Spit and Polish - Part One

    • 11. Spit and Polish - Part Two

    • 12. Vectorising in Illustrator - Part One

    • 13. Vectorising in Illustrator - Part Two

    • 14. Colouring

    • 15. Finishing Up

    • 16. More Creative Classes on Skillshare

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About This Class


I am an artist and illustrator who makes busy, bold, fun, funny, colorful artworks. 

Everything I create starts off as simple drawings made with a pen in my sketchbook. Then, using an array of tools, tips and tricks these doodles become artwork for... well, anything, from t-shirts, posters, stickers, homewares to murals, performance pieces, animations and more.

In this class we will make a fun doodle illustration that can be used as an art print or a screen print (or even a t-shirt design).

The work will come from your doodles! No need to worry about being an expert drawer or artist. The work will retain a charming hand drawn and imaginative quality.

Hopefully you will leave the class feeling inspired and energised to make your work and have a cool art print you can sell on your website.

I am going to share with you some of the processes I use to create my work.


What You'll Learn

By walking through my own creation process, I am going to arm you with a cavalcade of skills to create a versatile art print. The artwork can be appropriated for anything you like – whether its a t-shirt, an album cover, or a skate deck etc. 

We'll cover:

  • Doodling. The first step of my process is always drawing. 
  • Output ideas. I'll explain the considerations to keep in mind with regards to making a design for an art print.
  • Evaluation. You will evaluate your doodled works, and get your drawing ready before we hit the computer and move on towards making the final artwork.
  • Digitize. You will tweak and tidy up your drawings and then I will show you how to digitize it in a few easy ways. 
  • Polishing then Publishing. You will cast a beady eye over the details of your work and make sure everything is clean and ready for a potential client or print job. 


What You'll Do

You will use your hands, heart, eyes and brain to draw things on paper with a pen. You will loosen up and get inspired and create an unexpected hand drawn composition. Then you will use Adobe Photoshop and  Illustrator to create a digital graphic that can be an art print (that you can sell) or repurpose as a design for a multitude of outputs (such as t-shirts, posters, packaging design etc)

The process will move along these lines:
Think > Draw > Digitize > Tweak > Vectorize > Color > Output.

You will learn both computer and cognitive skills to create an art print from your doodles to be put out into the world. You will have fun and feel inspired to create, draw and dream!