Digital Illustration: Designing Custom Vintage Postcards

Connor Brandt, Graphic Designer, College Student

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11 Videos (32m)
    • Introduction

    • Preparation

    • The Process

    • The Pen Tool

    • Shape-Building

    • Using Strokes

    • Adding Color

    • The Frame

    • The Sky

    • Adding Text

    • Congratulations!


About This Class

Do you have vacation pictures?  Do you have pictures?  Of anything?  Then you can participate in this class!  In this quick 32-minute class, graphic designer Connor Brandt shares the process and techniques for creating an accurate, eye-catching illustration of your very own photographs.

You will learn how to recognize the basic shapes needed to represent your original image while giving it a more bold, streamlined look.  By juxtaposing the deep shadows of the foreground with a radiating sky, thick frame, and art deco text, you can make even the most mundane picture look like something that belongs on the front of a postcard.

What picture will you choose?  The Golden Gate Bridge?  Your childhood home?  The local Walmart?  There's no limit to what you can do.  So let's get started!

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Excellent class
Cool info in this class...he knows what he's talking about! I'll probably watch a couple more times as there's a lot of good info.
Connor gives a nice intro to the modern-day version of art deco/1930s postcards by using some of the basics of Adobe Illustrator. (So, those who fear the pen tool, like I do, he does start off with how to use the pen tool to complete the background. And it looks a lot better and easier than I thought...) While there times I wished the time lapsed segments were slower, I still got the basic idea of how he achieved his effects. Sometime when I have a free week, I need to try making a postcard of my own.





Connor Brandt

Graphic Designer, College Student

Connor Brandt is a 20 year old who enjoys graphic design and listening to music. He sometimes types in the third person.

Hey, I'm Connor. I'm a Junior at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. Even when I was too young to know how to use a computer, I always had logo ideas in my head. Ones that I'd have to scribble on paper with colored pencils. So when I finally found a way to really make my ideas come to life, I was hooked. I started out designing sports uniforms and logos in Microsoft Paint when I was about 12. I've since become interested in all other aspects of graphic design, working first in Inkscape and now in Illustrator. Graphic design is something I enjoy doing both for myself and for other people, and I'm now sharing my skills (see what I did there?) with others on this fantastic website!