Digital Illustration: Design Your Avatar

Ryan Putnam, Designer & Illustrator

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8 Videos (48m)
    • Introduction

    • What Are Avatars?

    • Starting Your Avatar

    • Building Your Avatar

    • Adding Features

    • Adding Accessories

    • Finishing Touches on Your Avatar

    • Wrap Up

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About This Class

Looking to push your skills in Adobe Illustrator? Want to take the self portrait to the next level? Join artist Ryan Putnam for a fun, 45-minute class on designing your own custom avatar!

Ryan walks you through his own process of breaking down the subject matter (his face) into simple shapes and line weights that create a cohesive avatar. This class will teach you how to create and avatar with likeness to your face, and you'll work with essential, basic illustrator tools to achieve a sophisticated look.

Whether you're a designer looking to explore and push your style, or you just want to create a fun avatar for your social media account, this class will inspire you to open Adobe Illustrator and get to work!

Want to check out more from Ryan Putnam? Learn some fun illustration exercises to improve your work in his illustration styles class.

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easy to follow. even for a beginner like me
Super cours pour apprendre à transformer efficacement des formes basiques sur illustrator.
As a logo designer but beginner digital artist, I must say this is a great watch. Ryan exposes you to his process and in essence to the power of shapes; everything is made of basic shapes, therefore, you can make everything. This course is definitely an asset for brand designers as towards the end, he shows you how to expand your avatar to make others! (essential skill for building visual identities). Great watch, would recommend!





Ryan Putnam

Designer & Illustrator