Digital Illustration: Color Mastery in Photoshop Level 1 | Sydney H. | Skillshare

Digital Illustration: Color Mastery in Photoshop Level 1

Sydney H., Digital Illustrator

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7 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Photoshop Default vs. Color Wheel

    • 3. Hue

    • 4. Shades, Tones, and Tints

    • 5. Saturation & Vibrancy

    • 6. Color Schemes

    • 7. Summary


About This Class

Ever had trouble trying to understand color theory? Does it just seem way too complicated to wrap your head around?

In this series, you'll be learning color theory in a series of stages. I will begin in level 1 by going over the bare bones of color theory, explain the terminology and even provide demonstrations. After we master the basics in level 1, we will build our way up to more complex topics such as color weight, mood and harmonies in higher levels. Not only will I teach you how to pick colors in a digital setting, I will also teach you how to take advantage of your digital color wheel!

After each of lesson, you will be provided an exercise worksheet to do on your own so you can practice. By doing these exercises, it will help you not only become more familiar with color but how to apply it in Photoshop. The goal is to bring you clarity about color theory and to improve your color choices!

I will also be using a color wheel plugin for Adobe Photoshop called Coolorus when referring to quick color applications! It is not required for this class but it sure makes your life a lot easier!

Becoming familiar with color is something every artist wants. So why wait?

Enroll in this class now to gain valuable insight on your own color journey!

PLEASE NOTE: In this class I will be using Adobe Photoshop and Coolorus during my process.

Tools You Need:

-Photoshop installed

-Basic Understanding of Photoshop Interface/ Objects

-Photoshop Color Wheel Plugin Reccommended

-No tablet required