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Digital Ecosystem & Customer Journey

Steve @ IMarketer School, Digital Marketer

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13 Lessons (49m)
    • 1. Welcome on board!

    • 2. Digital ecosystem - Websites

    • 3. Digital ecosystem - Landing pages

    • 4. Blogging Platforms & Social Microblogging

    • 5. Other Must-Have Digital Tools

    • 6. Customer Journey - Lead Magnet

    • 7. Customer Journey - Initial Offer

    • 8. Customer Journey - Core Offer

    • 9. Upsells, Downsells, Cross-Sells

    • 10. Content Funnels: TOFU

    • 11. Content Funnels: MOFU

    • 12. Content Funnels: BOFU

    • 13. Analytics


About This Class

In marketing, a digital ecosystem is a detailed vision of how all digital and social assets of a brand interconnect and interact. When managing multiple platforms, it's important to understand how they will all work together to achieve the brand's goal.

So, in this course we will look at different platforms and funnels:

1. Platforms: Website, Landing Pages, Blog, Must Have Tools for any business

2. System: Lead Magnets, Tripwires, Core offer, Upsell, Downsells, Cross-sells

3. Funnel: Top of funnel TOFU, Mid of funnel MOFU, a bottom of funnel BOFU

4. Analytics 

In order to be successful online, you need to learn these tools and techniques. I wish you a happy learning!


1. Welcome on board!: hi there. And welcome to my marketer school. My name is Steve, and I'm happy to see you on board. I worked in different backgrounds from teaching S E O and paid ads to teaching content marketing. So any time during the course, if there is something you're not sure off or couldn't quite understand, please contact us in the discussion board. Gold of this class is to provide you with up to date information. I show you the right direction in digital marketing. Digital marketing is a lifeblood of any business. It does take time and effort, though, to develop a strategy. Digital marketing is an art and a science, and there are many low cost and no cost options available to you starting a solid foundation and build and grow over time. It is basically an important first step in your journey towards becoming an intelligent marketer. However, keep in mind that this is a self paced online course, so it will require some discipline from you in following the sequence of lessons. So thank you for sign up on. I wish you a happy learning 2. Digital ecosystem - Websites: digital marketing is one of those areas that's become all encompassing. There's social media, there's S CEO on there are analytics that come with it. And with its rapid pace at which digital marketing evolves, it can be difficult and confusing to prioritize, which deserve your attention. However, if you follow the simple road map, you won't be lost, and you will be able to prioritize platforms, craft funnels and map out your customer journey in order to do so. First, you should learn which platforms to use, so today we will start with must have platforms for building successful digital ecosystem. No matter if you're an e commerce site owner, course creator, author, coach, blogger or solo premier, digital marketing today means more than simply advertising and promotion, so you should have these platforms in place in order to be successful online. First and foremost, one of the must have platforms is your website. Now you're probably thinking if I maintain a block already or have a few landing pages in place for my products, do I really need a website? Some people say no. Forget about websites. They are boring, they are static, but honestly, your company's or your brands website can be a highly effective marketing tour. On it can be also a cost efficient. Let's ask a foolish sounding question. What is the purpose of a website? Again? This question might sound foolish, but it is one of the most important questions in your journey to strategic, where presence basically you have three strategic purposes. For a website, number one sell physical products and digital goods number two generate leads for service based business number three established credentials. So the first option of selling products can be an e commerce site. It really requires a learning curve development on marketing budgets. It produces direct revenue and measurable profit as well as sales leads. To simplify your journey as an e commerce startups, you conjoined a platform called Shopify. If you've never heard a Shopify starting in a basic plan of $29 a month, it is a complete e commerce solution that allows you to set up an online store to sell your goods. It lets you organize your products, customize your storefront, accept credit card payments, track and respond to orders all with a few clicks of the mouse. No technical knowledge needed and you can find tutorials on how to set up your store on Shopify dot com. Course creators and experts can also set up their e commerce style websites. Is platforms such as Think if IQ or teacher bore regards to think if it starting at $49. Basic Plan It is a full featured online course platform that makes it easy for speakers, authors, independent experts, entrepreneurs and companies to quickly create market and sell courses on their own sites. Now let's look at the second strategic purpose of a website lead generation. When it comes to lead generation site, it can be developed and marketed for less budget. For example, wordpress dot or is completely free of charge. Except for hosting, to which you pay around $5 a month. This type of site can produce qualified trackable sales leads depending on which theme you choose to start. A self hosted WordPress site, you need to obtain a domain name and WordPress hosting set up this platform. If you're not techy, might. Requiring developers help on the last option is a credentials type of site for experts, authors and coaches. It is the simplest and least expensive option it makes a good impression on people who know who you are but won't help you much to find new leads or customers unless you have a funnel in place for this purpose. Dragon drop tools such as Wickes or Weebly are suitable as thes platforms do not require any technical knowledge. So if you want to create a website that looks professional, gives great user experience on plays well with Google, choose either weeks or weebly that basic plans start with around $7 a month with 2 to 4 weeks free trial. You can choose a domain name directly at their platform, and you don't need your own hosting as it is provided with service. Okay, great. Now, how do you know which site option is right for you? Well, toe answer that you have to consider the nature of your business on its geographic scope. Obviously, you can mix and match these three options and use website for selling goods, digital products or services while also promoting yourself and your credentials. This way, you can actually create a hybrid site. However, you should remember that winning sites are built and marketed with singular focus. Different kinds of websites have different purposes, depending on who the intended audience is. So try to have a focused site 3. Digital ecosystem - Landing pages: understanding. The difference between a Websites home page on the landing page is significant these days. Websites, home pages and content pages have different goals than your landing pages do. In other words, landing page can be called as a standalone page. It doesn't have any other path or links. Apart from a link to thank You page when a leader, obscene landing pages need to be efficient and answering specific questions your prospects have at each stage in their journey. While your websites home page is like the front door of your home, website has lots of possible path your visitors can take. Same is your own home, which has a number of rooms and doors as a standalone page. A landing page allows you to focus your visitor's attention exclusively on converting them to the action you want them to take. Landing pages are the bread and butter of website conversions. They are it's assistance. When visitors are given targeted content, they are more likely to take the next step, such as filling out a contact form or purchasing a product. The major goal for or your landing pages is to turn site visitors into Leeds. It's the end of the story. Visitors have been to the site. They've seen your story, and they found additional educational content they needed. The landing page has to be highly efficient at taking them through the final step on converting them into a lead for you to nurture. Because of this, the pages designed with conversion in mind it tells a short and six sinks story to get the visitors to know exactly what they are getting again. There is no navigation because we don't want them. Going anywhere else on that copy has to be super compelling. The minor objective is related to search. Landing pages are also excellent. Resource is for on site search engine optimization, so you're going to want these pages to be highly optimized. You want them to rank because you're sending people to these pages from their searches and giving them a chance to convert into leads with a single page visit that's highly effective inbound marketing. One thing to mention here about great landing pages is that they are typically simple and repetitive. Nowadays, creating a landing is a simple process. Instead of spending hours creating a landing page, you can now create a great one in minutes with ready made templates in any chosen platform . So let's consider these platforms one by one. One of the best and well known landing page Created tours is called lead pages, starting at $37 a month. Many of the top brands and bloggers that you probably follow use this landing page software lead pages Tall has a huge selection of templates, and the cool thing is, you can even sort them by conversion rate. This feature is why Lead pages is among the best landing page tools out there. Like other landing page creators, you can have an analytic section in lead pages that allows you to spit testing lead pages and see how they are performing. Another popular landing page creator is instapage. Instapage benefits from an extremely simple user friendly interface. You won't need a month to figure the software out. Instapage has a very large, high quality selection of templates that are easy to edit. While there are some sleeker, flashier options available, you won't go wrong within instapage landing page on at $29 per month, you won't find one for less, and here is one more tool for you, which it might be even considered as superior to the previous tours called Click Funnels. Unlike competitive products, which allow you to create a single standalone pages, click Funnels is all about building different types of marketing funnels. Ah, funnel is basically a series of pages your visitors go through to reach a certain goal. Thousands of entrepreneurs, bloggers, e commerce sites, businesses and mawr are switching to click funnels today. Why? Simply because everything is pre built for you. No technical knowledge needed. However, Click funnels is quite pricey compared to the other two tools. It starts with $97 a month. But is it worth it? Absolutely. All of the mentioned tools offer from 2 to 4 weeks trial period, so check them out and see which tool is suitable for your budget. 4. Blogging Platforms & Social Microblogging: Regardless, if you are a small business or a multinational company, blocking is integral to your online content marketing strategy, as you've might hurt blog's our gnome or simply online diaries, they could turn into an intense promoting resource for any organization or company. Blog's often turn into the center of social media marketing When post show power serve clients, build community, boast their advertising and support public relations. Here are four reasons you need to block for your business number one. Drive traffic to your website number to increase your S E o Number three position. Your brand is an industry leader. Number four. Develop better customer relationships. Precise Blog's with accurate in depth information. Demonstrate credibility and authority on a given topic. As a result, you earn trust with someone uncertain about how to resolve an issue. Initially, your blood content guides the reader through the discovery phase of problem resolution toward the end of your post. Ah, well executed quarter action points the reader towards the next step of the journey. Your blog's gives you the opportunity to create relevant content for your customers. Use your bloggers a marketing tactic to drive traffic back to your website you can even make the blawg as the foundation for all of your social media platforms. Blog's Increase your S E O. As fresh content is still a key to beating out your competitors in the search engine results page, list out the keywords, topics and categories you want your business to be found with, and keep in mind these words and related expressions When writing your posts. Well written block posts will help you to demonstrate your brand as an industry leader. If you are a retailer, you can write block posts about your products to, so your customers will get to know you as the knowledge source for the products they want to start your blawg. You can sign up for blogger or WordPress. The same mentality of website applies. You could choose different themes with WordPress on again have to purchase your own hosting service. However, Blogger is a free blogging tool that could be used with another platform cord block spot, which is a free domain service provider. But if setting up blog's on WordPress or blogger sounds too techie, you can consider microblogging platforms. Microblogging is on the rise. It is a combination of instant messaging and blogging that allows users to make short messages to be posted and shared to the global audience. Social media platforms like Twitter have turned out to be greatly node for microblogging, particularly on the mobile Web, making it significantly more advantageous to communicate with people. The short messages can come in the form of a variety of content formats, which include text pictures, sound video and hyperlinks. Microblogging can be a good way of promoting your blawg and also to quickly share and respond to other people's blocks. It allows you to do your quick sharing, leaving the meteor stuff for your block or the comments section of others posts. Alternative to Twitter is tumbler, which allows you to very quickly share photos, quotes, links and short updates. In a simple, blood like format, it's easy to share or re share content on. It has the immediacy and ease of microblogging while allowing greater length and interaction on better incorporation of rich media. Another notable example is Google Plus, which is a Twitter Facebook like social networking tour but allows longer contributions and better incorporation of rich media, a swell as tours such as chat and video hangouts while still being in one place on having a quick sharing feel. In conclusion, I would say that having your own blawg is better for a more in depth, personalized interaction. Even though a blood is technically harder to set up and maintain, it can serve as a hub for all your content on social media activities. 5. Other Must-Have Digital Tools: Now you know the purpose of your website and you've chosen the right website platform landing page Creator on blogging platform. Let's move on to other tours that can help you maximize Web impact. First and foremost, we should think of email collecting tours for our websites. Landing pages on blog's. Being able to connect with your customers could be extremely beneficial to your new business, especially if you're keeping a master email list with a list of email addresses. You can nurture leads and send promotional emails to entice customers to buy from you. To do so, you send an email that offers a deal or a discount. Even if your business is not counting. Engaging in email marketing, you should still be collecting email addresses to ensure that you have a built in audience when you're ready to get started. So let's have a look at Hello bar. Thousands of website owners have benefited from collecting emails and displaying messages with hello bar. If you're not familiar with it, the Hello bar is a thin bar that runs along the top of your website. It could be used for a wide variety of reasons, but could also help with your landing pages and converting block post again, it is an attractive quarter action button. This'd button will drive extra traffic to your page with minimal effort while being unobtrusive. Your block post. Its editor is very simple. You simply fill in the information color message, etcetera for the bar in the prompted fields, and you're done. There are also tours we cannot ignore, called Opt In Monster and Opti Monk. The 1st 1 is for collecting emails via pop up feature, and 2nd 1 is to capture those with exit intent. These tools come bump up your sign ups considerably, so check them out. The next tour is a live chattel, one of the best Softwares for life chat. Out there is a lock. Oh, Lark is easy to use live chat software that lets you talk to customers on your website. Pollak shows you information in real time about the people who are counting on your site, not just the people you are chatting with and with a lock. It is easier for people to start chatting with you, so it's a pretty handy tour to clear doubts of prospects before they sign up. You can also use Welcome mat by sumo me. Welcome at displays a four screen quarter action that shows when visitors land on your site . It inserts itself at the top of your content, making sure not to block any visitors. If they want to get straight to your content, they simply scroll down on Welcome Mat Disappears if you're using a WordPress website. Sumo Me comes as a free plug in Now that we've collected email addresses with pop ups. Exit intense welcome mats on Hello bars. Andi have even chatted to our prospects. Fire Live chat. It's time to get them into our email Auto Responders software Again. No matter which sector you are in, you must have one of these auto responders software Auto responders on email. Marketing tools are some of the most important parts of your business. You can use it to follow up with customers to keep people coming back to your site or blawg to build loyalty to make sales. If you're managing an email list in the hundreds, thousands or low tens of thousands and you're only clicked leads through the Internet, then there's no better service than a Weber because a Weber doesn't really allow you to add leads from offline services. However, for online lists, a Weber Sports the best deliver ability ratings on the market. Your e mails will get delivered, opened and clicked on, so a Weber is number one in our list. The 2nd 1 is male chimp. It is a fantastic place for beginning marketers to get started there forever. Free plan allows you to create a list on male chimp for free as long as your list is under 2000 users. When you're just starting out, that's more than enough. If you don't want to start paying for auto responders yet, go ahead and give mail Chimp a shot. It is a first great step as an email marketing tool, and one more fantastic option is drip. Drip provides an email marketing automation solution to help you qualify leads as short in the sales cycle. This email platform that you send targeted emails to individual prospects and customers based on their actions throughout your marketing, including what links. They click on what pages they visit, what products they have purchased from you, how often they open your emails, etcetera. That means you can always send the right email to the right subscriber on your list at the right time to get them to take action. Drip is more sophisticated than a Weber and Mail chimp and requires a learning curve. There is one more tool that you might be interested in. It is not a must have, but rather a nice tohave tall that will help you automate your lead generation process. It's called Zap Era. Zambia is a tool that allows you to connect APS You use every day to automate tasks and save time. You can connect any of their 750 integrated APS together to make your own automation. It's quick and easy to set up. You don't need to be a developer, and anyone can make a zap. You might think, Why do I need it? For example, you can connect your drip app with lead pages, or you can connect mail chimp with Google sheets and immediately record everyone who signed up with your newsletter and Zambia or deliver emails to you as an Excel file. Now that you're aware off all these magic tours, you're probably thinking that these tours seem to add up together at a monthly cost of $500 or more. However, if you use WordPress for website mail Chimp with his own opt in form for email and microblogging for blogging, you can save significantly. 6. Customer Journey - Lead Magnet: Hi, guys. Welcome to the second section of this course. Now that we know all of the platforms to get started, I would like to remind you that when you build a website is often done to serve a purpose and website, so purposes survival survival is achieved by making profit, and the only way of business can make a profit ethically is to sell something of value. A website has the capability to be online 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, so it makes sense toe automate as much of it as possible. The trick with website systems and funnels is to ensure you do not lose the personal touch with your audience and create profit in your business. The best way to understand what your customers need and how you are going to provide this value is to first ask yourself the following question. What is the outcome for the person who has landed on my website? Would buying a specific physical product benefit them word? Joining an online membership help them to move closer to their goal? Do they need to shed your time with me? by looking at similar questions relevant to your business, you can start to understand what you will create as an opt in gift and initial product, your call offer and any up cells that will add additional value at the time of purchase. The focus must always remain on the outcome of your audience. After all, they are the ones who pay your wages. Now don't be scared with these terms. If you've never heard of thumb, we will look at each one by one. As you know, people can be introduced to your business for our social media. Word of mouth search engines paid advertising, etcetera. All of these sources of referrals unknown is traffic. While your website funnel may change, the outcome is always the same. To convert traffic into profit by providing massive value. Now, if you are not aware of the term funnel, I would say that this term refers to a particular strategy for starting leads Generation efforts on for converting leads into business. The key word here is to convert funnel equals conversion. So the first question we need to ask when people find us online is what happens if they leave without converting Let's imagine your new visitor gets distracted and leaves your website without purchasing anything. How do you even know they were there in the first place? To avoid the situation? It makes sense to obtain that email address, so if they click away, you can continue a conversation with them. So you should have an opt in system set up before bringing any traffic. But why do they opt in? Why would they give you their email address? Well, we need to offer something in exchange to their email. That's a fact. We need to offer them a lead magnet, a gift, or sometimes that's cordon ethical bribe to capture their emails. Thes ethical bribes are also called lead magnets. Sign up incentives, sign up, offers free mediums and many other terms. Please don't be confused. They all mean the same thing. For this course. Let's just call it a lead magnet. The goal of the lead magnet is to maximize the number of targeted leads you're getting for an offer. The perfectly magnet will offer tremendous value within five minutes of the opt. In lead, magnets can be free. Charles checklists free e books, Cheat sheets, quizzes, Webinars case studies, coupons, free reports and free courses. Lead magnets can be defined any type of marketing offer made in exchange for contact information that allows a business to follow up with someone who is either ready to make a purchase decision or who is likely to make one in the future. Some important key things to remember are your offer must be relevant and provide value to the perspective. Lead in order for a conversion to occur on your offer should be specific and doesn't have to be overly complicated in order to produce a great result. 7. Customer Journey - Initial Offer: today, it's becoming increasingly difficult to gain the trust of prospects and get them to hand over their hard earned cash for your product or service. The biggest game changer for businesses in today's marketing to help convert more prospects and leads into customers is the trip wire offer or, let's say, an initial front end offer for a low price. This way you will convert leads into buyers. The trip wire is an irresistible super low risk. Paid off for that gets you more customers on the front end. And it's probably the most important step in your sales funnel because it's the most underdone. Traditionally, marketers would use a lead magnet a compelling free offer in exchange for customer contact information to gain leads, then convert them to customers on the back end. But it is hard to convert a lead with core offer without turning them into buyers. First with trip wire. Your goal is not to make a profit from your trip while offer, but rather to dramatically increase your customer base on cover all of your lead generation expenses. For this course, let's call it an initial offer. Many companies, in fact, choose to sell their initial offers at a loss to gain even more customers. If you understand and execute on your initial offer, you'll set yourself up to dominate your competition. Initial offers a usually price between $1.20 dollars, so you could see how cheap it can be. The lower the prices, the Maury Resistible your initial offer will be, but you don't want to present it as cheap. Instead, you want to make it clear that you are giving them an incredibly valuable deal that they would be silly to pass up. Remember, no matter what, you should always focus your business toe work with only buyers, so $1 buyer is still a buyer. Why, because it's no longer effective toe have a large list of leads that go cold easily and are not easy to convert. Converting cold leads online requires a lot of clever marketing on a complex content marketing strategy, so having an initial offer is crucial as it simplifies this process. The core principle of this offer is that customers who buy your initial offer are 7 to 10 times more likely to make a repeat purchase. It's a way of generating rapport on building trust. Ah, potential customers should feel comfortable making a small investment with you to experience your sales process, your after care, the delivery in your product, the quality of your product, aunt, how you will respond to support its this experience that will determine how likely your new customer will continue purchasing from you on also, how they will communicate with others about you. Whilst this section of your funnel will not generate massive profits for you, it is vital to ensure future success. If you don't have a tangible product, you can sell for cheap or you don't have the time or resource is to create a new product. Ah, hack that Ryan Dese from Digital marketer cause products Mentoring can help you generate your initial offer. The idea is to take some of the best bits of your core product and turn it into a trip wire . Try that trick. Have set up your initial offer 8. Customer Journey - Core Offer: the secret source of trip wire marketing is that you don't take the newly converted buyer to a thank you page. Instead, you take them to an up sell page with a higher value complementary offer or a core offer. Because of the power of one click up cell system. Your Biocon click a button while purchasing your initial offer to say that they want to the court offer to You already have their credit card info stored in the session so they don't need to go through the cart again, and they don't see the big ticket item price in the cart. Hence it works beautifully. So what is a core offer? Well, core offer is your big offer. This is where you want people to get to. This is your big product. Sales follows are so important for any business. When you have an online business, your funnel is a bit different. Basically, you start with a free offer, which is our lead magnet. That could be your free e book or guide that you give in exchange for their email address. Next, you want to offer them something small, maybe for $1. They should always be in line with your pricing. You could even offer a bundle package of 10% of your main. Pricing on this system leads to your core offer. Once you have seen that they haven't interest in you on that. They trust you enough to make a purchase your little initial offer. Then you can give them your really offer as an example. Let's say your lead magnet is a free cheat sheet. Your initial offer is an E book for $1 and your core offer could be one hour's consultation for $75 if you're a coach or online course for $97 if you're an online instructor, what you are doing here is establishing trust trust. Remove some of the common objections that people face when looking to purchase from someone they don't know. Customers hope experienced. Your sales funnel should now feel comfortable with you. The outcome is to identify their pain, show them that you understand it and offer a solution. The best way to provide authenticity on objection handling is through case studies and testimonials. Using real life examples is a brilliant way to divert the pressure from the sales process and ensure that you remained confident and in control never appear desperate, needy, too accommodating or anything that may hinder your chances of selling your core offer to a customer. That is a great power in identifying customers who are not a good fit for your main services. It shows that you have a pride and confidence in your ability and your service. People are drawn to that authenticity, and in a world of noise, so limiting who gets access to your core offer is often a good thing. The main take away here is to identify your ideal customer on offer your products to them and only to them. Don't offer your opt ins. Your initial and core offers toe everybody, as you cannot please everybody, but the ideal customer will be loyal to your company. Frequently use or buy from you. Andi will likely recommend you to their friends and colleagues. Toe. Identify your ideal customer. You need to create a buyer persona. Our persona is an example. Representation of your ideal customer serving an ideal audience eventually creates your own tribe and give you and your brand a clear voice. 9. Upsells, Downsells, Cross-Sells: many market is swear that real profits are not in the first sale, but rather in the up sell, cross sale or down sale. In fact, these techniques are as old as marketing itself, and most mainstream businesses employ them in one way or another. But do you know what each of these terms mean? First of all, you need to understand that these techniques take place after the customer is sold. That is, the customer must already have explicitly agreed to buy your product or service before you up sale, cross sale or down sale. Now let's talk about each of them individually. Let's start with up cell. We've mentioned about up sell technique in our previous lesson. Basically, when someone comes to your website and decides to purchase a product or service, they will have their credit card out and be committed. Why would you know, offer them something additional? There is no shame in upsetting. When the Gulf coach sells lessons, he may well upset a new set of golf balls, some new golf shoes or a membership to the golf club. It's the most basic business principle that if someone is ready to buy something from you offer them the next step in the journey. You can do it ethically without pushing Andi. That way you're always growing in core up cell is a marketing technique, which involves selling more expensive product to a customer, convincing him or her that he will get bigger, better extra product for an additional small amount of money. The seller should prove to the customer that there is a bigger benefit from getting the product or core offer, then the smaller one or initial offer when it comes to cross selling. This technique involves selling new products or services to the customer that are not related to the first purchase product. Usually this technique is employed to increase the profits, but it can also be used to solidity the relationship with the customer. If you're confused, let's have a look at simple example across selling. For example, if you are ordering food from a restaurant before the check out, you may be shown a list of beverages that match with your dish beverages. A different products than dishes down tail is another technique, which you have to use when a customer is trying to back down from a purchase. This time you have to conform customers budget and give him the best cheaper than suggested before price for a product or service, which has familiar features like the other before that. So you're offering a cheaper product, which has the better chance to be accepted because sometimes selling something is better than nothing. For example, car dealers down sale all the time. If you enter a dealership looking for a B M W and get scared with the price tag, the salesman was certainly bring up many other options that cost a lot less that is down selling. Remember, if you are no up selling cross selling or down selling, you are probably leaving money on the table, and today it might be the time for you to review your marketing strategy. 10. Content Funnels: TOFU: marketing is no longer looked at as expensive in most organisations. In fact, marketing departments now have a seat at the revenue generating table on work, in conjunction with their sales teams to drive measurable results and impact to the business. With this, new responsibility comes and need for standardisation and measurement. This is where content meets the marketing funnel. So we've got all the tools in place. We have a sales funnel set up. We've got our initial offer core offer lined up. Now we need to bring traffic. How do we do that? Well, we can do that through inbound marketing. Inbound marketing is a technique for drawing customers to products and services via content marketing, social media marketing and search engine optimization. Content offers are a vital ingredient in your overall marketing efforts, and you know that each stage of the conversion funnel requires his own unique type of content. For instance, lead magnets that we've discussed earlier, such as e books and checklists, are excellent top of the funnel content offers, and Webinars could be great middle of the funnel offers, and there is also bottom of the funnel content offers. Let's look at each stage of a funnel one by one. What is top of funnel content when market is referred to the top, middle and bottom of the marketing and sales funnel? They're referencing the concept that in marketing you pull a large pool of people into your website or database that maybe eventually interested in your products or services. As these people move down the funnel, the pall gets smaller. Those who are actually interested in purchasing your products continue to engage with your brand. Onda. Learn more about your offerings. Those who are not interested in your product or service leave the funnel. So to attract a traffic, you should publish content at the top of the funnel to reach a wide pool of potential customers. You can do this by pushing content through channels such as blocks on websites. Social Media S E O. Video marketing. Online ads on influencer outreach content of the top of the funnel has very little to do with products and services and everything to do with your buyers, interests and needs. There are two main goals at this stage. Dr Brand awareness generate leads with top of funnel content. You're trying to get the attention of your target audience. Andi. Convince them that your brand provides value once by a start, to think of your brand as a thought leader as a resource for interesting, useful information on topics they care about their be more willing toe. Opt into communications with your brand in order to access your insights. This is a value exchange on the goal of top of funnel content is to facilitate the exchange . Top of the funnel marketing generates leads that feed into a brand lead nurture program. With the ultimate goal of converting these leads into customers. It spreads awareness, educate prospects. Andi cultivate brand buzz for your product or service. 11. Content Funnels: MOFU: picture of funnel the white is part of the fun is the top. The narrowest part is the bottom on the middle part is. Yep, you guessed it the middle. Dividing the marketing funnel into these sections is one way you can categorize that people visiting your website and consuming your content. Middle of the funnel is also called. The consideration phase is for People who have traveled further into the customer journey on are actively considering what options are out there to solve their problem with middle of the funnel. You know who are already in your database engaging with your brand. Mid funnel channels and tactics include email, marketing, marketing, automation, webinars live events. Remember, 50% of qualified leads are not ready to make a full court offer purchase when they first convert. That's a fact. Once a lead, converts on initial content offer that progress into the middle of the final stage. This is viewed as the most complicated stage because of the broad diversity of interested leads who haven't been fully qualified. In this stage of the funnel, your content should continue to educate them, but also start the process of positioning your company as the solution to the Leeds needs and challenges. Advanced E books are great form of content in this stage, but case studies, white papers, quizzes and videos will do wonders with beginning to build your credibility. Have a look at this graph. The goals for the content in the middle of the funnel are to nurture leads further building Monitor purchase intent. In this phase, you want to identify if a lead is one a good fit for your company's solutions and to whether they are interested in purchase by monitoring the behaviour of buyers in the mid funnel, including which content types and topics they engage with how often they take valuable action pages they visit. You can determine abayas product at thematic needs and deliver content that addresses them . Content should engage users and informers on their interests and purchase intent. With that in mind, your mid funnel content should be largely persuasive, educational and targeted. Remember middle of the funnel content is the bridge between high level concepts on the value your product provides to customers. A key piece of your marketing strategy. However, to get into a middle off funnel, your prospect should at least purchase a $1 initial offer. Otherwise they are stuck at the top of the funnel, and it is your job to bring them into this mid off funnel stage. 12. Content Funnels: BOFU: as prospects moved from middle of the Faneuil to bottom of the funnel. They will know and you should to whether or not they are planning to make a purchase that is purchase of your core offer. They decide to stick with you. They decide to become your repetitive customer. The main goals of content delivered to buyers at this stage of their journey are accelerating the deal cycle. Positioning your brand is superior to competitors, inspiring confidence in a purchasing decision. The questions your buyers have at this point in their journey tend to be more logistical. How does the project they're interested in actually work? Who should be involved in the purchase decision on what benefits can internal stakeholders expect? These leads are ready to commit on the right offer congest be the push they need. Research from Forbes indicates that most buyers get to more than halfway 60 to 70% through the sales process before they want to even speak to a sales person. That quality of offers on the approach can be the deciding factor. Hub Spot suggests to combine m o f u and b o F u offers to catch by our attention earlier on and stay on their radar. It is important to think of the bottom of the funnel as more than just closing the deal. It is the beginning of a new relationship on a way for you to analyse the effectiveness of your campaigns so that you can constantly improve your conversion. Remember, all three of these levels are not stand alone components. They must work together and build upon one another in order to succeed. Bottom of the funnel is the bottom of the pyramid, the smallest, most exclusive section of your funnel. It is where the most qualified leads become customers on repetitive buyers and even brand advocate. Again, all of this matters on all of this works when you are attracting the right audience. So what's the best way to create content for bottom of the fund or stage? It can seem a bit confusing, but we find that by creating a goal at the start of your content, you're better able to angle the content toe one of the three stages of the sales funnel. You need to know where your content is being targeted. If you as the author or site builder, can't work it out, then the reader is going to struggle. This means it's time for a re work providing the information for your customer at all stages so they progress through the sales funnel. Sometimes it could be difficult to know exactly what content would work best at which stage of the funnel. However, to effectively market to your audience, you must match the right content with your personas needs at each stage in there by a journey. To ensure this, consider that T. O F. You content should focus on common issues that your persona faces. M O F. You content should be about your business. Your solution on your brand B o A few content should address exactly how your product or solution meet the specific needs off the prospective buyer. 13. Analytics: Now that you have accompanied your customer in their journey through the sales and marketing funnels, you need to start analyzing data that you've received fire Web analytics Whether analytics an absolutely integral part of Amy Online marketing plan analyzing your websites traffic on , then finding ways to improve on it is the name of the game. These analytics that attract allow you to measure important information like sales and conversions, clicks and page views. You can use Web analytics applications to tailor your websites content in order to make it more appealing to our visitors or the type of people you want to visit your site. So why you need analytics number one to measure and track your results across time number two. I understand your visitors leads Prospect number three toe Understand track and improve the mechanisms used to convert your first visitor into a valuable customer. What will whip analytics Tell me you might ask. Well, Web data from analytics can be measured and analysed in order to understand an optimized Web traffic and usage. Your analytics data is also a tell tale sign on how well your S e. O in place on your site is working not only these two things, but it can also be used as a tool for market research on how to improve the effectiveness of a websites content. Some examples of Web analytics data include demographics, geographic location of visitors where traffic is being referred from click analytics bounce rate, total number of whipped page visits. Andi. So much more with APS like Google Analytics, you can see if the new content on your website is popular. If the promotion that began this morning is actually bringing traffic to your site and you can get the instant effects off block posts and tweets, the daily actions and interactions are recorded and collected. You can use this to get ahead of the curve. What is your target audience talking about? What are the wider trends of the day? More specifically, how are they interacting with your company? Are they sharing or liking what you post? Tracking these engagements tells you whether a particular marketing campaign has been successful for driving enquiries, leads and even sales. Want to find out whether your lead generation campaign using paid search was worth the money you invested? Track this using Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a free tall, giving you a wealth of data and knowledge about your website on online visitors. Investing heavily in online marketing campaigns is almost worthless without an effective means of tracking the success. Whilst there are loads and I mean loads of pay tools you can use, you can take advantage of Google Analytics for free.