Digital Concept Art: Designing Creatures | Learn with Wacom | Justin Goby Fields | Skillshare

Digital Concept Art: Designing Creatures | Learn with Wacom

Justin Goby Fields, Concept Artist & Owner, Ironklad Studios

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12 Videos (1h 19m)
    • Introduction

    • Gathering References

    • Basic ZBrush Tools & Interface

    • Start Sculpting the General Shape

    • Scultiping the Head, Neck & Muscles

    • Facial Features

    • Mandibles and Texture

    • Adding Eyes & Super Fine Details

    • Coloring

    • Posing

    • Finishing Touches in Photoshop

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About This Class

Take your illustration skills to a whole new world — and design your own creature! In this step-by-step class, concept artist Justin Fields show how to design with "digital clay," add realistic details, and color a character that pops in your portfolios, or even the silver screen.

Follow Justin’s process for sculpting creatures in ZBrush using techniques he’s applied to Iron Man 3, Maleficent, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, The Wolverine, Halo 5 and League of Legends.

Key lessons include:

  • Finding reference images
  • Sculpting your creature’s head and face
  • Adding textures and fine details
  • Coloring for a realistic pop

Don’t worry if you’ve never cracked open ZBrush before — Justin walks through the basic tools and features for beginners and intermediate designers alike.

Grab your tablet and let’s make some monsters!


Throughout the class, Justin uses the Wacom MobileStudio Pro — designed for creative professionals who want the freedom to tackle the biggest projects, anywhere. The software he designs in is ZBrush by Pixologic.






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Justin Goby Fields

Concept Artist & Owner, Ironklad Studios

Justin Fields is a Concept Artist from the Gnomon School of Visual Effects, and currently works in the Film and Game industry as owner of Ironklad Studios. He has worked at such studios as Amalgamated Dynamics, Inc., Aaron Sims Company, Imaginary Forces and several other Features.

When he isn't working on 20 projects, he enjoys movies, playing with his 3 dogs, and working towards 10,000 hours. He is originally from Springfield, Illinois and has worked in the graphic design field since ...

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