Digital Comic Book Coloring | Lawrence Basso | Skillshare
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7 Lessons (59m)
    • 1. Trailer

    • 2. Let's Create That Template!

    • 3. Let's Prep Some Lineart!

    • 4. Let's Flat This Baby!

    • 5. Join Me, On The Dark Side!

    • 6. Let's Make It Shine!

    • 7. Let's Bring This Puppy Home!


About This Class

My name is Lawrence, and I color comic books under the moniker "Lawnz" and have worked with various professionals in the industry for almost a decade now. I've learned many things over the years and would like to share this knowledge with you. It's not the only way to color comics, but it's the way that has worked for me for quite a while now.

In this class, I will show you the process I take when coloring a cover or pinup (which applies to sequential art, as well). We'll start with converting scanned black and white artwork and will journey all the way through to a finished colored piece using Adobe Photoshop.

Along the way, I will show you various techniques that I have learned and used over the years, including non-destructive editing, utilizing layer sets, and various color correction, FX and texture overlays.

I currently use a Cintiq to color my work, but you can certainly follow along using a Wacom tablet (Intuos/Bamboo) and even just a regular mouse.

So join me and together we'll travel into the wonderful world of digital comic book coloring!