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Digital Coloring- Illustrations in Photoshop

Kel Brad, Fashion Illustrator and Calligraphist

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3 Videos (11m)
    • Coloring in Photoshop Trailer (comp)

    • Coloring in Photoshop-Basic Steps

    • Coloring in Photoshop- Changing Colors


About This Class

Learn how to color your illustrations in Photoshop in 8 simple steps. This class is for anyone who wants to get experience coloring using digital software and wants the ability to create professional looking art in mintues.

Particularly, for this class the software program Photoshop is used to show how to color using layers and different tools to achieve different techniques. You will learn how to do basic coloring, adding one layer of foundation, and then using the a tool for shadowing. This class is not in depth and only requires a basic knowledge of Photoshop (ex. knowing how to open your picture/files and how to create a layer).

Overall, this class is simple, easy, and super fun way to take any illustration from just being black and white, to a beautiful piece of art!!





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Kel Brad

Fashion Illustrator and Calligraphist


Designer Kel,

A lover of fashion and all things beautiful!!

I am a fashion illustrator/calligraphist who simply gets a ton of pure joy from taking a plain canvas and bringing it to life!!! I've been drawing since I was young and have loved to draw for hours in my sketchbooks using any kind of pen, especially if it "sparkles".

In fact, I didn't know being an artist/designer was or could be a reality. Perhaps, many of you like myself didn't know what you good at...

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