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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Gathering Your Digital Sources

    • 3. Putting The Collage Together

    • 4. Masking the Image

    • 5. Adding Layers

    • 6. Final Touches

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About This Class

In this Skillshare class you will learn how to create a digital collage on the iPad using Adobe Photoshop! We will deep dive into some of my favorite online resources, share best practices when working on the iPad, and really let out imagination take us places we've never been before! 

An understanding of composition and basic color theory are really all you need to get started, the rest is completely up to you. I’ve linked to a couple of my favorite classes if you need to brush up on basics.

Thinking in Color: Intro to Color Theory
Great Composition: Creating Better Photographs

Optional: Apple Pencil

Online Source Material
Read the Blog Post
New York Public Library Database
Old Book Illustrations
Vintage National Geographic Scans

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Savina Fierro

Destroying In The Name of Art


What's up friends! I'm Savina a graphic designer and visual artist working with women and diverse-owned companies in the cannabis industry. When I'm not working on client work I enjoy the process of destruction and creation by shredding some of your favorite magazines in the name of art. 

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1. Introduction: Hey, guys, it's Savina Monet. I am a collage artist and freelance graphic designer. Today, we're gonna be learning about digital collage on the iPad using photo shop. By the end of the class, you'll be able to create your very own surreal landscape right from your tablet. So grab your I pads, fire a photo shop and let's get started. 2. Gathering Your Digital Sources: of course, when you're first starting out, One of my biggest questions is Where do you find all of your resource is Where do you source your materials for digital collage? So luckily I was prepared. This time I created a quick blawg post sharing eight of my favorite sites that I use to find Klaus material. I will also link it down in the description, feel free to browse through those to find some really juicy picks for this video. What I'm gonna do is just highlight two of my favorite sources, the 1st 1 being this vintage National Geographic tumbler. This person bless their heart. They took the time to scan in the photos from vintage National Geographic magazines. And as you can see, they are beautiful, rich in color and their gray, especially if you want kind of that greeny vintage feel. So be sure to browse that. And of course, one of my other favorites is the unstuck stock photography Web site on Splash. They have literally millions of photos. So if you can't find something here, um, good luck. So feel free to browse as you're browsing. Keep in mind the aesthetic you want to set. Um, what sort of so really landscape do you want? Teoh? Use one of my favorite things to look for when thinking of a surreal landscape is to create portals. So I look at things like doorways. I look at archways, any sort of entryways that I could use to illustrate this surreal world on the other side of it. 3. Putting The Collage Together: So when you first open up photo shop, if you've used photo shop on the desktop before, it's gonna look pretty similar in terms of the way out. We also have some new icons appear for settings, and this is to check whether or not you're connected online to the adobe creative cloud. So I'm gonna do is I'm gonna come down here to the bottom Left and hit, create new I want my supposed to be pretty vertical. So I'm gonna choose 10 80 by 13. 50 with a 300 peopie I resolution click cream. So this will give you your blink document again. The work space looks pretty close to the desktop version of photo shop on the left hand side, we have our tools right here is where you can import external photos, files anything from your adobe cloud library, and then on the right hand side, we're gonna have the layer styles, the layers window and a couple of other tools that we can use 4. Masking the Image: so masking on the iPad is similar to masking on photo shop on the desktop. When we do is I'm gonna click over here on my lasso tool. If I click once, it's going to select whatever tools there if I hold it, allow me different options. So what I want is I just want the circle lasso tool, and I'm going to hold this to constrain my shape. So I get a perfect circle. Now you can see my margins are way outside from where I want it to be. So cool. Trick that adobe included with the photo shop on the iPad is the ability to transform your selection so you could actually move this around and even scale it down some so that you can get the perfect selection. Nice year Marching ants are inside the window exactly where I want him. The only thing that I want to do is I want to de selected this little handle tow. Add a little bit of depth into my photo. So when I click over here the rectangle I'm going to subtract from my selection. It's not kind of you, man, and then you can see its tracks And now when I go over and click my mask well, I'm going to invert the mask. You can see it just transparent underneath now. So I'm just gonna go ahead and mask out the other little portals again with this one. It's a little asymmetrical, so I can go in and transform it and make it as wonky looking as I like until it fits perfectly. No, I'm going to go to the mask with my black. I'm going to fill. No, Get rid of it. We have one more down here. Looks like it's bigger in the night. Click the mask, Phil. Black Perfect. 5. Adding Layers: So now that we have our mass created weaken, start importing the other images to put underneath. So I'm gonna click my little photo icon again. And I mean to select this image. Some kids playing around in the neighborhood. I think it's very fun. Expand it some so you could see them then, of these Snow Alps. I like the idea of using totally different landscapes. That way you can feel like there are multiple universes going on in here. Dragon over. And then finally, it may grid. Iron traffic is even in infinite universes can escape traffic Great. 6. Final Touches: Now that we have all over images in, I want to mask out part of the washing machine. So it looks like some of the images are coming outside and breaking that barrier of reality . So I'm gonna do is I'm gonna click on my washing machine. I'm gonna zoom in. Probably that, And I'm gonna click over here to the layer Properties window, and I'm going to lower the opacity so I can see these sidewalk underneath. So that way I know where I'm asking. And so now I'm going to select my free hand lasso tool. And at the moment, Adobe does not have any other selection tools of smart selection tools. So we're just gonna do the best we can with her hands. If you're really, really aching to get a straight line that I would recommend using a ruler, a book, anything they can put on your iPad and draw along for now. So I'm gonna click my fill tool and click the black de Select. It can go back to layer properties, bump up the opacity, and then I can kind of see it grabbed a little bit too much to see the grass there so I'm gonna do is I'm gonna grab my brush tool. Grab a white in a soft round. If you need to change your brush, hold down on the brush. You'll see your entire library so soft around 11. That's good. And I'm actually going to paint the edge right here so that it can kind of clean up the edges, looks a little bit better. Awesome. And then I want to do it. One mother spot. I thought it would be really fun if we could see their legs over the bar. So between this back down, grab my free and last who tool. And I'm going to start selecting where I would like their feet to come through in the bar to not appear, closes for space. And here we go. Don't be afraid to put your hand on the iPad. It is very durable going to subtract from my selection just to clean it up some and then grabbed my black. Make sure you're blankets filled for the Phil and we're going to fill their properties all the way up. We de select now you can see we have the road coming out. The guys going up starting to give it a little bit more depth. Another way we can further emphasize this is by extending the cables that come out. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna create a new layer zoom all the way in. I'm gonna grab my eye dropper, and I want a sample the color of the cables here. Now, with my brush, I'm probably going to do a hard round for this and but way down, probably about five. And I'm just gonna draw the lines. Just gonna extend them outside of the original boundary. Looks like five is a little bit too big. Go down. Maybe two. Just in this. I can't really see it there, but I know you'll be able to see this right now. Adobe does not have a canvas rotation tool. They are working on that for the next update. And this is as of May 2020. So, for now, we're gonna old school Just move for tablet and I'm going to draw the line. Don't worry about making it perfect. Once you zoom out, we'll be able to see much. And there you have it. We can close out the layer window here and now the final step is to exported. So clicking this button, you can either quick export, which will just take a resolution snapshot and send it to whomever. Or you can publish an export and that you can actually select the PNG JPEG PSD to file. You could mess around with the file size, the quality and then export. It will have you choose messenger airdrop mail, all of the regular goodies. If you have any questions concerns, feel free to drop it down in the discussion tab, and I'll check as soon as I can. Until then, happy Clausing.