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Digital Collage Class - PART ONE - Procreate App on IPad

teacher avatar Beatrice Ajayi, Founder of HyssopArts

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (1h 7m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Procreate App & Introduction to Tools

    • 3. Introduction to Tools continued

    • 4. Layering

    • 5. Working with Layering & Transparencies

    • 6. Colouring Sketch

    • 7. Colour Development

    • 8. Adding Details

    • 9. End of Part 1

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About This Class

Digital Collage Class Part One - Using Procreate App on iPad 

This class focuses on creating a surreal creature illustrations of an eco-animal, in this class an elephant. You will see my example worked through from beginning to close to the end. Class continues in part 2. We are using an iPad and Imagination. You can use the images provided layers, or take pictures of your own. This class is for those who have an interest in digital paintings and collage. 

I will have a number of templates of portraits for you to sketch and practice. You could also transfer them to procreate app and work over them.

You should also learn a little about Procreate tools from this class. The colour palette will be flexible.

Tools & Process

1 Ipad Or IPad Pro & Pencil or (you could use finger, i did for years)

2 pictures of landscape images

3 Procreate (Very affordable from App Store)

4 characters of my eco-animals

5 OPTIONAL:- afire doing one of my characters you can experiment with your own Heros. 

6 EXPERIMENTATION:- Try a range of backgrounds with mountains, buildings and rocks too

Video Example of Class Process, but there will be more discussion and information in class:

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Beatrice Ajayi

Founder of HyssopArts


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1. Introduction : Hi, everybody. Welcome to today's, uh, skills. Sheer class with myself. Beatrice Ajai. I am going to be working on a digital painting today. So for those who have, um, and iPad pro, this is the class for you if you also want to paint on it. So, um, I am using an app that I call procreate. Oh, it's called Procreate, and it's really, really cool. Um, app is quite affordable. A swell, um, and it, you know, put the details in the description. But also, um it really is. It is very accessible, and you can take it anywhere with you. For those who are creative individuals, you know, creating are indifferent styles. It really helps to give you the opportunity to to see, I'd be yourself with the different brushes that has so you can join me for the class and we'll see what we can create together. And it's gonna be a lot of fun. So I'll see in the class and, uh, yeah, come join us and have fun making some awesome our work with me 2. Procreate App & Introduction to Tools: Hi, everyone. Welcome to today's class. Which is the digital coal ash. Um, class number one. So what is this? I wanted to show how we can create a piece using landscapes around us and, um yeah, on Ben using ours, you know, sketches as well to kind of get ideas of how to create artwork. So, yeah, I'm gonna be doing that today. So first, I mean, I usually used to use my hand. For many years, I used just my my fingers and I would zoom in on, um, throwing my characters. But I recently got this apple pencil on, and it's been quite interesting to see the difference of where usually my finger was in the way and I'd have to zoom in quite a bit. This because of the tip. I can see the detail that I'm putting in a lot easier. So it's helped a lot get in this actual pen. Um, and I'm seeing my heart. We're going a different direction, which is awesome. So first, we're going to get, um So this is me in the app appropriate, which you can get from the app store with the ipads pro are trying to think it depends on the, um, the Siris of your iPad. Like which iPad you have the model for if you have even more extended space to be able to use and create these kind of big digital images that, um, you can use on this because they can save them to quite high quality. So this is like, I'm just going to show you some of the pieces that I've done using landscapes that have taken pictures off and then creating characters afterwards and pro creates really awesome because actually can show you a time lapse off your creation. So this was some experimentation I did on the background, which was some trees that I'd put in before, um, from holiday snap. By taking or just even if you're in the park or something, you can take really interest in pictures and at them to your piece of artwork. So this is something I've been doing recently which have had in mind to do. But I'm pushing this aspect because of where my art is going recently. So, um, this was called the Rainbow Bird, and I created the environment using the different brushes you can get and procreate as well as like I said, the original objects that had written in the background. So I'm going to show you the process to do that. And hopefully we can get some way to letting you understand What is that you can do art art wise with iPad. And I'm looking to say it's easy if you've no used um, you know, kind of the software for painting before, like digital software, because there's different kinds. You know, obviously this afford to shop on which people use. There's Old Adobe Range and illustrator and Coral and all sorts of other stuff So but this one is being the most affordable for me to access because for some reason I've not being at the point where I could just afford to get folder shop. So I've had to keep on practicing with different maps or difference off where, like on the computer, you can get a gimp or there's escape. There's quite a few different free software that you could get to Canada draw with so well , I'm gonna do is I'm gonna find attempt Lee. So, um, here is where you come in to procreate and you have different images that you've right on before. Um, and then you can basically just start working on your image and transfer backgrounds and things into what it is that you have in front of you. So this is another piece that I've done before, and you can see the background I put before and then this building the character on top of it. So this is what we're basically going to do today on every coin. I probably change my mind because that's what happens as you're creating an as your pit in the marks down. You tend to actually, um, change what it is that you're doing as they're going along. So, yeah, this is one piece that I did also in my recent range of artwork that I'm doing. And, uh, yeah, and this is what took place. So from putting that realistic foliage and environment around the area of the character and then working the character in and trying to merge the two and to make them look like Berra in the same environment. So which is hard work to do, but it's fun trying. So that's my current challenge. These bears and characters air from recent drawings of them off. Animals have been colon my equal animals, so they have kind of a symbiotic relationship with their, um, the wildlife around them. So because I have main characters like this bear or there's an elephant and the other characters, then I love little mice. Is wells of the mouse there? There's a bird kind of in started in its head here. He's got a little nest in there and, yeah, just using the eyes that I have created, but I usually use on and, um, little door here as well. So this is kind of what we're going to be trying to create something similar to this. Don't pressurise yourself on this because it takes time to get used to wear. The different tools are so the next segment, we're going to look at the tools, but you're gonna need to actually start the process off. Creating an actual artwork did a digital coal ash. So let's get started 3. Introduction to Tools continued: I'm just gonna go out here. Andi, I'm going to find a new templates Recently have been using the A four, um, templates here. When you come in to procreate, you've got different, um, titles here, tabs. And when you go to that, plus, um, you can add a new campus so you can create your own canvases as well, Or you can just use the templates to have of the top Peter. So they have about four different templates to square one four k a four or four by six photos. So I I'm gonna be using the A four for this one, so you can see it's a portrait shape, and then you got your different tabs and tools up here. So this gallery one takes you back to where we were, which was the gallery. Um, but if you tap back on your template, you have different tools of the top here that help you with how to navigate procreate. So if you're familiar with digital stuff, you're gonna know that these you might recognize some of them basically because there's the selection tab and there's this one here is kind of for, um, getting well choosing Where is that you want a cut out of the picture? Is there's a selection. This yes, election kind of tool as well. Uh, and then this steals with the different transparency Xeni fates on your image, which will look at later on. Yeah, So there's a lot of difference selection of items which can be confusing at the state. So what we want to do is just get in and do this straight. So what's with go attempt Lee from the gallery? We can now try see what kind of a background we want to put with this. So what you go into is the tools, um, tap up here a symbol, and you got a selection of other sub, um, tools. Here are tabs, and what I go to is the image you click on the image one. Andi, you can ban, put, insert photo so dependent on your, um what you have access to that you can access either your browser, the cloud You could take a picture straight away and or you kid and surgical too. So I have some photographs here that I want to use as backgrounds to maybe what we're going to create today. So I'm gonna select this tree bright background and fits to scream. Right? Let's just to think I've gone too far on that. But I will well, back again, so fit to screen. So it fits it to the screen. So now we have this photograph, but has been taken. And what you can do, then, is if you don't want some areas to be visible, you can always go into this much to hear, just like a pointing finger. And listen, man. Yes? I've got a picture of my son slightly to the side. There's I'm gonna just so much that out a little bit. So he's not too visible in that picture. But, um, Then what we can do is we can overlay this with a simple a similar picture. So I'm gonna go back and see what else I have here that I might use A like this castle we took pictures are actually know gonna not use that one yet. I'm gonna There's another one of rocks I've seen that I like. So Yeah, so that the rocks I'm gonna fit that to screen. And this is really, really strange because then what? We can do is we can come in here because I got this castle one. I'm gonna move it away. It's gonna go down there and and though, So if you're familiar with Larrin, this is This is something that we do as well in procreate and using digital software. So these this tap here with the extra kind of sheets in front of each other Ah, for leering. So you can see how many images you have on your actual piece of artwork you're creating. So I switched off because I'm not using it now. But what I want to do with this, these rocks is to make them merge with the one behind them. So I'm going to actually, um, I'm gonna do is select the top one and go into this kind of sparkly wound magic, want you and go into a P city. Ongoing Teoh. You can see the blue line here living up and down, so that's when it's becoming moral, you know, less opaque. And then just kind of learned that over. And it looks very old, so you can mess around with this and see what you want to do with it and because I want the rook to me, like there you could. Also, once you've done that, you could double this. If you wanna make it more of a rock theme, you can also turn it around. So I'm gonna flip it here. These extra to Zia's announce flip, I get to another one. Another layer. So this is me having three. Now, what I can do with this layer is flip it this way. So it's looking very old right now. And I could live it down a little bit to make it look even stranger. Or you can twisted around with the 45 degree, um, kind of angle as well. So that looks really weird. Gonna bring the castle, The one I've got here up, so you can use any images you want to use. I'm using what I have here that might make them available so you can play them around. So I might put this image is there for you to download? Uh, if it's possible, offender that out to this palace one here. I'm gonna put over everything. I'm still on the wrong later them just gonna Yeah, because rewind in a bit someone this layer with the castle. If I just want only the castle, I can cut it out. So if I come in a bit closer to show you this, I'm gonna just use my line just roughly around the castle, cause I'm not doing details right now. I could go deeper and make it even more detailed. And so the part I've inverted here basically will now be, um, was the word. It will be saved and everything else will be rubbed out. So I go in here and the A p a city of what's around her is not going to disappear. So I just have the castle, so Well, I'm going to do with this. Castle is maybe put it behind something. So you convey Klay sie it? It was quite big. Good, Andi, Um, so I'll put it behind something here, so it looks very old. That and I'm gonna rub some bits out. It's going to check. What later on 4. Layering: behind something. So you convey Klay sie it? It was quite big. Good, Andi, Um, so I'll put it behind somewhere here, so it looks very old. That and I'm gonna rub some bits out. It's going to check. What? Later on, I'm gonna with the big rubber. I want to get rid of some of that blue. So it's just about messing around with the layers. So I've just cleaned the way the kind of sky on the layer off the castles. If I am wrong, everything else so you can see the castle here, this layer with the blue. And I'm just gonna try and take some of that blew away, even though I might take some of the castle away. That's fine. I'm just tryingto make sure that is sort of blends with the background. Make this small on because a bit bigger, just big. You know, I'm looking at the time aspect of us, but But you have more time. You can do this a lot more with more finance, finance a bit gentle. Oh, basically and cleanly. So then I'm going to So you could do different effects with this. I could motion blur it can make a very blurry. Yeah, So I'm not going to do that. I just would be sent it. But what I want to do is just to make it a bit that I want to make it blurry. No, not really. Actually, what I'm gonna do is just get rid of some of the specifics in case they stand out a bit more blur some of these ages. So this is just to get it where it is. So there's a vague hint if I got rid of one of these, actually, I want to get rid. I like that rock, actually. See if I put it behind that cast waiting other councils there so you can kind of see the castle behind it. Um, but not very well. So I'm trying to think if I want more of the castle, that's the thing. Did I put this behind? So you playing with the layers and experiment in all the time by Double castle, Where? Mm, the doubling. Think about it. Let me Let's check this 1st 1 trying to decide what I want this image to look like. I think I wanted to be clearer, so I'm gonna leave it like this. So basically, you can see here, um, that you can see the castle, and then now is to kind of think of what character I'm gonna put in. So you add another layer, and I'm just gonna cools that so we can't see this. Basically, that's in different layers here. Um, I skipped screens of it. Key. Just do that on. Um, Now, looking at this, what would I want to put in here? So I will be provided sketches of different characters that you can oh, always used for this. I'm so here. I have my color tool. That's the circle of the avian. So when you tap that, you can have this format, which is a disc former or the classic. If you click on the bottom here, these tabs, um, this shows you the values, and then this is the palettes. So I have quite a selection of pallets here that I've collected over the years, or you can take pictures of things and just basically, um, put the image into this procreate app and then select and story here now which I can do the technical little tips, probably for procreate on how to do some things. Um, so I'm gonna looking for the cover white. So if I just so like that and come out and I want to start sketching with a brush. So this here, with the brush showing and the angle this tap here, tool selection is the brush. And there are hundreds of brushes and also with the procreate community, you can also actually, um, get new brushes from them as welcome. Some people make them available, so you can always have different brushes or you can create the museum. So I'm going to stick with a sketch in one, then under the sketch in this, like all sorts of pencils, technical pencils, HB pencils. And there's a huge selection. And then, like I said, you can also create your own. So I'm going to use the six B pencil here. So if you tap on it and shows him over the details, but, um, and how you can adjust it to make it more, um, unique to what you want to use it for? Yes. So we're gonna now try and create an image. You can always transport an image into this that you can now work on or like me. You can drill one straight on, which is why I'm gonna attempt to do so looking at this environment. And I'm thinking, What could I draw in here that I would like to go with, Like my surreal stuff that I've been doing recently and I really love these rocks. And then is it gonna be a bear again? Or a big I should actually attempt creating an elephant one because I have not done that for a while. So it's basically just your drawing skill here to draw whatever you want todo or you, Can I kiss it, use the templates and get an idea for them. So I've been doing something recently which kicks back to the days when I first started drawing where I would just kind of, um, sketch whatever I wanted onto the piece of paper. Then try and work something out from the afterwards. So here I'm kind of doing things, and I'm trying to look for, um, an elephant that I can create from the middle of all of this and, as always, always look for it to be very, very cute. So I'm starting the elephant here But what I'm gonna do is actually pulls and go on to, um and let this video cut here so that the upload it would be a lot easier. And then I'll get back to the next stage continuing on this when we get back. 5. Working with Layering & Transparencies: so, Yeah, I'm so the beginning there. I just put this elephants face. Well, that this is his trunk, I'm going to say, and then I'm gonna go up here for this face so you can see the lines. It looks confusing, but there's a method to this. It's like from my skills of doing it over years. I can still see what it is I'm looking for is not as easy for if you've not done it before . So I have a rough idea. Just the scribbles kind of this help me very strangely, but they helped me figure out what it is I'm trying to do. So you just adjust the whole time it has got really a little drunk. I couldn't stand that if I wanted, So I can also swim in, Actually just remembered, um, here. I'm gonna put right now, I'm ignoring the background specifically. And then I will try and blend all together after, um, some of them I do work with the background, but that's when there's a lot of foliage. So this one, you can see how well it layered the backgrounds. And right now I'm just kind of sketching in my little character is it is a digital coal ash . So whatever you want to draw in your piece, you can dio So this is one of my butterfly elephants that I am drawing here. And it's very rustic, very other moment, and things will change a lot on. And if I think because it's on a new layer like I created, I can make it smaller. So if I don't think there's enough space, I will adjust it and create more space. So I'm just still Adan So more scruples roughly what I'm thinking. Oh, I need some inspiration for something. Um, so you can select it and move around can make it smaller, which I'm thinking I will do sense of its small in there, um, and see where you want to place it if I want to add some more structures and things going on more interest. So there's so much to dio and, uh, going to try and do as much as I can does. This could take a while. Could take a long while. Um, I'm trying to think of what color to cover this elephant. Yeah. You be thinking it should disagree, but that's not how my brain works. I can do almost anything's. I'm going to use a different brush. Notes. I've gone into the selection, not the sketch in one anymore where I was using the six b pencil, but I'm now in the paint in one and in this painting one I like to use Nico Row, that's the name of it. Excuse me. And, um, I like to use that cause it's a quite a big brush. It can get quite big. And, um, I can I'm just used to using it. So I'm trying to think of what colors I want to use in here. Actually, let's go back to something else. Just a minute. Um, I am going to put some more details and I just realized that some stuff I need Teoh before I start coloring it all over here. I really like that here. There's this kind of like a doorway there. I might leave this it, and when I do some detail, I don't know, figure out and then I usually like to put a bird up here somewhere. A swell. I might put it lower down because I cut that up there. That might be like a doorway. I might leave some of the colors, but can actually, um and then usually I'll have this bird face in some direction. I'm trying to think which direction that will be at that moment. Could be, but it's looking up here to look at this door. So a lot of this Okay, you can You can do sketches that burns. You can do research, sketching your burns to get, you know, to remember what bird looks like. You can, um what else? Again? Yeah. You can research individual characters or animals in order to be able to know what it is that you one a draw. And that's what you can use to apply for this way. You know, put them old together, basically. So I am just going ahead and covering in the spaces around this bird just to remind myself what I want to do later on. So I'm thinking, OK, there's doctor areas. And then there are also, like, that kind of later areas like grays ended up picking up this one. But it reminds me what it is I want to do anyway. And this bird, I mean, can pick up some colors on, then some of my eric eyes Just play around with it and see what you get basically. And I play around with stuff a lot. So you've got all these, like there rosy cheeks. I'm putting this just to remind myself so you can see that I've already got something going on just on the head there quite quickly. And it's about fine teen and everything. It's like planning on. Then get in the precision about more detailed as you go along. So think I need to do is I saw like this. I need Teoh actually put it or whatever pilot I have, because I've not yet. So put the white there. Um, now what else do I want to add to this character? I usually always add a little child somewhere, doing something they usually either reading a book which are because I love education so much. I love reading books and stories, and and so I always encouraged my little characters toe have something or to show kind of, you know, um, kind of a unit to your community behavior. So maybe the character his hand is trying to share a lolly or lollies is like also thinking what kind of, um, items can be easy to express, Or maybe a flower trying to share flower like a little tulip here so I can make out what? More delicate. But I'm just putting in the idea there of what it is. I want to do this little character. And then I'm trying to see the ways I find easy enough to draw the characters as well. So usually, if they're sitting down, I will cross their legs over because it just for me it's easier to draw. Um, I used to Just don't love where their legs was just sticking out like this, which can do, um, so it gets stick out like that as well. Doesn't have to be. Yeah, the way, um And then I've been given them some cushions, cause this is all stemming back from joins I used to do in the old days, and I'm trying to consolidate all my drawings. Um, to bring back this a real aspect a lot more. You should have a mass summer. So the mouse is always heavily involved with what's going on. So was always quite central. There's going to be here, probably looking about lowly. Oh, that flowers. Well, um, so right now, it's not really necessarily making that much sense. Like, visually, you might not be able to see it. Oh, but then that's where they're taking the time. And during the details come in. So maybe I could have a mouse is kind of a controversial mouse, cause he's got a little flour as well, Maybe a daisy kind. So everybody's given flowers here. Maybe the elephant will have a flower in his in her trunk or his trunk as well. And, uh, yes, everybody has a flower. This planet. Maybe it's the rules of some sort, so you can't really see this, but it's all kind of still retailing and trying to get your characters to look a certainly . So, um, for my elephants is Well, I like to do little dots and things going on here. So So now I think we could start, like, after just putting the basics. This bird looks quite big trying to think of what I want to make it smaller might do. And yes, you're gonna probably scream because I'm about to rub it all out, you know? My gosh. Did she just do that. Yes, I did. I did actually. Just did it Because you have to not be afraid of what you created. And I've rubbed a lot of things out. I mean, I start to have doing a sketch, and then I I show it may be on instagram or something. 6. Colouring Sketch : maybe on Instagram or something. And then I end up rubbing it out and it looks nothing like it started. And I've noticed I did this a lot. I'm not sure what people are thinking about that have done it quite a lot. So seeing as they're all given up flowers and things think this bird's gonna have to have some kind of flowers. Well, so this is how sometimes the stories develop and the ideas in my head. And then I, um, come up with a title at the end of it as well. So, um yeah, so we've got basically an overall of what this character looks like. So from the head from the head appear with done the background and now basically is to focus on how to get this character to be interesting and what kind of colors to use. And sometimes uncle with what's in the background. The colors. This is me, Justine kinda elephant feet tools here between. So you're always adjusting kiss too small. So with the A razor as well, you can adjust the api city How much you want to rub out, how how strong you want the razor to be Amy. So Yeah. So we've got this sketch with a few characters. I think this 1234 characters the bird, the elephant, the mouse over here. And the little girl as well. We just don't knows and and then figure out what's gonna happen with the hair. This like to keep the hair simple these days? Um, I have been given them a neck. So that's been sitting quiet. Well, Quigley in the middle of this, So, um yeah, what color do I want to use for this elephant? Is it that just because I'm doing this class, I can make a really, really scary color that you, um you think it's impossible to save? I was just very strange. So let's see how it goes. Because I have different ideas of what I want to dio. Rookie, I need to go back to my painting brush now, and so I've got the bigger brush. So they should just check how big business. Right. Okay, so you can make the prince transparency. Not too dark. So I'm starting here and just seeing he can mix up in so many ways, Um, I want to explain it. I mean, I'm just doing because I'm used to just do it. But, um, you can start lightly or you can really just go straight and start doing a lot of different things. So and sometimes I'll take the colors from around and then maybe bump up a little bit and and now I've got some yellows with the eyes. But also, I'm trying to think, how do these colors sit beside each other as well? So mind starts to get really bright now, just looking a bit cross side. I don't like that. I'm gonna just go over this again to think so. It was just build it and what it is that you want to do. And I like the rustic because all the brushes have different textures to them. So you get, um, different results using a different textures. And just where you want to put things that this is all in the detail, which you can experiment with cause you're seeing how I'm doing it now. But this takes probably a while todo So her tummy's around here, the elephant eyes. And, um, there's some shadowy bits I'm gonna so you can select colors by just pressing on the screen . You can see the sort cold there. And I can just reuse similar colors and other places. Yeah, there's a lot to do here. Also, what you can do for the background is you kids double this cause I've done this painting I've done, You could double it, and then that's you already got, um, some more of the job done, so just merged that. So you tap on it, a selection off, Um, items come up here, and I'm the second bottom from here. I'm gonna top merge. So I'm gonna cut the video here, and then I'm gonna come back in the next section, and we can maybe pick an area to stick to and try and finish off for this class, cause then it might go a bit longer, but you can see how I've put the original, the background, their pace, a team, either the bets, you know, so that you can see the layers through. Um, I flipped some of the actual images so that the rocks one just a top that could be at the bottom are they could be in the science. You can move them around, um, for the castle of the background, and then now I'm now working on the image and so we'll see the rest of us in the next segment. 7. Colour Development : now we're back, and I really want to be able to show you what it is I'm trying to get to. So I'm just gonna keep on going and, um, building this character. Um, And if you don't like a color to go over it about another color there, so it's just the way too view it. You don't have to be just only the same color all the time. You could introduce different things going on enjoying yourself. Um, that's what I do. I I love to use my color a lot on board just going back and forth, feeling a long as you're going of what you're doing putting in patterns as well. If you want, I will go. Um, I think, yeah. Yeah. So this, um, this inky Inc. I really like the effects from this. So if I went to really dangerously bright uhm pink and just decided, I wanted to put in Yeah, some designs on this so out is officially so because it gives a really, um, bold little like teardrop design there. So use that sometimes. Um, see, if I did this could use a different up, a similar color to what we've been using already so that you can just put in random designs . So against the purple up here, you just you see, it sticks out. But also, um, amusing colors are already on the actual peace on what you can do is just create patterns the you can ban play around with. So this blue and things here, I'm trying to think if I want to get a different kind of a blue, you can introduce so much So the Kansan armies in the brush I just used and get different effects. But also, you can blend as well. But I'm just gonna go back to the other brush of issues in the Nico brush. And I'm gonna come in here with some of us beach color cause I really like Bages. Well, so I'm gonna just put this in here a little bit. I'm gonna lighten up. Actually, I've got another color I want to add to this, so I'm gonna go but lighter. Still sticking with it is a bit still red in there and trying. Teoh. So it's, um I've been here for the nose. Actually, I want to do a bit of ah, like start with some reddish. It's coming in, So been a bit ping correct. So it's kind of balancing act of trying to figure out what it is you want to put where So even though I'm putting things on like this and it looks very scary, you can tone it back. I can see like this color here a little bit and tone of Tona back. It's too dark, it's got another one, and it's still quite big. So and then you just put that over and start changing actually, how that looks, cause I'm not sure about the blue. And also, what you have, though, would put in that first layer down is you have underneath, which is not a bad thing, because I like to have different tones through things are different shades, so it has got a little bit more orange now about elephant, and the eyes are not really working for me. So let's see if we can do something about the eyes. I think I'm gonna have him looking. I was trying to happen looking at them, but gonna have to figure this eyes out properly, so always making the brush smaller and smaller, and so I'm getting there. So I've got to think writes looking down this way I my brown I'm gonna go dark of it, Make a love of ah, that's not dark enough to talk for a boy. So it's a balance, and I just trying to see where your shadows coming in right meant some light. And it's not pure. Why is just gonna fix that in a minute? So this is playing around with it all the time. He's actually right. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna use a bit more. I'm going to push this back of it a za saying I'm gonna use some of the colors from around to go into the eye and try and start layer and gently. What is that? I like to not too many different colors. So the looks of it could be hits a mess with these, actually. So I don't know if it's brave to be doing the class on it. I don't know. Yeah, but obviously I'm doing a lot quicker, but you'd have to take more time, considering what you're doing and your shade in about more time, Then if so, looking at the different tones and they cannot light her dark. And you could see how I'm playing with this over and over again and and then pushing some back and some forward this reds here. I like the pinks and purples. So if I put a little bit of a pink and there to see it dark, then you can tone it back. It was too much, but some of the brown so and push it back the back of it. So it's not so much this. It could make this brown even lighter up here. Yeah, I've been going on in here a swell. So this part here and ahead, we can lighten, but you can still see the purples through it. I can still see all of and I like all that still is showing through it. Purples. And so the body here is well, you can start building and Adan and all that stuff. It starts to become something else. And the purple that was there before I had some of that in the best go. So this was suppose being rules here, and, um, could still kind of something there. Kid, That's Pugach mask. So that's you? Building and building. Um this tulip here, so I'm going really fast. But what I'm trying to say is it's the same tools which is enlarged in the brush. We can get bigger, a smaller filling in the paintings, Um, and Lincoln here is our darker in the shed, so it's just building and building. Then if it's green, you pick the color, Green says from the picker. Andi. Yeah, so 8. Adding Details : if it's green, you pick the color, Green says from the picker. Andi. Yeah, so and then just building and building. Um, the ears not done here. See? So this is when you're starting to see the more of the shape off the elephant and you're building it and I'm let and deliberately leaving some areas where he can see through to what's behind. Because, um, I am trying to just go and blames things a bit silly. Possible, my notes coming in. So it's just dark man and building areas. I can put some of those colors in the eyes now because this purples in there purples, can also be shadows with this with the ears could be shadows over here. Then he conducting them a little bit more. So it's all just build it and build it. And being patient and taking your time. Basically, And so the eyes here, just in case, you know, I forget, this part is quite important. My eyes, the way I do them is slowly build in solely building I usually use. Actually, I'll show you Exactly what I use. Is this the ink brushes, so I would go into the technical one or the jail one. But I like technical one because it tapers off. You know, the lines can be quite intently paper doll, and I go in and I have a different layer. Brand new where? And I drove with white and and I fill it in. That's not really why So does them in here. So I just and fill it. And if it's not filled very much, that means the color dropped threshold is not high enough. So I usually keep going and get that. And so it's just to get a nice size of a spot and fill it. And then usually I will do. This is, well, kind of Ah, lopsided triangle. This is for showing reflection. You can always, um, use your smudge brush or even the a razor to tone it down of it. It was too bright. You can turn them down, Um, and then you go the effect for the eyes. And then I usually also will draw a line he's sometimes called over on. Um, so now I'm going to try and build these eyebrows. I mean eyelids a little bit most. I'm going back into my Nico brush and I'm going to get brown here and try and work. But some shadow around these eyes here, so usually just work on that, then I love the way this looks here. Looks great. So I'm gonna add some of that properly and then take some of this year, this lighter color selected if he can see what my finger goes like that. So there's, like, a circle, um, or of those more selections, and you can move around and it just changes with whatever color. So I'm gonna sit like this lighter color and fill it in here because I want to show a light transgression. I mean, I'm was sword, the light selection blend. And and And then I can actually get a light one. Make the brush smaller and fill it and still more in the middle. So a lot of these paintings is the way I'm approaching my actual, um, a rial, you know, physical paintings Now is the same techniques amusing on this? I'm trying to also use when im now working on my, um, physical paintings. So So you can see the different elements there part of this. I think she's quite It's quite I'm going to get a less opaque because that's quite opaque. And we've got this character here, so it's just rub out about this line. But I'm not done that. I'm gonna rub out this line here, and you would just start to find to you and what you're doing I am going to again, can emerge this layer and duplicate that. Maybe that one more time just to show you how dark the images, those I'm urging them tapping on this line here, and then you get the selections and dis merchant. So it's a lot. I mean, if I am switched everything else, huh? This is really what's been drawn and painted on. Um, over the background, Anybody assure you just a background bites. So, yeah, put those trees behind it as well. So if I emerged from all backgrounds on march down, so this is the background without, um good, actually save this now so that I can have available for you to download and use, So that's me saving it. Um, another thing I'm going to do is to to show you the progress that we've done so far. Um, and how far we've come really to what we've done here, Um, which you have to keep refining and refining. But I'm just gonna play this buck so that you can see what it is we've done. So we put the layers. It's going very fast. Um, I can slow. I can take it back a bit. I think we'll see. Yeah. So if you come back here so that the blank page, we put the different layers. Um, screw first. Um, and then we put the lira's own so you can see the castle air, Um, and all these different layers that Brooks and then we started drawing. So it starts to show you more of the detail of how I change the idea of the bird there as well. So I moved it down there and then using the wacky colors. And yes, it looks scary. The beginning. He's in the colors. But that's how my brain works. It's like I just use whatever color I want. And then if I want to, I turn it back. But it's in there in the detail. In the background, you can see the blues. You can see the part polls. Um, you can still get the lights agree color is coming through and everything. So that's how I approach it. Because it works for me. So if I wanted not to focus on this bird here, I would start. It was covered in it. Um, and you have a variety of ways of doing that so you can get lighter his face. Um, beaks. I have been doing some great and then going in different layers as well and other lower, but it's just gets darker, depending on where the shadow is and where it's coming from. Um, yeah. Then I was working with the bird that it's background as well. Great. Just's here because it's gonna have some shadow and then some darker green, because this is all working in tones with the same greens, but, um 9. End of Part 1: and then some Doctor green, because this is all working in tones with the same greens, but, um, destroying shadow there. This is how I know that I'm supposed to be painted now as well. So I've been learning this on and work in my own paintings in the same way you're looking at tones. And then if I want to do no like the shade of pink under, I'm building a slowly with the tones of this going higher and higher the bet and in a bit more pink. So it's no a shocking now because I am taking my time with it. It's not there, and I'm going to build like this the white that comes in that between this white that might be like a grayish, although that comes in. Put the white, which I usually like. I said to use the Yeah, I usually use the What's his name for the the other brush. The Incan won the technical brush book. I can do that cause it's smaller. I could do that. Um, can I get this circle? Live it more around it. That's what the technical brush isn't it right? Let's go back to the Nikko Brush. So this area here is supposed to be a lot grayer. So in other things, you can tell your you know, your paintings around it doesn't have to be close up. I mean, it doesn't have to be just one way this with this. I'm trying to think if going really Brown is gonna work while for this so I can zoom out on DSI what it's like. So I'm just living from heiress areas. Schism. Whatever is catching my attention in my eyes. It's getting in my eyes sight. Just build and build it. I love it, little characters face, You have got my mouse here, which I will piss Fash off this mouse and and then I think I will leave this piece for an hour for you to see as, um, it does take a while and even this for you might already be like, Oh, my gosh, My brain is imploded. So it takes a while and but I enjoy it. It's fun. Um, it is going to clean this up a little bit that there's the extra lines, aren't there? I mean, there are There are places I could have done some other things go back to the pencil sketching. This is just living in and out in between. All of these things is just away, and usually I add some flowers as well. I think that was done very well. Let's go somewhere else and I'll show you what I mean. So usually I will add, like a green sense of flowers. Um, at the top of these years, I've bean sometimes and a flourish in flowers, so it's been a lot of fun doing that. So, um, just basically draw the way that you draw, but is like learning the tools. You get more comfortable with that the more you use it. So you have to keep using A I use this. Once I got my iPad and I learned about procreate. I've been using it for about four years now, and it's just awesome because there's so much you can do with it. And they've always I mean, they're really amazing because they've developed. It's changed quite a bit since I started using it, but has changed and it's adapted and it's really awesome. So, um, so you would refine all these edges and he'd make them blend with the environment, and I can do that. I just don't know the class where we just look at, actually just blend in, um, with, like, tools like this, which is this much, too to just try and what I've just done this. Now I'm just trying blend it Teoh areas so that it's not so, um sharp. But then, if you don't like those what you've done, you can come back and put this back over in different areas to get the texture back in, like, these might want to put some right to purples in here. So just a whole lot of this stuff, Whole lot of stuff and just enjoy yourself. So it's corn in this moves a little bit more. He's got quite a few different things I would put in of the mouse. It's knows where those will usually be like the elephants, a little bit British, and then these years will have some