Digital Collage Class - PART ONE - Procreate App on IPad | Beatrice Ajayi | Skillshare

Digital Collage Class - PART ONE - Procreate App on IPad

Beatrice Ajayi, Founder of HyssopArts

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9 Lessons (1h 7m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Procreate App & Introduction to Tools

    • 3. Introduction to Tools continued

    • 4. Layering

    • 5. Working with Layering & Transparencies

    • 6. Colouring Sketch

    • 7. Colour Development

    • 8. Adding Details

    • 9. End of Part 1


About This Class

Digital Collage Class Part One - Using Procreate App on iPad 

This class focuses on creating a surreal creature illustrations of an eco-animal, in this class an elephant. You will see my example worked through from beginning to close to the end. Class continues in part 2. We are using an iPad and Imagination. You can use the images provided layers, or take pictures of your own. This class is for those who have an interest in digital paintings and collage. 

I will have a number of templates of portraits for you to sketch and practice. You could also transfer them to procreate app and work over them.

You should also learn a little about Procreate tools from this class. The colour palette will be flexible.

Tools & Process

1 Ipad Or IPad Pro & Pencil or (you could use finger, i did for years)

2 pictures of landscape images

3 Procreate (Very affordable from App Store)

4 characters of my eco-animals

5 OPTIONAL:- afire doing one of my characters you can experiment with your own Heros. 

6 EXPERIMENTATION:- Try a range of backgrounds with mountains, buildings and rocks too

Video Example of Class Process, but there will be more discussion and information in class: