Digital Bullet Journaling on the iPad + FREE assets (papers, images, etc!) | Jei - | Skillshare

Digital Bullet Journaling on the iPad + FREE assets (papers, images, etc!)

Jei -, Sharing What I Learn On My Art Journey

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    • Journaling on the iPad

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About This Class



Bullet journals are everywhere- from clean and minimal to wildly imaginative and colorful. Have you seen some and wondered how you could create your own? If you own an iPad or similar tablet maybe you've even wondered about how to go about keeping a digital one. Well this class is for you!

In this class I'm going to be walking you through how to use the best apps I've found in the app store to create a digital bullet journal that is uniquely tailored to you. I'll show you different ways to journal using just free apps, apps that do all the work for you, all the way to apps that act like a traditional sketchbook but with all the digital perks of layers, undos, and more.

I hope this class will be a growing resource as you continue to expand and customize your journal and for that reason will be including an ever growing selection of assets such as templates, trackers, and more!



I'm just one person sharing with you one of my favorite hobbies. I hope you will share this class with your friends and family so that we all can enjoy the hobby together- :) but more importantly share all the great stuff we'll be making on our own and for the class project. I hope you will enjoy the class and if you have any questions feel free to ask!







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Jei -

Sharing What I Learn On My Art Journey

Hello and welcome to my profile page.

I consider myself an artist in training. I'm on Skillshare to learn and share the tips and tricks that are working and have worked for me. Good luck on your own artistic journey. Happy arting!

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