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7 Videos (1h 14m)
    • Intro to brushwork

    • Brushwork and shapes

    • Brushwork and edges

    • Painting breakdown

    • Digital brushes

    • Digital brushes continued

    • Bringing it all together

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About This Class

'Digital Brushwork Techniques' is a video presentation of tools and techniques for getting the most out of your digital brushes and workflow. It will help you achieve a more natural, appealing, and above all, fun look to your paintings.

Please note: this is not a software tutorial. I will be using Adobe Photoshop CC in this lesson, but the ideas and approaches are applicable to any digital painting application (even traditional media!)

Approximately 1 hour, 10 mins of 720p video.



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Remarkable artist and teacher! PLEASE... Keep making classes. This is one or maybe the best art classes I've found online.Best regards from Costa Rica!
Marco Bucci is great and a super credentialed artist and teacher. I believe he is really raising the bar for simplified digestible online lessons.





Marco Bucci

Professional illustrator & teacher

Hello, I'm Marco.

I'm a professional artist with 15 years' experience in the film, TV, game, and print industries - primarily as a concept artist and illustrator. I also happen to believe that it's the duty of experienced artists to pass on what they've learned, with no BS and for as low-cost as possible. It's for that reason that I'm a passionate teacher. I currently teach at CGMA, and have previously taught at Academy of Art University, Centennial College, and more. 

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