Digital Art : Painting A Realistic Pet Portrait

Margarita Bourkova, artist | dreamer | infp

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10 Lessons (60m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Sketching Shapes

    • 3. Sketching Details

    • 4. On References

    • 5. Underpainting

    • 6. Building Up Layers : Fur Fundamentals

    • 7. Building Up Layers : Detailing

    • 8. Building Up Layers : Highlights

    • 9. Bonus : Photoshop Tips

    • 10. Outro

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About This Class

If you've always wanted to create a portrait of your favorite pet, or just love animals and would like to learn some tips and tricks to help you draw them, this class is for you! I'll teach you everything i know about painting animals, from my sketching technique to how i paint realistic fur. I'll also share a few tips to make your portrait stand out and create beautiful visual effects in Adobe Photoshop. 

This class will be featuring my favorite model in the world, my dog Mars :) 


What you'll learn in this class : 

  • How to choose one or several good references
  • How to get the proportions right when sketching
  • How to paint realistic fur
  • Tips for editing your colors and creating 3D effects

What you'll need : 

  • At least one high resolution photo reference of an animal
  • Any digital painting software - i know not everyone has Photoshop, that's why i'll only be using some basic tools and a simple brush for most of this class. 
  • A drawing tablet or anything else you usually use for your digital work.