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Digital Art : Paint Digital Portraits (Step-By-Step)

teacher avatar Esraa Ali, I’m an artist. I’m passionate about trad

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

26 Lessons (1h 29m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Workspace

    • 3. Tools

    • 4. How to sketch Part 1

    • 5. How to sketch Part 2

    • 6. Create sketch

    • 7. Create outlined

    • 8. Choose refernce photo

    • 9. Color Face

    • 10. Color the nose

    • 11. Draw eyes

    • 12. Draw eyelashes

    • 13. Adjust skin

    • 14. Draw eyebrows

    • 15. Draw mouth

    • 16. Adjust skin mouth

    • 17. Color the neck

    • 18. Draw hair Part 1

    • 19. Draw hair part 2

    • 20. Adjust skin Hair

    • 21. Add higlights

    • 22. Add freckles

    • 23. Final touches Pat 1

    • 24. FInal touches Part 2

    • 25. Change hair color

    • 26. Save your poetials

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About This Class

Everything you need to know about drawing realistic cute face, you'll learn right here From A to Z

I have watched a lot of digital art tutorials and never find everything I wanted in One Course. So I decided to make One!

This tutorial is going to walk you through painting head digitally step by step from drawing a sketch until adding highlight and freckles to your drawing.

I have included everything I've learned in that time, I'm going to share my top tips, tricks, and vital pieces of advice you need to know in order to get started and improve your work!

I’m going to take you through my entire drawing process from how to sketch all the way through to creating a finished piece. At the end of the class you can share your work with me for critique and guidance.

In this digital painting tutorial, you’ll work in Adobe Photoshop, starting with a blank canvas and arriving at a polished, final product.

Class Overview:

  • Sketching. You’ll watch three ways to create sketch and add it to Photoshop

  • Coloring Face. We will start coloring the face skin, learn how to choose colors and how to blend.

  • Nose: You will learn the techniques to make a cute realistic nose with shadows and highlights

  • Eyes: You will learn techniques of drawing the eyes each part alone ( Pupil, eyelashes, eyebrows)

  • Mouth: You will learn how to draw cute and realistic mouth.

  • Hair: You will learn how to draw realistic hair, and the techniques to make it easy and fun

  • Freckles: You will learn how to edit the skin color add highlights and freckles.

  • Enhancements : At the end You will learn how to add final touches, add lights and shadows, adjust the colors, change the colors of each part (eyes, hair, mouth)

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Esraa Ali

I’m an artist. I’m passionate about trad


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1. Introduction: 2. Workspace: Okay, does this is the first lesson in this class. Before I begin, I just want to make sure that we both had the same screen because in my experience is very annoying. When someone that you teach you something and you both have different scream, you are different, options are appearing and you're broke ground. So I'm just gonna walk you through the options that you are going to use and for the shop. So once you open for the shop, go to window, make sure the options that we're gonna use is selected. We need options, which is a top all Onda tools, which is the sidebar here, of course, the layers. So this is the three main options that we are giving to deal with potential. Then we're gonna create a new canvas. So go to file pressed new. So here in the name section, you can name your your canvas that's named cute. And here make sure it's custom for the wit and high. I use a usually workers inches. So it's nine by night resolution. I'm gonna keep it 300 background contact is white. And for the color profile, make sure it s rtb and I think Andi terrorist is a default breast. Okay, on here it is our can This so we're ready to go. 3. Tools: Okay, So, no, I'm just going to talk about some off the tools, Andi, the features that we're going to use and on this class, I'm not going to talk about all the futures and put the shop because we're not going to use all of them. The first main the first man told that we are giving to use is the brush tool, which is this cycle over here. Cricket ended. Go to the arroyo up there. Click that arrow. And then here you can see a different kind of brushes on. Dhere can change the size off brush. And from here you can change the color off the brush on from up here, you can see there is the capacity. I'm going to increase it to 100. If you decrease capacity, you can see that color can can fill out on. You can try like the friend kind off sizes and colors just toe. I feel comfortable with using the crushers here. We had the I dropped on color. Okay, let's change the color toe. Year lows kind off. And then here, using this this I dropped tool you can change the color like select the color that you clicked on. You can see here. That's the color is changing. We have also the razor. There is capacity also for the aerator. So this is useful. No, like toe decrease capacity without, like changing the the brush or something. Okay, we have here the paint bucket toe cultures like Phil, Phil color. You can feel the colors here are owned, can change the colors to see green And then just, like, feel that all the spaces or spaces with some kind of color. Um And okay. And we have also selection tour in selecting area in order to move to move this area around can select this like a row and then, um, change it. I recommend you to try these tools out until you feel comfortable with it. This is useful. Andi also here can can, like, move the workspace around, making bigger or like we have. Maybe you want to have to work spaces at the same time. Uh, okay. Now let's let's try to erase something. You can't because you have a selection right now, so you can only like acting inside of the selection. Click on just like this, select. And then you get rid off the selection and you can raise things around. So okay, that sits. That's mainly it. It's certain that's to the default. Um, yes, that's it. 4. How to sketch Part 1: Okay, so now I'm going to show you how to create a sketch digitally. Uh, I'm going to grab newly here. I'm gonna call it refer for reference. So basically, what we are going to do is we are going to copy a reference photo. So here I have a reference photo. I'm just going to drag it on Robert into the for the shop and then press enter. And here it is, our photo. I'm going to create new layer. I'm going to call it sketch. So this is our sketch layer reduced capacity off the image layer and then goto our sketch layer. Let's select some kind of skin tone color that school, and then let's select the brush tool. I'm going toe in our image. And then So basically, what we are going to do is we are going toe create our sketch from our reference photo. This this approach is basically very, very useful for for those who are like beginners into a traditional or digital art, if you are locked, not comfortable with using the tool with brushes on creating lines. So this way is very useful for you to like. Follow the lines of the reference photo. I used to use this approach when I first started. It's like, really useful, and it's fast if you just want to focus on how to use the tools. Andi coloring the image more like focusing or create your own sketch on. At the end of all this life lines are going to disappear because I'm focusing on only coloring. But this is useful in order to create your like outline your sketch on were to color your painting. So I highly recommend this approach for for the beginners a student. But if you are like familiar with the precious and you already know how to create your sketch, you can create your own sketch. So, yeah, if you had you the image now you have your sketch on. All you need to do is to generate. You can find a live out long, but now you have your sketch ready to go and try to cover it. If if you're a beginner, as I said and used this approach on, continue with me and at the color interaction 5. How to sketch Part 2: Okay, So another approach is actually to use your own drawings rather on use a reference photo. So the first I'm going to create new layer, I'm gonna call it sketch layer. So basically, I'm going to a drug under. Born off my sketches that I have drawn before and to offer to show on use it as my sketch. So this at this approach is actually a for the people who are, like, good in traditional art. But they are beginner toe digital art. So if you are one of those people and you want a toe, use your own sketches, your own drawings and you still can't still beginner and photo shop and using the tools and creating a sketch. And for the shop, all you need to do is to import your own sketches into the photo shop and start coloring it with me. So but if you are not, you are not under your beginner in tow for the shop, and you don't know how to scan. You want to create your own sketch from the beginning, I'm going to teach you how to create your sketch from the scratch and the next video. So let's go 6. Create sketch: Okay, now I'm going to show you how I sketch at the beginning. Glands. Let's great sketch layer. Now let's select the brush tool on. I want to use soft around pressure rapacity brush said the opacity to 71. And then let's create two horizontal lines. So the idea is, and the face that we are going to draw is going to be centered between those two horizontal lines and then in the middle. Try to create a kind off vertical line, and then let's split this line in tow. Five equally sections. It doesn't have to be like very equal, but try to make them like a zoo, much equal as you can. No, let's. Let's draw a horizontal lines from those from those points. That's what way we have created. We are going toe. Use those those lines to measure the distance between the parts off them off the face. So here it is, five. Most like equally sections try to make those line horizontally because we are going to to measure the distance between the part off the face depends on those lines, and we're going to place the eyes and the mouth on those lines. So the final one here is where the mouth is going to be and then hear the news. And here the eyes and this one is is nothing. And here is the start off the hair. So let's place the those parts here is is the mom on the nose. Make sure it's under. It's going to be under this light on the space between the two eyes. You can measure it from the edges off the news, and here is going to be the eyes on for the eyebrows. You can place them in the in the place. You you find it suitable, and for the shape you can change the shape of the head you can. Off the face, you can. You can talk about a change. It depends on how you want the shape to be. Okay, don't be afraid of this initial sketch. It's only for for like measuring the distance between different parts of the face on, it's totally going toe change. It's only for like placing the distance. So from here you're going to be and the start of the hair you can like. OK, I want to hear, to be in that shape. Andi from here. Oh, it's going to be over, Nick 7. Create outlined: Okay, now let's create our outline, layer. First, let's a reduced capacity off the sketch layer, and then I'm going to create nuclear. I'm gonna call the outline, So basically, we're going toe create the details off our off, our drumming on. Based on the measurements that we created in the sketch layer, I'm going to start by drawing the eyes. Okay. Just remember that Theis, this layer, it's only for for you to know that details and where is and how the shape of the eyes or the size on other creatures in the face. But it's not. It's not going to be fine. A final it's, though this this last layer is going to be hidden. We're gonna like, totally depends on the coloring. Yes, we're only going to show the coloring parts, and that's gonna be our final, our final drawing. But it's important that you you create those details, um, correctly from the first time, because if you have, like some some measurements is wrong and you start coloring and then you at the end. After you've spent last time on your on your drawing in your final, you realize that there is something wrong with the measurements or some eyes bigger than the other one, or it's like the space. The space isn't equality or something like this. You're going to spend a lot of time fixing those error. You don't have to, so just make sure from the first time you are going to create your outline correctly, so you save some time later, I heard the mouth. I like the shape of the month to be a little bit bigger. That's nice. But I think that upper part is is not very correctly. So I'm going to just did raise it. And just three. We drove it again. OK, that's much more business. And here is the Ambrose, so you don't have to actually spend all that time. It's only for for you to know where is exactly going to be. Uribe rose from World Where and the eyes on the all those of us details stuff Now for the shape of the face it's you can. You really don't have to like stick to the skits. You can change it if you found it not very, if you found it not suitable or if there's something wrong with it, So now it's the time for you to fix it. Okay. Also for the distance. So, uh, okay. I'm going to, like, increase. That's basically a little bit. It's just totally family. You can do it. A few few thing that it's like it's not gonna be right if you like, stick to those two lines because I make that the mouth a little bit bigger. Which is why I need a more space down. Okay? And this is OK here, The shape of the hair. I wanted to be like this on the neck, OK? 8. Choose refernce photo: Okay, so now it's time for coloring. As you know, there are a lot of options on colors to choose from for the skin tone. So actually, I find it a little bit difficult to know what's the right color to choose. So what I usually do is that I I chose an image which has the same the same position, the same lightning on, and also the same skin tone that I I wanted for my drawing and then use this photo to copy the color from it. I already have chosen this photo. So what? I'm going to do it. I'm going to do a final new and create new campus. I'm going to call it difference. This one is only for for my reference bottle on going toe import my photo onto this campus . So I'm going to go to my images skin on going to find the one that I have all the chosen. Oh, what iss I this Okay? I'm just going to drug it on. Drop it in tow. My my new workspace press enter. And here it is my reference photo. I'm just going to put it beside here, and I'm going to zoom out. So yeah, and I'm going to put this one that my main on drumming cure. And so I can we can focus on this one. So if you already have another photo, feel free to use it. 9. Color Face: Okay, let's start by creating nuclear, I'm gonna call it face skin on. Then let's go toe the brush, Um, settings. Click the arrow here and select the hard ground pressure rapacity and said the capacity to 100%. And then it's election on skin color, which is not too bright, not dark on day. Start covering the face. Yeah, make sure the faces skin there is under the outline layer, so you can still see the outline. The lines that we already created in the outline color on the outline layer. Andi. Let's start coloring. Make sure to color all the wild spaces in the face, so usually I prefer to color the the pace separately separately from the other parts off the body. So color the neck alone with with a face and the other part. So I focus on the details on the face alone. Andi, since this layer, it's it's thrown. That's gonna stay so ongoing that the outline there it's going to be hidden, so make sure the edges of the face to be perfectly fine. So I'm going to use a razor here. Andi raised the the edges so it's more smooth. Yeah, you can still hideout on there, so you can see how the edges. Okay, It's awful. I'm going toe work and that some used a razor to raise this, like, curves in the face. Just keep doing that until you find, um, like, smooth edging with with the shape of the face that you wanted. Use the rotations here to protect them the campus. So you can, like, control the movement of the brush. Uh, in a better way. - Okay . No, um, we need to start like coloring on the face. I'm going toe. I returned the Oakland layer aan den prestes. I could over you till the lock. I couldn't. This one will just let you grow inside the colored area as like we said before so you can see how we can draw out outside off the color off the colored areas. Now, let's select the skin tone that we need. I want to choose the soft, rounded pressure rapacity brush onset capacity toe 16. This is fine. And then start blending the colors. So let's chose here this light on start like coloring. You can see that the color it's blend with the background color. So all you need to do is like, keep doing that for different colors off the skin. Just copy that the color from the reference photo and apply it to your your image. Okay, Okay. I think that's, uh, very good. You can still hide all kindler and check like, how How the colors on hold the faces going Because this is going to be the final. The final drawing. So just make sure to blend all the color alone. Andi, make sure it's it's the right and highlighting, and yet that's it. 10. Color the nose: Okay, so, no, let's start coloring the nose. I'm going to zoom in and to the news part, and then what I'm going to do and go to select the darker color from the reference photo, I'm goingto color on basically the same outline so I can, like, hide the outline and focus on the on the news from the skin layer. Okay, I'm going to hide it. And now what you need to do is to couple the color from the nose from the reference photo and apply it over and over again to your that your image So you can start noticing that I already have a like I'm getting some kind of the shape for the nose. So all you need to do is I could, with the color and try to apply it on blended over over again. You need to be patient about this stage because it's it's maybe take some time, but eventually, whenever you are so it's fine with the results. You can stop. Okay, so I'm gonna just like darker color. Just reduce the size off the brush and try to draw a thin line here on the other side to like take a bit more off realistic impact. So I'm just going toe to speed up the process from here on day. As I said before, whenever you are ready, satisfied with the result, you can just stop and and that's it. 11. Draw eyes: Okay, now let's Keller the eyes. I'm going to start back Red Nuclear. I'm gonna call it eyes layer. Make sure the I layers on the top off the face. Killer zoom in on de select a color which is not very white, but more near the white A tone on this Start covering the eyes I prefer toe to leave the people for for for a different player I don't merge between the car rolling their eyes in general on the coloring the people so I can focus more on them The details off the off the coloring of the eyes off the people of ice. So, yes, that's what I usually do, But you can You can merge them. It's very It's very okay. Okay, I'm going to hide the outlined layer and, like, toe to see exactly what the lines that I'm I'm going. Okay. So, no. Uh, okay. Let's create the people I'm going to create new lad. I'm gonna call it high pupil. Um, I, um I want toe make the I people air under the eyes layer. So now I'm going to select some color from her eyes and start coloring. You can see that you can't move out from the white spaces because the I people layer is under that The eyes layer. Okay, now let's create the eye lashes. So I'm just going to follow the outline on, aligned off the ice that I have only the air created in the Outland Liar. So I can rid of get rid off the outlined layer and focus on more details of the eyes. Okay, Now, if you hide the outline there, Okay, that's the eyes. Now we are going to focus on the details of the eyes. - So now I'm going toe raise from them white areas from the ice so I can get the people more around shape. So, yes, that's what I usually do for in in the eyes and condoning the eyes. No, I'm going to like, um, yeah, so that's what seems more realistic. I'm going to do the same thing for the other, right? - You know, I'm going to make this more darker because the opacity off the pressure that we are selecting 16 percent soul I'm going toe more excellent layer. It was Select a razor on I'm going toe Show the slime. The skin line under the white area off the eyes. This is like very a very good way to give her every realistic appearance. So I'm going to do the things for their both sides of the eyes. 12. Draw eyelashes: Okay, so now it's time for the eyelashes. So in the eyes layer, I'm going to select the smudge tool. All you need to do is like, put it from them. The black area on bond. Pull it up. The more you pull, the longer the eyelashes is gonna be. So I didn't find any brush. Actually, I'm not comfortable with using brushes with for the eyelashes butts, but this much is perfectly fine. I found it very OK. And it's give the realistic view on ditz like more like eyelashes. You can, you can notice. It's it's it's amazing. So only to do is draw this line back line and then just select us much tool on, pull it up. You wanna make sure that you don't start pulling up from the white areas, so that's gonna give some white lines inside your eyelashes. You don't want You don't want that. So just keep doing that until until we're okay with it until it's It's the eyelashes that you want. I want I want to make them a little bit bigger. Yeah, that's all you need to do from the top and from the bottom, it's the same thing 13. Adjust skin: Okay, Now I'm going to fix the skin around the eyes, so let's get back the outline. Go. It's like the first skin color on. Let's look here. The berry dark brown color on the top of the eyes. I'm going to increase capacity on a daunting off this line so I can hide the outcome level again. So all I need to do is I want to know where is the position of this line. So I can I hide outlined layer without worrying about where it's the line. Okay. No beside it. Andi. Yes? I'm sorry. I'm going to undo it. Okay. Okay. That's the basic That line on now I'm going to reduce the positive. 2 17 13 It's OK. I'm going to increase the size off the brush on now. Let's let's give the ice some shadows, okay? So give the ice some shudders around the eyes. Andi. Yeah. Don't worry. Like to increase the spaces. Go to the to the nose. Also, add some of the same shadow to you need to blend. You don't want the colors to be separated from each other. Okay, I'm going toe. Create the shutters. Onda. Bottom off the of the eyes fixed some colors blending on. And, yeah, just select the color from your reference photo are played. You can figure there is a white areas under the eyes. I mean, it's it's necessary to, uh, those those white areas. It's giving you more like, realistic on Where is the shadows? And we're the highlighting a pure drama. It's amazing, so, and it's the same off the your your reference photo so you need to do is like, find out where are those spot on, then just copy the colors, Andi, and take them to your doing. - Okay , inside the eyes. This this line, I like it to be more more to the red, and now I'm going to go to the ice. I want to add some shadows and some black. Uh, don't forget to decrease capacity to 9% 0. R. Unless it's it's OK, but you don't. I don't want to be very black, and I am the same time. I don't want some shadows so reduced capacity until your sets find to the color. Until I said, If I do the calories, that's right. Yes, I think that's that's fine 14. Draw eyebrows: So for the eyebrows, I'm going to create nuclear. I'm gonna call the eyebrows. Just make sure the eyebrows players on the off the face Skinner on going to bring by the applying layer on, then select some brown color from here i. Breaux's Onda and said the busty to 18 18 is good and just let's feel them spaces inside of the hair. I rose in the outlined, uh layer so we can hide out Landler and work on the Rose if really so. I'm just going toe. Give her some volume. No, it's going to do is going to increase, so decrease capacity to turns to decrease the size of the brush till seven. So it's a thin line on this. Create at the Arab robes lines and make sure toe to make it, um, look like natural rose. And don't be afraid to make it missy on. Don't be afraid. Toe From here outside, off the areas off the of the background color, which is make it more natural, and you still can use this much tool toe to increase the volume on toe. Pull up the the hair from Europe grows. That's make it more natural But you see, you can also not do that. It's totally fine. So now I'm going to a select darker color off the brown. Andi, just add extra here in the middle of her. I rose. Um, that's give her more natural appearance ongoing. Teoh do that for the second. I bro's. I'm going to speed up the process from here and, yeah, that's it. 15. Draw mouth: Okay. Now my favorite part is drawn. The mouth. I'm going to create a new lower layer for the mouth on going toe. Bring back the outcome there so I can see. Where is the mouth now? Select color from her lips. Andi reduced capacity list. Heart painting. Okay, I think it's too transparent. I'm going to increase the past A little bit. 1990 was OK And now let's Trow and said of the outgoing there for the mouth. So the idea is, I want just the shape of the mouth so I can look this layer and just focus on the details. Occasions try toe to cover their spaces and don't leave any white areas. Now I'm going to select this darker one over here. Andi drove them the middle line between her lips. Amazing knowledge tied, outgoing. There. That's so cool. Now let's add some details. Let's make this line more darker. Yes, two points on the edges. It's really cool. No, let's draw. Um, I want to give her some like real shape. You can see that this thesis brush is the I don't want the soft tone changes. It's not how dry around edges, so it's kind of mixed, whether with the skin layer, it's giving that ellipse more blessed. Excited. It's awesome. No, I just fix it a little bit. So once you are satisfied with the shape and that's that's the shape wanted only need to do . Is the lock the layer? Yes, the locking is very important. So now I can drug dro everywhere the color and I don't have to worry to miss the skin color . That's amazing. Now we are going to do is focusing on her lips. No, just, um, copy the color from our reference photo on Let's try to do it. Keep it like bright from the edges. Andi darker when you are going inside her lips. Okay, so now how I give her journalistic so vested Carrie view So this much tool them magic als much told. So I want to add some some bright lines. Ah, just draw lines, separated lines. And now let's go to the smudge tool and try to mix. Mix the colors so you can see that the brights colors are I'm gonna bring them down on Ah, don't hide the and the bright lines totally. Just bring the bright, long lines to the to the center, on the darker lines outside, so you can see her like it's more realistic side. So that's the secret for drawing realistic month. It's amazing. Just keep doing that until you are satisfied with the results. Practice for it. If you are new for that, uh, but it's it's immediate. Yet I'm just going to keep doing that on the top earned on the bottom off her lips. So I usually, um, like to make the upper lips more bright from, uh, the upper lips. Yeah, it's more bright than the lower lips. Yes, so you don't am. I want to like the middle line layer wanted to be like for clear that it's the line in the middle Muzzi. 16. Adjust skin mouth: Okay, as usual, let's fix the skin around the mouth. So let's go to the faces. Skin there. Andi. Let's select this darker color over here on our reduced capacity to 12 12 12 is OK, and now let's add some shutters around the mouth. Don't be afraid toe to make the shutters inside the mouth because it's not going to appearing. It's just going to a bearing on the edges off the mouth. So, yes, it's going to give her a more realistic view that the mouth is going out of her of her foot of her face. Sorry on. Just don't be afraid to blend over and over again. It's it's totally fine. And just keep doing that. Keep um, taking colors from the reference photo and put it into your your during until you you are satisfying with the results doesn't have to be the same as the reference photo, but it's as I said. It's only for capping the the colors. Okay, here, I want to add some bright color. Yeah, that's amazing. Now in the upper part is very important. It's just like a thick line off shadow on top of her lips. That's a music. Let's give her a very realistic, very realistic Have you keep it? Keep it more, doctor on the edges off this line. And now I want some very, very bright line. So I'm going to take care of to take it from here from from the top. And now let's create this bright line on the edges off this shadow on there, all the edges of her lips, the upper lips. It's like there is a light hitting on her on her face and you can see those lines also in the reference photo. Ah, but I like to add this. Those two bright lies and the lines over here. That's amazing. Okay, just doing that until it's totally fine. But I like I'm going to add some some extra color and blend more. Okay, as you see her, Okay? I missed a little bit with her. No. So I'm going to fix it. I'm going to add some shadows under the nose. Okay, that's amazing. Okay, don't forget the shadows on the edges of Himmel here. Yes, that's that's amazing. Okay, Perfect. 17. Color the neck: so Yeah, it's great. And you're cold. Nick, make sure the nuclear is under the skin. The skin faces skin layer on the select. The hard round pressure rapacity pressure on with a razor. Let's like the pressure on and select. Okay. Hard, wrong pressure. Rapacity. Um, a prefer on. Make sure the opacity said 100%. Um, this show the outland layer. So we can we can see the outline and just throw the outlander off the neck. So it's pretty symbol of the same procedure as the basis skin there. Just fill the the neck with the base color blend. Um and yeah, that's it. Okay, I'm gonna just I want to make sure I have the the perfect cheap the shape off the neck that I I'm satisfied with. Um, yeah, I'm going to raise a little bit. Uh, okay. You can irritate the the canvas so you can work with it. 18. Draw hair Part 1: Okay, now the hair there, I'm going to select. I follow with red hair so I can copy their hair. Started her from it. Now will select a dark color on going to quit nooner. I'm gonna go with the hair background there, make sure this layer is under the skin on the neck layer. And I was like the brush. Andi, make sure the opacity is set very high value under Let's draw some some kind of shadow around the face and the neck. So the point from this layer is I don't wanna rune the edges of the face and the neck, so I kind of create some dark ah, color of the hair around the neck interface. I'm gonna get back the Alcan Low. I know. I'm going to grab, you know, I'm gonna call it the hell Now let's select am very dark and not very bright color for the hair on the straw on top of the face. Skin hopes. Okay. Make sure the hair layer is on top of the face skin there, so we can we can draw on top of off the face on there. Now that's created some kind off base color for their A selected the same. The same colors off your your reference photo on. Make sure to fill all the gaps for hair. For me, actually, drawing the hair is the most difficult part off my drawings because it's taking so much time, and it's difficult to make it realistic. Andi. Okay, I spend some time, uh, on it, but it's it's fine. And it's, um, amusing, actually, No. I'm going to x elect some darker color on I think any more. Okay. And then select that. I'm gonna add some shadows here on there. Make sure to stay away from from the face lower because I don't wanna ruin the skin. You know, I think we can hide outlined lower because we've got the shape off the hair and then we can work on it separately from the outcome there. No, I'm going to select a your color on and start to create some shadows off color here and there. Uh, yeah. While covering the best car, also, make sure to, um, to take the shape off the hair also. So you don't really You have. So that's the shape that they wanted. This is the same share with them and if that if for his photo, not very much the same. But you can find the same highlights so you can see that from the buckets more darker. It's doctor from back, and it's more more bright from them in the front. Yeah, I'm going to select darker color and yeah, also, Adam Dark shadows. Don't be afraid to add, um, different tones off if the color because you're gonna mix it all together at the end Now against, like this much tool Andi, blend all this three stones on colors together. Just keep doing that until use you. You found it smooth and you find all the color. Different color tones are mixing on blending together very smartly. So now I'm going to serve the a razor and said the pressure of the result so soft, strong pressure, rapacity and use the opacity. What I need to do is I want to add some more realistic view from that's where the hair is is growing. So I'm going to raise some hair here. Yeah, that's give it some more realistic view. I'm going to raise a little bit here on you. Make sure that busted the razor is is Israel is not very much high introduced the positive , the razor. And I would select this much to Andi very smoothly. Let's, um, give the hair some realistic You like. It's growing from the head. Yeah, that's it. Yes, like the brush tool. Uh, lecture. It's soft round pressure rapacity and reduced capacity to 16. Answer. Licked some bright color on. Also reduced the size off the roof on this start. Um, going the hair, add more details. You don't be afraid toe to go out of the hair. Every article. That's give it some realistic view at him here, like flowing in the air, and you just keep doing that. 19. Draw hair part 2: So in the second body I'm going. I'm going to start by selecting this much tool. Let's start blending the colors together. Let's just keep doing that until you are satisfied and it's and seems seems like a blend. The colors are blending together. Just add some extra touches here and there until you you're satisfied with the result. You can use this much tool to expand the darker, over the brighter and parts of the hair. And I was slicked. Um, the brochure. Andi, Um, unless it's they chose, um, the soft drum, partial positive brush. And this add some darker colors here and there. Just toe, uh, some shadows, uh, I'm going to use a little bit. So let's add some some hair, some details here, um, to add more realistic view to the hair. Yeah, I'm going to select Ah, bright color on. And I'm going to draw some some here somewhere. So you just keep doing that. It's very much, um, simple. I'm going to increase that just a little bit so I can see those the details. Okay, guys like more bright color on going to ransom details. Yes, that's it. You can start to notice that the hair are more of your snow. So yeah, that's it. Just getting that until they are satisfied with the results. Ellen wants you. You notice, um, some lines. You don't want it. You can still use the smudge tool to blend and hide and have some errors and mistakes on the hair. 20. Adjust skin Hair: Okay, so now it's the the face, the face skin. I'm going just like a dark color from top Off her eyes. Shadow, I'm also reduced capacity to 19. Andi, make sure the skin there is selected a knowledge. Add some shadows around the face. Eso that's give Give it some some realistic view that they're giving some shadows to the face. So this shadows, um, on the edges of the face and you still can, uh, blend. Blend the colors, make it more bright if you think that it's too dark, I'm going to fix a little bit of shadows here. And there are ongoing Cheddars under the eye rose for her. Chicks and guns licked him a pink color. More like, Yeah, so I'm getting giver like cute. Cute. Look, Yeah, that's that's That's cute. I just I'm going just going to make some adjustment to the face. You can. You can leave it just as it is. I found it fine, but I'm going to continue some adjustment until I'm satisfied with the result. I'm blending a little bit, the being with them with the white and the Cheddars areas 21. Add higlights: no for the headlight layer I'm going to create, You know, I'm gonna call it the highlight. Make sure the high LeClair is on top off everything and just make it on the Barre. Very top. Uh, no. I'm goingto select the white color of a brush store going to increase the bus. Day 50 50 is good. Notice that. Ah, by the eyes. I'm going to create some lights for the eyes. Just making small and rounded white, um, Alia's I'm going to increase the busty look a bit, um and oh, no, Undo it. Um, yeah. I just add some some white shapes for the ice that give it really, really realistic of you. And I just look at some some white areas were around the eyes and give that gives it a some volume. That's not very nice. Okay, that's very good. Now I'm going to reduce the busty. A total 626 is fine. I'm going to add some some white on the on the eyes. This is very giving. Very cute. Cute. Look, yes. And also for the lows. It's like the the light is reflected. And, uh, this part of the news and also around and the inches of the nose again. And also for the most. Now I'm going to add some some that on the lips, we could make it, um, like this on. I like this toe white, uh, colors around the lips over here on this is we'll get you cannot lights here, and they're going to fix the news in a moment. Who? Yes, and that's it. Alights. I think that's pretty much a very cute Yeah. Get at some leads over here on Yes, that's it. 22. Add freckles: So now I'm going to create Africa. Let's let's create new layer called pickles. Andi. Let's go to the window and select the brush so I can see how the pressure are look like I can show you Was the pressure that I'm going to use or its crackdown until that's it seems like galaxy or something. I don't know what it gold. Let's check it out. Um, rename Brush and that's it. Is that the brush? And also here and change some settings. That's increase the spacing between those ah dots on and all the plot amount. No splatter amount. So I wanted to reset it. Just press it again, and it's gonna really set them the values. Ellis increases spacing and increase the space possible. A size 8% on Let's increase the busty. Just check it out. Yeah, that's it. I'm going to raise it. I know. It's, um, said the the opacity toe, like 2121 is good on. Let's start creating the prickles. I'm going to increase the size 13%. Yeah, and that's it. That's good. Just add difficult all around the face everywhere. Just make sure at ah to increase the amount offset prickles on the cheeks, but not, um, not around the whole face added to the old whole face, but not too much. But you still can raise them. Let's look the razor and reduce make should reduce the positive of the razor to 20%. I know it's racism off the frequency, so that's will not raise the hope Vehicles just going to reduce the opacity off off them. You can still like, reduce the posting of the whole layer, but yeah, I don't like that. I'm just going to raise it now. Let's go back to our brush tool. Let's select white color So this is not necessary. And it's not like a realistic view, but I really like it. I don't like this white dots on the cheeks, so I'm going to, uh, there is a little bit here. No, I'm going to select some pink color on, then, just at some, um, pink killer on the cheeks. - Yes , that's it. You can see the difference. I'm going stories around the base, so I if there some pickles on the hair or under Nick going to remove it and that's it, that's it. That's looked very nice. Thank you. It 23. Final touches Pat 1: notice a move to the final pictures of our Benteke. Let's move to the vascular and make sure 24. FInal touches Part 2: notice a move to the final pictures of our Benteke. Let's move to the vascular and make sure toe unlock the layer. I'm going to select some skin tone from the bottom on a scroll down to the it edges off the face. I'm going to select the soft, round pressure rapacity brush on the dusty set to 70% and I'll just draw a line around the face. I'm going to select another tone, this one here. So the point is that you can you can see that the edges of the face are are not smooth there some sharp edges on. And that's because we are. We split it the face from the neck. So what I'm doing here that I removed the lock from the layer, and now I'm just throwing the edges off the face so I can a little bit blend between the base and on the neck. But at the same time, they still separated the color. That color difference between them are very abuse. So this give it more smooth. Look, no, I'm going to blend a little bit. I'm going to select this one on Blend it. Yeah, that's that's bitter. If you feel that you don't need to do that, so that's totally fine. Now let's go to the eyes layer on If you can see here that there's I smaller than another one. So I'm just, um I just wanna make this one looks smaller, Ongoing just in Greece, the the black space eso it looks more or so. No, I'm going to reduce the opacity on going to add some shadows, some black shadows around the eyes on the top and also on the bottom. - Let's move to the face, skin layer and selective er dark, very dark tone. Andi. Increase capacity a little bit on. Let's just a small fixes at some existed to the painting right are on the eyes. So here you can just like take a bigger view of the painting and see if you want some dark color or brighter color here and there on. Make some fixes. It's a final touch so you can just play around with all the rail but all the layers. See the bigger picture and check if there some fixes you need to do No, I'm going toe at some shadows around the skin, under the hair. I think that I need some extraction does. I'm just going to look the layer eso I don't move out of the face. I don't want to miss the here, so make sure to look the layer if you are. If you are working with the base layer, I'm going to go to the hair and at some fixes to the hair. Also do and blend a little bit. Select this much tool and bled. Uh, the hair. Uh, if you if you see some sharp edges, you don't want them. Just use this much tool and blend the colors Blend when them together on give them small appearance. Okay, Now let's go to the eyes. Sorry, I people until, like image adjustment color balance you complete with the color of the eyes. You can see her can change the color MacGyver blue over green as very nice. But I'm goingto leave it as it is on. You can do also something for the mouth can see. You can choose the color off the lips. Eso That's the benefits of having etch port at alone so you can't separate. Believe the colors for each part alone. That's very, very nice. I'm going to leave the colors additives, but feel free to edit any color that you want. Change 25. Change hair color: So I wanna change the car off the hair. All I need to do go to image adjustment. Color balance on the play around with the colors. Increase the red you can You can see the difference by check and and check the review bottom. So I can, uh, canned off like this, This one. So I'm going to press, okay? And you just ah, look a bit, um, more orange. 26. Save your poetials: and now the final part off our doing. The saving. Let's go to file and save as, uh, here you can see the types that you want to save for your image. Us. I'm going to select a big and then for save. Uh, dialogue will open. Is this person okay? Live as a default. And now it's exporting. You can save it on different types. Also, I'm going also to perceive us. I'm going to select you big being jittery and Empress Add have it already. Ah, and purchase purse. Ok, And now you have it both injured back and B and G for month on. Also, don't forget to save it as best day, so you still can important to your photo shoot. So that's it. Our final image. No, it's it's finalized. I hope you old guys, um, enjoyed the course on and find it useful on Thank you all for watching. Bye bye.