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Digital Art Landscape: Learn How to Paint Digital Landscapes

teacher avatar Subham Khooblall, Designer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

25 Lessons (2h 16m)
    • 1. Promo

    • 2. Introduction

    • 3. Downloading Brush Pack

    • 4. Brush pack

    • 5. Background and Sky

    • 6. The Start of The Mountain

    • 7. Adding Form to The Mountain

    • 8. Bringing The Mountain to Life

    • 9. Blending The Mountain into The Background

    • 10. Creating a Serene and Tranquil Lake

    • 11. Evergreens and Mountains

    • 12. Foreground of Evergreens and Setting The Base

    • 13. Bringing The Foreground Evergreens to Life

    • 14. Highlights on Evergreens

    • 15. Background for The Mystic Woods

    • 16. Creating The Effect of Distant Trees

    • 17. Building up The Landscape

    • 18. Altering The Ground

    • 19. Creating a Valley

    • 20. Bushes and Trees

    • 21. Highlights on Trees

    • 22. Further detail part 1

    • 23. Further Detail Part 2

    • 24. Creating a Waterfall

    • 25. Final Touches

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About This Class

Have fun creating Digital Landscape Paintings, this course is a step by step course that’s easy to follow. I always wanted to be able to create Landscape Paintings and I’ve spent some time learning the process. I want to share the technique I have learnt so that you’ll be able to have fun creating art.

Anyone can create amazing digital landscape art if you know the right steps and techniques to use. The ability is already within you. You have to learn how to cultivate it out. There’s an artist inside everyone.

Digital Art is a fun process in creating stories and evoking certain emotions through pixels. You are the god your creations, you can paint whatever you desire once you learn the process.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Subham Khooblall



Hey, my name is Subham. I’m currently an Automotive and Transport Design Student at Coventry University in the UK. I have previously worked as a design intern for an Architect firm and a Design Consultancy.

I first found the world of design intimidating, but as time went by I realised we can learn anything. Whilst developing as a designer I quickly learnt the importance of being competent with traditional sketching techniques and the digital side of design.

I've taken some time out, to teach you some of the techniques I’ve used during the design process and my personal portfolio.

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1. Promo: Hey, the do you want to learn the process of digital lot so that you can create digital landscape? Well, this course has been set up so that you can take a blank canvas and create an amazing picturesque scenery. This is a lot is amazing because you can create an abundance off things without using paint without getting your hands dirty, and I'll show you certain brush types and techniques that you could use create certain delusions. Digital arts It's all about creating illusions out of certain pixels on the screen. And if you are inexperienced, don't worry, Axel, because I especially set up this course to take new fruit at ease from the basics, from the intro Sage to the more advanced stage. So I hope so. Welcome you on if you want to create amazing pictures, sceneries that this is the course for you. 2. Introduction: hi there. So let's talk about the software. So in this course, all we using Photoshopped on you can use photo death sketchbook if you want on if you prefer Teoh, but I'll be using photo shop and the brush. But that I downloaded to use is compatible with fall so short. If you do find an alternative brush packed that is similar to the one defy talk to you about in a set in a few seconds. Then please do use sketchbook if you prefer to, that I recommend you use Photoshopped on. If you don't have photoshopped, you could always down a free trout on the adobe website on Oh, I will be using a graphics tablet, but if you don't have a graphics tablet, it's all right. You could also use a mouse is perfectly fine to do a render using a mouse. Students with a mouse you don't have pressure sensitivity, so what you can do is just reduce an increased opacity and the flow when you're rendering to create certain effects. So if you don't have a graphics tablet, don't worry, you can use the mouse. This is the brush practice. I downloaded the evident brush back. It's a free brush back, and you could just down know that. Put your name, last name and your email address. And I must say, if you do find an alternative brush back with similar brushes, please feel free to use it. But this is the brush back I'll be using because it's free so that anyone can access it. Oh, so sometimes when I first ordered the brush crack, it took some while to come. So I can't guarantee that the brush back will come immediately off the resend, the email, but yeah, thank you. 3. Downloading Brush Pack: I hope you're having a wonderful day and let's talk about brush packs. So I'm not going to create with the brushes on Photoshopped that would take a huge is. So I'm going to download one. And if you just Google evident concept art brush pack, this will pop up if he is the Web address evident dot com design slash concept are brush back. And it's quite a simple, straightforward brush fact download that slows of options. So if you go here, download our free evident concept Brush back concept, that brush fire your first name, last name than your email address, and then if you and then you should have something like this pop up, check your email inbox. I must say that when I did sign up to get my brushed back, it did take quite the world. So stew sign up early, and I can't promise that the brush back wall comes straight away. But then once you do went, go track your able make sure you check your job folders well and then just download the brush back. Then just download the brush back. You this popped up? Oh, yes, because I've already downloaded it. So yes, So just download the brush back on. I'll see you next 4. Brush pack: All right. So I opened up photo shop here. And so let's click here. I'll new initial Papa Pierre. Right. This is it. So here you can select your canvas size your measurements that select inches I'm going to be using 16 by nine inches. You can use a different campus size if you prefer. Feel free to. I'm just going to be using RGB column. Make sure your resolution is around. I'd say minimum 200 resolutions, three hundreds. Quite an ideal resolution to have. If you start to go high in, your computer will slow down and it could blow up. I'm joking, but it will slow down. So let's create a it can this size. Okay, so if you press be, I'm just gonna quickly talk to you through the interface. Off it off Photoshopped. I'm just going to do what Windows was going to reset it. Essential. So this is how Photoshopped normally appears. But what I am going to be doing is I'm just going to close who these tab groups here because I really need just the layers. To be honest, you could have the color here, but I prefer to just use the color there is up to you. Whatever suits you and your needs do it. So I'm just as you know, this button here you creates a new layer on if you breast be or the brushes press B. It's an automatically selects the brush tool, as you can see PP And Pressey, um, that automatically selects the rays. It'll and those are the two tools will be using. Maybe it will be, yeah, maybe of the rotate tour slightly, which is our over here and maybe the hand tool as well. So if you select told this down hate Shantel and then if I zoom in, you won't be really able to see it. But because the canvases white Oh, so it just mused to canvass around. So this is the two main. Those are the main tools will be using brush, razor rotating and Hansel maybe as well. So let's set the brush back. OK, so if you just click here brushes Oh, look, has downloaded the evident brush back quite a bit. We just delete that neat that we don't need a with the same brush is on. If I just click on this folder, I'm just gonna landscape crushes brushes Yeah, on. And I'm just going to quickly drag some of the brushes that I'm going to be using. You could do that as well. So, like this brush some herbal brush 71 free. And if you just hold down control and then select more brushes when this came to you, quickly scroll down and select brushes. That's I want when they use in which clouds This cut both clouds. Sounds good. You're like clouds. Maybe more clouds. Yes, clothes and somewhat queens looks trucks. So I have is have been of this one. This one lets one book to book one and book free snu snu snu. Let's have a snooty texture. This here snooty texture really looks new and maybe a bit of snow mitts of this one. Um And who these All here. So shrubs, cross forests, forest folk, pine pine forests and us. Perfect. What Elswit. Whether leaves up here? Yes, there was leaves. So I'm going to select these leaves. Thes leaves these flowers on a seizure, Have a bit of grain. You could you could select move brushes if you want. I'm just going to quickly sell all birds. Perhaps um, birds if you want. And honestly, this I feel like anyone could do this here. The demonstration that I'm about to go show you. And if we just and was going to drag Oh, no, no, no. Just how do you drag everything up? Mm, No, it's a selected everything new. I have no son selected. Everything we shouldn't quickly recent acts everything. Wait one second. Ah, no So going. Maybe some ring. A bit of rain. Birds, foods, boots. But the good Nothing. That's it. Oh, snu snu. Where is this new snuffed extra this year? Perfect. Uh, listen. Yeah. And also finally but not least, you want a normal soft brush that is available to everyone to use. You could have Yes, off around this here. So frown and art around the moon brushes will be really useful. Here. Just take these two. Go down, down, down. No, no, no. On. And gonna put that there also may be a soft and hard to razor. Say these on the new moves off the res A heart. Reza, I'm just gonna quickly drag that down into the brushes. That's what we'll be using today. There we go. So this way. That is much more quicker to use. The brushes? Yes, saver. Just clues over being evident. Brush back, close up landscape brushes, what you can do if you left click and then landscape brushes, drag it all the way up. And then I'm just gonna position this on top. So I have a quick, short cut, and I could just quickly access the brushes. Are you okay? Just get painting. 5. Background and Sky: Okay, so let's start adding some color to the canvas and create a piece of art. So what I'm going to do is I greeted the new layer. Just click this button here to greet the new Leo and you breast be or you could left click your mouse or your pen with the Hokies on. I'm gonna choose off round brush and make a slow around 12% my pressure sensitivity zone. And I'm just going to reduce the size of the brush slightly. May choose E. Maybe so here. This will do. It is kind of be now and I'm just going to add a bit of blue when talk Yes, for the sky being a little blue Dis gingerly are being a bit of blue The except and I delectably over here at the corner of the bottom could make it a little porn. Maybe, perhaps like so and then that's Crete. This is slightly too dark, so oppressively and go to my softer razor. I won't do it nicer. Gonna reduce it to around 3% on. I'm just going to gingerly erase. Let's make it less of a vivid blue. So that's flying on. Maybe I didn't support more. Please, Like that nuclear press be again. And then let's put some clouds in the head. So I'm going to select cloud too. Make sure white is selected. Gonna turn pressure sensitivity on on increase the brush size and floats the 100%. And I'm just gonna but ace and clouds on. I'm going to increase the size of it. Maybe reduce the size of it is, well, little little clouds in the distance. So just give the clouds a little there, Give it a little friend. Happy little clouds everywhere. So this is your piece of work. Do what you want. You have to pick clouds wherever our in person them do Put clouds where you want to put them and it's fine. Some clouds here and the perfect. So So we have a little bit of clouds here. The maybe another one. Yeah. And so so right now what we've done, we just put in the sky color and Britain's and clouds and a little bit of blue over here. So we have just really just put in the main base off the off the canvas main background that we're going to start building on top of that 6. The Start of The Mountain: Okay, So what we're going to do now is just at some mountains put some mountains in, give it some life. But I'm just going to if I hold out, I'm going to select this blue here, and I'm just gonna add a bit of blue. But his Well, you compress controls that to go back if you want on. Sometimes even making mistakes will be blessings. And, in fact, legis. What we're doing here is making this will a piece of what? And it's really disillusions. Okay, so let's put some mountains somewhere. So if I select a dog blue, maybe color, like so. Yeah, that will do. Then we crossed speed. Go back to our Brussel. It doesn't matter. Select another blue here, Chris beat. And then let's select a hold brush A hard round brush. Here we go. I'm just going to reduce the make it more than ellipse. A tight lips. I'm just going to foursome some mountains. We could create mountains were a bit you re once, um, just going to start off here. My pressure sensitivities, and I'm just gonna slowly put in some mountains. You decide where you want new mountains to be where they want to live. There's no right or wrong answer here where we have to put out mountains, put the mountains in who? Maybe it is well, So what I'm going to do now is turn off the actually, let me just put it back on. But I'm just gonna go over certain areas to make it slightly more darker. And the good thing about this is, even if you draw a line that you don't like, you can always work with that. You don't have to raise it, just work with it. Little mountains here. And so you re creates another one. A massive one here in the distance. Like so with the mountains. Hey, mountains. Yea, happy little mountains. Very relaxing. It's really nice to be relaxed when doing this. No right or wrong answer here. Just do as you please. To be honest, maybe a little one here, little, little melted. Give its little friend okay, So if I'm going to, you know, I'm going to select the soft round brush a and then, you know, increase the size of it and I'm just going Teoh, blend it. I think so. And have a great it then you layer, it's on the same layer. And if I just press the heat and a razor softer Reza if I continue Pressey who Yep, it's really selected soft breeze, sir. On. I'm just going to race this gently here. Notice how my my flow is really lonely could reduce your capacity or your flow is up to you . So here and then I'm just going to select make it 100% Turn off my my pressure sensitivity making a smooth section And I'm just gonna tie Do you talk to here with things? Artists? It's a little cleanup. I think so. Oh, I'm raising my clouds. I accidentally drew my cloud on the same layer and it's fine is continue one. We'll just continue on its fine. Maybe just fact and might give me a blessing. Might give its certain effect that we didn't anticipate We'll just leave. It will continue on mountains. In fact, when you just so hit, understand to make its league dark, I won't take one reason on your so too much that, in fact, we could just crust may hold the color here, man. Like So That's why yeah, it's perfect. It's nice. There's a matter if you do what you want with your mountains on, what we're going to do now is 7. Adding Form to The Mountain: So let's put some snow and it's, um, effect on the mountain. So therefore, press B left click. And if we scroll down on and I'm going to slept a see, what should we make on amount. And you could do whatever you want. Maybe 51? Yeah, one will work. I'm going to select a maybe a really light pink, like so make sure you could select the new layer. You don't have to if you don't want to, But this is just a way I prefer to work on. I'm just gonna reduce my brush size of them. That's, um, in FX on the mountain. Thanks. So he and you decide what you want to be on your Martin, but let's we can experiment with this. Excellent. Let's select another brush well to Dick, and we could just We can just add a few streets him the you decide what you want to your mountain to be like. There is no right or wrong answer. Here. You just create what you want. That's a real beauty of this. It's really just little smudges on screen pick source that create the illusion or something . And that's the beauty of this a little little then in this produce my brush size. Sorry. You decide what lives here? Maybe a little. It's all the little pathway that goes up those So you can do whatever you want here. Sure. You Yeah. Yeah, Why not? And if you just carry on, if you draw something that you don't like, you don't have to necessarily go back. Just just continue and see what you can make of that. You could always add and take away color here, and there is no really a wrong or right way of doing this. Hey, Mountains. It's gonna increase. My gosh, I slightly I'm just gonna exchange Lee. It was certain areas nicer. No, no. What I'm going to do is I'm going to select a Let's see, What should we do next? What shall we do? Let's select the snow text texture. And if I select the same color and I'm not going to create a new layer here, just gonna make sure you crush sensitivities on I'm just gonna gingerly at some streets and maybe reduce opacity slightly the flow. Sorry. You can reduce the passivity if you want us. Well, we're literally just having some streets here in there you can make out on its what you want. You put the certain lines where you want it to be. There is no right or wrong here. But I'm just trying to go over certain areas. Just make it look more slightly more snow, like so Especially here. Let's go here. And that's him in color on the mountains. And then what? I'm going to do it if I select like a dark blue and then I'm just going to we just my brush slice lady, and go over here gingerly as well. On this section, where the white areas are using a do like sir, meet another white. Okay, you reduce the capacity slightly. No, it's fine. Like this is slightly maybe 95 87% year on. I'm just going to again. I just create a slept the samruk. Maybe this one and just go over says in areas, turn up the flow, you know, more authentic. Look, I think so you could play around with the brush size. Do what you want. There is no wrong or right answer Here. You're the mosque. You're creating the peace of quality. Sometimes when you overthink things. You don't know where to put certain lines and you become un decisive. We'll just cover go. The best thing to do is just practice, and the worst thing to do is to do nothing as you could see, starting to look like a cloud. Now, certain risks of white here and there. Given the mountains, some sort of four, you get a little mountains. Here is, well, little bulges, and this is really fun. There's no right or wrong here. This is why it's so fun to do. Here we go. A little mountain, rather large mountains. Happy listen, melted. 8. Bringing The Mountain to Life: All right, so that's just at a bit more details on the mountain. So if I press b slept my brush, I'm going to select Brooke one. And I'm also going to select this type of blue here. Yeah, that will do. Okay, so what I'm going to do now is just that's, um, shadow effects on the mountain to make it come to life. I just felt this slightly here, and then I'm going Teoh, just my pressure sensitivity years old. And I'm just going to at the shadow fete on the mountain so that it looks more like a because it was slightly too dark. So and here you could just play around and create certain peaks and session. You do what you want on this section, Like I'm just rolling you an example here and on how it can be done that overall feel free to do things sort of way you can experiment with it, but essentially what I'm doing here is I'm using a light blue and I'm just going over certain areas on the on the sides, off the mountain opposite to the through the white surface, here on my So I'm basically going over the dark areas like so And you could play around with it. It doesn't have to be completely like this. You could add a little bit of blue here with the well, just experiment with it. And this is the real fun part off the process. You could do whatever you want. There is no really wrong right here. That a bit appear. And the good thing about here, you don't have to get every single good thing about this. You don't have to get every single line a certain way. Precisely. You can experiment with certain things or certain ways and just roll reading. So as I've added abuse section here, what I'm going to do now if I take a white and go over the certain areas here so that it really makes it started pot Because it was like the white was slightly Teoh. It was too light. So now you can see it started and come together now really create what you want. There is no certain way again. Well, certain rightness do this. This is a real good thing about it. And now you could really start to see it come together, come to life, this mountain. So as you can see, these are just simple marks and pixels on the screen. But as you zoom out, you create some sort of illusion that really falls. The I is going Teoh do that there makes it so here and then we just take a bit of blue again. There is no right again or we'll just do you as you please. I'm just gonna get there with certain areas healing Take a little bit of white again strong white And I'm just going Teoh, go over this section teen t strong. The good thing is, you don't have to could copy exactly what I'm doing as you could do what you want this week drawings like music and got the difference though different voice. So there's no point trying to imitate someone. So, okay, and what I'm also going to do now is if I create a new Leah and I'm gonna add a bit more clouds here and there. If I school up, we're going to see clubs close old Scrabulous puts and fluffy little clouds everywhere. Yeah, next good that we'll see about this one. Okay, so I'm just gonna reduce my flow slightly. You know, I'm just gonna hit some clouds here in the like so And what I'm also going to do this is slightly dark. So if I said let this blue here it selects off round, increase the size of the brush eight. Let's make it float 10% yet like so? Yeah, like so. So now, as you can see, the mountains starting to come together Now on what we're going to do is yeah, that's it for this section. We're gonna start adding zin trees in a second. 9. Blending The Mountain into The Background: So let's blend the mountains slightly into the base of it at some more whites that in fact , now I'm looking at this, Martin. I'm realizing this section slightly to white. So let's add a bit more calls New bit more blue. So if I against let this no color Oh, yes. So if I zoom in on if I saw all this blue here gonna slightly go here Thank you. Take a piece like dark blue on If I go back to the same rock surface I was using, which was what one. They believe you could experiment and see what you like. So the blue slightly I think my flow is turned on us. Turn it up. I'm just going Teoh change early at a bit more death in the mountains. Thanks it and too strong dark. Just going to let this comedy. Essentially, I'm just adding a bit more depth to the mountain. So as you could see it when you zoom out the white here, you could barely see the difference. It just looks so. But what's really cool is you could start to add little peaks and troughs on the mapped. And so when you see, it appears different. You could just go again. Like so here. And there is no wrong right way. Cruel growing amount. But so, in fact, I'm just gonna go slightly just slightly darker here and just a bit more here on the to create more of a separation between ah, the white section in the shadow, you see, So essentially what I'm zoom up. It looks more Afridi effect. And you could really start seeing the mountain come together now like so and feel free to play around and do different things. They will be afraid to experiment will differ ideas or shapes here because, really, this is just the time to really experiment and do what you want before I just think that that's a they really little ledge here. You make it slightly more white. Hey is well And what you can do is if we zoom out, we could see it coming together now. Yeah, if I to press be again, um, to create a new layer press and let a soft round brush And what I want to do is I reduced the passing team like brushes, sensitivities on just generally what you start to make the mountain appear as if it's coming down. Reduce the flow again too much. So you reduce. It's likely on press gingerly on the on the page. Big. Yeah, so here you could start to see the mountain come together commented Life doesn't look likely all of a sudden color change, but more of a gradual change when we put it's an airbrush here and there. Okay, so now let's put some lovely little trees. So what I'm going to do is if I select a if I select Forest book Yeah, this brush here and I'm going to have the floats on rights up, pressure sensitivity on. And if I select a gray like so on, what? I'm going to disperse very gingerly on the page, because remember pressure sensitivities on. So, for that's a little trees here in the I'm just going to make it slightly darker. Be very gentle here if it's coming slight. You too, Doc. But you can always play around the flow on, even if you If you don't have pressure sensitivity on your device, you could just turn the floor right up on press gingerly put some trees here and there like so me to turn it slightly. How? Europe Thanks. Yea, trees. So as you can see everything starting to come together now and we're gonna slowly start building on top of that and add more detail. 10. Creating a Serene and Tranquil Lake: All right. So that's I'm gonna other little maybe a little pond or stream here and the trees here in the distance or quite faint. But as we gradually moved downwards, the trees will get darker. So let me just create a new layer. You could always merger, lease together if you want to look. So yeah, I'm going to create a newly us yet that's there. And I'm just going to create use a light blue self round brush and very gingerly, just a bit of blue here, like so maybe out of bits of green to it. I think so. Very ginger gingerly. Um, there we go. So what we're going to do now is create a new Leah and I'm going to add a bit more trees. What I'm going to do. Triage put pine, I'm gonna put pine forests first in the door. Wrong color. That's fine. I'm gonna use the Grace Gray here that, like so with the that's fine. Then I'm just going Teoh this slightly too strong, like say, actually, I'm gonna I don't like this brush soon. If I select a move, if I go back to forest folk and I'm just gonna add some trees again Here and there. You, sir, that as we get closer, you get darker on. I go down and select a dark green just gingerly. More trees here in the there, like so. And what I'm going to do now is if I go back to forest. Well, now I'm going, Teoh A bit more green rehearing there. And if I select a pine and why increase the size of the brush, you could see No, the forest is starting to come together. The trees in the distance will be a slightly lighter tone and as you get closer to the bottom will be darker, like so. And what's I'm going to do now is you could see looks like the trees of floating on the water. So if I select a new Leah to let a slight in fact, I'm just going to use the same color for now on. What I'm going to do is I'm just going Teoh, This is on the new layer, remember? So I understand. If I increase the size of the brush, draw some faint trees here, then what we're going to do, Presti, As you can see, press control T. And this should be like this here and you could select it. I'm just going to rotate ah ho 280 degrees and knew that, like so here's a great to create more of a reflection effect on water. Then I'm gonna press filter, cow gambler, And then you could just have a play around this year, I'm just going to let likes 2.5 45 okay? And what I'm also going to do if I select a soft round brush and select flow off 10% And if thanks, so here to create more a reflection effect on the water. And if I select use my eraser a soft the razor began pressure sensitivity on and just gingerly very, very gingerly, just so here. 11. Evergreens and Mountains: Now you have a movil reflection on the surface of the water hit. It's OK, so I'm gonna put some more trees everywhere. Let's put some trees. Ah, where is the point? Here we go. That's the point again. Same color. Dark green like so nuclear. Is it only newly from the same Leo? You layer, turn my floor right. Ah, you don't have to always keep just in the flow. What you can do is just further trees response really lightly. Like so then trees that are closer to you. Good press. DACA, Chris, have you mean Chris? Yeah. So, trees make sure Give your trees and friends. God, what a lonely tree. And our mountain planet landscape is really starting to come to life now. And really, man, in this digital age, it's just so great doing arts without getting your hands. Percy, I just just wake up and you could just drool and you don't need You could just see the tablet. Or even that you could even do this with your mouths. I guarantee you, if you don't pressure sensitivity, you can play around your flow in your capacity because I've done renders and sketches or paintings with the mouse before and it's really fun to do. You don't even need a fancy graphics tablet. Cheap. One will do. So what are we going to do next? We can add more trees. Let's create more trees in the distance. But for now, I'm going to If I select grass, I'm just saying Teoh Hudson Gross Over here, please. The same color on right now I'm just building landscape like so. And if you want to in fact, you might do that in a bit. What I'm going to do, maybe later. Is that more reflections surrounding the Laker? Like so? Really nice, actually. In fact, what we could do? In fact, I'm looking at the mountain now is I'm just going to you again. Press this. Let a rock I select rock one. And if I select a color like so this color here and I'm just going to very gingerly there a re changing, you know? Well, you just go over certain area. Oh, yes. Make sure you drag it beneath the trees. Which ones? That Oh, yes. Wrong. Earlier. So is this an you know yet? Yeah, it is. So I'm just gonna drug belief. Keep driving the wrong way. And my God, it's going a bit of blue Dark blue here and there on the mountains Gonna reduce the brush size. Right, So So here. Yeah, on. And I take another blue actually. And I still believe this blue here needs to be slightly more stronger, Safe. I just go down gradually and I just had a bit more blue hearing there to create more will contrast because I feel like the Contras isn't quite strong enough in certain areas. So I'm just going over it again to create this late contrast. Start over, do it. Don't get carried away with just a slight contrast will make things with more We'll make it constant life like so e I feel like this, but slightly a neat boy. I make the brush lightly school being around the surfaces so you could always add layers on top will take it away. You could write practically do this all on one layer b You have to add and take away surfaces Yea, you can see everything's coming together now when you zoom out Yeah, it's coming to life 12. Foreground of Evergreens and Setting The Base: Okay, so let's add some more greenery, more trees and more prance. We need to breathe. Provide some oxygen for us this wonderful gone deadline we're making. So I'm just going Teoh select pine again and I'm going to select a like a green. Like so here the screen here on I'm my flow is turned right up and I'm just gonna pressure very gingerly my pressure sensitivities on increasing more trees in the distance from larger treats on What I'm also going to do is go down here and make some really dark trees . So if I use my brush size and just go down here and these trees are way, way, doctor, like so so here. Trees. Okay, now you could see it come to life. The really great thing about this just see don t get you paid. Just use the same device you hands not getting messy Just use pressure, sensitivity and you can create different illusions The same brush. Okay, so what I'm going to do next is use plan with creates a new layer And I'm just going to go down here He said you reduce my flow slightly actually make the brush slightly larger Lisa and then use a self round brush self round brush. And I'm using the same color. That's a resource. Sorry. So I must have selected the razor so soft around make the brush size larger. Oh, too strong. Just gingerly on the page to make it module accidentally deleted it. I pressed backspace by accident that you're creating new layers here. I'm just going Teoh may that look so here. And then I'm gonna select press e and soft the Reza larger pressure sensitivity on. And I'm just going Teoh Ginger Lee a race uncertain said I'm gonna go back onto this Leah, Anjali raise says in areas like so on what you can do if I first be again New layer, you can take the the pine forest and I'm gonna turn it right down 24%. Um, just going Teoh at a bit of detail in here in the going down with I think so. In fact, leave it out in a girl between the white cups over here. Just let me bring it down. I turned it right, Scott going to walk to dock, send it right up. Like so. Here. I'm just going to that's amore have agree is well, the closer the trees are t dr it will be Makes it on that we just reduced capacity. Yeah, maybe if I take soft Eraser turned the flow right down to 6% on. And I'm just going to go over here. Ginger, please walk to not too much where we do that actually get carried away. You reason just ever so slightly light. So here to create some sort of reflection effect on the water and what I'm also going to do . More evergreens here Look So and But that's more here. Small planus world again. Remember closely the rt the darker they will be suit. So here at some trees hit again. I'm using the pine like so and it's really starting to come together now. 13. Bringing The Foreground Evergreens to Life: it is. If we create the tree, let's make a big tree missile. It leaves. Uh, I'm going to just who make a nice, big old tree. So I'm just going Teoh True diagonally cross. Make certain this has popped up. If it pops out or you want to get rid of the ruler, press control are and that's Creek. It's great. Our trees. I'm just select used leaf, too. And now my tree is coming to life. Creeks and large lease here and there, two large hopey and let's make, like a little top cross to peek here. This going to until more details here, in there, within our little tree over a large tree. Then, like so here and I'm going to slept again. What? I'm not going to select point for us on. I'm just going to down here and at some details, changed in fact, for used. Reduce the brush size and select a ground. And if I slept a creamy color here, just that's, um, twigs Here in there, this randomly, these will get covered up so swine locate. So again select some leaves, not leave to leaf. Where did it go? It's just above here, Here. Leave him on. In fact, I should know. I'm just gonna quickly, uh, another tree here. Next, sir. Bushes and trees. And I just start to bring this to life now. So here I'm just moving my pen across the page se here. You could put another one here as well. We decided where you want your trees to go. Doesn't have to go in the exact same place I put in my trees. Thanks. So here. Yea, trees. Nice. Okay, so now this is really starting to come together. I'm just going to cover this section. Would here great a new 14. Highlights on Evergreens: And now we're going to select a slightly more destroyed this color here. Same same leaf. But make sure make sure you're on a new layer. You can see studio, so I'm going to select a So here it's like here she's this genuine. But so it in fact yeah, just gingerly go over certain areas just very gingerly. Stop it region. Because when you do that, it doesn't really work. So just have a ginger because certain areas. So in fact, let's reduce the capacity. Hey! And now he be more frequent and tap it against that areas to make the tree come to life. So these are essentially highlights bringing the little Cree to life. It wanted to look because static tree so be free to experiment Here you can form the tree the wherever where you like There is no right or rocks, sir, you know And if you want, you could move putting walk trees. It's up to you. Was he conceived the trees starting to Contin life Now here on the shoulders is you so that I don't even know where this is going. Britain Yes, you can see this is very quick and simple way to greet Cymbeline Landscape Port. The really cool thing is the fact that it doesn't take too long and you're completely free to do what you want. So I'm just getting too green here, There, completely free to do what you want with it. Fact only reduce the size of the brush you. So it's a green here and no trees coming to life. This is his landscape, and it didn't take me too long to do as well. This is what's really cool about. It doesn't take too long and you could create something you want. So that's just adds a bit more barks in there. So if I select a I'm just going to use point for us. Falling for is, where is it? Where is it? Imagine I was recruiting playing forest. There it is. Reduce the brush size and I'm just going to I turned up the floor writer who's like the brown brown well said, No, I'm just going to that faint in the cases off a Yeah, some tweaks in Sioux, So Okay, so here we are. Maybe we could add a little bit subverts. In fact, I'm just going to create a new Leo. And if I create a slightly more twice elects you blue like so a brighter plea soft around, then too much will be feet turn up the brush and I'm just very gingerly is to brush here very gingerly so that there's a Contras or battery running low. So, like so here. Then what we could do is let's add some birds with seek putting birds that's and boots all these will do. That's Ray. Interesting. Rains clear. Clear day. That's a lovely birds in the distance. Gonna select a gray on. Why make? No, sir? Oh, no. Tend to brush lately? No. Okay, so what day? Maybe that's try these ones. All these are close in the distance. Yeah, that's fine. And that's it. So, as you could see, please do feel free ting. Experiment more using different colors. Make mountains. You could put your mountains there or there. Put your trees in the middle. Put your river on this side. It's all up to you. What you want to do on this? This is really cool. Like it's a blank canvas and you can do whatever you want and they create a little story. Then we could all have an imagination or what's going on. You could even put little cabins here and there. Someone fishing here, Little island in the middle. It's all up to you on what you want to do. So thank you. I hope this you enjoy creating wonderful pieces of arts. Thank you. Goodbye. 15. Background for The Mystic Woods: either. So let's get back to doing another drawing. So I'm just going to start up with the same process off doing the sky. So large, large, round, soft brush. And I'm going to select a sorry color, like so here. Fact that slightly too dark. So slight. Nitty failure. Comercial, please. Yeah, like, sir, very gingerly by way of a certain areas of the page. So here. Ah, so on. I'm just going to usually soft agree, sir. Very, very soft. Quite a large one in cuts make flow right down to, like, 3%. And I'm just going to tease It's very gingerly over certain areas. Oh, it's not the racer. I have selected the razor. Yes, Excited. This will work. So here I'm just creating the background of it. So and I'm just going to add a few tweaks. So I use a that he saw hard around Russia with you. Well, if you and where is it? Ah ha! Ground bush every day. Um, for this, I'm just gonna turn this on here on twice electrically dark ground. Oh, some racer arteries I selected by accident. So with hard ground brush. So you turn this on here. Pressure sensitivity on actual. I have a brown selected, and it's still on the race. So why is it on a razor, don't you? Not first be Oh, there it is. Harder. Razor hard round. Yes. This henna selected. Yes. Perfect. Yeah. Perfect sound that writes up on. And I'm just going to reduce the brush size. Maybe a slight little brown color I was going to, but a few strips in there tweaks knicks, and I'm that was thinking it right now I'm just putting. So so here. This will all come together in this second next. So Okay, it's very, very simple start, um 16. Creating The Effect of Distant Trees: right. So I created a new layer. Let's just have a few clouds here in there, and these clouds will be slightly great or not that type gray. So, my mate, from slightly knowledge on, in fact, I'm going to select a different sort of cloud, this type of cloud here. Oh, make it slightly larger. I'm just going to clouds will be slightly blurry there. Not too strong, so tenderly. Okay, so next layer, I'm going to select a a forest folk and I select this color here, but I'm gonna go down too dark color and just you too much to start reading some trees on the side. So this painting will be what landscape piece of art will be more the trees on the closer you get Remember, the darker everything is like so, um, voice elect a point for us, create a new layer. And I'm just trying t looking subsections here. And the really cool thing is you don't have to use you could do whatever you want. A certain brush. You could use it for different things as well. So that's a really cool thing. So I'm just going Teoh brought this in so I'm gonna have a little stream running downwards here. Larger rush. Okay, So what we What we're going to do is if I press b, I am going to select for us folk and reduce. Yes, I'm recorded. Just making sure on just creates and just trees here. Like so. Oh, you can reduce the flow if you want. Great. Make it. Don't worry about pressing hard in the patient. And I'm just adding trees in the distance. I think so. And if I select the brown I was using early on In fact, this is slightly dark. So if I find a layover sisters on it was this one back to this on you see softer Reza Pressure sensitivity owners reduce its for you. Here is well make so on. If I used a hard round brush like so usually similar color to this, why go down here? Use this sort of color press b and reduce the size of the brush And I'm just going to very gingerly looking the shape Well, the truth and that's it. So now the I'm really just blocking in the shape with the trees, like so create. In fact, that's a long branch. So let's create another little three year. The trees. I think so. Isn't I'm going Teoh again? Select forest folk and I'm just going Teoh Wrong Qatar Voice elect A. This color him is at more trees in the distance. No, I'm slightly going, doctor. With trees, there's the trees. Get closer. They get darker, I think so. I wanna create the illusion that there's loads of trees and distance, so just very gingerly Well, in fact, to get a more light into effect just produced a floor again. And it's up here to create this illusion that this loads of trees in the distance. Yeah, like so. And they said, Listen, this is a little stream running through. 17. Building up The Landscape: All right, so let's start a more detail within. So I'm again going to take a point for us and select a quite a dark color turn up my float . And I'm this currency stopped at more freeze there except gonna very similar technique to what we used before. I think so that I'm going to pretty little Yeah, a little language. That's too. I make it larger, actually. So here on what I'm going to do is active. I take a bit of for us folk, but some trees here again make sure it's a suitable brush size make, but central easier in the distance You. Then what I'm going to do is if I select it's, um, thieves. I think so. If I select a darker green here, maybe that's slightly Hiko straight here. Yea, that's perfect. And I'm just going to add some some trees and figures bushes. Oh, for here. Look. So and then figures. Let me create a new layer drag. It's all the way up, and I'm just going to create another big truly here. Um, using the brush leaf too. Makes them and then another one. Yeah, do that again. Here. That's going over with the water, like so it's changed for tree slightly and you're free to do whatever you want here. In fact, let's use a different leaf And if it creating more bushes and trees If you two saw you like so you create some more trees here is well, oh, it so we're just I think so. Every dreams here stream flowing down and what we can do is well, if we use a different brush a recent point in the distance, make it come on life maybe so on What we can do is if I take some shrubs put Yeah, Uh oh, there, look. So and what I'm going to do know is if I take the same leaf brushed aside, was using her view that that sees a bit of grass, some grass there on if I Sittler go towards here's let a this cock So yep. Well, I reduced the passivity on screen to Crete, thanks even the in the distance and can even put little boulders on this side of the river 18. Altering The Ground: you thought You don't have to do this, but I'm going to make a few alterations. Because if I just take the round brush to get rid of the stream slightly, just local. And this is a good thing about yeah, So you have to get rid of it completely. But I am going to add, because it is this trees on one side, I'm going to create something else on the other. You don't have to do this, but feel free to do whatever you want. Oh, you could if you have more spacey make island here or something. So if I just gets a, um, world, see? Yeah, perfect. This Getty brownish color. So and I'm just going to reduce the size of it on just trying to create and effects. Who? Fact of these different brush. If I select work one, this would be nicer. Yeah. Years of boulders. Yeah, I think so. In fact, I'm going to create a little while now is make it come out open to because I didn't want to be too similar to los when what they did. So let's create little troughs in the mountains. That mountain story, something riverside Yeah, excited. And you could even have one coming out. Tiu. He won't that. No, let's get. Really? But this is the draw. Your photo shop. You can get rid of what you want in the hand. A quick flick of the tiptoe pressing certain bottoms make certain regions. Yes. I'm gonna be very careful here. If I actually stood up there. No use. It really felt I could redo that. Leader matters you always have to take away from the surface is here. I'm just going Teoh, move brownish here. And if by select Ross again Gross, where is it? These loans Gross. Where was it? It was right here because and so like this on reduced the brush size change Alito over. He certain energies so And you can even take the puts in more arctic. The work. So here on if I select a creamy light brown, this would be start great. Certain old is within the landscape on If he zoom in, they make a brush though slightly smaller in just that's there is In fact, you did. In fact, he's a dog brush Make it different. But over here, when the greatest don't want and use this color on the team. Create certain Brooks and Aires within. I think so, boys, you know, slightly starting to come together. Now, can you just create some more sort of things here and there walks? You do what you wanted here, continue part of Riverside, okay? 19. Creating a Valley: Okay, so now what I'm going to do is create some more boulders and areas. So if I take a us growing up, that's use a mm issues this brush here, Benaissa, let's a dark brown color looks and I'm just going Teoh start to buildings and areas. And so, like, so just building it's in areas. So you're probably wondering why is he doing this? You'll see in a slight second, actually, for just used this here. Quite yes. Um, been a creates and just troughs. He Rizu will. And this is perfectly know what actually happened. Workers. Oh, just story I was This is what I originally done and the computer crashed. And the foul that I was recording, I didn't save. So what I have to do is take a screenshot off everything and start again. So I'm just gonna redo it here and just here it's quite inconvenient. But, hey, these things happens. Like this was the original one that I just recently did. And then the computer crushed and they didn't say so. Just gonna have to carry on. Look so yet? So then you just carry on what I was doing, But they were these things happen, then won't see happens. Just it's okay and start again at the end of the world. If you compete, it does crash and another one here make So So how did I originally do it? I did. I just put bushes. And so this here and there You always do that. If you decide you for just reduce the size of the brush Look since and what I am going to do now is if I creates in Yulia, and I'm going to news my brushed young and select a much more of a warmer color like so here. Imagine it wasn't recording. We would have to start again. Oh, and you don't want t b a single? Uh, what do you call it? Flat tone color. So, Chris gingerly over certain areas so that it appears more natural. So you want the color tone to very slightly because it always does. Very. You don't want it to appear flats on like a continue Ah ka little where wanted the color to very slightly in certain areas, so you can inwards some sort of his exact in that What you can do is well, is if I select a darker brown. I just I That's variations in the and here, like so who? It's a variations. You don't want it to appear static and, like one color, just quite some variations here. 20. Bushes and Trees: and then we're gonna add some more trees. Maybe, Actually, I'll just make a little a little bit of a difference here in there. And then that's got some bushes and trees in here and there. So if I go back to leaves, But this coming like sir, maybe slightly darker. What better? Yeah, And then create bushes here, the little little friend. Happy little trees. And you could do whatever. You won't be completely free here. And what is critical bushes here, then Larger one him. And as you can see, like for making another bush here vac originally that it was able to erase it off. Because if you give that to hear was able to create another tree here. But just continue on, just continue on and work. That's the good thing about this is that it doesn't have to be a certain way you can create what you want on here. I'm just using the Leafs 22 and it just works wonders. And what you can do here, you could also add a little bold is here in the few desire through shrubs in the I would say. Then I'm gonna add a massive actually here. I just moved here. I thought it It's such a best Not duo. Take the page. He's gonna add a big old tree hit. That's quite a victory, the like. So here he's gonna increase the size off this tree over here as well. So more trees. Bush is here. Distance, trees, bushes. There. Here, there. Yes, it's going. No, the tree here distance, Moreover, But you're Yeah. So yet Bushes. And in fact, yeah. So we've created a movie, streamlines effect, and we're gonna make some funeral alterations in a second. 21. Highlights on Trees: So what we're going to do now is make the trees come to life, and we're also going to at some details here and there. So if I select a lighter tone, make it more of a ever going like this will do on if you that's perfect. You just using the same tool using the same tool being Leave Tito and we're just going t a rounded shrubs and bushes. Concrete's, um affects like So really, it's really giving a you could say highlight on the leaves for it to come to life. In fact, look, I made a mistake here. Are you? Go back and correct it, in a sense, because it looks like there's just the whole in the in the in. The se not dio correct it in a second between. No, that's just that's him. Highlights who too much on the trees and pushes like So you seem much, uh, it always race. It's like it if it's too strong, so it's going to quickly a few highlights on the trees here. The good thing is, even it is really messing up what you can do. It was really messages. Take a softer Reza, then start to blend it in different areas. Just give it a little planned in like so a few more alterations and then you could just That's a leaves here, in there, on the trees. The bush is quite is very simple and straightforward thing to do even there. So I could also reduce the opacity slightly. But I'm going to leave it around there. He's oh, like Sue. So this is quite a simple I'm easy exercise, adding slightly bright highlights to make the bushes and the trees come to life and try not to think about where you're. Try not to leave a certain passengers, tap it in certain areas, hit even using mouse. To do this in front to bring the green reads in life. And if it's too dark, just again take a softer racer. Oh, softer racer London. Just go over it slightly here, so it's too dark, soft razor and it's in the tone. So if we created newly or in fact oh yes, let me sort this out again. If I use the same brush, A little brush here. Ah, next. So yeah, on If I create a new lawyer, you layer and I'm just going, Teoh, go underneath it. I select the rock surface that I was using Alien and create a little perfect little ledge here, and this is a really great thing. 22. Further detail part 1: All right. So let's add some more details of some boulders and that's and rocks, perhaps. Yeah, boulders spitting rocks here in the So I'm just going to scroll down. Let this work here. And if I select the more creamy color, I think so. And just start adding some boulders here in the look. So but what is so here? Even put some down here, then you in here, but you put them wherever you want to. Boat is. Okay. Okay. So what I'm going to do now is just gonna add some details with here. So And if I could look around, maybe had some variation and changes, has some grass here and there. So if I scroll down at some shrubs, actually, yeah. So I'm just pressing very gingerly uncertain. Okay, so my cough is gone now to quickly go get some water to fix it. All right, so let's just carry on. But some shrubs and graphs is everywhere. All right? So, really make the the sketch comes in life. No, that's a visual peace. You could do what you like here at certain areas of features where you prefer to on. I'm just going Teoh select the grass, which is this one. And yes, I'm recording Perfect. And I understand sarcasm, wit, more grasses here and there on the ground surface so that it appears more like vegetation and greenery. I don't want it appear like just one static image wanted to appear as if something's going on. It has a story to tell you. Look at it and make up even put a cabin somewhere if you want to. So it's very simple. Just tap around using the A tool like so and for the boulders. What we can do if we select the rock tool again. And I'm just gonna go over some of the boulders to make it look like this. And vegetation and greenery going there like so, Monty, much you don't want to over do it now, but just just here and there. Thanks. So Okay, so what we're going to do know is if I take the rooks again, But this time I'm just going Teoh Tackett along certain it is here. If I take this here is well, really given it a more of a free D effect. Look, there's a rookie. A hobo fact. Let's just extended could go over it more extended once extended. So if I just brush shrubs again and it's so easy to create certain areas gross, slowly, thank you. So start to over. Think it's you're essentially creating an illusion here. Press the wrong tool by accident on Why just there. It's a bit of a creamy color. What, so and here is what essentially started to come to life, so 23. Further Detail Part 2: Okay, So I'm just going to make a few alterations to the bushes, and then you know what? One? The stream. So now if I just falling the leaves again good news. Select a light turned just in there, Make more. I think so. And what's really useful, actually, if we get different color leaves here in there. So yes, you use that's a green here. The here, if you want. I think so. Faintly puts, um, evergreen in the distant trees in the background. So over there, I'll just press slightly kreutzer, different areas. Then what we could do if we take likely getting movie yellow color on this and then go to certain areas next up don't want to over do it. Oh, I think I'm going to If I crispy use the capacity slightly like so and select more brownish color and start e go over certain areas. Just stopping some places consecutively. Runyon places. Actually, just I think a bit of brown here and there on the trees because they're not completely green. I think so. Here is well, the distances. Okay, so, no, What we should do is if we crisper city soft the razor then I'm just going Teoh, Just drinking, you know, Various. That's a few dark, much. Two doctors, very gingerly the And where was this, Leo? Yes, here is well, just gingerly Fate of blending effect using a soft the razor. Just reducing the highlights line there. No, he goes lovely trees. And now what we're going to do is if we start to work on the screen. So, in fact, let's create a little island in the middle, so I should I In fact, we could just before it gets I scrolled down If I go into evident brushes on if I get, like one So so the pellets keep going down, down, down, down, down out there is so if I just get rain on water Freaking rain one and water free and I'm going to drag it all the way to the folder that I'm using, strike it here. So so if I just select water free creates a new layer stress with way up. In fact, I'm going Teoh, make a few alterations to the color off the ponds that if I just select this color, I'm just going to select. He's slightly more vivid blue or greenish Akwa you could see on. I'm just going to select the soft round brush. I'm on the new layer, remember, Increase the brush lies. And I'm just going to tap here and there. He's in Soft Racer again to respect sis sections off on if wise let a white color like so I just gonna race areas I don't want. So and then, if by select a where is it water free? I use a white brush. A white color New Leah? No, I'm just going to touch along the streams, trying not to make it. You could always use a razor to go to race certain areas off and try not to make it in a Certain passengers top certain areas here and there, so it looks more like a stream, like so. 24. Creating a Waterfall: Okay, So what we can do is well, if I select the white color, then if I look for a rock free So where is it? Uh, there, Rach three, and select the white color. I'm gonna create some waterfalls like this. So if I just repeat this, like so and I'm just going Teoh fleet a water for here. So if I just done with again, remember, we're just creating an illusion here. You don't have to get carried away with making it look exciting like a certain thing. So, again, if I just select if I go to the rain and eyes My mask I was so small. Make it largest slightly too much yet that's way too small yearly. So he's gonna tough it here in the around. Might reduce the size of it. Then what? I'm going to do this one for Just face it slightly off his except And then you want to create a use. The scene rock told that previous used that that's the racer recipe. And this world too. And create an effect. Next on, if I again select water free water, water, water. Where is it? Just disappeared. It's somewhere where is appear. It is for free on I just realized I've accidentally erased areas I don't want to this line for just then again, you that says it looks like there's an effect coming through. In fact, I just I just usually soft razor slightly, just too strong pressure sensitivity. Make sure it's on place. A generally ginger very, very gingerly. And here is Well, then I used the water toe. I'm going to protect it. Except that's the ring Yes, water toe. And I'm just going to use tweet in the feds like so here sit creates more for water for defense and streams of water Here in the they even used to walk to slightly more. That's the racer boy. He's white brush and select the work, too. So you just says the areas here to make it look more like a scream that's flowing down. And now what we're going to do if I select the If I go all the way down. In fact, on my own, right? Yeah, boy use. Let's see, What should we use next if our use playing forest or yeah, that's use point for us on. I'm just going Teoh, I'm gonna nuclear, let the color likes and then I'm going to fact that sees a slightly creamier Catholics of here. Yes. Just gonna tuck around the edges on the water like so and then gonna use a razor next. So on I press control you control you and I could play around with the settings so that that make it dark would actually work better. So so And there we have it. In fact, go again. Crispy talk. Just go around certain pledges here in the 37 years old. And I'm just going tuck Wait, That's certain. So to make it look, something's occurred him what we can also do to make it rain slightly. So I find the rain too. In fact, we're only yes. The rain you wanted to rain on like all the way up. Select rain. One going Teoh No, doesn't work. Always let white dress be, reduce the size of the brush and just help monsters and areas here to make it look like it's raining that it's too large to brush. So I just tucked around certain areas. I think it's a little rainy effect. I think so. And then let's make a few alterations to the sky to make it look So I'm just gonna say, let the dark color so that a soft, round brush I'm gonna make it quite considerably large, like so I'm going to reduce the flow to 5%. I'm just gonna tuck in certain areas to make it look like a dark day. So we have it. So thank you for your time and hopefully create for 71. So we created two pieces of what work. So this is more we forest view me dark color and this one slightly more uplifting. This a Mormon up lifting piece of work. And here we have move off forest green color. In fact, we're not finished. We're gonna make a few more alterations. 25. Final Touches: All right. So let's make some alterations gonna go nuclear press B, the left click again to get access to new brushes on. If I use the That's use used the okay. Why, No, it's I use Let's see what good I use for actually, just he's actually a pine forest would work. I just reduce the scale of it, turn up flow right up, and I'm going to select like a brownish I hope so. And right turn the floor right up on. I'm just going Teoh. Thank you, Locate. Actually, somewhere here, in fact, And then I'm just going to drag it underneath. What? You can barely see it. So that's fine. And I'm just going to re certain areas off, actually, fact that Let me get rid of that. If I just at little faint indicators here in the within the tree, it's so thanks, sir. Soon And that doesn't quite work, Will. But it's fine. I'm just gonna agree certain areas off. So then it's really faint. Are you So? And over here is well, just a little faint indicators that there's something more going on here Unity pressing you , you on your gets up. I was going to add a little bits and bobs here. If I select a if I go up and select grass and I'm just going to cross Ah, thanks. So, like, so here on what else could we do? And a few more votes in five That's get E Brooke. So I'm going to use. In fact, this is quite confusing on the this one. Still open and close all these other brushes I find rock, and I'm just gonna use a black color here. And I'm just gonna put Cem dark rocks here and there in certain areas, even on the edge. There is just doctor looks is that if I select a lights, agree, reduce the size of my brush and then just go change Lee very gingerly go with the rocks that I think so. Then when you add highlights, you increase certain forms. Did it think off And don't be afraid to go wrong. So don't be afraid to research areas or yep, So don't be afraid. You experiment in car boot, different things that did. And essentially Burgess creates little or creating little illusions. That's what we're doing here is creating illusions. I think so. on if I and create slit the different. It's very, very dark at the man. It service in top. Different illusions here in there. I think so. And so here What we've done is grieve created a more off a green day with, In fact, we could do Let's try it. If it doesn't work, it doesn't work. If it does, it does been a creek. Large brush. So if I selected dark color Oh, okay. Reduce the flow down to youth. 5%. 1%. Thank you. Very, very large. And just slowly tough The edge here very gingerly, like so. And what we're going to do very creates a nuclear for us to be again, Um, using a self round brush if we get looking yellow. Yellow cover. Okay, so I haven't tried this, but I'm going to try it now. Increase the size of brush on just quite increasing flow down to 17. Now, I'm just gonna create first the yellow here, what's in yellow there. And if I these multiply so if I see lighting name, you could have You could have a play around here using different policies saturation, she increasing June reduced flows like so maybe we're just playing around and see what you can come up with. Multiply, koala bear. I thought cut off light. That's have I'm gonna have multiplied and then I'm gonna reduce the capacity slightly and you make a few alterations here in that. Then you could even different colors. Well, this opportunities of pink go multiply, multiply again reduced the passage too long. 67% that would know that I could put ladies the contrast that so it was a slightly you think the pink brush that if I turned that all the way up normal It's like that. But if I coats and multiply on reduce the capacity slightly so it creates a very subtle effect raising flight of the contrast Some contrast here in there. So we'll turn it down to 68%. And so let's just talk about what we've done. So over here we create more off a forest. Gloomy forest lives when it's raining stream running through and literally were just crazy . Illusions out isn't different types of brushes. And then over here we've created more of the when you say a mountain is in treason of greens forests. So here Yeah, So I hope you've enjoyed this. It's been quite form, and it just shows up using a blank canvas. You just create anything and you can either use even use, like a rock rush to greet different effects in the water stream. And it's quite Lynn dressing to see what you can do. Just using different types of brushes on a canvas blank can. This is just a blank canvas in Crete, whatever you want on it. So I hope you've enjoyed following this course. As you see, this one's been slightly more left in with bright blue, this one slightly more blue me. And it's really interesting to see how different different pieces of art can affect your mood. Yes, shoot at some birds, actually, just we'll find out such find out such That's in birds. So let's go, would we? Down Let's and Bloods on Yulia Black. Turn the floor right up. This is bad. Here in there, the shares well for increased the brush size Oh, even birds flying way in the distance. So right, so we're finished. Which one's your favorite? Is it this one or that one? I prefer this one slightly more positive slightly more uplifting. Clear they the bright blue sky that I hope you've enjoyed. But in this tutorial thank you.