Digital Art Creation for Beginners Using ArtRage

Joel Bowers, Digital Artist and FileMaker Developer

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6 Lessons (20m)
    • 1. Intro: Learning in Easy Steps to keep it fun

    • 2. Finding and Installing ArtRage

    • 3. Interface Overview

    • 4. Tool and Color Selection

    • 5. Project: Creating an image with a Stained Glass Look

    • 6. Wrap Up


About This Class

Some of the low cost applications available both for the desktop and iPad are amazingly powerful and fun to create with. You do not have to be a professional artist or have an art education to have fun "doodling". You may suprise yourself if you just start playing along on this class project. You are likely to create something you can share with friends via a FaceBook posting or email.

It is hard for some of us to invest in the steep learning curve and cost of the more powerful applications. Some of the low cost applications have all we need and help us get familiar with the features we will find in the higher end applications. I actually use many tools in creating some of my pieces. Each application seems to be better at doing some of the things I want, but the ones that claim to do everything are either too expensive in terms of rental cost or learning cost. 

In this lesson we will use a $4.99 iPad application called ArtRage to create a fun and image - no drawing skills required.  This application is also available for desktop computers ($49), Android and iPhone (free to $1.99) The Desktop application has a few more features than the minature screen versions, but they are suprisingly similar.

There are many even easier to use applications to create digital art but ArtRage is both simple to use and very powerful when you grow familiar enough to use it's advanced features.

The picture below is a typical class project we will create in about 10 minutes.  Notice how you can easily select a painting tool from the bottom left corner toolbox or a color from the bottom right color picker.  The interface can be changed to minimize this space usage with a simple click in the corner.

If you have recently purchased a Wacom tablet and stylus, you may have recieved a copy of ArtRage or a demo version.