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Digital Art: Choosing Your Tablet

Braden L., Artist

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7 Videos (16m)
    • Intro

    • Wacom Intuos

    • Huion H610 Pro

    • Huion GT-220

    • Wacom Cintiq

    • iPad Pro

    • Final Thoughts


About This Class

Have you ever been stuck deciding which tablet you would like to get for digital art? No problem then, because this course will teach/show you your best options.

Introducing, the first class on Skillshare about choosing an art tablet! The class will include the following:

  • What type of art each tablet is best for
  • Prices
  • Pros and cons of each tablet

The core of the class will be divided into two sections, with pen tablets (e.g. Intuos Art), and pen displays (e.g. Cintiq 13hd).

After watching the lessons in this course, you will know for sure what you'll get!

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I found this "class" helpful in deciding which direction to go with purchasing a tablet. I have been torn between the Cintiq and a Microsoft Surface Pro (which is not reviewed here). Budget is important. I appreciate the information provided here. It would have been nice to see a demo created with the tablet this teacher is using, just for some visual support. Thank you.
This course was a good, succinct review of tablets. It confirmed for me that a Wacom Intuous is best for my needs. Thank you!
Thank you; I needed a foundation on art tablets, and this helped have a better understanding.
Pam Phelps

Creative Homemaker, Foodie, Artist, & Crafter





Braden L.


Hello, I am Braden. My main hobbies are drawing and writing, and I'm of course interested in sharing my skills on Skillshare. I am the teacher of multiple classes, with more to come soon.

I hope you guys find my courses helpful towards your life!

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