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Digital Art: Choosing Your Software

teacher avatar Braden L., Artist

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Autodesk Sketchbook

    • 3. Painter Corel Essentials 5

    • 4. GIMP

    • 5. Other Good Software

    • 6. Final Thoughts

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About This Class

Have you ever been stuck deciding which software you would like to get for digital art? No problem then, because this course will teach/show you your best options.

Introducing, the first class on Skillshare about choosing art software! The class will include the following:

  • 3 detailed software reviews with demos
  • Extra software options video
  • Prices
  • Pros and cons of each software

After watching the lessons in this course, you will know for sure what you'll get!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Braden L.



Hello, I am Braden. My main hobbies are drawing and writing, and I'm of course interested in sharing my skills on Skillshare. I am the teacher of multiple classes, with more to come soon.

I hope you guys find my courses helpful towards your life!

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1. Intro: Hello and welcome to my new class Digital art Choosing your software. This is the introduction. So the purpose of this class is to help you guys find the best software for digital art. Now, with each software there are approved and cons. So I'll discuss them with you to help you on your weight. No, Before I get to the next page, I would like to mention that photo shop will not be mentioned in this because it is an all . It is an overall amazing program. However, many people cannot afford this. So this class is aimed for those who need better alternatives. So some software covered is going to be audited. A sketchbook, coral painter, Essentials five and gimp and they will all have their own separate video with a tutorial and each one as well. And then I will have one video, one other video with some other good software like Mangga, studio illustrator, Art, Rage and more. And yeah, what about photo shop? This, as I said before, it's mainly for people who want a different alternative. So let's get interviewing Autodesk sketchbook 2. Autodesk Sketchbook : for this video in the following videos, this will be the order in which I review each product so Number one software features number two brushes number three, interface number four, price and number five pros and cons. So with Autodesk sketchbook, you could do many things with their large library of brushes. And I mean large. I mean really large, and you can even create your own brushes, which I think is cool. They have multiple tools. Such a symmetry, a ruler, a flip of tool, which is sort of a sort of thing you can use to animate pretty much a perspective tool and more with brushes. There's a large array of brushes for sketching, painting, designing and more and all show you all of them in the demo Now with the interface. In my opinion, it's great, and the toolboxes are too big, and they have an interface in which it's easy to learn. Now, out of all three options, I will be having demos on Oda's Sketchbook has the best interface, in my opinion Now, the price it is $30 annually, so in the long run it does get pretty expensive. But for most people $30 a year isn't too bad. So some pros and cons with pros. It's a great interface. There's many different brushes, and there's many great tools. And with some cons, it's pretty expensive in the long run. So let's get into the demo with the demo, I will show you the brushes and the tools they have. So let's start with brushes so you can customize which brushes are on here. And these are the basic brushes, a pencil and airbrush, a marker, a paintbrush, an eraser, an inking pin. Then they have some co pick brushes. And the brushes on this have really good textures and stuff. I'll show you a co pick multi liner. There's some paintbrushes there. This is an imported brush pack I got from the Internet. They have textures which are pretty cool. They have different shapes that splatter. They even have glow, which works really well, like, especially if you are doing an anime character. Doing eyes with this glow. Brush works really good, have smudged brushes, and, as I said before, they even have designing and they have pressure sensitivity. So when you draw darker, the line gets bigger, just stuff like that. And they have good watercolor brushes as well in the artist section, such as salty water color. And then they even have pastels. They have blenders of grainy, So, yeah, in general, thes brushes are absolutely great. Yeah, that's a fantastic picture also. And I'll go ahead and remove those right there. So now, for the tool part. Haven't undo Redo. Ah, sort of. Rotate zoom tool. They have a selecting tool, a cropping tool. They have a paint bucket tool. They have I can't use it right now, but yeah, they have a text. Layers, They have a ruler. You can move it all around, move it up and down. They have, ah, a tool to draw a perfect semi circle looking thing. Oh, no, Don't want to do that. They have a tool where you can just randomly trace some abstracts shapes. And of course, they have the perspective tool. So it works. Sort of as a ruler, you can get the perfect perspective than they have symmetry. You could do it four way or two way. Then they have a sort of yeah line designed tool to see where it's going. Tools like this, they have layers and many different colors. And, yeah, just stuff like that. That's pretty much the program in a really short video. It works great. Some amazing software has been made with this. I use audit a sketchbook in pretty much every drawing tutorial I make, such as my eyes entangle class or my aboriginal class and classes in the future. So if you're thinking about getting audited, a sketchbook out of all three options, it is the best, in my opinion, which is why I always use it. So now let's get into the review on coral Painter Essentials five. 3. Painter Corel Essentials 5: with coral painter essentials. Five. There are many different brushes, and there is a pretty cool feature where you can have it automatically create an artistic image from a picture. No, I'm pretty sure if you wanted to post this, you couldn't really claim it as your own because they did all the hard work for you. So with brushes, as I said before, there are many brushes and probably more than Audard. A sketchbook, however, ought. Oda Sketchbook has higher quality ones, in my opinion. Now, with the interface, it isn't as good as Autodesk sketchbook. However, it is better than gimp with coral painter essentials. Five. It's $69 on the rub site as of today, but you can find it cheaper at some websites when sales happen. So some pros and cons are that with pros, there's a good array of brushes. It's a one time payment, and there's an auto photo editor tool. Now, with some cons. There's not many tools, such as the flip of a tool or the perspective, tool or stuff like that. And there's not as good of an interface. So let's get into the demo. So as we did with the audit. A sketchbook video. I will start by showing you brushes so they have wide array of brushes here too, Such as a felt marker with Ah, yeah, I have a picture here. So that's why it's a little strange, but yeah, they have pattern pins, particles, They have water color. This one is my is one of my favorites, actually. And they have air brushes, acrylics and oils that are pretty cool. They have They even have a van Gogh brush. So yeah, I thought that was pretty cool as well. So now with the photo edit ate the fruit pretty much the only major tool they have on here . Symmetry, crop and auto paint. And you can see that you could do all these different things, such as an oil paintings. I just press oil painting and start, and then it automatically does it for me. However, it does take the fun out of actually doing art yourself. I mean, it is just a cool little tool toe. Just play around with the Yeah. Then you just first stop and look at that. That is pretty good. And you could also do a pastel drawing. However, the resemblance in this one. I just can't see it as much, but it's still pretty cool. So yeah, this software, the interface isn't as good. And I'm saying that because the things are a little bit bigger on the side, like the boxes and the new image doesn't cover the whole screen like Autodesk Sketchbook does. And I mean, that's just a preference I like that's there. But of course we all have our opinions. However, this is better enought oda sketchbook in the sense that it is a one time fee. 4. GIMP: in gimp. There are a few brushes with a variety of tools, however, none of them are as powerful as the tools and Autodesk sketchbook or coral painter essentials. Five. Now give isn't the best option to choose, but it is free. So if you need to save money and you just can't afford to buy software, this is the perfect option for you. So with brushes, there are a few brushes, such as a pencil paintbrush airbrush in thinking pin. There's a little more than that, but honestly, when I say that there's four things, there's only around four things now with the interface, It's OK, but it's not too appealing. It's similar to painter Essentials five, but it is indeed a little worse, however, with the price Gimp is free, which is very appealing to other people. Now, with pros and cons, pros are that it's free. There's some helpful tools inside of it. Some cons are that there's not many brushes, and it's not the best interface. So let's get into the demo. As you can see, the interface isn't as good as the other two software. As I mentioned before, here are your tools, which is pretty much it. I mean, you have a pencil which doesn't have the best texture, and not to mention that it is pretty Laghi. And with the paintbrush, it's the same thing. Just the textures aren't very good. I mean, they have. They have a cow calligraphy thing as well as also with an airbrush, but it's just not the most appealing drawing experience. But as I said before, if you are not able to afford the other software, this is the best option to go for. But if you are, I highly recommend getting something like Autodesk Sketchbook or Coral Painter Essentials five or the other software, which will be in our next lesson. 5. Other Good Software: and this lesson, I will talk to you a little bit about my manga Studio five Illustrator and Art Rage, which are some other good software. Now, I don't own either of these three. However, I have heard amazing things about all of them. So for pricing manga Studio five is $47.99. Illustrator is 1999 a month for the single app. They also offer ah, larger plan an art. Rage four is $49 in 90 cents Now with Manga Studio five and art rage for, You can get both software for cheaper on some websites when their sales, however, it will constantly change. So I just I would like to give you the base price. So now what are they good for now a manga Studio five is great for creating manga. As in the title, Adobe Illustrator is great for sketching and drawing in general. And so is art rage for So now you know three art programs very well and you have background information on an extra three as well 6. Final Thoughts: Now that you have watched all the tutorial videos and the extra software video, it's time to decide what software is right for you. Now, if you really want to get better at sketching and don't mind paying a monthly fee, I would go with auto desk sketchbook or illustrator. But if you just want to play, if you just want to pay a flat out fee, I drug him in coral Painter Essentials five or art rage for now. Of course, if you want to be better at manga, go for a manga studio five. And if you can't afford any of them, go for gimp. So pretty much every software out there is for someone. So I can't just say, Oh, this is the option you should choose because it's up to you. So with what I said, you get the choice of what you decide and also in the class prod for the class project. All I'm asking is for you to say what software you chose