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Different brush techniques in traditional ink

Chee Keong Goh, Artist and Art Educator

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4 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. Introduction to Chysanthemum

    • 2. Nail Stroke

    • 3. Tuck In Stroke

    • 4. Combine the strokes!


About This Class


Welcome to The world of traditional brush and ink. Chrysanthemum is a classic and is one of the Four Gentlemen in East Asia and Chinese culture. It is highly regard by traditional artist, poet and scholar. 

I have break then class into 3 part. First is introduction. I will show you why many traditional artist start painting and copying the Four Gentlemen when they started learning the art. It is foundamental in turn of technique. 

Then I will show you the two main strokes we use to paint the flower. They are tuck in stroke and nail stroke. If you master these two strokes, you can combine them to form many objects. Like learning a few simple chords allow you to play a simple song.

Lastly, I will demonstrate how to paint the chrysanthemum from the start to finish. Take note of the empty space. In traditional art, empty space is not "empty" at all. It is highly recommended to learn to leave space rather to paint them. 

Have fun painting! Enjoy!!!





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Chee Keong Goh

Artist and Art Educator

Hello! My name is Chee Keong and I am an artist. I am from Singapore. A beautiful and modern city state in South East Asia. I create art works using traditional brush and ink. It is a distinct art form in style, appearance and ideas. I like to share my knowledge and skills to people all around the world. At the same time i cherish any opportunity to learn from different artists and students all over the world.

Well wishes!


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