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Different Types Of Microphones For Studio Voice Quality

Fouzy Fostdecile

Different Types Of Microphones For Studio Voice Quality

Fouzy Fostdecile

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4 Lessons (17m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Different Types Of Microphones

    • 3. Examples Of Microphones Available

    • 4. When To Use The Microphone

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About This Class

Hello friends!

In this first course, I am going to guide you through all the different types of microphones available on the market. It all has different types of uses in different situations, and I will also guide you through that! Let's see what we have to get that professional sound you've been looking for.

Best wishes,


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1. Introduction: you guys will come to my school share video cost my first video course on schedule, so let's make This is very quick. In these video course, I will teach you about different times off microphones available in the market. Never. Microphone, condenser, microphone, dynamic microphones. Um, and what the difference and how it affects your voice Vocal quality on Also, let me show you example as you get your own car using the level of microphone and the vocal quality is okay. But when I switched condenser microphone do we realized that it actually makes a lot off difference when you are using professional quote, microphone and then mix it really suitable for that studio quality, high quality, vocally podcasters used in the studio and I'm carrying in my bedroom, and I've, uh, OK, let me switch. Could it survive before now? So as you can see now, there is a lot off difference between using the level a microphone. And if I would use the microphone on my webcam, the voice quality is most probably going to be similar to the 11 Munger phone, except that the level microphone has less room room ambiance because it's quite near to my where my voice is coming from and but as you can, you condense in. My girlfriend is just a perfect one to get the studio quality voice that you are looking for. So anyway, if you are interested, join my class and I'll tissue all the tricks that the podcasters in the studio, that high tree doing that we can actually do in our own bedroom. So, yeah, Syrian class. 2. Different Types Of Microphones: all right, let's start with the different types off microphones available in the market, and the 1st 1 is the dynamic microphone, and the dynamic mic. Funny is basically used during life telecast and sometimes during a life shows on. Also, if you have ever visited your favorite artist during the concerts, they are most off. Them basically used a dynamic microphone for their performance, and the region is because dynamic microphone tends to not pick up the sound here outside the microphone end. Basically, the sound is being picked up by the My phone is only the singer themselves, and the ambient noise are not picked up the crowd cheering and stuff. It is very hard for dynamic microphones to pick up that sound, and the second, like fun, however, is the condenser microphone, and it is usually used if you have ever seen on the TV way your superstars or on every to your favorite artists recording in the studio for they are singing and if you notice they are using the condenser microphone, and the reason is because condenser microphone tends to pick up the higher frequency as compared with dynamic microphone, and it makes three the vocal sounding more crystal clear, very nice sounding and the higher frequency off their voice. Um uh, get in being p top and all that good stuff. The microphone is the shotgun microphone. It is basically used for filming, and the what makes you shotgun microphone being used frequently during filming is due to the fact that the shotgun microphone picks up the sound where the microphone is only pointing it and nowhere else. It is a very, very effective microphone. However, the shotgun microphone is also expensive. And, yeah, the reason is being used in filming is it tends to not pick up on the noise outside off the microphone. And also you can be used quite far way, and still you can come up with an acceptable quality off thesis found that you are intending to record. And as for the off microphone, is the level of microphone, which is the microphone deaf used in the introduction video, and it's also used in life interviews. If you have washed Elland generous, you notice that she's also using 11 a microphone, and it is a very, very effective my girlfriend for that kind of situation. Due to the fact that there horse can just stand around and won't Carone anywhere she likes without having a huge microphone being a hugely mean, the limitations in front to be in front off her every time she have her hand. Also free to move around. Ah s for the fifth microphone is the ribbon microphone, which is my quantity is different than the rest have set. The ribbon microphone is microphone that is being used especially in the recording studio is for kristic and drums, the symbols and all the high frequency equipments And yeah, for S I f said the ribbon microphone picks up a higher frequency higher frequency escort more than the condenser microphone. And if you use it on the symbols, the acoustic you get all the nice high If you can see that you are actually looking for and cannot get refi condense. So a dynamic microphone. Yeah, so that's all 40 different types off microphones available in the market. The next one I'm going to just show you the examples off all the microphones that I have seat, uh, just know. So let's move on to the next lesson. 3. Examples Of Microphones Available: all right. Here is the example off the condenser microphone the wrote anti one e Andi is basically I used quite a lot by YouTubers and a life trimmers. Gaming streamers especially. And the reason it is so famous is most frequently used is because the road nt one Knesset on Yes, yes, I see it in the previous lesson. The condenser microphone tends to pick up the ambient room noise, your washing machine, your condition and even my chest. I'm moving here, or even when If I'm rubbing my hands together, you can hear that. So anyway, basically the route anti one condenser microphone. The reason is quite frequently used is because it is known as the quietest condenser microphone in the market. And yeah, they are not lying the road anyone Condenser microphone picks up lesson noise less the ambient noise or room noise as compared to the microphone that I'm using right now, I have used your NT one e from my friend before, and yeah, the comparison is very, very Ah, extreme. So yeah, that's the example of the condenser microphone and case the example offi die naming, like from the Shure sm 57 I'm not sure what the L. C one is. It might be a picket or what, but the the one that is going to be most, I say, most frequently available in more studios. Most recording studio is the SM 50 said, when it's like a must half microphone in e recording studio, due to the effect that it can be used for practically practically anything that you can think off. And it is really the first option for sound engineers when they are recording, Ah, drums and even acoustic guitar like, Yeah, so there sure are. Some 57 is usually used on the snare part off the drums and sometimes even on a Christie guitar. Uh uh. There is also the other one. It's called the SM 58 and the S and 50. It is usually used for life vocal on some metal heavy metal screamers. Seamless. Also use the SM 50 did, in effect, that it has a more Mahdi Oh sound, and that's what they are looking for. Hey, he's the example off your level, your microphone, the right smart left. It's also quite famous. Cry frequently used. Ah, by e two is especially and it is quite, ah, an effective level. A microphone, Uh, because it it has a nicer quality off. Ah, voice that it picks up. And also the clip your, as you can see, is just an easy crocodile clip as compared to the level that I'm currently using. It is a bit more tricky to use and the roads smart, smaller face it even has E big is provided in the U box peckish ridges quite with it for $73. And here's the example off the shotgun microphone, the road anti a tree. Yes, I've seen the shocker Microphone is not cheap. It is very expensive for $700 for the NTC tree, but if you are doing filming walking around and stuff like that, it's very, very cheap. 4. When To Use The Microphone: So now let's talk about these situations off when and what type of microphone your you should used. And if you're using, if you're use. If you are live streaming like a video game or Skype lessons last trimmings, I will usually recommend you to use a condenser microphone on. And that is because you are only saw staying in a certain the same spot and condenser microphone. You're also going to capture a nice quality off vocal for your audience to listen to. And, yeah, the condenser microphone is also quite cheap on the market. Um, other than the root and the one you have the MX l condenser microphone, the one that I'm curry using for the lesson right now. And yeah, it is quite easy. You just need an audio inter feast for to function. And if you are using, if you're going to be and you're interviewing someone, um, for any kind off interview, um, I would recommend you to use a level your microphone. And that is because, um, you can, especially if if the host and the one year interviewing is quite distance apart and you also want to capture the full body and maybe they horse any. The one year intervene tends to move for our a lot, and they also maybe want to show the product that you are living interviewing about. And if you left the microphone, you can also hide it in somewhere in there, tellin. And yeah, uh, it is a very effective microphone to use for interview. As for filming, you can have lots off different stretches for the Taiwan microphone that you are able to use if you're on a budget, you can even use 11 microphone. And I mean, you can also hide your microphone in the shit, all just improvised, whatever you can give it. But however leveling microphone and again the example is in the introduction video, you can see that the the vocal quality off the level of macron is not really that good, but it is still acceptable. Um, and the you can. If you want to improve the vocal quality, you might have to move to the shotgun microphone and your shotgun microphone, eurozone, it and into fees. We cheese, which can be the zoom, his foreign, the one that are used in the introduction. Uh, this around $200 on drift Eat sugar microphone. You have to elbow 600 list more. So it is going to be about $800 budget that you need. If you're going to use the shotgun microphone or you can even use a condenser microphone, the trick is to record the ah feeling firsts. And and then when you ah, compiling the footage together, you can stop. Um, not your voice. We've Ikhwan is a microphone after o s approves post processing, Uh, And if you are going to use a recording for your new album for guitar, for your vocal and that is quite situational and it depends on what you are going to record . If you are going to record a vocal, then, yeah, I will recommend you to use a condenser microphone captures the nice high frequency off the voice. And if you are going to record on acoustic guitar, you you can use either the condenser or a dynamic microphone. It depends for which kind off sound you like. Ah, usually for Christie microphone. I recommend you to usefully condenser microphone. Ah, and if you are recording electric guitar in dynamic microphone is going to be very effective and quite effective. Especially if you're using the Suri sm 57. It really, really sounds nice on electric guitar amplifier. So yeah, that sit for these costs and the next course I'm going to make is going to be how you about , like, equalization, compression and all that stuff for processing, processing on how to make your voice on. Nicer for life, screaming and stuff like that. So anyway, yeah. Thanks for viewing my cost. I'll see you next time.