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Diet Your Fat Cat

teacher avatar Aurelia Darling, awesome

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

13 Lessons (50m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Module 1: How Fat is Your Cat?

    • 3. Module 1, Part 2

    • 4. Module 2: Do Nothing

    • 5. Module 2, Part 2

    • 6. Module 3: The Food

    • 7. Module 3, Part 2

    • 8. Module 4: Weight Loss Plan

    • 9. Module 4, Part 2

    • 10. Module 5: Exercise

    • 11. Module 5, Part 2

    • 12. Module 6: Unconventional Exercise

    • 13. Conclusion

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About This Class

Hey girl, is your cat fat?  Need some extra help figuring out how to put him on a diet?  Then this course is for you! 

We will walk you through how to figure out exactly how fat your cat is, how to weight him, figure out the nutritional needs and calorie count needs and finally start on that diet plan!  We'll also go over some bonuses, such as how to deal with multiple animals in your house in regards to the diet plan and exercise tips and tricks. 

The detailed outline for the course is as follows:

-Determining how overweight your cat is

-How to weigh your cat

-Observing current food intake and exercise of your cat

-Understanding cat nutritional needs

-How to exercise your cat

-Calorie Intake requirements for your cat

-Making a weight loss plan for your cat


The project you'll be working on is the weight loss plan for you cat.  For more details on that, read on! 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Aurelia Darling



The short story: I'm an Aerospace Engineer by day and a cat enthusiast all the time.  :)

Longer story: I work for the military out in California, where there are unfortunately no cats in the office.  My husband and I adopted a morbidly obese rescue kitty, Marshmallow, about three years ago.  I started looking around for information and help on how to diet a cat, and discovered there wasn't a lot of good information out there, and what I could find was often confusing or just wrong.  So, I started on the long and arduous journey of..... dieting my cat. 

It took about a year, but she is now down to about 7.5 lbs (starting weight of 13.7 lbs!).  Whew!  After this experience, I started noticing that many people own cats that are overweig... See full profile

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1. Introduction: he everyone? My name is Aurilia. I am an aerospace engineer, cat enthusiast, a lover of food, nutrition, organizational systems and a bunch of other things. So a little bit about me and why I wanted to teach this class. A few years ago, I adopted a morbidly obese rescue kitty marshmallow. If you want to see her, she's hanging out upon her cat shelf. Yeah, so that's marshmallow. And when I say Toby's I mean obese. I mean, check out these photos. Anyway, as soon as I got her, I devoted a bunch of time and energy researching anything that I could find out there on cat weight loss. During the course of this cat weight loss project, I discovered there wasn't really a great all in one location for Cat. We lost information. Also, the info is typically vague and kalsa be contradictory or sometimes just really confusing. Taking all this information into consideration, I embarked on the long and arduous journey of dieting my cat. Of course, there were some hiccups along the way, needing to correct course, and I discovered some side effects and wasted you know them. This course will give you everything you need to know on how to diet your cat successfully . If you need help that in your little for monster I hope you'll consider this guy. Thank you. 2. Module 1: How Fat is Your Cat?: Okay. Welcome, Teoh. Weight loss with your fat cat. Everything you need to know to help your cat achieve a healthy weight In case you're wondering where my formerly fat cat is hanging out right here, one of the perks of having a cat rate a little overview for you that would go over who this courses for who it's not for how to use the course. How to know if your cat is overweight and how overweight it is. And then why your cat is overweight and benefits Teoh. Keeping your cat at a healthy week. So, basically this for people who are trying to diet there. Overweight cat down to a healthy weight. This course is not for people who are trying Teoh get their underweight cat to gain weight . It is not for people who have cats that have any underlying health conditions. For instance, if your cat were pregnant, there's a reason that she's fat. And then also, if you're not willing to put in the effort to diet your cat, this course is not for you a little bit on how to use the course. Obviously, you can go through your own pace like, however, out recommend doing about one module per week for the homework at least cause that's how long it could possibly take for each section. And there's about six modules. So let's say about a month and 1/2 Teoh, complete all of this project next. For information on how to figure out what the ideal way is for your cat or how to tell how overweight your cat is when you look up ideal weight online. You don't get one specific answer. It can be pretty overwhelming and confusing. And if you look up your cat breed, you might get a weight range. But your cat might be at the low or the high end. So how did you know? And then most of us don't even really know what cat read we own. It's usually just a domestic short hair, so that brings us to you. The only way you can really know how over what your cat is is by your own observations, and the best way that I've found to do this is through what I'm going to call a cat weight chart. I've made a cat weight chart for you that you can download below in the resource is section going to show you what that looks like now. So a couple of things to keep in mind. You may just want to use the pictures to determine how overweight your cat is. For sometimes the words company, each picture can be easier. One thing to remember if you can see the ribs, your cat is approaching too thin territory. If you cannot find the ribs, your cat is likely overweight. The ideal weight corresponds to ribs being easily felt with a slight fat cover. Also bear in mind if you have a cat with long for this will be a little different as you will not be able to see the ribs the same way as you would for a short haired cat. Also your cat. Maybe off the chart literally. Don't be deterred as this can and will be gravity. Just continue to use this chart as a reference. As you go through the program of dieting your cat. You should be able to slowly see your cat come closer and closer to the ideal of body weight. You should also keep this chart in mind to make sure your cat doesn't dip too low and wit 3. Module 1, Part 2: So emails be wondering why is my cat fat gets gain weight the same way humans do. They expend less energy than they consume. But getting into a few other issues there could be underlying health issues. There's the move to indoors boredom and positive associations with food, so let's go into those in a little bit more detail. First of all, if there are any medical issues, that would be a problem. For instance, if your cat was pregnant, then your cat would be overweight. If you find there is a medical cause, the's do work with your vet to determine the best course of action. Assuming it is not a medical related issue, what's move on to the more mundane and more probable causes. So one of the more mundane causes of your cat being overweight is the move to indoors. This is actually a fairly recent development. In fact, our modern version of Kitty litter wasn't even created until 1947. Move indoors has also greatly increased the lifespan of the cat. Your average outdoor cat is only going to live about five years, whereas indoor cats have been known to live up to 20 years besides the moved indoors increasing room, the cat's life span. There are also a few other substantial changes that have happened as well. For starters, are captains and hunt for food anymore. We just put the food down for them men. They have us trained, Huh? Where Cat would normally need to hunt for food, they no longer have Teoh. Another reason. Maybe border. Uh, sometimes as cat parents. We might find it difficult to understand what is interesting to a cat. So for a cat, watching movies or playing video games wouldn't be interesting. And for humans, staring out the window after the first hour might get kind of boring. Often wanted Cat does get bored taken sometimes just find the food bowl and scarf down a couple cables. Another reason that your cat may be overweight is a positive association with food, so your cat may have a positive association with food because we give them attention during feeding times. For instance, your cat Yeah, is that you? Let's say you interpret that is them wanting food. You go get some treats, give it to them, pet them at the same time, and now they have a positive association with getting food, getting pet, getting attention, and they like that. We can also sometimes underestimate how much our cat really wants or needs our attention. To some, all that up there could be a multitude of reasons why your cat is overweight now. Your cat may have been overweight for years, and maybe you just even realized it recently. There are many issues that comes with Cap being overweight. There are many common disorders associate with excess weight and cats. The bottom line, really is that if you can't remains overweight, he can expect a shorter life span than a cat with a healthy weight. The benefits for your cat being at a healthy weight is that your cat will be better eagle to around junk. Run and play with you. Your cat will live longer, enjoy more in his environment. You also get to enjoy all the benefits that come along with your cat being healthier and happier. So for the homework, I'm gonna put up a slide here to show you take some time to look over the chart and determine what your cat lies on. The cat weight chart. Where to print out the chart and or save it somewhere that you can reference every week or two and then armed skill share. Click the Create Project button below than upload a current picture of your cat. Give you a project of title and then in the start typing field, tell us where your cat is. According to the cat we chart. 4. Module 2: Do Nothing: all right. Moving on to module to do nothing. So what is this crazy person talking about? Do nothing. All right, let's explain. You want to observe what you are presently doing with your overweight cat? If you don't know where you start, you don't know where you're going to go there to things we will go over in this module, one is weighing your cat and the other is observing present food and exercise patents. So I'd really like to impress upon you guys the importance of getting an accurate weight measurement. Um, so five or 10 extra pounds on a human doesn't really sound that bad. But for a cat who's typically £10 if you had five extra pounds to that, that's 50% overweight. So that's why having an accurate wait for your cat is very important. To get an accurate wheat union accurate scale, step one will be weighing your cat. This is important to get a baseline measurement against which to measure progress. Additionally, periodic weigh ins will tell you whether you should adjust feeding amounts. This is an important part of process, as you won't be able to tell easily if you are over war under feeding your cat without weighing it. There are two main methods for weighing your cat. One would be Teoh get accurate scale that you can use to weigh your cat for at home. Um, this could be a specialized pet or baby scale, which could go down to the ounce or a scale for a human that is very accurate. So, for instance, if you could find the scale, it goes down to the £0.1. That would be great. The second option would be taking your cat to the vet toe. Have that we it for you. And typically they'll even have a scale hanging out in the outer office area so you wouldn't even need to make an appointment. If in doubt, just call and ask if you go for the at home scale method. There are a couple ways that you can do this toe. Wait your cat. The easiest would be to weigh yourself and then weigh yourself holding your cat. And then the difference between that is your cats week. You can also try weighing your cat in the carrier itself. You would need the weight of the carrier should do that you could try just weighing yourself holding carrier and then weigh yourself holding the carrier with the cat in it. So some of you might be thinking Maquette hates carriers to, um, so you can try a couple things to try and get them to be okay with the carrier. You could leave it out all the time, or just a couple days before you're planning on using it. That way, the cat will get desensitized to the carrier, and if you notice it going around the carrier, maybe even hanging out in the carrier, you could try giving it some positive attention, or maybe even giving it a treat. You can also try putting ah, blanket or an item of clothing the cat likes in there. They like a certain sense to be around them. You could also try taking your cat places that is not the vet's office in the carrier. So if you want on a drive around the block, for instance, that would teach your cat that sometimes three carrier isn't that bad. They don't always get taken to the vet 5. Module 2, Part 2: So the next couple sides I'm going to show you are from the observation sheet. Download that you can get below on. This will help you keep track of what you're doing for a week with your cat. In terms of diet and exercise, this is an example of how to fill out the observation phase. Download for the food section featured on the left here, filling the columns for what time? What type food, amount of food and the equivalent calorie count for the exercise section secured on right here, right down when, what toy and how long the exercise lasted. For measurements. If you haven't already, please download the Cat Week Boss Hopers spreadsheet. Once downloaded, you will notice the conversion table shown it right on tap to food calories. It is useful to know the conversion between tables. Minister Cops When determining calories for your cat, remember, a cup of food for most cats is almost certainly more than the recommended serving size per day. This table may come in handy. Leader. When you are modifying the amounts of food for your cat and his diet, please note that four tablespoons equals fourth of a cup. A tip tablespoons is 1/2 of a cup and 12 tablespoons is 3/4 of a cup. Throughout this course, we will be referring to calories in the related form as cow on your cat food cans were bags , you may see K cow per kilogram cake, helper cup or cake helper can. It is important to note that capital cow is equal to K cow, and you will only need the cake helper cop or cake out her can values and can ignore K cal per kilogram. Some treat bags will also mention cake help her treat, which only shows they do not understand how their customers use the product. You may be wondering how you will figure out the calorie count for your observation phase. For that, take a look. A tab to your cat Wheat Loss Helper spreadsheet. An example is shown to the right care. Please remember that the values shown in the spiritually you download our for example on Lee. You will be filling out the spreadsheet with your own values. For the two columns under daily feeding, you'll only need to fill out the column for the amount of food you feed your cat the total calories will be automatically calculated shown at the end of the call. You can then copy this information on to your observation sheet for an accurate calorie count. This will be an easy and fun way to figure out the cow account for your cat without having to you the extra math every time. A note on free feeding if you normally feed it, is still important to capture the calorie data during this observation phase. And here's how to do it. You can at same time every day, put down a certain amount in your food bowl that you would normally give your cat SE three cups raped and then at the same time, the next day you would pick up the bowl and you would measure how much is left, say, two cups air left so you can tell that your cat 81 cup that day and then repeat each day so that you'll know how much your cat ate during that week. A few notes just on wrapping up this section. Please don't be overly concerned with getting the calories exactly correct. Um, if you have to guess the value, just go ahead and do that right down to the best of your knowledge and move on. At this days, you are merely just observing your cat care routine, and you can deal with more details later. Documentation will also count as a benchmark against which to measure progress in the future. For example, if your cat won't get up for anything except the food bowl, getting him to play for even just a few seconds will be a huge win. So I'm gonna put up a slide here for your homework for week two. So the hallmark do nothing. Step one, the weight. Decide on how you will keep track of your cats week. Get a scale for weighing your cat or make a plan for visiting your bets office. Wait your cat. This will give you an accurate baseline week for your cat. You can share your cat starting weight in your project as well. To fill out tab to food calories on the Cat Wheat Loss Helper Spreadsheet Download in the Project Description section. Share this in your project as well. To get some feedback, step three. Print out the observation phase. Download below. I feel it out for one week. You can use the calories that you calculated and step to above during the observation phase . 6. Module 3: The Food: the onto module three. The food in this module will be going over some common questions you may have about cat food. They are as follows. Do you need to change the food you are presently eating your cat? What is it? Good food for dieting. Your cat. Do you need to cut out treats? Do you need to feed your cat? Wet food? Can you feed your cat? Any people? Food? Can you still free? Feed your cap. How often should you feed your cat? And what if your cat get snacks from outside? The first question Do you need to change the food? All right, so the short answer is No. You probably do not need to change the food. Uh, the only thing that really matters is the calorie count. If you want a longer answer, you may want to take a little peek at the current nutritional values in your cat food. Um, see what you're actually feeding your cat right now to see if you could possibly improve its diet. So the following information will help you along this journey also. I can't help myself. I'm gonna have to show you my cat again. She is really enjoying Kat shelves today. Some things to consider when selecting food for your cat, our calories, the nutrition breakdown, what food options and kibble considerations and will go into a little bit more detail. Now, however, there are a few other things that we need to keep in mind. Calories are definitely your number. One thing to consider when picking out ate cat food because your cat eating too much of them is why he is overweight now. The nutrition breakdown is important, too. Your cat is a condom for, and this is something to keep in mind because he would normally just be outside all day. Eating mice and mice are comprised of about 55% protein, 23% fat and 12% carbohydrates. So when you put the numbers up here for you guys to see that, so here you can see the protein, fat and carbohydrate breakdown for your average mouse. This is something that you might want to keep in mind when picking out your next cat food for your cat. For what food options. You might notice that it could be difficult or impossible to find dry food options that have that nutritional breakdown? Uh, what food typically has a lot better. A nutritional breakdown in terms of what your house would typically be eating. You might try some money in your cat's diet with wet flew to try and achieve a closer balance to what he would typically be getting in the wild. Also, if your cat isn't good at drinking water, you confined that, adding what food to his diet will help with this. And that's because what food has a higher water content, then dry food does. Another thing to consider is fiber content in your kibble. So it's been found that if you feed your cat higher fibre content that will eat in his diet if you'd like a recommendation, one of my favorites is called Natural Balance Fat Cats. Cat food. Seriously, that's what it's called. Also, try finding a dry cat food that has lower calories per cup as this will aid in your cat. Feeling fuller for longer. A couple notes on water. Your cat should be drinking between 5 to 10 fluid ounces of water per day. This will depend on your cats size, activity level health and diet. She cat does not consistently drink enough water. He may develop some bladder problems, such as urinary tract infections or kidney disease. A few things you can do to help get your cat to drink more water. One is your cat might be picky about location, so you might want to spread water bulls throughout the house to see where you might like to drink water from, Uh, you might try putting ice cubes in the water. Maybe the temperature isn't what she really likes. Another thing to consider is water bull material, so trying out different water for full materials such as ceramic metal. Typically, when we use plastic, that'll leach into the bull, and it'll start tasting my plastic at some point. And cats might not like that last thing. You can try getting a drinking fountain, which is an awesome idea, because it's actually something that simulates more closely what he would be drinking from and in the wild that would be a stream or river 7. Module 3, Part 2: a few other questions to go over. Can you still feed your cat treats? Short answer is yes, definitely. You can totally still feed your cat treats. However, you will want to keep in mind the calorie count. So if you started the diet already, you might want to set aside a certain amount of treats that you've already measured out and know how many calories are in that portion. That way, you'll know exactly how much you're feeding your cat in calories. Also mentioned, one of my favorite types of treats for my cat is freeze dried treats. Usually it's freeze dried salmon or chicken or turkey. Something like that. This is something that is actually very healthy for them, cause it's really just one ingredient and freeze dried. This is also something that's much closer to what they would typically be eating in the wild. So hopefully your cat will love. Um, another question you might have is, Do you need to feed your cat wet food? Short answer. No, however, what food is much closer to what your cat will be eating in the wild, paying attention Teoh the ingredients and and the nutritional breakdown you can find some really awesome wet food options out there. A favorite of mine is nature's variety instinct as you confined some of their products that have 95% animal products in it. You may also be wondering how you could possibly split up the cans so that your cat will be getting the correct calories per day. You can use tap to in the cat weight loss hoper spreadsheet download below. That will help you determine how best to break up the can so that your cat will be getting the correct amount of calories per day. Also mentioned. If you do end up splitting up, can you might be wondering, How am I gonna save the rest of the camp for later? I've found some really great products that are just these little kitty cap lids that you can put on top of them. They have different sizes inside of it that are perfect for cat scans. Another question you might have is. Can you feed your cat people food? No, I would just say, uh, don't do it, especially if you are trying to get your cat on a diet. How do you know how many calories you're feeding him if you're feeding in people food, typically the calorie count for people. Food doesn't equate down Teoh what a cat would need. However, if your cat does accidentally get some people food, just try and guess at how many calories that is to factor into his diet. Another question you might have is Can I still feed my cat? And you might not like what you're about two years. Maybe just cover your ears because it's gonna be hard to free. Feed your cat if they don't know how to self regulate already. That's probably why they're overweight. Right now. You will need to switch to a scheduled feeding time with portioned amounts for your cat, and you're probably thinking now, Oh, man, my cat's gonna murder me. Stop thinking that we'll go over how to deal with this. Don't worry. Also, some people foods are poisonous to cats or just don't agree with their stomachs. For example, dark chocolate or milk or dairy products and just want to let you know the cat has now moved. Moving on. How often should you feed your cat? You want to shoot for feeding your cat small portions throughout the day around 4 to 6 times during the day to start out on the weight loss plan. Being fed multiple times a day helps with getting your cat to be a little bit more active throughout the day, and then we'll also help contribute to weight loss. You can also try playing with your cat right before feeding him. This will simulate what would actually happen in the wild, where your cat would have to hunt for food. So since your cat is domesticated, hunting for them equates to playing, even if you can Onley feed your cat twice day. What's most important is that you pick a schedule and stick to it. Cats can get pretty picky about their schedules. One note on changing food. If you do decide to change the food, uh, cats get a little particular about how or what they'll be eating. So if you're going to switch it out, do it gradually. For instance, maybe for one week you would feed your cat. 75% of old food mixed in with 25% of the new food the second week, 50% 50% and then the third week you would be down to 25% of the old food. 75% of the new food until finally and before you can try 100% of the new food. Please note some cats will actually pick out the kibbles that they like and may end up with all of the, uh, new food left over. So you're gonna have to work with you cat, see what they'll put up with or what they won't on that. No, you definitely want to make sure that your cat is still eating throughout the diet process because if cats aren't eating, they'll develop something called hepatic lipid deuces. Uh, that's a severe liver disease that cats can develop if they stop eating. If your cat does stop eating than their body will send fat their liver to be converted into defoe proteins for energy, a cat's body is not very well suited to doing this. If your cat's body does go into this mode, he is at risk of developing hepatic lipid. Oh, sis, A starvation diet is never a good idea for your cab. Uh, you will want to make sure that your tests eating, even if you think a different food is better for him. If you notice that your cat hasn't eaten in 24 hours, take him to the vet immediately. So last question. What if your cat actually get snacks from being outside? So this course is mostly for indoor cats. So hopefully the only time your cat is outdoors will be while you're supervising it on, he does happen to find like, a grasshopper or something. Do you try and take it away from him? Because this is not usually factored into the diet. However, if he happens to eat something that is not on the meal plan, which might happen, just gets it how much that calorie count is and then, ah, factor that in. All right, let's get the homework's by it up here to show you. Let's take a look at the food that you're presently feeding your cat in particular. Please take note of the calorie content protein, fat and carbohydrate breakdown and the fiber content. Then what? You have this information together. You can share on your project in Scotia to get some feedback and see how your food compares to others. Lastly, determine if the current food you are using is still a good choice. If not find a different food that will work for you and your cat on his diet. 8. Module 4: Weight Loss Plan: All right, guys. Welcome to Module four. This is exciting. Um, thing this is the weight loss plan. The fun part in this model will be going over how to start the weight loss program for your cat. The general outline is learning about the calories making a weight loss plan for your cat making sure you are feeding your cat. Correct him out of food in what to do when your cat actually starts going down and wait, and then incorporating details to make the plan work. So, first question, how many calories should you feed your cat? This, I found, is not an easy question to answer. There are so many options and various formula out there on their net, you confined. Um, it's kind of the definition of not easy, right. So how do we tackle this question? I'm gonna throw up a slight here to show you how best do this. So the first method of how many calories to start being your cab is based on observation. So if you doing the homework for module to which if you haven't done it, go back and do it now. You now have a baseline. For how many calories your cat eats daily. You can use this table under tap. Four in cell download initial calorie calculation example shown to the right here so you would input the calories under the calories column. Using the calorie values determined from their observation phase, download. This spreadsheet will determine the average calories your cat eat for that week and the calorie value to start out feeding your cat. The second method is just based on a rule of thumb, which is that your average indoor cat needs about 20 calories per pound to maintain his weight. This is going to depend, of course, on how active your cat is and their metabolism so you would subtract a pound from that number or 20 calories to get the amount of calories to start out. Feeding your cat Help you? Oh, this calculation. You can also use tab, for example, you'll seen you'll see is shown below. If your cat weighs £15 start out by feeding him 280 calories a day, so if you wanted the map there, it's 15 times 20 minus 20 would equal to 80. In this merchant, you can simply enter your cats. Wait you can see how well your cat and module to and tap four will do the math for you. A couple notes for you. Obviously, the best method here is Method one, but only if you're confident about your measurements in the observation days. So if you're not confident about those measurements, um, or you just happen doubts about it. You should probably go with method to or the initial for figuring out the initial calories to feed your cat. I would recommend determining the values for both methods and then taking value that you feel most confident about. Also, please note that you can enter in fractions of a pound in the spreadsheet and spreadsheet will work the same way to figure out calories. I also wanted to explain that if you are using Method Teoh, there's actually a buffer built into it already. Most in your cats that are over. We will need less than 20 calories a day to maintain weight. Primarily, that's because they are overweight. They probably don't move around as much as they should. Extra pounds make it difficult for them to appropriately exercise. This buffer is put in there to make sure that you're not accidentally under feeding your cap and then to help. You know that if your cat is complaining about something, it's probably not food related or it's not that they're hungry. I guess I should say so. If your cat starts complaining about something, don't just automatically jump Teoh. Oh, they must be hungry. They're starving. Um, your cat is probably fine. They are just used to getting things done a certain way. So probably the change in schedule has upset him. Or maybe he wants Mexico Attention. Module two, we filled out Tapped to the food calories in the cat weight loss helpers Fred Cheat. This type is very useful for the weight loss plan. So if you have not already go back and fill it out so you will now be determining the amount of food. You will start feeding your calf on his diet. So open up. Tap three in food and exercise plan in your cat, we've lost helpers spread cheap. I'm going to throw up a slide, show you an example. So I'm left. This slide is an example for you. You can use this to determine which food what amount of food and the frequency of feeding on a given day. Please remember that the calories are calculated on tap to food calories and should be copied to the table in tap three. So take a couple minutes now and fill this out and I will meet you back and part two of module for good luck guys. 9. Module 4, Part 2: so gay. Welcome the part two module for you should all have filled out your plan for how much you're gonna start out feeding your cat day exciting. So I would recommend printing out tap three on putting it up on your fridge or something. Make sure that everyone in the household its on board with the new plan for cat. Keep in mind that this plan will be modified as your cat starts to lose weight. To make sure that you're feeding your cat the right amount of food, you will have to make a schedule for when your cat and do it at the beginning. You can plan on winning your cat about once a week. You can wait unless people knee as you get the hang of how the diet is going for your cat. You can track your cats progress in tap. One tracking weight in the cat weight loss helpers. Spreadsheet example is shown to the right here. You'll need to just input the date that you wait your cat and the amount that you got so you can see here in tap one. It will also produce a grap of the information that you input into those two columns explained on the last slide. And if you see your cats, we initially go up or stay the same for two or three wins in a row, it is time to reduce the calories by 20 again. So I mentioned earlier that I would show you how to make sure that you are not under feeding your cab and we're going to throw up a slot here to show you good. Then you should be aware of is that the average cat should lose no more than 2% of their body weight her week. You can do the math on your own for fun, or you may have been wondering. With the orange cells were representing in previous slides. Tab one is actually formatted so that the cell will change color to light orange. If your cat is losing more than 2% body weight per week, you could then correct the calorie amount. If you see any orange cells, do not try to aim for 2% change. Just aim for your cat to be losing weight Overall, if your cat loses any way at all, this should be treated as a huge success. Keep in mind that each cat is different. And if your cat is a senior or has any other health concerns, he may be a bit slower losing weight than the average cat. So you might be wondering. Great. So now I have this plan. But what happens after he loses just a little bit? Um, don't worry. Getting there when you start to see your cats weight go down. Uh, just keep watch on that until you see it start to plateau. Um, would you join me? Okay, um, you can reduce the calor and take another 20 when you get very similar way in values for two or three weeks in a row, and your cat is still not at the ideal weight, and you could determine the ideal body shape based on the cat weight chart. Download from earlier. Just repeat this process until your cat sweet plateaus, and it looks like he is at a healthy body shape at this point. Although the calorie amount that your cat actually needs to maintain a healthy body weight and can stop pretty seeing the calories, you may find it difficult to get an exact value for the calories based on your current food options. Just try to get the calories as close as possible to the to the desired amount. If you're off by a few calories, that will be OK. A note on treat calories Not all treats have marched calories on them. If you still want to use them, you'll have to make an educated guess on how many calories might be in them. I found a good rule of thumb to be about 25 to 30 calories per tablespoon. Some of you might also have multiple animals in the household. Some of you also might have multiple animals in the household. Don't worry. You can still diet. You're one or two animals that are overweight. As long as you keep a schedule, make sure that each animal is getting the food you want them to eat. Sometimes simply watching them while I eat is all you need to do. However, a safer but is feeding your animals separately to make sure that they get the food that they're supposed to. You can also try feeding them on different levels. So, for instance, if you fed one animal on the top of the cat tree, another animal on the floor. You also need to make sure that everyone in the household is on board with this weight loss program. Trust me, if your chat thinks that he can go around, each member of the household hit everyone up retreats. He will talk to everyone in your household and make sure that they understand the health implications of this regimen is not followed and how they're contributing to a better life for the cat. You can also make a schedule for feeding the cat and put it up on the fridge. And then you can check off when you have actually fed the cat. And that way, the cat won't accidentally, uh, trick you and feeding him twice. Uh, it's happened. You might also have a cat who eats too fast and then throws up as soon as he's done eating , Um, and then he'll eat it. If you don't get up fast enough, I have had this happen. Um, so after waiting for your cat's stomach to settle 20 to 30 minutes, you can try feeding him again. But the real trick is making sure that your cat doesn't throw up in the first place. Um, some tricks for that is puzzle feeders, I found be really helpful on then. You can also try if you don't want to invest in that getting like a muffin tin and then putting your kibble in there past crippling that grounds that he'll have to, like, pop out each one to get at those slowing down for sure. And then you can also try putting some big, smooth rocks in his bowl, and then he'll have to Paul around those to get food. You can also try an obstacle course. Uh, that's where you have your measured out food and you would walk around the house and put down food in strategic locations that your cat can get Teoh, and then your cat has to follow you around to get them. It will slow him down because he has to, like, follow you to get the food some thoughts on measuring. So if you have not already started measuring the food for your cat, you need to start now. A good idea would be buying a set of measuring cups that is specifically designed for the cat food. That way you can leave them in the cat bag even, and your cat won't associate those measuring cups that you use for baking with the measuring cups that you used to feed him. I made this mistake, and my cat now comes running whenever I get out. Tablespoons. All right, I'm going to throw up a slight here on the homework or module. Four. The homework four. Model four will be determining how much to start out feeding your cat on his diet using tab . For initial calorie calculation, determine the calorie count for both methods and pick the one you feel most confident about . Share this in your project on skill share to get some feedback to make a schedule of one. What and how much will be feeding your cat every day using tap three. Food and exercise plan. You can also share this in your project on skill share. To get some feedback, start weighing and tracking your cats week. Where regularly once a week to start by using tap. One. Tracking Wait. Also, be sure to adjust the weight Last time in your cat has got towed and is still overweight 10. Module 5: Exercise: Welcome to Module five, The exercise in this module. We will be going over the importance of exercise and play time. Best practices for playing with your cat and then a couple of do it yourself. Playtime is all right, so the importance of play time for your cat. So if you knew someone who had a dog and never walked that dog, you would think, ma'am, what is that person doing? And they need to exercise their dog. So it's kind of the same thing for a cat. You need to play with your cat to get some exercise. If your cat doesn't get stimulation that they need and exercise they need. This can contribute to weight gain, boredom, destructive behavior, misdirected aggression. So that begs the next question. Which is, How do you exercise your cat playtime? This is a serious question because a lot of people you might not know how to play with their cat, they might think, Oh, like I tried in The cat just doesn't like anything that I try. But maybe that might be because the cat is not interested in how you're playing with them. So there's sequence that cats go through when they're hunting or playing as we call it, It's hunt, catch, kill and eat. I'm going to go through an example of the hunt. Catch killed, eat sequence with a want white now hunt. So move. Move the one toy around to get your cat interested. Don't just bounce it in front of their face. That might work for a kitten, but it probably won't work for your cat. Adult cats like to stock their prey first, so if you move the one toy around but out of the reach, making the toy behave is something they would normally chase in the wild. Second step is catch. If the cat looks interested but is unwilling to get up and move around and get the toy, you can try moving the toy behind a barrier, for instance, a box or something for around a corner. Um, some cats also like something under something else. If you have a towel that you don't care about or some tissue paper, you can put the toy under that, Um, that way the cat can't see it any more. And if they were watching and interested, they'll get up and come over to investigate they will eventually pounds to catch their prey or the want toy. In this case, Step three is the kill sequence for them. So after they catch their prey of the cat, will then try to kill the prey. Right. Um, this may book like vigorously attacking the toy. Now I am to let you know that they have conquered or zooming around victoriously. Or maybe all three, if you're lucky. So the last step is eat in the wild. Your cat would typically then eat their prey. Whoever Since this is a want toy, we don't actually want them to eat it. Although some cats do try and eat, want toys or other toys that we have, you might want to take some of the food that you would be giving them for their meal and give it to them after a place session. This will better simulated and actual hunt in the wild and will also reward them for playing appropriate thing. Some follow up on how to play with your cat. If your cat is overweight, the goal here is just to get them moving around as much as possible. Um, however, don't be too discouraged if this does not work out that well initially, as of these cats have a really hard time. Getting around can be difficult for them to be as active as a healthy weight cat because it's hard for them to move around. Also, if your cat has been morbidly obese for years, ticket slow and treat any movement as a victory. In fact, for some cats, the workout can actually be all in just tracking the toy with their eyes as long as they're being older while they're watching the toy. This may count as exercise for an Avi's cat. Also, each cat will be a little bit different in their plate preferences. So where one cat would prefer to stock their prey from undercover, say, under a chair, something another cat may prefer pouncing. As soon as their prey pops out from hiding. Make sure to try a few different ways to play with your cat until you find what works for them. Some cats will also be willing to play as soon as you get out of toy, where others may take a while to warm up 11. Module 5, Part 2: I also wanted to take a little bit of time to go over some differences between active playtime and inactive playtime there many different ways you can actively play with your cap. A couple examples of active playtime would be using a want away with them or do something under a blanket or something else that you don't mind your cat destroying. If you don't have anyone who is yet, what are you waiting for? Go get some or you can also make some. If you're handy, Just valued is really a string and a stick. Some favor. Want boys of mine? Are ones that simulate riel. Pray that you can't would actually eat in the wild, for instance of mouse toy or something with feathers on it. You can also try investing in cat toys that will stimulate your cat. While you weren't around what we would call inactive playtime, at least for the human right for inactive playtime. There's a bunch of things you can find out there if you don't always have the time or energy to play with your cap. However, I wouldn't make this the only type of play time that you do with your cap as, uh, we're not. Your cat actually enjoys hanging out sometimes with you. Another question that you might have is how much exercise does your cat actually need? An average healthy cat will need about three minutes of exercise a day. Uh, this, of course, depends on age mobility. Um, older your cat gets, the less he will want to move around. And if your cat is more with the obese, just intently watching and toy can be an exercise for him, your cat will let you know when he has done playing. A cat will begin to groom himself after a place session. You may be able to start them up again if he has not. If it hasn't been too long, try to at least get your cat to move for 5 to 10 minutes at the beginning of the diet or morbidly obese cat. Getting him to move around for even a few seconds can be an accomplishment. You can work up to 30 minutes eventually. Next, I'm gonna show you an example of how to fill out three cat exercising plan from your cat weight loss helper spread cheat That's under Tab three. Food and exercise plan Gonna throw up. He's slide here for you. You can see here on the right an example of filling out the cat exercising plan. Just fill out the time of day which tour you would like to use and the amount of time you were planning to spend during the place session. Next, I'm gonna throw up a couple slides here on do it yourself. Cat toys will have two options for you to try out if you'd like. For the first option here, you will need an empty cereal box, some scissors tape and a cat toy. So taken empty cereal box and tape the open and shut cut holes in the cereal box big enough for a cat to get their paws through and then put a cat toy or two in there and leave it out for your cat to enjoy during the day. For the second option here, you will need a toilet paper roll, some tape and a cat tree. Just fold over the end of one side of a toilet paper roll and seal with teeth and then place the cat's favorite treat inside and leave it out for the cat to play with and about out history, some considerations for playtime. I don't want you to get daunted by the 30 minute goal. Most cats will play with themselves if you d about a few cat toys during the day. Hi, your cat may also need to lose a pounder T before this happens, though, make sure to rotate toys every couple of days is this will keep things interesting for the cat? All right, I'm gonna throw up the homework slide here for you. The homework for Module five is to make a schedule for playing with your cat using tap three Food and exercise in the cat Weight loss Helpers spread cheap. If you think you'll forget to follow a schedule, try putting it out and putting it up on the fridge. Also, share your schedule in your project on skill share. If you like some feedback to try a few new toys and techniques with your cat and just have fun with it, 12. Module 6: Unconventional Exercise: all right, while you guys, we've made it to module six. This is great. This is the unconventional exercise module. So in the last model, we went over in depth how to exercise your cap. And in this one, we're gonna go over a couple ways that are maybe considered unconventional. A little overview for you will be going over walking your cat, leading your cat through an obstacle course and clicker training for your cat. Keep in mind that there are actually a bunch of other ways you could exercise your cat. If you can dream it, you can do it. So if you have a cat that is interesting about doors, maybe they Trent or dash on you. This activity is definitely for you. Um, you will need a harness and a leash for this activity, and you may initially need to reward the cat for being near the harness. It depends what type of cat you have. Uh, if they don't mind you putting it on, then great. But if they're kind of cat that really hate harnesses, you'll find out pretty easily If you try, um, you might need to just reward them for being near the harness at first and then, um, making sure that you're giving them attention. Pets, maybe. Maybe some snacks, but only if it's part of the diet. Right? Um, also, if there's any possibility of the cat running away and hiding while outside, make sure that I You have an i d. Tag and collar on the cat. Um, also, please make sure that the collar is a breakaway collar. Uh, this means it'll break off if the collar gets caught on something outdoors. Some considerations for you when you walk your cat, this is going to not be like walking a dog. Let the cat explore safely. You have the harness for a reason. If they end up going somewhere that they shouldn't or starting to go in a direction that they shouldn't just redirect them and then also set a time limit for this activity, as it can be a little a little less than exciting for the owner. Just take the cat back when you're done after the timer goes off, try and make the experiences positive. It's possible for the cat, uh, pick times that you know they'll be fewer people or dogs out. Uh, you can also reward your cat treats outside. Just remember, Teoh, keep it part of the diet. The next topic is an obstacle course for your cap that I know what you're thinking. You're thinking Oh, like I could barely get my cat waddle around for this. Want toy? What makes you think I can take him on an obstacle? Course G's hear me out. Uh, you might really like this one. It's one of my favorites as it combines exercise and food with an obstacle course. Uh, the game goes like this. You would have cats, food bowl, and at the time that you would normally just put the food down for them to eat, you would pick it up and you would walk somewhere. Um, if this is drag cable, you can put this on the ground somewhere. If it's what me do you have it on the spoon and you're taking it around the house. Uh, leading your cat, um, on this obstacle course, hopefully your cat is already already following you. But if not, perhaps when you put the food down somewhere, he'll get interested and come check it out. If things were going well, you would then pick up the feud bowler. I just moved to new location and put down some more kibbles for your cap and then repeat, and that is how an obstacle course works. Eventually you will be out of food, and your cat will have gotten some exercise walking around the house to get his meal. You can try leading your cat around first on the ground level on. Then if they are spry enough to jump up on things eventually lead up to that. That would get more energy expended. If they're jumping on something last, we're gonna go over clicker training. You might be thinking Onley dogs, do you tricks, right? You are wrong. You can actually train cats to do a fair number of things. There's a really great book on this topic. It's called, uh, click Your Training for Cats by Karen Prior. You will need a clicker and your cat's favorite treats to do this. The general concept is a soon as your cat is doing something that you want him to dio, you would click and then treat your cat. He will eventually figure out what you want him to dio so that he can get truths. You can train your cat to do you any number of things. With this method, I won't go to into detail this one as you can find some good books out there on the topic, just keep in mind that there's any number of ways even exercise your cat, and this is just one of them. Last thing. I want to go over one bonus on conventional exercise, and that's teaching your cat to swim. Uh, believe it or not, there are actually some cats out there that do enjoy swimming. There aren't that many, so don't just plop your cat in the pool and see what happens. I would not suggest that. But if your cat is so large that he can barely move, I would definitely look into something called hydrotherapy for your cat. That's where they can do some swimming in a controlled environment, and it's less strain on their joints while still getting them some good exercise. All right, let's get into some homework here. Just kidding. You don't need to actually do any other work here, but for sure one of the used technique strikes your fancy for sure. Try it out. We do highly recommend trying out the obstacle course method of feeding your cat, though you may be surprised at how engaged your cat will be and how much fun you can have two. 13. Conclusion: well. Seven. Wrapping up the last module. We made it. All right, Good job, guys. Getting through all the modules and getting started on the weight loss plan to type things up. I just wanted to go over a couple of things to remember and some final thoughts for you guys. First off first things to remember. Make sure the way your cat as often as once a week. That way, you're ensuring that you are not under or over feeding your cat, and you can keep track of your progress that way. Secondly, on your cats weight loss plan Reduce calories again when one. Your cats weight has been stable for two or three weeks, and he is still overweight, according to the cat wheat chart. Lastly, you can stop reducing calories when your cats we have stabilized and he looks like he's actually the correct weight. According to the cat weight chart. A couple things to know this is going to be a slow process. Take every ounce that comes off your cat as a huge victory. Get excited about it, a zong. As you stick to your new schedule, everything should work out just great. Another thing to take note of is depending on how large your cat is at the beginning, they might have some skin flaps at the end after losing some of that weight. This is totally normal and totally fine. It's definitely not something that you need to be concerned about and then some final thoughts. If you have any questions or comments for me, uh, please reach out to me here on skill share, not be more than happy to help out in the very last thing is thank you. Thank you for taking this class and sticking all the way through it, and you might not think it, but I'm sure that your cat thanks you as well. You're definitely contributing to making the world a better place. And Marshall says, thanks to