Didgeridoo: Learn to Play: Part 2 An easy method for learning circular breathing | Paul Carlos | Skillshare

Didgeridoo: Learn to Play: Part 2 An easy method for learning circular breathing

Paul Carlos, World Music, Sound Journeys, Song-writer, Sacred

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3 Videos ()
    • Introducing the technique

    • Well on the way now

    • Putting it all together


About This Class

Part 2 of this three part series will address circular breathing in three video lessons. Specific, step by step  techniques simplify the process and make learning accessible to everyone. As for part 1, you can upload your best circular breathing drone to the project gallery. My 'trouble shooting' notes cover three areas: Achieving your drone (part 1) Circular breathing (part 2) and general practice issues.






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Paul Carlos

World Music, Sound Journeys, Song-writer, Sacred

Paul is an accomplished Spanish/Classical Guitarist, Composer, Singer/Songwriter and Multi- instrumentalist. Genre’s include - World Music, Classical, Spanish/Flamenco, African/Ethnic, Experimental and more

As a professional musician he has presented corporate and private Sound Journeys for around the last ten years. Paul has performed both locally and internationally with celebrity South African Flautist Wouter Kellerman. Paul co-wrote much of Kellermans early music and plays on many of his albums including the SAMA award winning ‘Two Voices’. Much of this music is still regularly featured on local radio station Classic FM.

Paul has also co-written original material with Wouter on his 2015 Grammy award winning album ‘Winds of Samsara’.

Paul Carlos project has recorded an album of Sound Journey material, an original works for Spanish Guitar and a popular favourite’s classical album, all are available on cd baby internet shop and broadcast on all major internet radio stations.

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