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Dialogflow Tutorials: How to build a Professional Chatbot using Google Dialogflow

teacher avatar Anshul Shrivastava, Dialogflow Expert

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (2h 31m)
    • 1. Integrate Dialogflow Chatbot with Facebook Messenger

    • 2. Show Rich Messages in Facebook Messenger Chatbot

    • 3. Create Webhooks for Dialogflow

    • 4. Integrate Dialogflow with Database

    • 5. Integrate Dialogflow with DynamoDB

    • 6. Integrate Dialogflow with External API

    • 7. Integrate Dialogflow with Twitter

    • 8. Integrate Dialogflow with Websites

    • 9. Send Emails from Dialogflow

    • 10. Integrate Dialogflow with MySQL

    • 11. Integrate Dialogflow with MySQL Part 2

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About This Class

This is a series of video tutorials in which I will show you how to build a professional chatbot using Dialogflow.

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Anshul Shrivastava

Dialogflow Expert


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1. Integrate Dialogflow Chatbot with Facebook Messenger: Hello, friends. My name is unsure And this video to tell you I'm going to talk about suffering. Degrade your but I look flow chart with crazy. This will be a series of video tutorials about how to create your own developed which airport and very in style lots more tips and tricks. Friends, please don't forget to light and share a video and also the subscript over check. Thank you. Hello, friends. In this video tutorial, I'm going to talk about how to integrate your dialogue flow chart. Bored with Facebook Messenger. So here are the first steps involving integrating her. I love her checkbook with Facebook. Listen, you're I'll go to all these status one by one. But let's see all the steps west. The first step is create your dialogue flow chart Port. Second step is to create a Facebook page. Don't need this. If you already have a Facebook page, the third step is to clear to nap in your Facebook Tabla. Perricone and fourth step is to connect your Facebook app with your local agent. That's the Minster. And finally, the fight fifth step is to test the chat board in your Facebook page or messenger. We'll go through all these steps one by one. So let's start. So first step is to create your dialogues religion. You need a Google account to log into her dialogue store. So if you don't have a rubella cone just created with silicone, and then you will be able to logging into Delafield. So let's create our dialogues diligent. So go to dialogue they can go to console. If you are not logged in, you will see something like this Children account. I would choose this one alone. You might have to choose some of the settings, accept the terms and conditions, and then you will see this screen so you'll see about a near create agent to reconnect. Now I'll create another tutorial in which a little in deep about created a local agent with various features. But this is just a basic course about how to integrate your dialogue. Religion with Facebook Messenger. I'm not going to go in detail. Let's call it That's the messenger on her agent discredited. No, you see there's a default intent in the fall back intend. So if you see the welcome intent, there are really some training phrases and some text responses, so that's good for us. If you don't know about what is interned and what is trailing phrases, then see Mother video on my local agents to face Well, say hello, I can. How can I help you? Let's creator in doing for just for testing. Let's call it movies. No, just at some training praises. Then everything just hurt. So in the response section, at some general response, you heard anything from either side like Hollywood movies. So let's quickly tested here. Say, what movies do you like? It says. I like Carly moves, so that's sufficient. For now, the main focus is on how to integrate this Champ Port with messenger. So that's our first step. Create your dialogue. Religion Now Second step is to create a Facebook, which so if you already have a Facebook page, you don't need to do this. But it is recommended to create a test just against for going. Want to use your life Facebook page and you can create a speech. So let's see how to do this so love into your face what they don't and religious and click on create. You can select business or drink That's cool. It are is for check our family, bitch and call it whatever you want. All this collet Facebook. Check for damage. Okay, We're just cleared it. Can these things just skip it for now? So there you go. Facebook charge for them We just created. All right, So you can add a but in here, uh, send message button. So that will be your Facebook messenger. So your fetus just adult Hi. Anything. Okay, Now let's integrate this with your dialogues. Religion. So we have created the Facebook page. Now, the next step is to create an app in Facebook. Tabula Perricone. So you might need to register as a Facebook developer in order to do this. So let's do this. So you need to goto every liberals for facebook dot com slash acts and then click on add a new era. So there you go, your apples, Creative tile, a floor indignation demo. And that's it. So this star kristen Oh, the means step here. This connect your facebook app with kind of courage in. So let's see how to do that. So if you go to settings, uh, before actually some things you need to goto products. And if you scroll down, you will see on a product messenger. It's quick onset of All right, So you come to this page now, there are a few things that you need to do here. Let's switch back over there, look religion and go to integrations and Facebook Messenger. So you'll see this page here. First of all, you need to enable this How, uh, there are two fears here. Verify token and barely exist. Okun. So if you see in the ab, there's a field for wage access token. This so you can select the page that you just created, which was Facebook. Chat board down a bit for me. Just select the default continuous with me, and then you will see the page access token. Just copy that and based in the greater confusion. All right, now verify tokens. Just give anything college. Facebook. Can you give any names? Make sure to give any secure name. What? Any secure talking here? I just call it Facebook. Verify men. Sequence stuck. Okay, says what was started. Now go back toe Facebook developers account, and if you scroll down a little bit, it says were books concept of the books better and just face the very flight talking here Facebook verified, occurred. And if you go back to dialogue so you will see the call back, you're just copy that thin based here. And check these two check boxes messages and message isn't with the gene horseback and click on Very fired. Okay? And if you scroll down a little bit, you will see an option off. Select a page to subscribe your yearbook. So here, just select your here's what page Facebook chat thought. Television. Two concepts. Labor. All right, that's it. So we have connected the Facebook after and I looked virgin. Now let's test the checkbook in Facebook Page Messenger. So if you go back to the Facebook page and click on the sporting US page visitors, you can see the speeches of Mr and then you'll see this button here said message, click on it and not say hi. And there you go, the chatbots replace. Do you like like Hollywood movies? Okay, cool. So that means your local agent is not connected with fears with chapel. I hope you like this video. Please click on like Britain and share with your friends and also please subscribe to my channel. Thank you 2. Show Rich Messages in Facebook Messenger Chatbot: friends listed. I'm going to show you how to send rich messages in Facebook Messenger chatbots. So you might already have seen some of these type off rich messages like guards with some images, Proton's and some media templates for playing videos with some buttons, saddle and also some persistent menu. So I'm going to show you how to create these times off rich messages in messenger. So let's start first before we will see how to send. Rich Response is in dialogue. Slow Response section So we'll see. How can we send simple text? How can we send images, cards and quick replace? So here is that I love flow agent that I've created for tutorial and I've blended with this messenger. So I said, Hi. It says, Hello, Welcome to develop vegetarians. It's connected. Do so it says Hello. Welcome to Delaford Materials, right? So I'll create a new intent. Let's call it rich. And just you were training this called show message. Okay, so let's just give a simple despondency. It is a message. Well, if I say sure message says, here is the message cool. So that means it's indicated now if you go to messengers Facebook Messenger tab. By the way, if you don't know, how does connect your dialogue? Photo Facebook Messenger's You can see my other video. So assuming that you have already connected your I look forward to Facebook Messenger, you can see there is a section card. Add responses, so what you can do is delete this default response and click on add responses so you will see couple of options there. We have already seen text rest once it would show simple text. Now let's do a image. So if you click on image, you will see something like this and it asks for immature so you can based from image water . All right, let's Skopje this lunch and Cleveland save. Okay now if you like Show message. Sure, your image coun. Similarly, let's say you want to display card. You can click on cards and then God takes field element in such as a major Guardado subtitle and buttons. So let's give the same image, uh, and can interpreters, so you can add more Republicans back in one minute. But cruel a number of pretence. So let's check this. So sure. Cool. This is our card. This card I does affected. And then those stupid IDs and customers Each of these things. Oh, let's see. What does we have? Uh, we have quickly place, so you can see here quick reply and you can and dropped 20 characters for the people. So I run. Just grasp anger. Great. More breaker place. So just and now a short message Is that quick reply one we could like toe like three and so on. Okay, let's delete this and move on. Waters, we have you have custom payload. So now let's talk about sending which templates using custom tailored before we proceed. I want you to go to this year and opened up a page. You can also scandisk your court. So if we scandisk your cord, you will basically see this speech here. So I have already written some court snippets. Let's see how we can use them. So go back to your day, look for agent and delete all the previous responses on you. Click on add response. Select Justin Payload. Delete the existing Jason and go to the snippet and copy the button templates and best. Yes, So you can see it s some custom text. Like what you want to do next? Buttons and then button for messenger. Google Yahoo. So you can basically customize each and everything. Click on save and now officials message. See if this is the button template you're seeing. You can change pretty much anything here like this text. What? This u R l title and then that will reflect this. Okay, No. What else we have? Let's see. How can willing to External website called for this core and Lucas based here? Uh, so here the conflict type will be open craft. Let's say we want Oh, goingto Yeah, I show message. And here is the link to yahoo dot com. If you click on it, it look. Any odor? Cool. All right. Next, we have generally template, so copy this code for general template. They exist in constant payload, and basically so you can use the school shore custom, generate, tempted. Let's see how it looks like. Thank you. Your message. This is how it looks like. So it's basically a card, some custom, tighter custom text and some buttons so you can customize each of these things as well. Okay. Next, we have custom replace using custom below. So I believe this disappeared so you can add any number of quickly place here. And you can also add content type location for sharing her location. Let's see how it looks like cool. Here's the replay Right now we have not defined anything. Sleep will not understand, obviously, but you can see how easy it is is also an option to share location so you can send quick replace. Next. We have video tempted. So if you want to send a video or something in the chat board and lives, for instance, we can pick wanting toe Remember, is this link should be Facebook? I cannot add linked to some external videos. You need to have the Facebook videos only so, and the media template type should be media. Yet I should be video and then linked to the face. See how it looks like, So this is a video. You can also find more examples on Facebook website, but these are some. So now let's see how you can use coordinator to send a ridge messages. So some of the benefit off using core editor is that you can write your own programmatic logic. You can see if there's a statement and that, according to shoulder rich media, can also make calls to AP eyes and show some externally tower. Some dynamic did. Let's see how I can use coordinator use. No, just language to write the court in the coordinator. So this is a region. And if you go toe fulfillment, you will see this in line intersection. You need to enable that. Now, one thing you need to do is could were intent. And let's say you want toe right, some quote for distant int. Then you need toe enable the fulfillment what this particular intend so that the corridor will handle this intend and the response will come from the court. So let's enable this and save it. It's no, this will be ignored. And all the response will come from the core editor. So let's go back through the core editor. Okay, let's enable it. And you can see some court here. So this is the default Could What you can do is, um, here in the index map section just after these two hopeless like and instead off this report fullback invent, give it the name off the intent you just created. I think college rich. My such All right, chicken. So yeah, you can just copy it, including fulfillment. Come back here. You can un comment it. Thanks if the name of your intend that just created So we created rich message intense will call it. Which message says this handler is more different for all its college rich message way, we need to define it. So and after this function, you can just type function. This agent can say that, and that's sick. I don't need to worry about all these good and just right This court here. Okay? No, If you go back to the snippet speech, I have added some snippets for no Jess template. Uh, let's try to this place in pretext. I really need to do is copy scored folk over this scored and basted inside here. So it should say hello And sure, Now let's take on deploy. It takes some time approx one minute to play. Okay, so it does tip right now to successfully deployed. Now let's check in over Facebook Messenger Checkbooks knife Like a message. Yes. Hello. And should cool. That means it works perfectly. Now let's see what else we have. Let's tried toe show some image so this could and stood off name. Let's struggled with the image, uh, want Recognize this image for that, you need to egg this line from the top. So be that and tasted like that. And, uh, you can put any maturity and then and it's trying on Sure message. Cool shows damage. Perfect. Now let's try to add some quickly. Place this image and Exxon quickly place, get play. Okay, still burn. Oh, sure, Message coots that shows the message and then quickly place it's in. Looks like you. Now let's try to send a card move. This is the court for the card And so no, I goto I send you a check put and if a show message So here is the card it discredited using over No, just scored. So you have seen how is it is to create custom templates and rich messages using Norges. So now let's talk about how to create a persistent menu. So if you go to Facebook Messenger right now, you can see there is no persistent menu. So persistent menu is the manual, which is all of us displayed so you can click on a button any day. So how can we create a persistent menu if you go to the courts people that I shared earlier , you will see an option off persistent menu, Georges. So go to that faction and copy this first line. You need to go to the post, man. So if you don't have postman, stall postmen and then select a post option here and in here, baster, you are. You need to build the pay Jackson's excess token here. So leave that thing and go to your dialogue flow. You can go to your integration section, click on Facebook Messenger, copy the page access token, and then based that businesses talking here. Okay. And, uh, you need to select content days vacation? Yes, and in the body select troll and then copied this holding here. Okay, basic. Here. And now, if everything is OK, clicking on descent should return you census. Okay, So now if we go to our Facebook messenger and do NT fish, then we should see a persistent mental. This is a would persist in May. This is always be displayed, irrespective of where we are in the Okay, So this is the end of the tutorial. I hope guys like this video, please subscribe to our channel and do share it. Thank you. 3. Create Webhooks for Dialogflow: no way, - you know. 4. Integrate Dialogflow with Database: elephants. In this video tutorial, I'm going to show you how to integrate your dialogues. Aging the database. This will be a series of video tutorials on various style of slower tips and tricks. So please like and share a video, please. Elephants. So now we're going to see how toe integrate your dialogue for Chaput with the fire vested of this. So there are a couple of steps in warding integrating your local chairman park with the fire business that this so the first step is to create a dialogue robot. Second step is to clear the firebase state of this third step is to connect your biological agent with the database. Very well, actually. Write the court and the final step is to tell the Chaput. So we will go to all these steps. One by one, we'll see how connected a low flow chart. But with the date of this. So let's start. The first step is to create your own dialogue floorboard. So I'm sure you will be able to create your own delightful. But it's not. They see my other videos on how the Creator dialogue Slovak. Okay, so let's create a work first. I look forward for the date of this time. So click on Create gaijin and let's call it. Yeah, and it's creating a live that'll crew agent. All right, so where it's creating, let's see our next step. The next step is to clear the fire based out of this, so you need to goto consoled at firebase dot google dot com in order to open the fire base . But there is an easy way to open no fire based out of this, so I'll show you how toe quickly open the fire basted office. All right, so our dialogue Florida wisdom isn't is created, and there are two default intense fallback intention, welcome intent. So let's create the firebase database. So for that, you can just go to fulfillment and enable this in line interruption and just click on the play. It just click on the private are doing anything. Just leave the before cold as it is. It would take a few minutes, all right, so you can see the deployment of successful, and now you can see there's a link here. Reeducation logs in a fireplace concert. You can just click on this link and it will open the fireplace concert. If you are loving with my Republicans, make sure you into the correct number. This is your fire, this concert, and we see this a database option here. Just click on the date of this option. All right, and then click on. Create a Cup is says, start in lock mode and start investment so we can select a starting desk. More options click enable. Okay, we're now in the drop down here. This selector, real time Get of this and this is the You are just keep This year, it'll handy. We will need this little in the court oryx over fire. His databases created. Next step is to connected a local agent with the database. So let's go to dialogue flow and go to intense and let's create dwindles went for saving the data in the database and one for reading the letter from the database. So let's create our first entered. Just said to be and training face could be two deputies say DVD, save my data and so on. What everyone? Right? And let's have a perimeter that's cluttered. Next interdicted students, By the way, if you don't know what is this and how to use this. Then you can see my other videos on Entity Own trading Kris's. So it's cluttered, dext and we need to define a trump. So from could be what would you factors? So we will ask you that. What would we would like to see if they really do something that will come in the text. So let's quickly check it. Stay up for duty tax. What? Would you like to see it? I say the word. So we get the text. Hello, world in over Text limited. We can use this text element in the core toe store that text In the date of this, we'll see how to do that. And next I intend for me to read from TV. Do you? So if you are so much if you see any of these things, it will read the data from the database and shared to the users. So we have created over two intense saved DB and read from BP. Now, one important thing to remember this since we are going to use a core editor in Angkor editor and Web books, so make sure to enable this enable rebel call for this intent option. Otherwise, this will not be connected with the record. Make sure you enable this option. Okay? And same thing for read from get of this quota fulfillment and enabled level call for this so that this court can be executed. And from the book. Let's go to the fulfillment section. Okay, so there's very some court already there, So you don't need to worry too much about this. Just delete the things which are committed out because we don't need these things. So stream of this thing, it's not required. Okay, so it does. It is Just leave this these students, because we need this. So incoming, these two lines here, so and then mapped out said, is to actually map your intend to the court so recreated too intense. When is a DP another one waas a read from TV. Okay, so just named those intensity. Whatever. I mean, you have given in the whatever name you have given to the dentist. Just give the same name here, okay? And then you can define your own handler area. Just give any So let's see. And yeah, baby. When'd tender Some are merely to define this one chance. Yes, just write function agent. Okay. And then again, function and dysfunction in the record district agent, just follow this evidence for need to worry too much about this. What we have done here is defined an Internet which maps this intense saved a baby toe dysfunction handle safe to leave me. So whenever someone tries to save something TV, this function will be executed. Similarly, when someone tries to read from TV, examine things read from the then this tension will be executed and read from giving. And agent is the before perimeter, which are tests is the perimeters and other details. So I'll show you how to use this agent. All right, so let's start with saved TV in Flint. So before that, we need to write some court for the database. So how to do that? So, here, Dr Floodplain Straight, Const. And men quarter the quiet. I have this. Okay, so just below dysfunctions, right? Constant and medical to require. Try to basically Okay, I believe everything as it is and then in here. Great. Heard me Not you need Sure. Nice. Yeah. Okay. Like this on. And you mean she and share application just started as it is. It is always the same. And the service, you know, square toe something. So do that this year. So this traitorous carol is this thing basically. So a copy of the letter which you have created in the fire base and basted here and jean still be a stood up less This will wrap. So, kid, we'll use the backstop problem. So should be something like the Lewes Collins slash Yes, something. Whatever it does me your data basis brought fire ways. I don't go. Okay, that's it. Now we'll write the safe court handled the same. So now we need to get the text. Okay. Supports text to $18 meters. Next. So, if you remember, we have created a parameter called text in the safety TV agent intent so we can use that parents here. If you have created some some other perimeter, let's see, value or, uh, name or something. And you can use this parameter here. If you want more details about battery, just just watchman. Other video. Okay. By this we can care the text. This is the next step. Do you want to save in the database? All right, now we need to write the actual code, which sets the data into the database. So let's do one thing. Let's create ah, date doctor, Uh, and then just and shoes. So we have just started some sample data into the database, so this is over root, and then it is a child called data, and then it is child called First name. Similarly, we can and other chance, like, last name and other things. So let's, uh, another, uh, child guard text every city. So we have data. First name, last name and text em city. Okay. Now, in the court, we're going to do It's like the court to save some detained to the database, so should start with return. And I mean, effect of this your trip, and then you fight with the data. The first child. Okay. No set in the second quarter. Whatever you want to say. Let's say we want to stay sect, uh, last name to, um, way. Want to set last name, and then you want to say explore to the next. Okay, so this will save this information into our database. So let's click on the place and see if that works so ridiculous. and want to do my lips. That's right. Uh, all right, it is deploying Now let's tried out in C Africa works. Let's try to say something in the database TV. And what would you like to say? So you coming? OK, text unita coming from girl off. You see, in the database, it says new data coming from the local changing tool. Thanks. TV. What would really like to see it? Text. Hello? Word in the read abyss. Textures. Hello. Word that means it will explain You can save anything. Military is No. Let's try toe store that returned that it of is I'm sorry. So we have already stored the data into database. Let's try to read the letter from the date of is how to read later from the uterus. So for that didn't write Korea. So don't at really dark. It does this door and reference to the data. So basically route through this one and then don't ones Uh, you This will always be value thought, uh, snap shut just right as it this. Yeah, sure. And then I want you to snap shut shade and then Richard, So snap shortlist this thing, this whole object and then child could be first name, last name or text. So let's say we want to read the text so the child will be text, then got Okay, so we character value off text in the value very clear. And then if value is not a quick note, Agent Ed, Uh, and from it is so basically decide what will be like from the database. So this will be displayed in the chair for So let's get by this. And if we say speak for to the breath, it's depart successfully. So if we say from database says hello would so which is here? Let's change it. So safe to recovery is what would you like to save in the literalist? I would like to say this is working so it should be saved in the database. This is working Awesome. OK, and now let's try commuted from the date of it. Really? From the w sis. This is no everything is working fine. The data is being stored in the database and shared, but is also reading the letter from the service. It's not working, it expected. So if you have any question, just feel free to comment in the comment section. And I hope you like this video. Please. Like it. Share it. And please expect a witch. Thank you. 5. Integrate Dialogflow with DynamoDB: Hello, friends. Good. I'm going to show you how to open it. Dynamodb it that look feel and do oppressions on it. As you can know, dynamodb back publishers is trotting by using you have to first sign in tow eight of us on this and then my Akon and then in the Jewish management from here. You can sign it if you don't have an account, please. Making a call unless they will not be able to use General. Really? I order near. So let me signing. You have to create that escape first in under do stored and fetch doctor from baby. So just click on your man here, then go to my secretary Credentials year. You can be able to see an auction. My name is Axis case. Foresee Elias Chicken. Just click on OK, so I already have to select one. You can get on little axis keys at the time, so then click on Create access key. So this is like asking You don't know this pile as this secret access care will not be showed off cover and this is needed in the low flow. So let's download this file and just close it now then goto home by clicking on native Lewis local and take on services Going down in this column, you can see dynamodb and you just going into daily You can never getting I No more baby on in America is required So I will take ideas that you can never do anything means I would take it i d and your dimension that so it could be strange man area number So I will just school down and gun. So you're able now go to the flu, make a new agent Name it your wish. I will ever remember time Davy then created doing things I will name a toe Save data scroll down in training places I will use Save Dr Statement and then Obama. This 1st 1 is idea I would buy. It's type should be exist good and and defined from its and your age if I tell you what i d and clothes and second Adama Traore would be named that I sister than his name. Thank you. That name and the last. Okay, Okay. I just know. Then scored on 15 protection in a rifle settlement and called and save it now the fulfillment Yeah, Just a minute from you. Just enable it to use it. Then he first you have to go back in and you have to be clear. Here. The bliss is ticket package and diversion. You can get this from the engineers. Music away. No, like it just Yeah, you can search for eight of fluids and taking, and here it is. A process ticket. Virgin Group 157 point, please. Name it looked like. No, we're going big for years. The report is tickets. I take it. Okay, then we will store over these on secret access keys in constant constant. Just but no section. Okay. And you make a lot seeker. No, I missed it. No big toe taints three variables used in this end of Mrs Ticket. Thank Egx. So I didn't just use go. He and the dog Texas baby. And you really he didn't. Okay, so just be sure that this is not inverted comma. This is still you can find it above the Abberton. So the next medievalist, he and you dot big Louis. See access Mr Inside here, and that's hard on in stages. So just don't put India here, Jake. It and this. Yes. Go to your dynamodb. Amazing and industry. But you can see region is we could do with this. So just thank you. This is 21 and the letter here East. What? Okay, you have been here. No. Let's make a function for safety Attending. I really seem okay in this would be a gentle breakfast afraid of Louis Pikitch in which three important. So? So I decided Lewis's the state of this. Is this one in just really important. Our aws has decayed, decayed Dave you feeling flight? So this not just be over border with parameter values? It goes No, we will make a function right. Save folks here we will first declare our imports. So let's take that different bit Declare over there even between you two story that his 1st 1 This will be the column name for the panicky mentioned There's this idea and I should be so just turned. No, Heidi and of a second witness have been made with the stool name. And so 11 foot clear. Next one, we will declare bad, and it does. In this 1st 1 would be able Dave and also names would pick up Because there But Lord Table Amis Uh animal, baby, baby, Then here it is Over. So I attempt is our imports in between put in this Get here. I just did what? And then afterwards we just at the end off function. So it's done here? No, I just did The ones look functions Title Lewis would be blind, constant i d they put me sides function and last because they say function 10 years to save data they use Put Syntex So object created inside Say function that this collector Davey we will use it here. So baby dollars But inside this really call over bad does day long Okay, so inside this we will write it a little Just one way we can do it like sir dog drink If I and we can all support spaces in between at a objects This is it that may say my time we'll be able critical missing a spark even Just I've succeeded for Okay this is it last because this here function No goto map in section he had just I take it just close 2011 And thankfully over in things name is stand picked up I don't like and then function. Let me. Okay, Hank nebulae. It will take some time. Nice. Okay, so it gets the blood. And just one mistake I made well, but yet sick of me. New and then again, deployed. And that speaks. Okay, so let me give you a brief look off. According here. Ridiculous later. Blood in quarter thanki. Then this is over. Eight of minutes. Access, Katie. See? Correct E on AWS region. Just make sure it should be correctly second once, then don't say inside functions like the musical knew the wisdom. And what have we got? Supplement Plan. The importer Dollar battle. Mater's idea name. Then we make a function in that bad I d name here. I removed tell because it's number if you declare it like this liquidated street which will not accept it. So I will just politically arrived here. Yes, he's a number. Then parameters table named and baby I put and then they don't not Let's ticket save data. So you say that Does your i d Let I will give my idea three. And my name. Your name is, and I think that so, uh, the guy says then goto logs by clicking on here. Very execution logs and five Wisconsin. No, Sign it. You say my i d Which is used to shine. You look flu. No. Okay, so log skating in this tinsel you can see here sex is we're gonna follow now goto the number, Davey and refresh it from then, good items in item Refreshing here, taking money and you can see I least three and read. Now, let's make an enduring during for good function. So next colic to the victor, I think. And what should be i d They will find over their coverage through Primerica only. So this is Thank you. But you should be Heidi. And here you can from by a variety. Then goto swimming section in a by the book. And so this is done here? No. Would you, please? Same process will be integrated. Digital Monsanto as like in, say, Britain. So just let me copy it because it's all sin. I will tell you the changes. You have to make some more contentious. So let's call it and next Naked beauty David, do double. We will take idea years as in foot. So like treat is going to function So we're taking here. I do only so remove this name. No, there's no need for wearing. Because when you, my medic is only one just but it will this one end in pedometers, unite them in place of item. They will declare he he means your primary. Okay. And then just mention your column name for American and which is I did and its value. But you want to find So we will take it from Ivy. Dead do today, Victor. The youth in place off put reuse get so it can fit straight up from database. Now, the same that Amita function better. I did. In addition to success considered love. We will print it out. Do so dog sting your fight. Then we need to say my taking space off to and because Okay. Here. So this is it. This is the only future we have to make. Gordon should save greater function. And don't just magic. Mad Dog said you think name. They don't know about Indian functioning. Deploy. So let's take a glance on the function. So, Director, you make a new object. The AWS generally we got doctor went flying, then reimported our perimeter value from intern to here. Then the Did you really function in which that is clear In fact, Table named And it would be a Yorkie means Obama Ricky, this is Ivy by Maliki name. And this is climatically values which were taking from constant fighting. Then the rate from database to be used the beauty dot Get this David is object only Good. The video Make sure they all time and then we just went for love. They tend to And that exception seconds you can still like next caller. So? So what? They just want me. I didn't I need street. Let's call it. Do you? And for what? Okay, welcome. Okay, So as you can see success and I dont ideas three My name is so this is Yeah, this is whole again. They don't write their time. That would be and I never do. I didn't show you how to delete an update time So thank you for seeing this video. I hope this will help you 6. Integrate Dialogflow with External API: Hello affects this week due to the real, I'm going to show you how to degrade your dialogue. Flow it externally, be eyes. This will be a series of video tutorials on dialogue, float trips and tricks. So please, like and share our video. Also, please subscribe to our channel. Hello, Friends. In this real editorial, I'm going to show you how to create a chat part using dialogue floor which can connect to externally please. Externally, B s could be anything like search for truly be a whether it be a or flight surgeon or any externals that was So if you want to build a chat boat which can tell you the current weather or which can book a hotel or religion search flight, then you need to connect your child, but with the externally bs. So today we're going to see how to create it. I love flow chart, but which can be connected to the externally case. So let's go to the console and let's create our new agent for the externally daredevil. Let's call it external. So while it's creating the agent exit of a chippy, we're going to you. So we are going to use this data. Musee P. A. It is a free a B A, which provides words and similar words. So, for example, words with meaning similar to reading in the years or words that song like elephant or words that trying with for grateful. So let's use this API. So we click on this, you can see that it is showing all the worlds which are rhyming with this word for grateful . So, like safe returns this to music this a p I will return all the world's which rhymes with this world music McUsic music that said, We do something like, uh, teacher. So this AP is returning all the words like feature, preacher, preacher, whichever timing with this work. So let's use this airplay and see how can we connect this it very with a chair boat. All right, so our agent is created. You have bought over welcoming turned and the fallback intent. If you don't know how how these intense works And if you want to know more about basics off dialogue truer than you can see my other videos. So for this now I'm going to create a new intent. Let's call it rhyming work So we're going to use this hip gay words that rhyme with a given word. So let's call it training word, and we need to provide some training phrases here. So let's give some training phrases such as words that trying a music and let's clear this music perimeter it is Give the NDS says, start any and that image Anonymous work. Okay, similar me. But I mean word for teacher Were teachers over, uh, bad of me to so we can trade now if we say I mean word for book, it should be a book as a pedometer. And then if you see yeah, regard the Value book an immature work so we can extract all the battle meters from the given sentence. Now we can extract the parent value, but now we need to pass this slowly to the A p a here and, uh, get the response back and then show it to the user. So to do that, you need to enable the fulfillment you can scroll down and click on enable fulfillment. This is very important. Otherwise this intent won't good with that external service. So make sure you enable this. We have a book a call for this intent and save it. Now, after that, go to the fulfillment section and enable this in line editors. So there's some default court there, which is very useful. Just remove this commended court. You don't need this. Okay? Leave everything as it is. And, uh, here, um, just remove one off them and, uh, UN commander, other one. So in Dent map, sect, and then here, we need to give the name of the intent for whatever name you have given. I think they have given a rhyming word. And here you can give any name. Let's call it. I mean what? And okay. And this write notes, giving another that this handler is no different. So you need to do is just to find this English like this. And the record just the agent as a parameter. So no, this is fine. Okay, cool. So now, whenever this intend to score this one shin will be executed. We can try that. They say they didn't look at, um, quartered and click or under the private. So when we se rhyming word for anything, this function should be called. And then we should see a message saying intent toward Okay. The court has been deployed successfully. No, Let's try this. So rhyming word for book. And you can see this default response intent court. That means this function is looking fine. And it is responding with whatever message we came here. Now we need to extract this perimeter work in our court. So let's try to do that. Create our variable called world and its value when you will be a gender barometer Stock word. So this word So, agent, our perimeter, that work will extract that I mean to value, And it will be stored in this world. Variable. And then we can just friend that. So let's see if we are getting the value back in the court in their default response, we should see the that I mean to you. Okay, let's try that. It's a rhyming word for a book. Okay, we got the word. Who killed as a response. Let's try something else. I mean, word for, uh, record the word teacher here, so that means of a board is working. Fine. Recorder Adam, address it. All we need to do is pass this perimeter in this epi. A get the response back and claim that response in the before response. So how to meet the vehicle and how to get the response stack. So for that, we need to use a no, just library called excels. So you can just do a Google search. Excuse NPM. Okay. And, uh, yeah, that's the library that we're going to use. So to use this library, you need to go to Pakistan, Jason, in their dependency section, just right. Exhales like this and the version number. So you can copy the version on birth from this NPM DEA. Start upside and paste the version here. All right. And so distant installed. Excuse package in over court so that we can use it here. All right. Soviet carta exodus. Beckett in start. Uh, not just, uh, uh, Clear the excuse. Variable. Here. Closed. Excuse for to require excuse. So this excuse variable will be used to make the car to the FDA. No. Um, here, uh, we need to read. Exhales door kicked. And then, uh, in this get function takes the perimeter is the U. N. That we want to call excuse start, get will make a get request. Basically, it will get or it will call the, um and it will return the response. So what is the U N ur anus? This so X? Your start checked this year old. No, Uh, we don't want to hard core this value. So instead of this, we used template ing, skin cap netting and last the word very word that emitter here. So that means whatever word is coming from the debts, that word will be passed to the Ural and then excuse will make a call. And to get the response, we do something like this since called promise. So when the result is and we received the result, then executed dysfunction. So let's define of a function. This is Ford s estate, Yes, 60 style function. And then this is the end result will be received after we get the result from excuse and let's try to just consider not lock that is it to see if we are actually getting that isn't or not. Okay, So what we're doing here is making a call to excuse like pretty and exhale Start, Get this you order. And then when the result comes just considered a lot the result Let's see If that works, click on reply. All right, So this is divert successfully. You can click on this link here, which will open the firebase console. So if you see any kind of problem or errors, make sure you're locked in correct? Dick owned. So here we can see all the locks. No, let's try toe involved this intent. So if you say I mean word for Teacher Ah, it says intent called teacher, which is this one. Let's see what we get in the locks so you can see there is some error here. Get a dressing for the north phone, and here it says billing account not configured sternum. Network is not accessible, so and you can see the sea minute here as well. Basically, our fire base, which we used to write the court does not allow access to external EBS in there. 33 blood. So we need to a great with appeared plan. And yes, so you need to intel your card. It is, But they won't charge you anything for, um for up to 1,000,000 queries or something like that. So you don't need to worry about paying something to them, but yes, you need to add your credit card. It is so you can dislike on this of great Britain. Here, make sure you're logged in with the correct account and you can see by default this subscribe to free plan. But if you want taxes externally, play, then you need to select this blaze plans. You can just click on select Plan. Now, you For selecting this plan, you need to create something called billing account. I have already created this billing account, but if you don't have building a content, all you need to do is go toe, um, sold or cloud or google dot com slash billing. And once you're here, you can simply click on this button and follow the steps to create a new billing account. It lasts for your country currency. Your payment details, guarded eels and then you can clear the building account. It won't charge you anything for a reasonable number off usage, but yeah, you need to provide those details. So I've already created the billing accounts. I'm going to close this and just click on purchase. It is a credit to the place plan. Now I can try the same thing again and if I check the locks, who? So you can see We got the response back from the service. Can see the u N L A p I don't date. I mean, start come and a meter busty at his teacher, which we mentioned here. Cool. So that means over a p a is working fine. We're getting the response back. Now. The question is, how do we display the response here in the default response section? So if you see, uh, the response is actually in the data. So what we need to do is, uh, print lizard out, get up. So let's try that and see what data we kept back. Timing word for teacher. Teacher is passed here. Check in the locks. Wait for logs to appear. It did. You're seconds for locked up here. Cool. And now you can see because the response back And these are the world which crimes similar toe the teacher so we can see this isn't a day off objects. Hey, this is the first object. This is the second object and it doesn't appear for Egypt so we can look through this area for objects and then we can use the words toe display the response. So, in the court back here, uh, once you get the results back, we can make something like this dessert or data dot Man. Dark matter is a function which looks so elements often every so, um we fought for. So this area is about objects? Um, word objects, Unexploded lord object. So each work, what object will have properties like world score numb slippers. So we can, uh, just do something like this word object dot Work. So that will print this word. This word, this word. And we'll expect the world from the world object. So let's quickly try this says, Well, so I say again, Same thing I mean word for each year. Go back to the logs and let's see what we get here. No. Cool. So you can see we have gotta words, teacher, creature, all the rhyming words. So that looks good. Now all we need to do is use this words in the response. So instead of just doing the consular, just remove the contra books and stood up doing consular, we can do aging daughter. They did not act basically shows as a response, so you can just write it. And what else or don't you thought word. So that will display the response here. And, uh, I love this. And we can say something like here are the Here are the I mean, words are whatever use this is. Make sure you David, after the word variable. So that word very visibly So here are the world. Here are the rhyming works Forgiven word whatever you there takes and then make the call to excuse. Just make sure to take return before exiles. This is important. So don't forget this. And, uh, it's in order. Word object. That's the brothers. And see if it works. Okay, so deployment is successful. No, you can try it here. The timing word for teacher And there you go. You can see Here are the rhyming words for teacher Future creator creature Um, rhyming word for Yeah, you can see Here are the reigning world for honey money, sonny and so on. It's coming from the a b A. So we have successfully connected the dialogue religion with externally gate and we managed to read the data from the externally pay and short in the chat board. So I hope you like this video. Thank you 7. Integrate Dialogflow with Twitter: in this village interlude. I'm going to show you how to create your own to address that boat using the low flow. So to get started first court would I look for dot com and you can go to console and then log in with your account. So I'm already logged in and you can see I've already created a damn or agent for over testing. So I just called it Restaurant Twitter Chat Board and you can see I've created some default in things like default welcoming turned. So if you see I've added some phrases like Hello and thank you for contacting ABC restaurant, we have vaginal wedge options. So if someone says, What are the veg options? What do you have in veg options or something like that, then the chat, but can say in non which So if someone says What? What do you have a non veg or non veg options than the chat, but can say in non, which we have chicken curry or chicken biryani? And similarly, if someone asks what are their opening ours so we can say Ah, Europe. We are open nine AM to nine PM Monday to Saturday, so the chat but can just treat these responses, you know. So let's see how to create a Twitter chat board. So first of all, you need to have a Twitter account. So go to twitter dot com. And if you already have a Twitter account, that's good. If not, just sign up and create a new to direct won't have already created a new to tell account. And, uh, you can goto settings and privacy. And ah, there is, ah, setting in privacy. Sf 50 received messages from anyone. Make sure you enable this option so that you can receive messages from anyone, and that's pretty much it. Just save these settings, and, uh, now you need to go to developers twitter dot com. Just go to developers twitter dot com and make sure you have logged in with the same account. And first you need to apply for a developer, so you need to click on apply for a developer, and you need to select few options. Just select making about next. Ah, so you just need toe add a valid for number. So let me quickly attacked, right? No, this is my user name, so this will be used for treating anything. This will be out to tender and ah, you can select individual developer account. If you want to change the military's, that's fine. Which country? To select your country? Uh, just cause something accepted demo and kick on next. Now here, you need to describe something about your Twitter board or how are you going to use the same day so this part will be used for demo purposes? Uh, something Twitter chat parts using store. Maybe I just cooperate again. Uh, right. Ah, just be careful. What options you select here. Are you planning to analyzed Richard later? No Europeans to tweet? Yes. Just hastert to plan to respect tweets website after eterno with your products that with me or analysis make to the continent derived information of level two. Government entity? No. And click on next to use animus. Eight of luethi demo. Okay, looks good. I m just agree to their terms and conditions, and I just need to confirm your email, right? Let me quickly do that. Just go to your Gmail. And when you receive the email from Twitter, just I confirmed that. All right, so one sailor counters approved by Tritter. You will see something like this if you go to develop our Twitter. What dot com slash in slash eps and you will see an option year to create an absolute just click on that button, creating it and just give it the name. Let's call it rest, Ron Dermer. Okay, and just are awesome description. So this is a dam or check for for for radio or something? Just give it to rip. Say, Tuero, I don't need to put anything else. Maybe just copied Sam thing here, uh, and your skin can create It says the surname was already take in just given at the new restaurant Check Demo Checkbook. All right, so you can see it Application created. No. Go to dialogue flow and go to integrations and go toe treated and and you go to church. Er You see, there are some steps already there, so we have already done that. So you're going to Twitter application management and we have already created a new app In the permission tab select, read, write and access Direct message in excess alien click update settings. So goto permission Step and click on addict and select this option read, write and direct messages and click on Save. Okay. Setting subject Next in the key and access tokens. Click on. Create my access token, Burton. So go toe keys and token and excess circle and access Token secret click on Create. So we'll get all the excess tokens and settings now into. The body is in him in the respective fields below. So enable Twitter bought here and then. So what is the name here? So the body is the name is excellent. Tick? No, I can see porches. The name here. Favor? Yeah, this is your body is the name. So I'm going to use X elected bought here. So I just tried decked here. And just copy paste your consumer key and consumers secret here and, uh, go to access tokens. Copy this and they stood here. Access token secret based it here and and then you need the Dev Environment label. So for that, go to Dev Environment Sears. And when you will go to the environments, you will see something like this and go to the contact Yvette e a p a sandbox option and click on set up the environment and select the app that you just created I created restaurant and which had brought in just called Give it a Dev Involvement label. Let's just call. It was stolen. You can you can give it any name. So let's just call it a restaurant. Make sure you select the correct up that you just created. All right, in this click on complete set up. No, I just copy this name and go toe Ah, settings and just based this, uh, label and click on start. And if everything is OK, the chatbots should start immediately. Who said says what was started? Now let's test it. So, uh, this is a verse Chad part and let's log out and log in with another account. Right? So let's try to tweet something. So we'll say I x electric high and treat. So let's see what happens. So we got a reply. Hello. Thank you for contacting every serious friend the air vegging on which option? What would you like to know about? Um, let's try something else. So let's street air attacks. You're opening ours. Okay. And treat. So let's see. Cool record to the play. We are open 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday to Saturday. Okay, Uh, we can also do direct messaging. So if you go to messages and, uh, just say hi. Yeah, you got to reply. Hello. Thank you for contacting every Celeste rent. She said, What do you have in which? So it says we have been eating. Which or do you have in non rich? Uh, didn't understand. It's dialect flow problem. But let's try something else. Ah, water your fingers. We are open 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday to Saturday. So you can see how easy it is to create a Twitter chat port using thy lawful. So I hope you enjoyed the video, please, like share and subscribe to our channel. Thank you. 8. Integrate Dialogflow with Websites: Hello, Prince. Our channel. It's reached 1000. You took subscriber. So thank you so much to everyone who has expect over channel. And if you have not subscribed, please sub types over channels on hope to reach many more such heights. We will keep adding new videos. Thank you. So in this video tutorial, I'm going to show you how to integrate your dialogue for chatbots with rep site. So basically, you will be able to create a website chatbots using your dialogue flow So you will be able to create something like this where you have a chat Bots There is a Nike burned is ever tire. There's chat board name from dext and it is all coming from dialogue. Flu. So type your name because the Helen show me help you give you a couple of options. You can select any option. You can click on these options and Chad, what will reply and the soil is coming from Thailand flow. So you can also amber this chat board on your website. So basically it will look like this. Sure, you so the chatbots will look something like this. Well, having I can or ever tire here click on this pop up window will launch and then the same thing. So So how to create a chair? But like this fan, um, first of all, let's go to dialogue flow. So let's use our agent spreadsheet demo. And let's try to connect this with overlaps H headboard. So all you need to do is go toe settings, okay, And click on this link here service accounts, and you will see this page. So go to the row where it says dialect for integrations. Okay, And click on create and make sure the Jason obscenity option is selected. You couldn't create. So when Jason Files will be downloaded now, all you need to do is attach this Jason fight in an email, okay? And send it to me So you will create an email like this. Um, send it to unsure. Actually, last a wired xlv uptick dot com subject could be YouTube website chad, but request and just attach this Jason. Now, the reason for this is right now the website chart, but product eyes under development. So actually, we are building this product. You can see it's x elliptic, and we are still working on this product, but it's not yet ready for general public, but, uh, we can basically release it for beater testing, so you can try it out. You can see if it works for you. If you have any suggestion feedback, feel free to leave the feedback in the comments section. Or you can directly contact me on the email. I will also ride the Villagers in the comment section below so you can reach out to me. I can try using it and we can improve on this product. And very soon we're going to launch this product. So for now, just send this Jason fire to me. Okay? If you have any specific requirement, you can just send it to me. And, uh, that said basically, then I will basically create a link special ng for you that will look something like this and every reply to your email. All right, so you can see here I have connected this chad part spreadsheet dam. Would I look floor with chatbots and I just need to pass the project idea and it's working now, So when you re fresh, you will see this. Hello? Please tell me the name off Crystal when the name was daily would like to see my type. Unsure? It reads the data from the spreadsheet and it shows here. Now let's have a couple of more intense here. Let's create a new intend called, um, let's say, uh, best drunk. So when I say book a restaurant, I would like to chart bought toe Show me, uh, the name off to restaurants, okay. And basically, show me two buttons. So to do that, we can use from pre defined code here. Ah, that we can add in the custom they load here, this will be used to show the buttons and, uh, you can view the template code here in this link. I will share this link with you, but basically, you can just copy this and this base to here. So let's The first button is, uh, Taj Hotel something. And 2nd 1 is excited restaurant. And let's also had a text. Responses were Let's call it please select a straw. Okay. Uh, now, if you go to the chat board and she type Bucharest one, it will give you these options. Please select the restaurant touch wood telling expose restaurant up obviously won't work won't do anything if you click on this. Okay, Because we haven't handled this. But you, Cordelia, you can, um, create buttons and then you can create intense, which will handle these buttons so the training place will be charged photos and create intend with this training phrase. Then you can handle the response. And you can also heard many things like images you can link button so you and a link text. And when someone clicks on that it opens a website or something, you can also add videos. So and we are also working on adding many more things, so it is quite useful. And then you can also emerged this chat board on the website so it will display like a pop up on the bottom right corner. So if you are interested in this and if you like to use this for your project or something , then feel free to send me an email. Will read the email address in the description below. And if you are interested in our future products than just visit our website, which is accepted dot com, okay. And, uh, you can click on this icon and click on Connect Ritter's And then there's a very simple form here, so just fill out your email address your name. Last name four number is optional, but it would be good if you can fill out this and your requirements. So here you can just say website chat board. Or, if you have any other requirement, you can write that in this key concept scrape. We'll get back to you, and you will keep you updated with our latest products and services. So I hope you will like our work on this. You will enjoy our product and we always welcome your feedback. Phil. Frito Comment. Please have scraped over Channel and President Melican so that you always get the latest habits from us. And thanks for watching this video. Thank you. 9. Send Emails from Dialogflow: Hello, phones. So in this religion area, we're going to see how to create a chart board which can send emails. So let's see how to send emails using dialogue flow. So we're going to use our old spreadsheet, that much headboard which we have created in the previous tutorials. And we have already learned it with this web interface. So right now it has just 21 intern, which is Ah, welcome default will commitment, which is automatically trailer. So it will just show this message and it we should this test button, By the way, uh, if you don't know what is the syntax and if you want to know how to create this web interface, then please click on the I button. I've already created a video for that. Okay, so when this Chad Part Lords yeah, it says hello and welcome to over demo test Better from you. All right, so let's see how to send an email. So let's create ah infant called Sandy Mill. So it's called the send email and littered some training phrases. Sending me, You mean um and save it now to send an email. Me, I need the email address So let's ask for email address says Start email. Let's ask, What's your email? Idris. Okay, and let's also a score. Name says Start, Let's do it any. Okay, now let's ask for name. What's your name? Okay, so we're going for Ah, bring going to ask name and email and let's connect this imprint two over where? Book. Okay, say this. So if it's a email or if any more than it will ask for email name and then it will go to wear book. So now let's do a recording in the fulfillment section. So first of all, let's creator intent Map darks sect and ah, here. We're going toe into the name off the intent. So which is send email okay. And create a function called send email handler. Okay. And chest above this, create dysfunction called sumed email handlers. And we just pause the agent inside this function. No, we need to cut the name and email so we can do something like this. Const me a miracle to HN dark. I mean, there's so that we could the name and email from a gendered perimeters. Now you need to write that Chilcote. So here is that Chilcote to send email. We're going to use Nord Miller and PM package so you can just do a Google search for NPM North Miller. So this is the package we're going to use. Okay, so the first thing we need to do is go toe packaged or Jason. And in your dependency affection. I had a comma and add north Miller. Okay. And here, you need to enter the version, But you can copy from here. So North Miller Inversions exporting 3.1. All right, Next. Uh, you need to copy this line First lane Far requiring yours. Bode Miller package. Go to indexed or chess and Ah, yeah, based this thing constantly. Miller required to require nor billers next. Ah, we need this thing. Const transporter Quito nor miller dot clear transport. You can just write as it ISS in service. You need to write the service provider. Ah, if you have g main than you can allergy meal for other services, you can write Those are his name. I will recommend using genial. So now here you need to provide your gmail emulating and here your Gmail password. So I'm going to just use my G Miller, T. All right. Next we need the slain off could. So we're going to pace this. Very want to actually send email. So it will be something like this from Name is called A From Very Want to send email or center them. So let's call it excellent, Turk. You can call it anything to email to whom you're going to send this email. So we're just going to use the emir. This email, which we have collected from the user Ah, subject would be anything. Ah, let's call it email from chaired Port. Okay. And, uh, here in the body, you can write Ah, in the STM infection, you can write anything basically, so we can just straight. Hello. Name? The name is the name of the person, and we're just going to say hello. So if essential Hello and sure. Okay. Um and then this final line off cold to actually send a meal. Okay, I'm going to place this link in the description section below, so you can just copy this content. Okay, Now, just deployed this. Everything looks good. All right. The deployment is complete. Now, let's test it so just straight. Cindy Moon it is asking for what? 30 militarists. So let's enter my email address and what sardine into my name. And Ah, Okay. So if I opened my inbox There you go. So we received the email. Ah, and it says Helen Shoe, nothing much. Just Ah, hello. Hello. Name? But you guard idea how to send the email. We can also write agent daughter email sent so that we get a notification here. That email has been sent successfully. But this is how you can send an email using your dialogue for a chat board. So I hope you like this video. Please click on the like button below. Please subscribe to our channel If you haven't subscribed already and please share this video with your friends. Thank you. 10. Integrate Dialogflow with MySQL: Hello, offense in this video tutorial, we're going to see how to integrate your dialogue for charter boat with my skill. So if you have host Gator or Gordie, then you might already have my SQL database in your control panel. So we will see how to integrate your my SQL database with dialogue flow. Okay, so for let's logging into over dialogue, flow, cancer. And if you have host Gator or go Daddy than just logging into that and you will see PHP mired been OK. Now click on PHP my ironman and you will see your data vis. So I have created a database called Unsure Durlach Flow Demo. Okay. And I have created a table called users and I've just started some random data here, So let's see how toe connect this my ask your database with our dial a flow chart, but and how to retrieve this data into over Chad. But so first step is to logging into your dialogue clock. Answer and let's create an intent. And let's call it, uh, get data from my obscure for not just add one training face called my skill. Okay, now let's ah, add a perimeter called email and let's enable the fulfillment so that we can connect this with our court. Okay, so the idea here is we will ask for the email. And for that email, we will fetch the data from the database. Okay, so let's save it. Now. We need to go into the fulfillment section. And now we need to write the court to connect. I look, flow it about my SQL database. So the first step is to install the my Ask your and B M package. So to do that, just Google and IBM my Ask your and click on this link and just copy this word. Your number. You will need this. And here's just right. My secure and, uh, was your number. So my skill and your number is to rock 17 not one. It might be changed for you, but whatever you find, you're just copying based here. So this is in Pakistan, Justin. Now go back to index start. Yes. And, uh, let's create our new intent and the name off the so the name off the intense should be exactly seem, yeah. This is the name of the intend that we have created. And next create a new handler function under lead from my skill. Now, let's clear this function handled. Read from my skill. So this function will read over data from the my a skillet of this. Okay. All right. So yes, Peter. Intent Map, uh, entered the name off the indent, and this is the function. Okay, Now, let's write some code. So first thing here, import over by school library require my skin. Okay. Now, here, uh, we need to create another function called connect to Date of. Okay, so this function will connect over my SQL database. So let's see, What should we write here? Write const Connection secret toe my skill dark. Create a connection. Okay. And then host users password and data vis. So here you need to specify the host you to specify the user name. You need to specify the password. And finally, you need to specify the database. Restrict a base we're going to connect. So where do we get all these details from? So if you go to your control panel, you will see the site i p so you can use the site I p as your host name. Just copy this and go to your dialogue flow. Thanks. Basted. No user name is something you can create a user. So if you go to my SQL databases, you can create your own user. So you will see on option to create a new user so you can create yourself. And if you have user, then just use those details. So I will add my user. And I learned my passport, and I learned my get abyss. Okay, so this is a connection. Now, the next step is to return new. I promise. No, you will write connection, thought connect, and then finally resolve connection. So this is the court to connect to database. Okay. No, we need to write another function to credit. The service will write credit data vis. So this function was used to connect a data base. This function will be used to query the database and we will pass the connection in this function. Okay. And this would also be a promise based function. So return New promise resort Reject. Okay. And in this right connection, clarity and you're sq. And here you will write a callback function which will take three perimeters ever results and fields and here you will write resolve visits. So in here you're only to write your credit. So for novel, just straight select star from users. So we have our table called users will just right. So let's start from users. Now. We will use these two functions in our handle. Read from my skill code. So this one shin were take agent. No, that's right. Connect two database. Dark, thin. Get the connection Will use this connection. Uh, then return credited of this connection Norton. Now we will call the dysfunction query database and will pass this connection, and then we'll get result. Finally, uh, for now, let's just consoled out log result just to see if we're getting the result back or not. Okay, So connect to databases and get the connection than credit database on get the dessert and then cancel out the result. So and then finally connection dot and is to close the connection. Okay, now let's deploy this. All right, so the deployment, it's successful. Now let's best it so I just tried my ask. Your please provide an email you can provide. Any mill was right Now we're not using. It should like email dot com's and like one of your execution locks park. And one thing you need to make sure this your make sure you're building a countess configured. If you have not configured, you're building a gone. Then in your consoling you will see this message billing account not configured. And, uh, if you don't know how to configure billing Akane, then click on the I button on the top, right corner. Okay for having the consul of and you can see a guard. The data from the database, these are over to data from the database. So now what we can do is we can make something like this a gender art ed reserved CEO are actually plus man. - Right ? So what we have done is taken the Fleiss dessert and, uh, plus name is deserted dog. Trust me. Last name is reserved Our last name. All right, Philip, straight now. So if you like my SQL and it asks for email so straight and he made it for now. And there you go again through first name is unsure. And last chemistry. Westover. So I got the data from the database and it showed it here. So if we just change the data name, toe test and last name toe user. And if he tried again, you see a first name test last music. So it is getting the data from the database. Now, what we can do is we can write some logic to compare the email address. Right. So you can write something like this. There is a dark map. He made it so fast Trying to get the email address of the user is in dark para meter. Start email. This is the email address, This one and we conveyed something like this with their dot map email. Let's quality user here. So reserved a permit system email. Lex, just do it. Use that result are mapped user user dot and this email. So we're map mapping through all the results on getting each user. And we're checking if the email address this same is what use exasperated. And we can write something like this if next. Yeah, So there's a dot map user. If use an email liquid toe, whatever users entered if they're seeing, then show this. Let's correct about this back toe, whatever it was before. All right? So next quickly deploy it and also changed here, too, using your first name and use of that last night. So what we're doing here is we're looking toe all the users, okay? And we're checking the email address with the email address matches with whatever use there s provider. Then we're disbanding the first name and last name. Okay, X quickly. Deploy it again and see if it works. All right, so let's tried again. OK, so my ask your that's what email. So the email we have entered here is unsure. Let example dot com selects enter the same unit. And there you go. First name. When she last name, she was still a That's straight again four of us second users. So my ass scared of peace provide He made it Rahul at example dot com And there you go a whole and last name. So let's quickly add a new data just to see if it looks as expected. Uh, so cruz tom heartaches dot com and another one uh, Sean Small sean samper dot com. Okay, so now we have got four data Tom Cruise and John Small. Okay, so let's try it again. My obscure e mails tom, some dot com and they go so you can see how easy it is to connect your dialogue with my Ask your little Miss and you can see how can we get the data from my SQL database and show it in. Our child bought a local childbirth. Next will editorial. I will show how toe ad at it and delete on your data into the my escalate of this. So I hope you like this video. Please click on the like button. Share this with your friends. If you have not subscribe to our channel, please. Thank you. 11. Integrate Dialogflow with MySQL Part 2: Hello, Friends. In this will editorial, we're going to see how to write their 10 toe the my SQL database. How toe update your detained on my escalate abyss and also how to delete your data. So this is the part two off the video tutorial. If you have not seen that part One video, please watch that video first. And then in this predatory lawyers going to see how to do the other crowd oppressions apart from, uh, reading the data. So I have already created some intense like Ah, right. They tend to my skill update data and then delete data. So let's see one by one. So let's see how toda y data into the my skill. Alright, So I've created an intent called right dating to my skill. And I have read some trading places in sir data my data and make sure they enable this fulfillment call here. Now go to fulfillment. And first thing you need to do here is, uh, add this lane. It says right there, trying to my skill. That means when this intent is triggered, then execute this function. So the function name is handled right into my skills. Now I have created this function here. All the data is already created. All the court is already written. So this is the function handle right into my skill. So what we have done here, this we have created a variable called data. And then, um, we have have taken the knee first name, last name and email off the user. So if you see over database, this is the table that we have and we're first name, last name and email. So that's what we have taken year. So right now we have just hard cornered the values, but later on, you can take this value from perimeters. So in that case, he will do something like this. The agent or para meters dot First name. So you need to do is go to the intent, Creator batter meter there with the name of first name. But for now, we're just hard coating over values. Just user best value here. So all right, so first name is just last name is user an email list. Sample it emailed or come. So we want toe Add this data in this state of this. So if you see right now, we don't have this data. All right. Now, then, what you need to do is you need to write this part of function. So it says, connected databases. And then, ah, once we get the connection, then inserted to database. So this is another function that we everything and ah, so this is the insert. Integrated dysfunction. Yeah. So this is the insight into database function, and what you have done here is written connection, that query inserting to users. So users is the name of the table set and then value. So the value will be coming from the the function, the calling function. So basically, the data will be first name last name email. So inserted to user set. First name is quarto. Whatever. First name user provided last name and the email, those really will be inserted into the database and check it Or way have to do is just right in certain toe did inside data, and that's a better inserted. So if you see There you go. Test user data has been inserted. Now let's see how to update data. The Flores. Same here. Uh, I have created intended called update My schedule Already training faces here on the big data. Didn't ask you. And just remember the fulfillment called Now go to fulfillment. Goto the bottom off the court and which, sure you have this. So when update my skill intend to struggle, then this function will be executed. So we have handled update my skill function. Let's see that function. So this is the function handle Abate my ask your this function will hand elder abject. Um, even so, we are again taking all the updated data here. Um, so first name is unsure Last name is random or something, and then email is the same bill that we have inserted. So what we're going to do is we are going to check this email, and right now the value is test users. Eso We will update this value to unsure. First name will be on show. Last name will be some random thing. Okay, Now, same court, but instead, off insert. Here we have We're going to write update date of its function. So again, update databases. Something we have created here. Here. So let's have a look. This is the data vicious function. It's a promise based function, So here you have it in a simple SPL query Update. Users set data data will be first name last name email were email is a quarto data, not email. So if you see, we have passed two parameters here in the form off area. So data is the all the data that we need to update that will be passed here in a place off this question mark and data, that email is the email lady that will be passed on into that this question mark. So that way we will update the date of this. So let's try that date my escape and says date updated. If you go to database right now, it's test user. If you click on refresh. Okay. The data has been updated checked for this email, and when you find this email, it changed the data. Do unsure in random and now similarly delete. So we have already created a deleted tint saying Where's we have created a bit and right intent. Now, when this intent is triggered, we will execute this function, which is handled delete from my ask your and, uh, this is the function. So here we are, just taking the email. So we're going to ask user warty meal. Do you want to delete? You can create a perimeter in your entered for Naevia. Just hardcore. Did it toe sample at email dot com What we're going to do is we are calling this function, and we're passing the connection as well as the email to be the leader. Okay? And the email, Toby Dilated is the civil. So let's see our delete from database function. So this is over. Delete from the service function, and if you see we're getting the email, the email, which needs to be deleted. So here we return the Aquarius Skill query where X is believed from users where email is Balto and the email. So here we're passing the mill, which needs to be the leader. Okay. And let's try that, do it for my school and later deleted. So if you go to a database and, uh, protect the fairly should be gone. And there you go. Data has been deleted, so you can see how is it is toe. Do the crowd operations create, read, update and delete in my skill, using the dialogue for checkbook. So I hope you like this video. Please click on like button. Please share this video with your friends and please subscribe to my channel. Thank you