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Dialogflow, Create chatbots From Scratch, chatbot for website that will answer questions for you!

teacher avatar El Hamim Abderrahmane, Digital marketer/consultant

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (55m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Account Creation & a quick look into DialogFlow Console

    • 3. Dialog Flow elements Wording And functions explained

    • 4. Creating Agent and Intent

    • 5. The Fallback intent

    • 6. The Welcome intent

    • 7. Actions & Parameters

    • 8. Prebuilt Agent

    • 9. Small Talk

    • 10. Knowledge Bases

    • 11. Integration and conclusion

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About This Class

So you want to build a chatbot for your business or your company, or even your e-commerce website or application, but you don’t know how, or you’re stuck and have no idea where to start, you don’t know any programming language to develop one, in this case, I have to tell you:

Welcome to the most comprehensive and easy chatbot creation course. This is where you gonna Learn the concept of chatbots, the technologies used, the tools and techniques that you will need to build fully functional chatbots for business and enterprise.

In this course, we will start from zero to end up as heroes in making chatbots, we will see how to create and build multiple chatbots using DialogFlow, we will create one chatbot and we can deploy it all over your multitude of channels such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Slack, and Skype. Telegram, Line …

We will explore that we can create a chatbot with no knowledge or requirement for development languages or writing code and all the variety of chat bots that can be built for specialized scenarios.

In the course, we use the latest version of DialogFlow

What you’ll learn

  • Create Great and awesome multi purpose chat bot and Integrate it with various channels and platforms(slack, telegram, website,...
  • Build a Chatbot with zero coding with DialogFlow
  • Understanding intents and entities
  • have a chatbot that answers FAQ
  • build chatbots for Messenger
  • The potential that chatbots bring
  • understand how chatbots work
  • Deploying a bot on the Facebook Messenger Platform And many other platforms
  • Deploying a bot on Slack
  • Build conversational agents
  • Build chatbots using DialogFlow

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

  • No previous chatbot knowledge is required!
  • No coding knowledge needed!

Who this course is for:

  • Business Owners or Digital Marketers, Beginners on chatbots, that want to implement Chatbots into their businesses

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

El Hamim Abderrahmane

Digital marketer/consultant


Digital Marketer, I've been able to Compound lots of experience working as an eBay/Amazon seller, Online Instructor/teacher, and Also a Content creator on Youtube & Instagram, All those experiences, made it possible for me to explore lots of different strategies around the digital marketing, and made it possible for me to stay always on the head of digital marketing trends! And ready to give back and share with everyone I possibly can, & that was exactly I started teaching what I know a year know!
I'm Google/ OpenClassrooms/ Coursera certified In Digital Marketing, Google My Business, Community Management, Google Analytics, And More 

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1. Introduction: Well, thank you for enrolling on this course. This is that having Abderrahmane, your instructor and teacher on this course, so they look flow form 02 year. Let's start. So we're gonna be seen. Introduction was the first section on this section. We're going to see what is a shot ball Tops of Shabazz uses the advantages of sharp boats. What is dialogue flow? On the second section, we're going to see the account creation and getting you to dial a flow. We're going to see how to create an account the careful off dialect flow. After that, we're going to see the elements in the console door. Then we're going to explain it and explained functions on the church section we have creating the shovel on the section. We're going to see how to create an agent and intent. We're going to see what's fullback intent and will come in change. We're going to see the actual parameters are going to see some pre built agents. What is it how to use that? Also, we're gonna see the small talk. We're going to discover it altogether after now we're going to see the knowledge basis on we're gonna create a frequently asked question shot, What's which is really simple. You're going to see them. So for the introduction, what is a suburb? Ah, shot. But is a piece of software that we create and develop in order to make simulate how human will talk to respond in a conversation so it can replace us on various platforms and do the conversation in our places. The blood from can be Mr Drew websites EPS thought so for that shot what works? Mostly using ai meshi learning and also some other technologies identifying the intent off the conversation and respond accordingly. So we have very stripes off Shabazz. Uh, we have to actually. So the 1st 1 is through a bait shop box. This is a fundamental type of Chabot. It works by the old constructor off. If Els it can respond only to prettify inquiries. The performers off this type sellers. But as you know as the second trip, which is chatbots, would naturally which understanding has bean in used for the civil few years? Now the first type will like this type medium. The 1st 1 drew bass boats perform. They performers rely 100% on the program miss comes off the developer and the other hand shot boss would not. For language, it has a pre trained power, so its expression it uses. I miss you learning and other technologies. And it will also use any new technologies so it uses deep learning interest bomb. It can communicate True boat text itself wild 1st 1 on Lee responded with texts. So we have lots of fuses and advantages off Shabazz. These robots are it can be used for customer relationship management. It can be used to earth through a frequently asked questions. It's comm used to respond to customer complaints. It could do book in a flight socials appointment and any other child off bookings. After that, it can guide customers to buy the court products by answering their questions. So we have multiple uses. As you can see, it can help with the customer relationship. It can answer them correctly easily, and it's Conservancy. Let's talk about the so it can be used through frequently asked questions. So if there's some questions that are being asked so much, you can add them to do shot booths frequently. A squishes on after that shot, but will take the late and respond instead off. You taken effort from you or from your team to respond to this questions. It can also respond to customer complaints where someone can ask, Where's my product? It can go directly to this ship in status on See if there product was shipped, was delivered and can respond to the customer. Also, it can do booking for any type of workings. It can guide customers. So if a customer doesn't know where to find a specific, he can ask the shot. But it can guide him. Let's see that drenches. The advantages are it can provides 24 hours, seven days. Customer support it can you uniform customer experience for all countries. So, for example, if you have a business on a country on do team, everyone works from the office, which is located on this country. If someone if you ship internationally worldwide someone from a lot of country while you sleep, your team sleep, kill, ask a question. Nobody can can Ansari but a shot. But where this is advantage most efficient, it can save you lots of money. It doesn't cost lots of money like an employee world, you can build that once in the boy everywhere, so you can build it and deploy of where you can deploy earlier chills. The advantage after that is integration with various changes. A lateral slash actually Graham with such messenger, so you can watch us. You build it, you can use it or no, you channels you're using. After that, we have better monitoring and aside generation so shut both scan monitor in a great way and also can generate insides for your business. It can make them as an excell Satyam in the folder or something like that, so you can go back to him and use them well. What is direct floor by floor is a Google owned developer of human computer interaction technologies based on natural language conversations. The company's best known for creating the assistant, a virtual body full android, RUS and doing therefore smartphones, Dr Forms desks and answer users. It can also use this question in a natural way so user might even think there's a human who is responding to them, not Asaba. This is the introduction. Let's go to second section and see how to create in a coach this lead colorful. How it works, The futures selling so far. Yeah, see there 2. Account Creation & a quick look into DialogFlow Console: Hello, everyone. And welcome to the second section off this schools. And of course, we're gonna see how to create an account first. So just self to go to die. Look flow. Go to the website and use signing owned the right. Just click Sign in. It's a good ball that so we can fund with our Google account Use it turned. Let's click girl too. Careful. Once we do that, we just have to click silent. We'd go select our killed. Let's accept those so we can get access to the island flow. You have to read them off course. After that, choose your country on. Go to general services. Read them over them before. So you have to do the same once you see that you were to accept them. Click. Yes, I have accepted the agreement and click Accept. So this is the console. Before we can do anything before we can see Dr Bar, we have to create an agent. As you can see here, please create at least one agent to access to discuss all in here we're gonna have to test council so we can create Asia from here or from here. This created needed. Let's name it. Course. Just we don't have to use, like if we use spaces it won't accept lets you create agent name cannot contain white spaces. So clear and click create working We'll have to wait a little bit on the so no on the left bar. We have those elements These elements can be used to create and customize your shot ball Interment Entities No. Let for full military integrations Training validation History on the Liteks Prebble agent Small talk dogs standard looking great. Of course we can see support killed Lorgat while on the right war. We can see the gist. Colorful we can see. Try it now. Origin in there. And you can use that to test trouble. So this is the account creation the Castle Chicken. After that, we got off course. Go deep on those All off those elements. See? We're gonna finish. So seems Looks very 3. Dialog Flow elements Wording And functions explained: Okay, So, no, we're going to see the diet floor ward and explain what is an intent, an intent. When we said we mean the intent of a conversation, it is how we figure out what the customer wants. So if the customer want to say welcome So the welcome is the entrance. So we have to create an intense for that. So what's which? He said hi or hey or hello. We have to know that he means to welcome so we can name a ah welcome entered its how understand? What's the usual int? What is an entity? An entity is a property which can be used by the workflow toe answered a request from the user. The entity will usually be a keyword within the requests. Justus Name, date, location. It can be something like that. They like tomorrow A name for the day. Tomorrow is today, Next week Ah, date and exact date for the location. It can be cities or countries. Something like that. So what is an agent? A dialect flow isn't Is a virtual agent that hands of conversation with you and users. We say that it's the application. Thank you. 4. Creating Agent and Intent: first we're gonna see Agent to create in, isn't we? Can go here and quit new agents. You can give it your name. Its name tests and click create. We can see it's working. I still have to wait. No, we can see it's the they look. Flow will quit to default. Intense default, fallback intent and the default welcome vented. We going to see those after that? Another video. If you want to create an intern, you just go and create intent. Name it whatever you want. You have to give it a name test intent. So let's say, for example, we want to create Ah ah, by intent, this boy or leaving intent we can click Save. So the context, even training phrases uh, we can what we can say to say bye bye. Uh, for example, this someone what you create mind like this Let's remove this a good wife. So when someone says goodbye or by and shut, but will know that the intent if the user is leaving so we can add responses from here. Uh, let's say when he said this, we can answer him goodbye. Thank you for your visit, for example, or Let's give another ripples. Thank you for you do this, which was No. If you read, it goes in the future on Click Save. As we said, we can try it from here. So let's say, for example, by wouldn't symbolises by, the response will be goodbye. Thank you for your visit. That's an intent. Let's see entities for the entities we can seed systems will no system. Entities are used in this agent. So let's create an entity. It z Other retaining walls were with the name. Let's give it a name, intra difference value and interested in we say it's a name. Let's go with Jack the Jennifer uh, for several rooms. Let's say it's for example, Jack for Jennifer. We can't go with Jenny on. We can say for the intense off course, you can design your custom intense based on what the customer are. Valenti, Esko what's their quays? And we have to create an intent for anything. These air layer quest old may ask for each intent. As I explained before we provide examples off the very sways. The usual my communicated on does are the examples. We can create them on the training phrases You'll only need two examples to get started. You can develop it or it can develop itself by time. Let's go for another example off intense. Let's create another one. Let's say we have a back fixing or bike repair shop, so let's limit bike reparation. Let's see, for example, someone want to fix his back. He may say I won't like to get my bike fixed. Uh, yeah, let's say my mood to bike. Ah is broken. Let's on another example. Can you fix Roy bike tomorrow? First die Look, Flow will use This phrase is to train a machine learning model to understand not only the example we have entered but any phrase that have the same meaning. So when the usual ask something, the shot ball will try to match it and deck agan eyes. What's the intent that fits? The users need? No. When the intent is recognized, there should be an answer. Here comes general off responses. So, for example, we can go and watch. Can you fix my black here? What was them? Why? Because we don't have any responses. We can add some responses like yes, you can fix your back. You can stop by to more. We killed fixed. Who are you? So this trigger its way? Um, can you fix my butt? We have to click. Say first. Oh, no, it's safe. Mitts. Go. Um, try again. Can you cooks really black? You can start by moral and we can get it fixed for you. That's an example for another content. As you can see here, this tomorrow has been highlighted. Why? Because it's a daytime entity explained before the entities, much be the time might be a place location might be a name or something like that. This was pre built by Diaw Flow and we can also create hours by go two entities and click on the plus or got your entity and create one from here. So we have also the knowledge we're going to see. What's the No. Let's integration in all of these 5. The Fallback intent : No, we have finished the intense and entities on. We can go to fall back, intent on and the welcome intent. Those If you remember Waas created by dialect flow once we created our agent. So what is the fallback intent? As you can see, it's rich in D, for when these air quickly there's much, much with any created intense the default for back in tempt textually. So let's take a look into the default. Fall back in touch. So for work in terms are triggered if a user inputs is not matched by any off the real or intent all if it matches the training phrases below. So if we had any training phrases, it can answer, response will be something like that or it goes to those answers. If the user's query have much Mets any intense off the intense we created, I thought, for example, let's say my name is Ah, something shot but will say I missed that. Say that again. Let's see if this is here. I missed that Heywood. Oh, I missed that. Say that again. Let's say something else. We do have cheese also the shot, but will not understand that and will give us another nursery. I didn't get that. Can you say that again? We can see that. It's did I used the same one, but it's used another one. I didn't get that. Can you say it again if we keep their skin? Those questions? Sorry, What was that? Ah, that was another answer form. Here we keep asking those questions and it will give us another answer. Can you say that again? It doesn't use the same one. So it doesn't tell the usual that it's a shopper because if it repeated got the same a single phrase that the usual will understand that he's talking with about not, ah, human. Of course, you can tell the user that he's talking to a shot, but But sometimes you got nature and sometimes you don't want to, so it will go to the fallback intent. We can also disease really 6. The Welcome intent: Let's go to the intent on No. We're gonna be talking about the welcome Default were committed so different. Welcome. Intense is as we can see for the training phrases we have just going to say hi. Hey are Hello. Hi. How the Hey there. Hi there. Greetings. Hey, Long time no see. Hello Will have two pages in here. Ah, lovely day, isn't it? I greet you. Hello again. Hi. Hello there either. Good day. Oh, we can add, uh, anything If we want you for the response, we will health. Hey, how are you doing? Hello. How can I help you? Ah, good day. What can I do for you today? Greetings. How can I assist so we can remove them? And odd hours, for example? It's removed These with someone says that we can answer. Hello. Hello there. What we do for you today? Let's quit another world. Hello there. Hope you doing well? A little We can help. You would? Hey, Hey there. Hey. Oh, so just see you to the Kenly. Who do you boy? So if we click, let's go with those, uh, hater. So the answer will be Hello? How can I help you. We don't have this one here because we haven't save it here. Once we do that and we go to say the same thing, which is Hey there. The answer will be different. Hello there. Hope you're doing role Anything week We can help you. It which is Ah, this one would just created This is the welcome intent. You can also change it for whatever you want. Like hello. Do you want to book book? If if we have a notable for example, we can see your trouble curl and we can mobilise say, go here and say Hey! Hello. Do you want to curl? This is the work on Internet. 7. Actions & Parameters: No, we have to fear out the access by amateurs. Let's go to intense. So let's go to buy corporation, for example, we haven't added any specifications when any off those responses to prop up other respond for the user square. To do so, we have to go to accidents and viral mentors will have to go to parameters and add a parameter name new parameter. So, for example, we can go to new parameter uh, in here and let's maybe location and go for For you can see the Deer country code age ordinarily will any music artists in the tweets Cardell unit weight need airport time? The list is log. No, we can link it to any off those entities. For example, it's choose Giorgio Dio Kerr Pitiful City. Let's add the full decision. For example, Mississippi, a city in here which is on Entity Delic flow have already created a list of all cities around the world. So we don't have to go and enter them all from scratch. So data flow have saved you lots of time. You see this required in here If you make this as required. If the city name is not entered that'll flow. Have something called prompt. You can go click on the fire Brant's. And here you can add us like please enter you situ Lee. So, for example, we have here. Do you have a shop in Phoenix? Do you ship to authors? Waas, Do you have a shop in New York? Ah, here. We added required when we had something required. We go to problems on Go here. So if someone have don't at the decision aim. We will ask him to add his name at his. See Ginny? So let's go to close. For example, Here we had the Yes, we do for the answers that you have a shop in Phoenix. Your ship, Assholes, They have a shopping you. So for examples, When we use, uh do you do you ship to the Let's go search for me. City leaned off years Boston. Let's to ship true, boss. Yes, we do. So they check The value is Boston. The premature is a location. And then they answered Yes, we go. Let's see if we don't add our city Do you ship two cities here? Please enter your situation. Ah, let's add For example, another city me Ah, Troy. When we added this, uh, shot but say that the soldier is the location, The value is Troy. And then they answered, Yes, we did on this is guys how we use accents and parameters. No, let's go and see the three bolt agents. 8. Prebuilt Agent: level will come to this new area. So in this video, as you can see from the title, it's about the people to agents. What are the three most agents? Thebe Bolt agents. Let's quickly from here. The pre both agents are agents already created by dialectical desseaux. This revolt agents, you can either important and use it as it is all you can import it and use the functionalities unit. For example. Let's see, this is maybe, maybe, maybe a So, for example, it's cyclical coffee shop click import actual projects, please. Truth gold project to link with new agent only empty degrees. And you were going to create a new world. So we're gonna leave it empty. Click OK, important. Your agent. We just have to wait a little bit the first time your accent decisions without workflow Council initial set up will take a few minutes. Isn't training completed so we can go down Agent coffee shop with six Fully important to your account, you can know, modify or use intense identities. We're gonna click procedure Agent here is the the intelligence that we have default fullback until the default will come. Intent, order, drink, order, gift card order lasts. Order slick. We seen the default fall back until the default will committed for the defense. Work up intends. We can see. Have a good day. I have a lot of coffee and snacks. What's killing each break You can see from here that they changed the default jewel committed. It's our commitment, not default, one that has bean built by dialogue flow when we first click on create a new agent. So this has been a descent for to fit the coffee shop entered. So when someone say 18 off, this respond will be good day, Have a lot of coffee and slicks. What coming in you to drink? Click save. Let's try, Let's say, Hey, I don't see good day. I have a lot of coffee and snacks Have, ah, off course fee uh, tribes, for example, and stuff. We can save it. Let's try low. Okay, in their example. Good day. I have a lot of coffee types and six, what's gonna get for you to drink? So we have existed. This we can go back to the intense. The fullback interchange is same to go to order. Drink. So when someone says do you have ice? Letty, Can I get a small iced cappuccino with low fat milk? All this may be used to order a drink some cheap. Please. Would like to order a drink. People need coffee. Cappuccino. So, for example, let's say coffee go. We do like a delivery or become so we'll go to the intel's. We have to choose one off these, you know. You know, let's go for order list in here. I want to have what I always have. Kill. I have usual collect. Pick up my last order. I want to go on with same. Deliver me my usual. So here. Ah, when we use that do delivery because they can pick up when we say, Can I pick up my last order? It will mean that the user will pick up, as you can see here the typical Well, let be for delivery or pick up. If someone doesn't say delivery or pick up, they will have this. Well, let be a delivery will pick up. So the coffee shop knows what he wants either a delivery or pickle. Well, being through this on the produced video so well, also, you can go to the pre Both agents at Newell's we have allowed wasn't isn't the at the list mints, banking card call or click voter date device did not. You can use anyone off these and add them directly and use them for your business. Let's see another example frequently asked questions. Okay, well, these same. We have to wait a little bit. We can go toe for situations And here's what we have but define but futures But order. Welcome and fall back for both different. What is assistant at Hobart's? Do you know anything about conversation? Epps. What are virtual assistants? What is a settle? Tell me about virtual system, so dues might be questions and answers. As you can see, there's nothing in it here. They used something called the knowledge base, which we're going to see on the next video. Let's go back to the intense to see another word like futures from a simple frequent s. But it can give information about shut butts. How to build them with a P I A I. How do we start working? What can I ask you about? What are you capable off? Show me what you do. When we asked her to respond a little bit. This let's try one of thes. Here's the answer. I'm a simple frequent gas question. Boetsch all yes, we can go back and see Go deep on everyone off these and we can use what we want. We can remove what we want. We can create another intent source So far on duct waas about the pre both agents on the Knicks video We're gonna talk about this small talk which is in here. Let's go to the next very meet you there. 9. Small Talk: no one will come to small talk very off, well deterred on final section. So what is small? Talk agent can learn how to support small talk without any extra development. By default, it will respond with pre defined phrases. Use the form below to customize response to the most popular requests. User. How are you, agent? My answer. Wonderful as always. Thanks for asking. The usual might say yourself weak. The agent will answer. Text the feelings. Mitchell. So what is small toe? Small talk is when do you use knows that he's talking with a bunch or want to test If he is talking with a bunch on start asking weird questions like, How old are you? Like, What's your religion? Something like that. It can be about agent court. See emotions and no goodbye about user confirmation. Other question phrases. It's not enabled yet, so if you want to actually it will help to enable it. So about agent, You can see the question. Who are you? How old are you? You're annoying. Answer my question. You bet. Can you get a smarter your beautiful? What's your birth date? Your boy Who is your boss? Are you busy. Can you help me? You're such bought. You're so clever. You're crazy. You're fired. You're funny. You're good. You're Are you happy? Do you have a hobby? Are you hungry? Will you marry me? Are we friends for the coach? See, we have. That's bad. Great. No problem. Thank you. You're welcome. Welcome for the emotions. Ha ha ha! Well, for the hello and good bye. Good bye. Good evening. Good morning. Good much. Hello. How are you? Less to meet you about the issue. It is what's being asked the most are very angry right now. I'm back on board. I'm busy. I can sleep. I don't launched. Oh, I'm so excited. I'm going to bed. I'm good. I'm happy. Today is my birthday. Andi, I love you. I miss you. I need some advice. I'm sleepy. I will be back for the confirmation. Like your snow and cancel and other questions of phrases. Give me a hug. I don't care. What do you mean, you long? We can add an answer to any of those questions. Like who are you? My name is eighties of it, for example. Although you let's see 25. You're annoying the not what I expected from you, for example. That's for my question. Uh, what question, for example? Ah, you bet. Why do you think that, for example, can you get smarter? Oh, slow. True. And I get small altar every day, for example, So you can go to all those small talk at them and make sure to enable once you click, save with someone esque. 10. Knowledge Bases: 11. Integration and conclusion: