Dgital Coloring Masterclass In Photoshop : Color Your Favorite Sketch | Shivangi Dubey | Skillshare

Dgital Coloring Masterclass In Photoshop : Color Your Favorite Sketch

Shivangi Dubey, Graphic Designer

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4 Lessons (26m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Class Project

    • 3. Digital Coloring Part I

    • 4. Digital Coloring Part II


About This Class

Welcome to Coloring Class In photoshop


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This Class Is For YOU!

If You are - 

  1.  Interested in graphic design
  2.  Aspiring Digital Artists 
  3.  Want to learn details in photoshop easy to use with shortcuts and workspace
  4.  Fond of explorations and learning something new
  5.  Digital Coloring of your sketches with mouse 

Enroll Now and Start Learning Right Now!

What You Will Be Learning ?

  • - Photoshop easy to use shortcuts
  • - Brush Presets and Modifications
  • - Use of Brush with Mouse
  • - Digital Coloring for Pencil Sketches with Mouse 

Also You can learn easy steps to learn about Digital Inking of your pencil sketches in Photoshop wth Mouse Here

So Get Ready for Fun Learning in Adobe Photoshop for being a Digital Artist from zero to PRO! 

Let's Get Started.


1. Introduction: Hey, guys, I'm Shuangqi graphic designer and radio here, your tutor on school Show the stank, the coloring masterclass. It's the next class from the Shelling King masterclass that is already in my profile. You can cook on, check out for more. Also in this last probably making you guys Spain to your digital into portrayed that you have already done in your past class projects or not, you can just see issue that last and quickly norm the process off that and also this making you guys know the banking with before for the shop rushes with the basic properties and twists, so enroll now on blessed 2. Class Project: class project. Before we begin the process, you make sure you have rendered this delinking class and already with the any any did you didn't created Both read our object, Then follow a step by step tutorial in this class on. Then you achieving something like this with the Cornershop Andi submitted in the projection up down here like this. So that's spinning. 3. Digital Coloring Part I: So here I am with the portrait that I have done in the last class. If you guys there are, you can switch it to the Lincoln description. The U delinking masterclass. You can get it to the Lincoln with my profile. So and probably that process I have achieved this thinking portrayed on in the near panel. Just make a union or they're on rename. It does bay Scannell Oh fees piece have be making the force painting the face. So I'll be renaming in tow. You hear us big face base if you analyze using just your own critical trick that you have created so big Sure, there is other Bagram on the portrait that you are using on the object that you are using is in the PNG format Our little bubble, the background you speak and Yulia on. Then click on the front for wrong cologne on Choose here and using a skin color acting This one is good enough. You guys get either copy the cool from your, then heard okay, zooming in on her face with the brush tool in the Bush properties on making it does soft brush soft round brush, increasing the size ANA. Its hardness do no. 40% and size of the choice will be using the quite big size so that it's good to go. Uh, that the opacity and flow 300% just and also before painting just Jack, you'll make sure you are making your face based Leo below. You're I'll claim Leo, Are you using your technology PT off your inking? Leah. So make sure that you have already naked in A P and G not just Djibouti. It should be being in our clan should be BNG. I'm just randomly bring over the self is that you want, like here or how face I'm beating like this. We have governed whole face now, such to the residue Our short e have a longer opacity to like 60% on its size and brush style from the nobody's Take the brush yourself wrong Girsh from It depends on you the size of the brush. Just early on, what I'm doing is clicking and dragging. If you are not happy with obesity right here, I waas not so just what you're to 80 person on then, yet just click and cracked. It will be like not completely using everything, but you should click and travel Place that you want a little over city just once or, if you want, agrees everything from their Bradley's. You should click and drag. Please. Bryce are tries from there. Just make sure you are not raising the you like raising the bar that should be in skin. Kyllo's Just make sure like that you could have used this five door. Three. After working being due to a bill technical click, click click, they got the stool three times. I'm clinging so that it is completely amazing, the color from there and wherever it's need to reel to size. Just used the left rectangle Bracker tu minus oversize and right rectangle record to increase the size New Control Z often, Coon said, to undo anything that you don't want to be done. This is trying, picking process off. Be raising. But we're Barton view. I make your sketch more clear. So here I am. Great. Nice color within the lines. Now. Levin using the pain pressure to toe being decide awful neck part digging into the area. So I'm just using it quickly. Also, as we really painting the cares about like not on this Lee on the next player above it, so we can just make the go move. Oh really more extra from now. Climb, then have, although here is on the fees I have done so thank that now in the open onica murio on hold are on. Click in between off the board earlier, so to make the clipping mask, or you can just make right, click on that layer body earlier on. Create living masks and create clipping on the shore or bank. Click over there in between the two years. This time I'm changing the hello off skin color to a quite dark don't so that I could make all given to dipped as the sugar. What I'm doing is I'm used using a color diagonally hand ins making the color goes to the Orange side so that it's now a dark skin color holder. Brush of a city, too 60 something. I'm just re door here like this with larger, bigger size. I'm just because the shadows will be on the part where the hairs are believed, the hairs Arbil in the face so you'll straighten things like that, the them lowering over again and the greasy off hardness off the brush. I'm just renting here like this, make a good shadow with the razor. Any time you can just raise the color from wherever you don't want it, we're going holding the pink brush on the shot could be mammalian, painting the shadows near her forehead on her eyes. Something like this. - Think and see how this is making a total difference to the outcome. One. Hugging, living on the foreground color the stamen changing into a bright skin color on the back end up with the bikini color marco near yellow so that it's still no natural skin, bright and color on her fees. I want this show to be highlighting on the same layer on which I was doing the Shabbos. So on the scene you know I'm going to me being with the highlight story difference on how you want the light to fall on your subject. Like I want the light to be from her firmed end so these parts will be slightly higher. I did like her cheeks. Nick Fern. So like that back to the face based Leo choosing Erie's accrue or shortcut 18. Lowering the size of the brush on increasing the hardness to 30% on opposite you do 50 decreasing the size. I want our eyeballs to be right, So just the reason. The color from there, Yes, I also from her mouth as the with seats so they under is a vehicle from there to just a stylist. You click on drag or just click twice and tries as it's with the low opacity. Just click parts in Christ. The color is completely vanished from the police, so you can see how you visual poetry is coming alive with the colors now making ah, you know, relieving it as mixing brush because I will be mixing the colors that I have been slightly so. Goto tool bars, right click on the brush tool and select mix of rush Many properties. Check that there is. If you rather it will be showing you in like this. Just click on those. Clean the brush after each stroke. This click on this on it will be transparent to you. There were no color on watch those heavy mix. This is the brush style like they are values styles from dry waas with and very red to the red light makes our heavy mix, so I'm just using. You can check out how smoking with each, like the Western. It was like very medium saying with a very where everything is mixed. It's having the looks in bar very high on with the dry. If you being the one stroke like it's not working, it's very, very rough. So basically, Howard's mixing up no base kind of staff were having. You can check your project by your own, the different properties that we have here in 34 under Bush. Well, for the show. I'm just using that light mix here. You can see how nicely it's mixing of the colors. Um, as I've worn my every little examples. So click on the the sample every Leo you can check out ground lower the true. Rather rest from the things like weird mix and load are the properties that are controlled with the tables perspective on, so you can see every time I click on ago. Properties are changing, and also, if you can also go like hell, I'm choosing the most heavy mix, so I can even custom lee change the load or any person to use that I want. So I would be the most rush on changing the load to 65 rest. Leaving as it is you to you to custom on. Now I'm gonna being and mix it nicely with the shadows, Mitt. Goals and highlights sparked off the face that is still like a lighter tone. So I don't need to mix much lastly or much harshly. Just a slight smudging offered. Well, look good enough. So you always can see it's now very mixed up did though these shadows highlights and everything. So just hold all the layers on control G and really meet as skin. So this will be your one place where all the skin, colors and layers, uh, at just so here we are with our skin painting. 4. Digital Coloring Part II: as we have done to allow the based skin color. So it's stand toe angel hairs Now again in the layers panel, click on Create New Leo. Around this time, renaming is us Hamdi's go to four run fellow in the toolbar and she took the stand and changing to read. I want her to have red hairs so just you can start your own tries off color increasing murder sites. But make sure that in the do it while you're having rush do not the mixing Gresh. So right click upon that mixer brush and just select dress doing increasing the size. It's the lighter super cruise it on. I'm choosing the hardness to be completely or like 70% or 80% and one thing more it's still in. The law has so increased over City 200. Yeah, this is nice. This train don't know Here site by this, some part of fees will receive a gold even the residual Yeah, being like this. So we have the word all over hell with these air do selected on on here base Leo, I'm gonna series the extra color bar boss from O'Hare site. So with obesity hungry on brush I'm using is the soft round brush. Then I think I would use the hardness to like 50 or so so that it's good to go start raising the extra bar the colors. This zoom in on her face wherever you want, always making sure that off Zuman involved so that it's easy to focus on the re deals. It's a quite time taking time off work, so I'm just increasing the speed off my that if he is always the same. To click, click, click on draft, click and drag and click and drag once or twice that is completely raised from the artery areas. No, it's time to raise Tokelo from face side. You are. So I guess, doing nice on smoothly so that any skin color is not with pastor here outlines. So you've been every time decrees or increase the size Asper. You try. Send requirement. We're going ahead with the more detailed raising off the hair color. - So here you have it. The competes hair be so again in Make a new Leo for the deal's off a hair band on to click on the foreground color changing the Children you know so I want her hair band, you know, sort of local. A few tries on the same brush a soft roe Say, how grown brush because the size on start drinking or Hyland like this did you do? Can it And decrees are increased The opposite You rush our size off your brush for her kitty white clicking in the foreground. Color can also click eggs if you haven't the wrongful in our fight as wide like I was having hell. Now you didn't make it before. Cargo the black and right, and then switch it with the Come on x on bended like this. So have you with our painted color book Shoot. I hope you was on the same beach by coloring the whole process. I'd also like to see all your lovely class projects in the project are down here if any solutions or confusions regarding the class. You want any variance in any off your class physics? Just let me know in the community dab. Have you seen