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Developing an Entrepreneurial Mindset

teacher avatar Yusef Alexander

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (13m)
    • 1. Yusef Intro

    • 2. Yusef Worksheet 1

    • 3. Yusef Worksheet 2

    • 4. Yusef Worksheet 3

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About This Class

This class is to help formulate a mental road map for Entrepreneurs. In this class we will help identify limiting beliefs, stories, values that don’t support your growth. We will also establish tools and strategies to offset the negative stories, statements etc.

  • This is class is about organizing your thoughts and ideas to support you as a thriving Entrepreneur.
  • What you will take away: (Clarity) Know your why. (Inspiration) Cultivate inspiration.
  • You will create a Mission Statement that supports the creation of your vision and have a game plan to use what you’ve created to in both positive and difficult times.
  • Who could benefit from this class: New Entrepreneurs looking to create a supportive mindset. Existing Entrepreneurs can use the class as a reminder of the importance of their mission and those who are curious and want to know how we think.
  • Good luck on your journey. I am sure you will do great!


Meet Your Teacher

Hello, I'm Yusef.

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1. Yusef Intro: Hi. My name is Usef Alexander and I have more than 20 years of working class real estate experience. I currently serve as the vice president and chief business development officer at the Capitol. I support the company's asset acquisition and philanthropic growth. My experience spans over various facets of the industry, including management, operations, sales and marketing. I like to look at myself as an active industry thought leader. I'm also a frequent Panelist, speaker and guest lecture within academic sector. Additionally, I'm a co founder and I sit on the board of directors of the Literacy Up Project, a non profit dedicated to childhood literacy and financial literacy and underserved communities. And I view myself as an embodiment of a panoramic perspective across several multi family based market portfolios. Throughout this class, I'm gonna teach you strategies to gain clarity, cultivate inspiration, an established direction for your business or any other project you choose. The intention is to create a mindset for you to move forward. We'll identify unsupportive patterns that you're holding on to. That may be an impediment to your progress, will also create an actionable plan to replace and disrupt those patterns for you to move ahead. This class is great for individuals who want to create an entrepreneurial mindset to create other income, find purpose, set and achieve goals. This class serves as a reminder for the existing entrepreneurs who find themselves dealing with a few unsupportive ideas. This class is aimed at those thinking about entrepreneurship for the first time, or those that are existing entrepreneurs and like to be reminded of why they chose this path, Additionally, has a curious population that likes to learn about how business owners see the world. These skills can help you. If you organizing your thoughts around changing career paths, you can share the benefits of what you learn in the course with others. By the end of the class, you have clarity of why and how you can move forward with actionable strategies to apply for future reference. 2. Yusef Worksheet 1: we're now on to worksheet number one Mission statement. What is your wife? This exercise will help you create your wife or the reason you're deciding on the entrepreneurial path. What is your vision of what you'll create? Very, very important, because there are a lot of ups and downs and pitfalls and celebrations during any journey, especially an entrepreneurial journey in its foundational toe. Have a mission or vision to keep you focused there. Three strategies we're gonna use. Pick either strategy or combination of the three to create a mission statement, and we'll just go through strategy. A start with the problem and how you will solve the problem. For example, there is a problem with parking in a congested area, and here is why we provide an app that tells you where parking is in under a minute. Again. That strategy a start with the problem. Provide the solution strategy. Be state your passion and purpose or describe your place in the market. Example. We here at Universal Florist believe the world is better with beautiful bouquets at a reasonable price. This is about your passion and your purpose and how you'll feel that purpose by providing it to your customers strategy. See the OS approach, objective advantage. Scope. What is the objective of the company objective of the company is to run on efficient energy to cut costs and deliver those costs to our consumers. Advantage. What? Your advantage. Well way use Solar energy versus coal energy. What's the scope? How you would achieve this? Well, we plan toe have solar panels throughout the Midwest and reusable or non optimal used land . So you got strategy. A strategy. Be strategy see pretty straightforward. But of course, you'll put your spin, your passion, your fingerprints on the strategy that you choose to write your mission statement because it is yours, and it's something that you will hold through the times that will inevitably come. You want some things to see? You want your vision to be easily remembered. You want your vision to be easily expressed, and we've given a little section on the bottom for you to fill out. Don't worry about the final cut of your mission statement in your vision. Just get a few drafts out there and it'll naturally form into something that makes sense 3. Yusef Worksheet 2: l Class, we are onto worksheet number two, limiting beliefs. This exercise is to identify any limiting beliefs that may be an impediment to your entrepreneurial goals. This part has me and a lot of others that I've been in contact with in a very uncomfortable state because these are stories that way. Here. I hear that come up when I do things that bring me out of my comfort zone. So for the next several hours or full day, I'm gonna need you to generate a list of stories that come up when thinking about before in your entrepreneurship. Let the emotions and the habits be identified. Remember, this is supposed to be uncomfortable. This is supposed to be something that is a challenge. So once we get through the challenge, on the other side of that is growth. So don't worry about it. We're about making mistakes. Don't worry about the emotions, that surface, Let's just get through the exercise. Are we committed to that? Great. It's okay to have stories we all have their subconscious and there located in our subconscious thoughts and in our brains. Some examples of limiting stories are I've never done this before. I'm too young. Are that I'm too old all over that. I'm not a business person. I'm not right for this. Someone has done this better than me. And the list goes on. So this exercise is for you as an individual to identify your limiting story. So what we've done is given space for those limiting stories to be listed. Remember that those stories come up, let him be identified. They will be uncomfortable. They will be a challenge. But we want to get at least 10 of them. If it takes you an hour, a few hours or possibly a day, let's get those stories listed and we'll check back with you in the next part of the program. Can we see? 4. Yusef Worksheet 3: welcome to the next part of the program. We are at work sheet number three Reprogramming Replace This exercise will help re program with beneath the surface and replace the subconscious stories that limit your growth. You were used these new stories to grow the new thinking patterns. Make sure the new stories are in alignment, so there's coherence and not in conflict with who you are. This exercise is not about goals, plans or willpower or lack thereof. It's looking to create a shift to the upgraded version of you. You want to train your brain absolutely retrained the mind to be in agreement with your goals. This is a new life hack and is to be repeated to design your life. You want to stack positive stories with new positive stories and believes and new and a new positive self image. So number one, their unlimited opportunities to make headway in the market. That's a new story. That's a story that opens the subconscious, opens the mind to grow to a new self image to a new upgraded you. Number two. I could do whatever I put my mind to Number three. The market is changing. I embraced change and engage in the new opportunities. Now, those are three that I've come up with to give you an example of how toe open your mind to the things that are available in everybody, especially specifically your environment, your world. But when you open your mind up and you open your subconscious up to those things, more things gonna happen. So what I would like you to do is I would like you to take your worksheet and I would like you to seriously right five, preferably 10. But at least five new stories that we're going to use to open yourself up to the opportunities to help your goals and entrepreneurial a path continue to progress. After you've written your 10 replacement affirmations, we're on to the next part. We're gonna use these stories to disrupt the old pattern. This could be difficult because it's a new muscle, remember what? What I said in the beginning. This is not about willpower. This is not about planned. This is about an upgrade, a shift. So what we're gonna do is we're gonna commit Can you Can you do that with me? Commit? I'll commit to you putting this program together answering your questions, taking any comments you have, making some adjustments to specifically designed this program for you and you commit to me in the class, which is a 30 day program of using new statements not only when the old beliefs come up, but as a daily routine to strengthen the muscles to your new outlook. You want to set aside three times a day to exercise the new muscle. Wanna work with your schedule? You can send an alarm clock, or you can stack it with existing happens. Stacking means taking a habit that's already established and putting another positive. Have it on top of it. Could be in the morning after you wash your face. It can be a noon when you check your emails or your commute home or in the evening. You can use the set times to take a moment to be grateful. You also want to make sure that you understand this is a new path and you want to read your replacement stories and scanned your mind to see if any old limited beliefs have been popping up. You'll discover what new stories need to be really focused on as a replacement and you'll rewrite those new discoveries your brain gives and your body gives immediate feedback, and it gives honest feedback. So understand that persistent repetition is critical in the reprogramming process. I'd like to take a moment to give some color around this particular worksheet. I've written it in here, but I want explain it to you as well. This is a lifestyle change, so give yourself space. Teoh. Mr. Mark, give yourself space to come up short of your expectations. Give yourself permission to stop. Restart. If you miss a day, restarting is a part of the process. Restarting is part of the upgrade that is happy. Don't get stuck on the first pass of the statements. Continue making adjustments and adding to your statements as you gain more clarity to your vision. So again, lifestyle change. Give yourself space space to restart space to fall short of your expectations. I'm here to tell you I failed and I've fallen off the horse of completing my vision many, many, many, many times, and I'm still on that journey. I just happen to have fun. And, you know, I've taken a lighter approach to continue on that journey. The other thing is don't get stuck on the first pass of the statements. Statements are organic. They're always growing. They're changing. You know, You may say I can do whatever I put my mind to, and that may turn into something else. My mind is growing and learning. Every day I apply the new things that I learned to my specific business date. So you've changed. You wrote something down that spoke to you. Then you've changed it because you've kind of whittled it down to something that's more to sink, and it's more an embodiment of who you are. I want you to continue to make those dates. You'll gain more clarity, more vision and what exactly you're trying to do, which is reprogrammed Update Upgrade to a new Maurin Prove version of Now. This was the last worksheet, and it messes. It wasn't the most important to me. The most important part of this class was your beginning, and in this worksheet by saying, Please write your re program stories down. Send me comments. Let's work together and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt there will be some growth in you and your mission. I think