Developing Your Video Marketing Strategy: Essential Training from A to Z | Jimmy Newson | Skillshare

Developing Your Video Marketing Strategy: Essential Training from A to Z

Jimmy Newson, Inbound Consultant | Event Producer

Developing Your Video Marketing Strategy: Essential Training from A to Z

Jimmy Newson, Inbound Consultant | Event Producer

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29 Lessons (1h 27m)
    • 1. Introduction to this Course

    • 2. What is Video Marketing

    • 3. What You Will Learn In This Course

    • 4. The Biggest Mistake Using Video

    • 5. 3 Myths About Video

    • 6. Useful Video Marketing Statistics

    • 7. Generating Leads with Video

    • 8. 8 Five Step Process to Creating a Video Marketing Strategy

    • 9. 9 Keyword Research Part 1: The Process

    • 10. 10 Keyword Research Part 2: The Tools

    • 11. 11 Sourcing Additional Content

    • 12. What Type of Marketing Videos Should You Produce?

    • 13. 13 Vlog/Traffic Videos

    • 14. 14 Culture/About Videos

    • 15. 15 Lead Generation Videos

    • 16. 16 Thank You/Follow-Up Videos

    • 17. 17 Sales Videos

    • 18. 18 Live Streaming Videos

    • 19. 19 Webinars

    • 20. 20 Advertising & Promotional Videos

    • 21. 21 Additional Marketing Videos

    • 22. 22 Optimizing Your Videos

    • 23. 23 Call To Actions in Your Video

    • 24. 24 Video Hardware

    • 25. Additional Options for Producing Video

    • 26. 26 Editing Software

    • 27. 27 Video Platforms

    • 28. 28 Publishing and Marketing

    • 29. 29 Conclusion

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About This Class

Do you know why using video is so essential to the growth of your business?  Well, Diode Digital recently found that online video is a 600% more effective marketing tool than print and direct mail combined.

Jimmy Newson is an experience video marketing professional and the marketing director of the New York Marketing Association in New York City.  He runs live digital marketing workshops regularly throughout New York State and worldwide online.

In this course, you will learn why developing a video marketing strategy is essential in helping you build authority and grow your business. This course also dives deep into what videos you can create and how to choose the right videos for maximum engagement. When you complete this course, you will have a thorough understanding and the practical skills necessary to reach your ideal customers through the power of video.

In this class you'll learn:

  • How to Create Your Video Marketing Strategy
  • How to Source Video Topic Ideas
  • The Type of Marketing Videos You Can Produce
  • How to Optimize Videos for Conversion
  • What Tools You Can Use to Create Videos
  • How to Distribute and Promote Your Videos

You'll be creating:

  • A video strategy with multiple videos that can start building your authority and driving quality traffic to your products or services.

Whether you are a seasoned marketing professional or just starting out marketing your business, you'll find these strategies easy to implement.

You can also find Jimmy here:

Looking for more lead generation?

NOTE: I will be updating this course regularly based on student feedback.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Jimmy Newson

Inbound Consultant | Event Producer


Hello, I'm Jimmy.

My Purpose:

My purpose is to help business owners and entrepreneurs see the bigger picture and then attain that picture by developing a business growth mindset through embracing technology.

My Mission: 

My mission is to provide a combination of marketing, sales, and business strategy and implementation that helps elevate you and your business to a higher level and increase your bottom line. 

More About Me:

As the marketing director of the New York Marketing Association, I am a multi-certified inbound marketing and sales consultant, as well as an author of several popular sales and marketing ebooks.  I have worked with local and national brands... See full profile

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1. Introduction to this Course: Hi, Jimmy Newsome here, and I'm excited that you decided to take this course developing your digital marketing strategy. There's a lot to be said about video, and we're going to cover quite a bit of it here in this course. And at the end of this course, you should be very versed in regards to how to leverage video in your overall marketing strategy and how to make sure that is doing what it's supposed to do when it comes to driving traffic and building your brand that start with a little bit about myself. Of the marketing director of the New York Marketing Association of an inbound sales and marketing consultant, a digital content creator and a video producer, I have over 27 years of experience in the marketing, digital media and entertainment industries. I've worked with national and local brands, including AOL Well, New York Public Library, a narrowest also known as the Grammys, A T and T Microsoft. And the list goes on and on. If you like to reach out to me directly, you can reach me at Jimmy at Jimmy News and dot com. You can also reach me through the association at Jimmy at New York Marketing Association dot org's. You can also find me on any of my social media channels. And of course, you can also just Google my name, and I should come up there as well. So without further ado, let's get into the program. 2. What is Video Marketing: So the first question we want to ask ourselves is what is video marketing and to say it's simple. Video marketing is using videos to promote and market your product or service, increase engagement on your digital and social channels, educate your prospects and customers and reach audience with a new medium. So the next question would be why video marketing and video can do a lot of things that photos can't do. That Blawg post can't do that other mediums can't do because they're a combination of everything. Honestly, eso first thing video humanizes your business so it puts a face. People like to purchase things from people they know and trust. So that's one of the major benefits of leveraging video video helps you tell aim or engaging story with emotion and compassion. And what that means is, you know when you combine a series of photos or graphic or video, and then you put that to some type of music, whether it's cheery music or sad music or serious music or or anything like that, you start to create an emotion and take someone on a journey that you cannot do with just a still image. Once again or am an article video can be used to directly boost sales and revenue, and that's really about clarity. So you could bring a lot of clarity to the product, especially if it's a product that's difficult to be portrayed in. Just a photo alone or text based and then video can be used to engage prospects and customers throughout the customer Buyers journey, and this is where you're definitely leverage video the most where you're placing videos in certain parts of the buyers journey to really help, tell the story or bring more clarity to your products, your services to the EU. G a purpose to admission, whatever you're trying to convey, and you can do that in the way that is easily digestible. So then they can move further down the buyers journey. 3. What You Will Learn In This Course: So let's talk about what you will get out of this presentation. So we have six things that we want to make sure that you fully understand when this course is complete. Number one, we want you to know how to create your own video marketing strategy. Next, we want to make sure you know how to source video topic ideas, because without the right topics and the right ideas, you might as well be in the middle of the desert where no one can find you. Number three. We want to make sure that you understand what type of marketing videos you can produce, and there are a lot of them. So you do have options, and this is great. Number four. We want you to know how to optimize those videos for conversion. So we optimize for two things we optimize for traffic and we optimize for conversions. So we'll break down with those two mean and how to make sure that we're doing both. Um, we want to make sure you know what tools you can use to create these videos. And the good thing is, you already have one great tool already on you, and we'll talk more about that later. And then finally, we're gonna talk a little bit about how to distribute and promote your videos. So just to make sure that we're clear, this course is not necessarily about how to actually shoot the video. This is about the strategy behind how to leverage the video to generate more sales, to generate more leads to generate more traffic to your website, your properties of your products and your services. 4. The Biggest Mistake Using Video: Let's start with a very important question. What is the biggest mistakes most businesses make when leveraging video for the first time ? So what I mean by that is you spent? Maybe you spend a lot of money. Maybe you spent some money, but you're definitely spent either money or time producing this masterpiece, you know? And now and you're like, OK, it's great. Now this thing can start generating revenue for me. It can start generating leads. You can start doing its work and you put it up on YouTube and one month goes by two months go by three months, six months go by and you've got 15 views. And maybe if you're lucky. One comment and your immediate thought is the video didn't do anything. It sucks That, you know, is we put all this money, time and energy into this video, and it didn't do anything. So the question is, what should you have done instead? At the end of the day, the video is only a tool. So what you have to understand is this tool needs to have a plan around it, and you have a strategy around it. So if I was to give you 1000 postcards, beautifully produced postcards. Would you go? Okay, great. Thank you for these postcards. And then sit him at the edge of your desk and sit there and wait for people to come to your desk and grabbed him. That's never gonna happen because they're out there somewhere. There out in the world, in West will you have to put these photos. You have to take these postcards and you have to put them in your partners businesses. You have to take them with you when you go out to conventions and things that put them on a table where there's foot traffic. That's the same thing you have to do with the video. You have to put that video in a place where there's traffic that is aligned with that video . And how do you do that? Well, one, you might have to put some ads behind it. You might put some money by it and push it out to a key target demographic. You might want to share it with a partner, share it with the sponsor, share it with an associate who has an audience that could actually benefit from the information in that video. You have to put that video toe work, so you have to give it a place to go or police toe live. That has the potential for eyeballs to see it. So that's what you have to look at doing when you're producing video. That's something we're definitely gonna dive into here. I'm excited to get started. 5. 3 Myths About Video: let's discuss a few minutes so we could make sure that we understand what video and video marketing is all about. So here are a few, so one video producing video is hard and expensive. Now, video producing video can be hard and it can be expensive if you have no experience or you're looking for the best possible video you want. Aerial shots, you know of your venue are the of the event you want. You know you want slide and Dolly shots you want, you know, crazy car scenes. You know you want to get used footage from a brand. Yes, then it can be very expensive. But if you start now, you know you may not need to go in that direction. Video can be very simple and very easy, and at the end of day, you just got to figure out who am I talking to. At the end of the day, the most important thing is the message in the video. So if you're talking to your audience, if you're conveying some information or ah mindset or something that they congrats your heads around, it's just as easy as whipping out your phone, making sure you've got a good lighting source and audio source and just talking into the camera, you know, or whether it's pre recorded or it's live. So producing video does not have to be hard. Now it's something. At some point you're gonna want to produce professional video, but you have to determine when that time is okay. Number two I heard S CEO is dead, and at the end of the day, people will continue to search in search in search. How they search would change, but they're still gonna always have to search for information. Everything is not necessarily always about would amount because where the mouth only gets you to stage one. Maybe don't get you all the way to making a purchase. But sometimes people give you advice on a certain product or service that you should probably look into to help you solve your problem or achieve you go, which still takes you back to searching, whether it's on Google, whether it's do Siri, which voice search is now a big thing. So that's what this is where we're starting to see. A change was not just about typing into your computer or your phone, but It's also about talking to Siri or Alexa and being able to come up and those searches as well for your products or services. Number three. I'm not a camera person. Well, like I said before, people buy from people they like. It's not about a person to a business is a person to a person. So if you can tie some type of persona or some type of person to your brand, you have a really great opportunity to connect with people who really can feel like you're talking to them. And you're like them in a way. So at less use a few big brands and explain how they're doing that. So let's take, for instance, let's take Geico. Geico is not even using a person that actually using a fictional character, which is a gecko so that gecko becomes kind of like that spokesperson. That's kind of softening up the message a bit, making acuteness and that, and so they're not necessarily talking talking to you from a brand standpoint. They're talking to you from a cute, cuddly little creature. All right, so now it's That's one. So now if you want to look at another example you can look at progressive and they have flow. And she is this girl. You know that where's really thick red makeup and has that kind of like that 19 sixties hair do. And I think she's She's cute. She's funny. She makes me laugh. And, you know, at the end of the day, I kind of start looking forward to those commercials because I know they're gonna be cute, some kind of one and what is gonna be about? So, you know, that's another example of a big brand that's doing that, you know, And this is how you might, you know, if you're a small brand, If you're a small business, you might leverage, um, yourself. But maybe a key employees that you know is gonna be around for a while. That could be that voice. They don't have to be like a flow or like the gecko, but they could be a little bit more serious than maybe talk about specific topics. Maybe do a breakdown of your latest block post things like that. But it s so let's take 1/3 example. Third example is an insurance company called the General, and they actually use an animated character and a real person. So they use this animated general and they used to kill Neal. So they're doing both. So either one can show up where both can show up. But they both represent this brand called the General Car Insurance. You know, the cheapest insurance, or whatever that that message is. But this is how leveraging a person, especially if it works for everybody from a big brand on the way down. So Sela Preneurs, where you can definitely put yourself or put somebody in a position to be the face of the company that people feel like they can connect to. Okay, so somebody has to be a the face. Now that doesn't mean that it has to be the case. If you're just petrified of being on camera, are tongue tied than what you can do Is used animated videos, whiteboard, videos, things like that. So there are other ways that you could get around not being on camera, but at some point you might want to try to play around with it. 6. Useful Video Marketing Statistics: So now let's dive into a few statistics. I have a few of them here, so this is our first set. The first set of statistics air Very basic. So the 1st 1 is marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non video users. So and then number two video and email leads toe a 203 100% increase and click through rates and three 52% of marketing professionals worldwide. Named video is the type of content with the best are all I. So let's take a deep dive into each one of these, the 1st 1 when it talks about 49% faster growth if they say a picture's worth 1000 words while video is worth a 1,000,000 so you can put more into a video and it's still easier to digest and trying to read a block post. I understand everything about a product or service by just looking at a photo so you have the opportunity to talk to them a little bit more. Answer some of the questions, you know, break down some of those walls, and now they feel like there's a better opportunity for them. You may have answered the questions to the point where they're variety to make a sale. They're ready to make a buy. Number two. When we talk about the rates on an email, you know if you have a video, if you have a you can't put video in an email as of the recording of this video. But you can include a thumbnail from the video, and then one key thing is to make sure you put a play button on that image. So now they realize this a video now that the is to process that play button. But there's also the part where you want and choose. You want to choose an engaging looking part of the of the video. Now, let's say, Well, Jimmy, you know, it's a talking head video, and it's just me and the whole video. Well, then you get creative, and you like what I normally do when I'm recording a client for a series of videos like talking at videos is I'll have him at the end of the of the of the recording, you know, pose and do something that might be that might help tell the story of what they're doing in the video, and then I'll leave enough space on the side to put some text on that. And then that text itself will be how I I can put some text there to explain what that video is about now. And usually I like to use questions, and I like to use statements that really stand out that really get you wanting to click through. So there's many ways you can do to increase that quickly rate and create that really compelling, Um, done there. Okay. And then, of course, 52% of market is considering it a great are I, you know. And that's because you know that video once again can disseminate a lot of information and help, you know, answer questions that you may have that can definitely increase the the the actual purchase or the step with them to move forward to the purchase. And now let's look at another set of statistics, and this is all about live streaming, which is very, very popular right now and and for good reason. So here here we go. 80% of brand audiences prefer live video to blog's a Social Post two and three live video viewers or more likely to approaches after watching. And then three live video was growing at a rate of 113% per year, faster than any other type of online video. So and what does that mean? You know, you could see the social media channels are given preference when you go live, you know, because that's engagement and they like that. So they're giving, you know, so they'll give you notification. This person's live, um, on on Facebook, even on YouTube and even on other platforms. And then what happens is usually if you're live your product. You're probably talking about something here. You're discussing you having a deep discussion, and this gives you an opportunity to to do ah, strong a line call to action, to take them somewhere. It's very interactive, and then that gives them an opportunity that gives you an opportunity and them to communicate, answer each other's questions, get deeper into the conversation and then moved them towards the port where they'll interact and possibly make a purchase. Two and three video viewers are more likely to purchase, and that's and that's all built on what I just said, you know, they're interacting and video being is growing at 113%. You know faster than any other video format. And I could set because people like live video. They like the fact that they can communicate with you directly, get the answer, get their questions answered and make a decision. 7. Generating Leads with Video: So now I want to get into how can you generate leads with video? And how can you nurture those leads and turn those leads into customers? And if we look back, you know, before video really start to take off. How did we convert people? Well, you know, as far is it from a digital standpoint, You know, they go to your website, they need to jump on your email list, which was way back in the day, or you're able to, you know, get them on. You know, make some type of offer a front and get them to interact there with the Internet email address. Eso is very static, you know is very, you know, they have to come there for a reason. Well, video now has an opportunity to also collect email addresses within the video, depending on what platform you're using. So let's take a look here at this slide on this is from wisteria and what you're looking at here, where you see that stay up to date and that submit button, they call that a turns down. So that's actually inside the video itself. So it pops up at a specific time in the video and you tell it where, whether it's at the beginning of the video, whether it's at the middle of the video or whether it's at the end of the video. So this now gives you an opportunity to make that specific video interactive and also a lead generator. Now, you're not gonna put this turnstile in every single video because not all videos are created equal. These are gonna be on videos that fit the bill. So, um, so I should get started. You're gonna keep this thing simple and figure out which videos we should be using. Now there are a number of platforms that I recommend, um, whist Eby of one video being too. And then, of course, YouTube and epi in today. Just so you're clear on my thoughts, you know, I don't consider YouTube video platform. I consider video. I consider you do a social media platform that happens to do video. You know, these other two platforms video and wished you are biltmore for small businesses in regards to their their their built to make sure that you can collect leads and you can generate at the end of the day some interaction whether that's, you know, on email address or whether that's a direct sale. So they have marketing compact components built into them to help you achieve those goals. So let's talk about that turnstile I mentioned earlier that, you know, and you have to figure out what I put this. So here's a case study from wisdom in regards to generating new leads from video. So across 250,000 accounts whiskey have found that the videos with forms that air that that what forms in them converted at 16%. That means for every 100 video plays. The video generated 1 16 leads, then with CIA, took a closer look and noticed that videos with the form within the 1st 20% of the video received 43% almost half of those conversions. So what you're saying is, what you're seeing here is, you know, you could put the form at the very beginning of the video. You could put the form at the very end of the video, or you could put it somewhere in the middle, and they're saying, if you can put it 20% in, you have the best opportunity of collecting the lead because if they've made it into 20% of video, we always say, you know, you got about 4 to 7 seconds to capture their attention when they're watching a video, which means at the very beginning of video, you need to make sure you do two things, identify who they are, so they know they're in the right place and also identify what the problem is. They again know that they're in the right place, and that usually after happened between 4 to 7 seconds. So if they're getting 20% end, well, they've already bought into it. And now they're trying to figure out, you know, that listening for the solution that you're offering them, you know? So a 20% end, you could make a nice reason. Give them a good reason to to enter email address, to maybe get something or continue the conversation with them, you know, and I would suggest not making it mandatory because some people might make it mandatory angle. You can't watch the rest of the video unless you enter email address. You have to determine, you know, is this content that important? Is it that unique that they can't find it anywhere else. Um, maybe you could get away with that, but I typically don't. I'll give them an opportunity to just x out of it and continue to watch the video. So that's where that's why you're gonna want to leverage a video marketing platform that's built more for marketing your business, You know, because you're gonna leverage both way leverage both a platform like Vimeo, Wisteria and you to YouTube for traffic, be me on Wednesday, a more for for conversions and and nurturing of ah, lead to a client. Let's do a slightly deeper dive into using video and email, so video performed very well and email campaigns so you can literally have a six port email , Siri's and have a video for every email. Siri's. I literally just went through one on PR where there was a video attached to every single email, and it was a 10 day, I think, was a 10 day PR challenge, and every day there was a video associate. It and I just clicked straight to to the video. Why? Because I knew I would get a lot more not information from the video, and I didn't have to necessarily read it so I could watch it or listen to it while I was doing something else and then determine if it caught my ear enough. Or if it was something said I could stop it, paid full attention, enlisted video and then continue to move on my life. But which they have found that using a video thumbnail instead of a plane image resulted in a 300% lift in there. Click through rates and then I consider it again. When you see that video thumbnail has got that play button and it's related to something that you might be interested in and you go, Oh, there's a video, Bam! You're gonna click on that thing so you can start to watch it and get that information in a better format. 8. 8 Five Step Process to Creating a Video Marketing Strategy: I'm excited. Now, toe finally dive into the five steps to creating a video marketing strategy. Here are the five steps to create in a video marketing strategy one you need to research your topics. So we're gonna do a dive into that too. I want you to create your own content strategy. Three you're gonna produce relevant and engaging video content for you're gonna integrate video into your overall marketing plan. So hopefully you have one of those already. If not, then you're gonna need to create one and then five you're going to start with the equipment you currently have. 9. 9 Keyword Research Part 1: The Process: So let's dive into our 1st 1 Let's get into keyword research. So here's a little bit about keyword research. You have to identify key word phrases your ideal customers are searching for on the Internet. So what does that mean? You know. So let's take, for example, the keyword phrase my own fashion released. And actually we're going to call that a short tail keyword because it's just too two word sentence. So my own fashion release that's a service that my client, um, offers to their to their patients is a medical term. Um, does anybody here know what my old fashion releases other than those that are actually in that business? Probably not. Not only, you know it is. It's probably is very difficult to spell. So at the end of the day, that's not what people. That's not what you're gonna optimize your video for, because that's further down in the buyers journey, where they now have determined that is the problem that they have to solve. What you have to do is figure out what problem are symptoms. There's my prospect have where Mile fashion release would be the answer to that, and when I asked to my client. Well, what are some of the things that my my own fashion release, which is a type of massage, does She goes, well, this for people who have migraines, who have very bad headaches, and I go out now I get it. So what? You might look at my own fashion release as a keyword phrase that has, I don't know, 800 searches a month. Uh, locally, maybe nationally, when you look up headaches, headaches has 500,000 socialism month locally or nationally, depending on how you set up your research. Now you see the difference. 800 to 500,000. Now, you're not gonna rank for headaches because that's going to be taken by the big brands. But now you're gonna long tell it, you know, do you hate when you have headaches? All the time? Would you like to get rid of them? And I'm just throwing that out of this example. That's long, You know, You know five ways to get rid of migraine headaches when you think you have no choices left . You know now, because people are going, how do I get rid of this migraine headache? This is what you're thinking about. What would they type in? And now you've got to create a video that can be found based on that keyword. So there's where you're at the beginning of the buyers during that you're really looking at , you know, creating keywords based on what your customers are thinking. So you have to get into their heads and then reveal at the end of the video your product or service as one of a Siri's. Our potential solutions to their problems. Because you want to be a bit unbiased here because what's happening here, You wanna set yourself up as an authority and someone that they can trust. So it's all it's all about you, you you Well, then they gonna realize that. And then they're gonna be like, You know, well, it is really about them trying to just get me to do something with them. You want them to feel like they can trust you. 10. 10 Keyword Research Part 2: The Tools: when we talk about key worry. So if you want you to really leverage tools, so what tools can you use to find these things out? You can use a free tool called Google Keyword planner. You can also use the YouTube search bar that you can use the Google search bar in the same way. I'll explain how to do that. And then there's a free tool called Uber suggests that has been created and, as from as of this recording is still free. It has been created by a guy named Neil Neil Patel, who was one of the top marketers. A digital marketers on the planet. OK, so Google keyword planner is, ah, a tool where you can type in a keyword give you were related keywords. That'll give you long, long hotel key. Where is based on that? That simple keyword that you pop in there? You can also get related keywords. People also search for these other things where you can start getting some ideas and you can see the search volume on those keywords. You can also see the cost per click, so here's a quick tip for you. Usually when I look at keywords, and I'm trying to optimize for keywords the content for keywords. Not only do I look at the volume, the search volume on the keywords, I also look. If there's a cost per click, what does that mean? That means if I was to run ads on Google with for it, how much would that cost me? And if it's if the cost of zero, I usually don't go after those keywords first, because if it zero, that means nobody's interested in putting any money for that traffic, which means there's a low value for that traffic. I look for keywords that have some type of paid, you know, pricing on it that has a pricing for click throughs, because that means people would spend money on that keyword. That means that there's money in that key word that makes any sense. Okay, um, so Google Keyword Planet, which means you'll have to open up with Google ads account. But you don't have to run ads. It just gives you access to now. Use this keyword planner. YouTube search is another opportunity. Open up Google. I mean, open up YouTube and then start typing in the search for your keyword. What you're going to see it is going to start to auto populate. What it's actually doing is this song is giving you things that people are already searching based on what you're typing in. So now you're getting some ideas of what people really want to hear. Okay, Um, so that's another way you can do that both on on YouTube. And you can also do that on Google in the final one. Like I said is uber suggests on uber suggest, is a lot more intense. Um, so not only can you type in keywords and get the search volume, get the cost per click, but you can also see what content is ranking for those keywords. A top 10. You can also see some content ideas. What? How people were sharing it on social media. Facebook Pinterest. You can I'm not sure what all the or the social media platform, but they'll let you know how popular a piece of content is. But how popular is around a specific keyword. So you're not just doing this, but through your gut, you're doing this through riel trueheart data that you can now put your put your money and your time against. So you're not wasting your time creating things that people don't want to read about or don't want to find out about, or course don't want to view. So the year so keyword research is the first step. Now, one thing I didn't talk about that should come before This is your persona. If you're not sure what that is, just Google that you need a persona because you need to know who is the person that you're trying to get this content in front of, because that's also going to be how you're going to determine what key was you should be trying to reach out to trying to get to connect with. 11. 11 Sourcing Additional Content: So let's talk about other opportunities to source content for your videos. So here's, ah, small list of that I used and that you can also use to. I use this for myself, and it also use this for my clients. So the things that is one, here's the first question is what questions do your clients asked repeatedly. And so when I say repeatedly, not the same climb but across a number of clients. This. It could also be across a number of leads or a number of prospects. What questions are they always asking you that you always have to have the same canned answer to? That's an opportunity for you to produce a video that you can put out on the Internet or put into year your frequently asked questions section that can help shortcut this this process of getting them from prospect to customer. Um, what task do you find yourself repeating over and over again? Eso. At that point, the question is, you know, do you find yourself always happen to do something for a new prospect? A new client, a new lead, you know, turned out into a video so you can talk about the six things you need to do before you engage a person like me. Approach some lack of physician a marketing, uh, guy, a freelancer. You know, graphic designer here, the six things that you want to prepare in advance. So you're more apt to take advantage of what this person can do for you or the novices per second can can share with you. Okay. Industry blog's online trade publications and forums. You know, Facebook groups linked and groups. You can go in there, see what the chatter is, see what people are talking about, people posting things, and then people comment on it. You know, one of my fun things is when I see an ad and that ad is in the same space as I am, and I see a lot of comments. I click on that because I want to read the comments I want to see your people serious about or they like him, the product or that clown in the product or they, you know, is there any validity to the good or bad being said in the comments sections? And how can you prepare yourself so you can beyond the on the higher end of that. You know, this is research that's very important and can help you on somebody else's dime. And then one of my favorites is Q and A's at the end of events. I'm talking live event. So you know every once and try to hit an event once a month, you know, hit an event and with someone in your industry. So someone talking about you know, if you're in marketing someone talking about marketing of your and finance someone talking about finance because at the end of the day, I am I interested in what the speaker has to say. Sure. But what I'm really interested in is the Q and A after the speaker has done that presentation because one of two things happens. One. The speaker either. You know the people who either want more clarity on a specific topic that they felt the speaker that go deep into enough, or they asked the question that the speaker never even address, which means that you know, there is a topic that is that is more valuable to them than even what they heard in the presentation or in addition to so here. These are other opportunities to get content that you can hit. You can run. You can literally get going immediately. With that, you know is valuable to people in that room if they would have become clients or customers of yours. 12. What Type of Marketing Videos Should You Produce?: let's talk about what type of marketing videos you should be producing, and we have quite a few. So I have my first list that I want to bring up here. And here's my first list of the type of videos and we're going to do a deep dive on these videos. And then I'm gonna give you near the end another series of videos and they will call them honorary mentions. So they're not going to get their own little spot today or in this course. But we will, you know, we won't mention them. So we're gonna talk today about LA videos. We're gonna talk about culture, about videos. We can talk about the lead generation video. We're gonna talk about the thank you video, the follow up video. We're going to talk about the sales video, the live streaming videos, the webinars, the advertising videos And then, of course, like I said, I'm gonna show you just a few mawr after we dive in. But we're going to dive into each one of these videos so you can get yourself a very great understanding how you can what these videos are and how you can leverage them. So when one thing I do want to say is I'm not expecting you to produce all of these videos , what I do want you to do is take account. What is it that where my in my business and what have I done so far might prevent producing content already, you know, is there, You know, where's my products and services, you know, and against my competitors, all these things and then determined from that which one of these were probably the best place for me to start, you know, and and I'll go a step further and say, you know, if you already have clients, if you already have leads but they're not clients yet, then maybe you start in the middle of the final and start producing content that helps push those leads to purchase. If you don't have any leads at all, well, of course, you're gonna need to start at the top and start creating content that brings people to your page in the first place. Brings people to your products, brings people to your services, so you could immediately start to you have those conversations and pushed him down that journey 13. 13 Vlog/Traffic Videos: Now let's get into the log videos. All right, so here are the key components to a vlog video, which, by the way, is also what we refer to as a traffic generating video. This is the video that you will be producing more than you will be producing of any other videos that we're going to talk about today. So this video provides true value and is not sells E. So basically, this video is educational base. So I say 90% education and maybe even 95% education and 5% sales. And when I say sells, I'm just talking about at the very end where you make them an offer, and the offer is not necessarily to buy your product. It may be to move further down. The buyers journey. So with this video, it's one video, one problem, one solution. It's keyword optimized, and we like to say we don't have a little bit about into that earlier, and there was an aligned call to action. So let's talk about this. It provides true value. So is more educational. So is the five things you need to know to do. It's how you can do this. What are the steps to do that you know, tips to doing this? So is things that are helpful to people, and it's usually at the top of the funnels. This is usually at the awareness stage, so you're leveraging keywords there, the symptoms that lead to the possible solution. So going back to my own fashion release, that's not the keyword we're optimizing for headaches from migraines. The things that people have all the time and they will go to the Internet in search about. And that's what we optimize this video. We educate them on the headache and how they can, you know, possible options to treat themselves. You know, um, and alleviate that pain. Okay. And so here's another thing to keep in mind with this, I'm sure your product and services may solve multiple problems. Let's take one product. So so that start with a really cool example like to do, um, when I do my life presentations, I'm gonna sell you fire. Now I can sell you fire four ways I can sell to you to heat your house. I consider it. Sell it to you to heat your to cook your food. I can sell it to you to light your house. And I can also sell it to you if you're not entrepreneur, and you just need motivation. So I sell into you so I can light a fire in me. But okay, so those air four ways, I can sell you fire. So do you want to not, um, you know, get really sick by eating chicken that's undercooked. Were to cook it with my fire. Um, you know, are you tired of being eyes code in the middle of winter? Well, here's my fire that I hope you warm your house. Are you tired of waking up in the middle of the night? You need a glass of water, so you get up and you're walking through the dark and you're but your toe and on the edge of the coffee table. But here's my fire. That can help you see in the night. So you don't do that anymore. You know? Are you an entrepreneur? And sometimes you just get into that mood and you can't get anything done. And you wish there was something you can do. Well, here's my fire is called, but firing is gonna help you stay motivated or get motivated when you feel like you can't. Okay, so those are four different ways. Now when I say one video, one problem, one solution that means four different videos because some people is gonna got only one to heat the house. Some people are only gonna want to cook food. Some people are only gonna want to be able to see at night. And some people are gonna just want motivation. They're not typical and won all four. So you want one product? One solution, one video. So you're gonna do four different videos now? The key years ago. Which one do I do first? Well, let's do the one that has the highest rate of conversion. So if you go Oh, I can sell. You know, I live up north, and it's cold nine times nine months of the year. So I'm gonna start with the fire that heats the house because that's the one that people that I deal with want the most great. Then do that video first. So now you know, just kind of look at it and go. What's they lost? A little hanging fruit. Okay, now, here's another thing you want? Think about So you do a video. So say you one apparel company, okay? And you sell everything yourself shoes. You're so hat you sell Teacher Giselle pants stops. So you do a video in the fall about the new summer shirts that are coming out. So you do this video about, you know, style in this shirt. Now what you want to do is not just send them to a generic page that has everything on it When the Carter action needs to be a line, so send him to a landing page or our product page on your website, that only has the type of shirts that you just described. So when they get there, they can continue that conversation. And hopefully, since there's such a low ticket item, make approaches after they make approaches or in Iraq with you, give you the email address or what have you. Then you can start talking to him about Hey, you know what you just grab. You bought this beautiful shirt. Why don't you go ahead and get apparent here? Three para pants that go well with that shirt? Here's a parent. Here's a hat that goes with that. Sure, here's a full outfit that goes with that shirt. This could be an up sell just after they made the initial purchase. Or it could be an email that comes out later that allows them to do more now if you can, and you have the means, go for those up cells immediately because there are many got the wallet out there already looking. And I'll tell you, sometimes when I go into the actual stores, I'll just I need a shirt. But I'm really bad at picking clothes. So sometimes I'll just look at the damn mannequin. Excuse my expression and just go. Excuse me, Just give me everything on the manic It. I like it. It saves me time that I got a pair of pants. I've got a shirt, I got a sweater over the shirt and it just makes my life easier. So here's an opportunity for you when you get people like me that you can go Look, you just made this approach is Here is a few other things that you can do as well. You know, Amazon is great at that. You bought this book. Here are some other books that people bought that's like this. That's a great company, you know, and not just books, but all kind of thing. I buy stuff from my daughter online all the time. Toys now go. Here's another toy. You need to get that That goes well with that toy. So but the key here start with that one thing. Don't be afraid to just go. One problem. One solution. One call to action. Make sure it's fully aligned Band. There is You're vlog video, your traffic generating video. So that's moving on to our next video. 14. 14 Culture/About Videos: So when you're talking about a culture video and about video, you're talking about sharing your personal story so it could be your story. It could be the story of the company. You talk about your passions that are the company's passion, the purpose, the mission. You would dress the people that you want to attract. So you're gonna say, if you are a not if you are an entrepreneur, if you are a home owner, if you are illegal troubles if you know you're talking to people specifically and like I said and it shows a human side of your business so you can talk about you know, this is not a business. This is a place where people enjoy coming to work. Great example of how the power of this video. And when I did my first video, my first about video, um, I was you're able to upload it. So when you when you create a bitter like this, it goes in one of two places, it goes on your on your website, and you can put it on your about page, um, somewhere in there. But you can also upload this as a trailer to your YouTube channel. So if you don't have a YouTube channel used to create one, and what happens is you You designate this as the trailer of your YouTube channel and anyone who has not subscribed to your China when they land on your channel, they see this video first. You know, after they subscribe to your channel, they would no longer see this video. They're gonna probably see, I think your latest video, Possibly. But anyone who has not subscribed will always see this video first. Okay, so, um, so quick story. I, uh I created my first about culture video, and I posted it on after I uploaded on YouTube. I shared it to Facebook, and it just talked about Hey, my name is Jimmy New cinema Digital marketer. Um, what? This is what I do. I help small business owners help entrepreneurs and help people who have a message who's trying to get the product out. I helped them understand who they who they are and how they can, how they can get that across in video. You know, I've had success in doing it, but what a block. Well, at the end of day, within 30 minutes one of my friends who I used to do a lot of work in the music industry with. We were even in a band together. He comes to me and he goes, Hey, I just watched that video I'm not really sure what you're doing deals, but I need to know more. And basically what he was saying was You spoke to me and you dread you. And I liked that what you were talking about. And I did not once in the video mention a product or service I just mentioned about me and why I do what I do and who I help. And I said, Well, I said, I'm actually doing a video marketing program for those who want a leverage video in their business and he goes, Tell me more about it. So then I told him a bit more about it than I sent him to a cell's page. Why? Because now I'm having a conversation, and based on that conversation, I realised I don't really need to say much more. Let me just get him to the page. So his next question actually went to the page was what right? What? What do you recommend. So I recommended a middle package of middle package was $1000. You mean he bought the $1000 package? He did the two months, the two payment installments, 500 bucks. Now, this is a person that I never would have thought would have been a great customer for me, and I never would have prospected. But since I put that video out there, he immediately saw the value in the video and engaged in a conversation that luckily led to a sell. Now I'll say years later, was he still utilizing my video marketing services for his business? So it wasn't that one time thing. This has been a repeated thing, so that one video idea it has turned into thousands of dollars of revenue from that one client alone. So that's the power of 1/4. Video is not necessarily Mitt to generate traffic, but it can't because, of course, I still sent into a sells video, which we'll talk about later. So in conjunction with all of them, they were able to do most of the heavy lifting for me, and all I had to do is answer questions. So down this move onto the next video 15. 15 Lead Generation Videos: So now let's talk about the lead generation video. So here's some key elements to keep in mind for the lead generation video. This video is used to build your email list. Specifically, it should explain the benefits of what you promised them in your car actions that were on your vlog videos that could have been in your trap. Your about culture video, um, in your in your traffic generating video. So where they came from and they land here, this video is there to confirm that they're in the right place. And what's the next step? So is placed on what we call a landing page or squeeze page. I always say, If you want to confuse the customer, sit him to your home page because there you're giving them too many things going on, that there's an opportunity for them to just for 80 D to kick in 80 HD whatever they got and then they're gone. OK, keep it short into the point. So I didn't talk about time, So let's do time. So when we do these traffic generating videos, the first video that vlog video, I want to say that video should be roughly about, you know, two minutes on average. Maybe you could go a little bit, Maura, depending on how dense the topic is, you can go as high as faras five minutes on those videos. But at the end of day, if the content is good and it is what it needs to get all the points across than that, so be it. But on average, two minutes maximum. I say five for the culture video. I say 4 to 5 minutes because you're diving. You're doing a deep dive on yourself on your business. And, you know, this is a video that people are gonna want to consume after they realize that they do want to know more about you. So it was OK to dive a little bit deeper and make that video a little bit longer. Now, this lead generation video should not be longer than a minute maximum. And I'll give you I'll give you example. Hey, guys. Jimmy Newsome here. So glad you decided to check out this offer I got is to e book. You got any email address in here and just of 16 ways that you can pick up the phone and get someone to say Yes immediately. So put your email address in the box in the side. We're gonna get that out to you as soon as humanly possible with the next 15 minutes. Thanks a lot. Moving asset. 30 seconds. Don't talk about you. Don't talk about your company. Don't even talk about anything else other than why did they're just get them to stay focused and put the email address in So they get that product, that discount coupon for the shoes or whatever it is that you're telling them they're gonna get by by interacting with that page and that's it for lead generation video. So that's jumping to our next video. 16. 16 Thank You/Follow-Up Videos: So our next video is the thank you slash Follow what video? So here's an opportunity for you to do what most people fall short. Continue getting them to go further with you there already hot. So how do you continue to keep them hotter? So, one you think them and acknowledge what they signed up for. You give him one another. Call to action, uh, making offer toe up, Sell them on aligning product. I mentioned this earlier All dive deeper again and or you can even bring them into a free training program. So of course, this is kind of like more for your consultant, your coaches and things like that. With the end today, here's another great, great opportunity to continue for those that want more. Not everybody's gonna want more, but maybe 20%. 30% is still they still got the wallet's open. You know, it just made the purchase. And if you're using a software platform, um, like click funnels or whatnot, you can set up up cells that will continue toe at on top of what you already have even announced can do this type of thing. Okay, so what does that look like. And I think I mentioned that before they bought something. They bought the T shirt. And now on this. Thank you. Paid your going. Thanks a lot. You know, we're gonna be sending your t shirt out once that we process the order. But do you need a pair of pants with that? You need shoes with that? You need a hat with that? Do you squat with that? You know, now they're going. Okay. And how does that look like for a service company? Maybe you gave them a free e book. Um, on S E O. So you may go. Hey, you want to get started? Do you really want to get started and don't know and wanted and just want somebody do it? Well, here's an introductory offer where you can get started for your first month for $1 you know ? And I'm like, Whoa, you know, $1 then, you know, you can cancel at the end of the month if you don't like it. I mean, if you really want to start a CEO, and all you gotta do is invest a dollar you got on the on the end of us the service provider. You got to make sure that, you know, my services are impeccable. So So that person wants to, you know, that that person stays after that dollar investment. But here's an opportunity for you to get them to make a small contribution. Open up the wallet a little bit more. If they have opened it, open it up because they haven't opened it up and make a small maybe a $7.7 dollars or $30. You know, regular value is is $900. We're going to give it to you today for $89. You know, you have. You figure out how your price and goes, but here's an opportunity to get them to go. You know what? For 89 bucks, I'm willing to take that chance because I know what it normally would cost. And I know eventually I'm gonna have to do this. So don't miss the opportunity with a thank you page and, of course, a video to be able to explain that value in a way that they get it and they move forward that move onto our next video 17. 17 Sales Videos: Now let's talk about the cells video So the cells video is all about converting leads into sales. Very simple. You offer them a product or service that helps them solve their problem. Um, and you can even ask him to share this offer with others. And so weaken took a dive a little bit into that. You can do that. Almost all of the pages you can have people to share, you know this year. But this is particularly because they made a purchase or they're about to make a purchase over. They're gonna make a purchase, and they can tell people that they made the purchase, which speaks more volume to you than not. So this video, now the thank you video saying same thing lengthwise, 30 seconds a minute, Max. Usually I save in 30 seconds. Just say thanks. Here's what's next. Get out, get in and get out. Sounds videos. I had one cell video that was 20 minutes long. It's like one of those long form cells letters that you get at the end of day. Anybody watching the cells video is really invested in the time that it's gonna take to understand. Is this product, the best product for me. So this gives you a license to make this thing long? As long as it needs to be so. Remember what I said about my friend, who watched my about video and called me and said, Hey, I want to know more about it. Then I sent him the cells page with the cells video on it, because now I talked him a little bit, so he was really excited. And I told him, I go, there's the cells. Video will go deep into it. So you really understand what it is. And I think that made him feel really good about the fact that I'm not trying to sell him. I'm trying to make sure the understands before he makes a purchase, So he feels like he made the right choice. Okay, so, um, that video was 20 minutes moan, And at the end of the day, I made $1000 on that first transaction. Okay, so you're often of a product or service that is specifically align toe. What got them into the whole funnel in the first place. Then I was asking him to share it. You know, a lot of stuff is automated on the platform, so it's not like your tournament. Share it. It's on the page. It goes a share this with your colleagues, Janice, with people who you think with benefit from this same approaches you just made. So that's yourselves video. So that's pretty straightforward. So let's move on to our next video. 18. 18 Live Streaming Videos: So now let's get into live streaming. And so this is Ah, this is a big one. This is Ah, hot one. This is what's happening now and what's gonna most likely be happening in the future until something else bigger comes along. So first thing you want to think about is picking your prefer live streaming platform, whether it's Facebook YouTube instagram. Now we have tick talk. We have, um we have ah, Snapchat. So where is your audience? So you can determine where you're gonna go for live streaming so you can do this a lot different ways. And like I said, you're gonna and here and there is no difference here than those traffic generating videos we want to talk about focus on a single topic for discussion. What that does is that gives you a lot more ammo, gives you a lot more opportunities to talk about more things over a longer period of time. If you you blast everything out, you know, in one session and you got nothing else to talk about, so sticks to a specific topic that people can gather, gather around and talk about and do a deep dive one and then next month or next week or however long you do your next one. You know, you can dive into another part of that category of topic. So what have you so in the one of the most important, the best things about being live is in interaction, feedback, engagement. So you want to encourage that interaction would encourage that. Be back you want You want to encourage that engagement, You know, for me to be on live, and I go a Julia. See your on. Hey, it was I'm so happy. Make sure you know I'm gonna talk about this. Make sure you give me your opinion about that. I'm talking to Julie, and she's like, Oh, my God, he's talking to me. You know, I shot people out and you'll see other guys professionals do this, you know, I got a friend. His name is Ramon Way every Sunday night, and he goes live on Facebook with Ash Ramon, right, You know, and so it's very general because they see a national movement, more room rate. But, you know, which gives him the opportunity to talk about a lot of things would be very spontaneous, you know, and the people that he that they're on their you know, they can talk about everything from customer service to marketing to Thio, Thio, whatever it is that the that that he can discuss, they can talk about and sometimes he doesn't even really talk about it. He just puts the thought out there and feeds off with the people, you know. And that is a great strategy, because at the end of the day, I prefer to hear from them than their human for me, because that's how I get. Make sure I got some new content that resonates with them, thinking, when I really love to hear more on this topic, I'm going, You got it? That'll be something that's on my list of things that it's gonna be coming up because you asked for it. So my streaming very important because also, I had mentioned before. These platforms give priority to when you're going live, so they notify your followers. Hey, this person's life and people start clicking on it and they get used to it. If you can put it on the schedule like my friend Ramon Ramon Ray, who does eight oclock every Sunday Eastern standard time. They're note that at that time he's going to go live 19. 19 Webinars: Let's talk about video webinars. So these are just webinars. Webinars are powerful tools, especially for the middle. Are the buyers journey? And so at this point, this is a deep dive on. Usually it's very is very specific topic where people were having problems or they're trying to achieve goals and can lead to a lot of cells for you because it's deep enough where they're going to get enough information. But it's also deep enough with them to realize that you probably the person that could help them get their the fastest. So webinars help build trust and position you as an authority. Um, you can go. You can do a deep dive on a specific topic to show your expertise. It provides real time interaction with your target audience, just like being lied, because the only difference is, is you're talking to them. They can't really talk to you other than the chat box, but you can still communicate with them and answer the questions in real time. Um, and you can make a strong in a line offer to the attendees and through this system is where you're able to make a higher price ticket item um, offer. So you know, you can do a $2000.3000 dollars or $5000 offer on this because usually the people on these Webinars, or usually people who really or are our third or in thirst for this knowledge and looking for solutions, whether they have to do themselves or they're looking to find out, How do I hire a professional to do this for me? What is it gonna take? So the video webinars I still do them to this day are still very powerful tools. And one thing I want to throw in real quick. You'll hear these guys that says, This is dead. That's dead. Email marketing is dead At the end of the day. No one tool can make you a overnight success. You have to be leveraging a combination of these tools as part of your video marketing strategy. You know, blocos, video, webinars and and for your clothes called action testimonials with in case studies. All these come together form a very cohesive marketing plan that itself becomes the foundation of your of your of your legion and your conversion system, and when you're leveraging them as it as a combination of tools, you have a better opportunity toe to nurture better leads who turn into better customers for your business. 20. 20 Advertising & Promotional Videos: Let's talk about the advertising slash promotional video and I and they're both separate and the same. You know, I do promotional videos. Why don't put any money behind them? But then I do advertising videos, and then I sometimes swapped him. I can put some promotion money behind Promotional, and then sometimes I just put my advertising videos out there on my social channels without any money behind them, to see if I can get some chatter on him before I decided to put money behind him. So you know you can. But either way you need to be having them. And here are some things that they can dio, you know, they're specifically there. One job is to drive traffic to your website, Teoh the landing pages and to your offers. You know that's the only thing that therefore, and they can hyper target your best prospects and motivate the your leads to buy so two things You can hyper focus it for your best prospects, and they can also motivate your leads to buy, depending on where you place it in your funnel in your you nurture sequence and the cool thing about video. As of right now is is very, very, very cheap to use video in advertising. Um, when you look at using video versus using a static image, a static image can cost you say, on Facebook. 50 cents a dollar, $2 a click we're or three second video of you is 1 to 4 cents, you know, 45 cents on Facebook, 1 to 2 cents on YouTube. So is really, really cheap. Now it's a different way of measuring success. But at the end of the day, you know you want to be a B testing some of this stop. That's a whole another conversation. But, you know, leveraging video is a really inexpensive way to get traffic to your website, into your property and your products. So advertising promotional videos, great tools to do that. 21. 21 Additional Marketing Videos: Here are a few more marketing videos that you can use. We have demo videos, and that's if you're a SAS company or if you have any, any component of your services that require you to be able to demo it in on a computer through screen capture. What have you, um, event videos? Great. These are great way if you're doing it events and then you break that thing up into sections and you drip that thing across multiple platforms on your website on your social media channels, even put a little money behind it. You know, one thing I just finished doing was a ah virtual summit, and so one of things we're doing. So that was 100% on lines. There was no venue. There was no people gathering together, so I won't be able to cut together a an event promo reel. But what I can do is I had some great speakers who dropped some incredible knowledge. So I'm gonna take, like, 30 seconds from each speaker and just package it up nicely with a little bumper, a little bit of music, maybe, and put it out there on social media with almost like a trailer s so people could go while that was a really good piece of a nugget of information. And then I'm gonna go to get more of this, you should watch their entire talk. You know, there's so many different ways you can leverage video. So expert interviews. And that's kind of what I did. Expert interviews that I'm gonna pull out and create some some some some small clips around explainer videos, animated videos, case studies and testimonials. Let's talk quickly about case studies and testimonials. One thing I did was I had a few of my clients a couple years ago, specifically in the video aspect. I said, What I want to do is I want you to record a video testimonial for me, and I said, But there that I need you to do it a certain way. So what is that? I said, Don't go on and go, Hey, Jimmy is great, you know, loved working with, um, true professional always does the right thing. I recommend it to everybody That doesn't tell me anything. Doesn't tell the in user or the prospect anything. Why you haven't told what your problem was and you haven't told how I helped you fix that problem. So that's what you want people to do. Those two things. What was the problem that you had before the person before you found that me and then to How did I help you So before I would be producing these videos and they weren't doing anything, and I felt like I was wasting my time. Then I met with Jimmy, and what I realized is I actually had pretty decent videos. I just wasn't putting. I wasn't leverage in the right way. So he put in a series of things, tips and tricks and this and that and help me optimize my videos the right way. And before, when I was getting three video three hits a day. Now I'm getting 300 hits a day, and and and so far I've I've already closed 20 clients. That is a testimonial video. Now the other part of that is, don't get that great video, though it on YouTube and Go Bob's testimonial video. Because no one's ever going to search for Bob's testimonial video. You're gonna name it based on what you what the problem was or the solution waas. But you know where you want to put it on the buyers journey. So you know how I was able to turn a video getting three views of weak 2 300 videos, 300 views a week, You know, something like that. Now, that's first of all, compelling title. And two, That is something that people will go. Yes, I want to know what happened there. And now they discover you as this as a problem solver for the same problem that they're having that the other guy had. So you also got 3 60 virtual videos or augmented reality and personal messages. So I went diving the personal messages real quick because there are platforms out there now that allow you to to create personal messages to people and specifically in, like, Gmail or on LinkedIn. So, once again, you can't put an actual video in messages. What you end up doing is you're you're on 1/3 party platform and you record. Hey, John, this is Jimmy. I want to thank you for connected with me. Only then I look forward to learning more about you. And if you want to know more about me, definitely shoot me a message. My my door is always open, and I'm always open to see. Now we can collaborate, you know. And what happens is down that that tool will take a screenshot, you know, and place it into linked in or place it into your video email server provider. So when they get that email is personal to that particular person on Lee. Now, one court tip is to maybe write their name on a piece of paper and have it here that says Bob or John or Lisa or Mary like this. Hi, Mary, you know, because what's gonna happen now when they see the thumb? Now they're gonna mainly realize that's not a candidate that's not a can video. That's my name. Unless he's talking to every Mary on the planet, he's probably talking directly to me. And so that could set. So this is a personal message that you can you can send out to people. And so, of course, this is not gonna work if you have your if you deal like, if you like, best buy and you deal with thousands of customers a day. But if you're consult saying if you're someone who you know, does a lot of one on one b two b versus Be to see. That is a great tour that you can use really personalize on outreach to someone after you connect it with them. 22. 22 Optimizing Your Videos: So now let's move on to optimizing your videos. So optimizing your videos is the next step after you've created them. So you did the keyword research. You you know, you created the videos, you recorded them, edit them up. Now you're uploaded them weather is to YouTube or whether it's to video or wished you were have you? Well, now you're optimizing now you need to optimize the video. So what do the things that you need to optimize you to optimize the video title with the keyword phrase So? And I could say it depending on what the keyword waas. If you can try to push that keyword to the front of the of the title. If not, then as long as this in the title, you know you're gonna add a description, you're gonna add tags, you're gonna add a custom thumb. Young. We talked a lot about custom thumbnails. Um, you're gonna add the transcript. You know, you can upload the transcript to the video because at the end of the day, just like an image Google can't see and Google can't read, so Ah, you can't It can't understand the video. I say it can read? I guess so you you upload the transcript to the video. So now it knows what the videos about. But you also create that you also complacent video the copy of the video transcript in on a land on the page on your website as a bar post and in bed. The video there. So now it reads the video freezes the page, but it also has the video there as well. Okay, um, you gotta add those gonna add a description, whether it's on YouTube or whiskey or video, which is kind of just like a watered down, broken down version of what the overall video is all about, you know? So these air these airways for you to be able to rank this video. Now, at the end of the day, you could rank a video way faster on on Google. Then you can rank the article so But when you combine the both, you have an opportunity to rank both the video and the article. So having that video. So don't just send the traffic to YouTube or to another platform. Take that video and embedded onto a ah block post on your website. Take that copy. You know the transcript. Cleaning up a little bit. Make it really limit. More like a block post. Now you got the block forced. You got the video above the fold. When I say above the fold, that means they don't have to scroll down on the video. They don't have to scroll down on the Web page to see the video. Keep the video up top. They can see the video. So that serve. They may want to watch the video. They may want to read the article, but Google will go. I'm gonna rank the video. It may be number Spot number two, and the article may rank it spot number six. Now you got Now you own. You own two spots on the first page of Google. The surface for that particular keyword. How cool is that? This is why you want to optimize. Because now forget about paid traffic. Now you're getting yourself an opportunity to get organic traffic that is technically free . And I say technically, because nothing's ever free, it costs you. Your time did to research the topic, to write the type of to record the video and on this net. So there's no such thing. It's free. Everything costs is just a matter of your perspective of what that means. Okay, now the other thing you want to be able to do to create some synergy and also to create some authority on your website that you're going to include links to other videos, block posts and even affiliate products, which could actually two cells. Especially if you're talking about tools and things that they can use. They can go online and buy, so you'll want to. So if you're mentioning certain things in your video and you have other block posts or videos that that that do deeper dives linked to them in the article, you know, do annotations on the video where they can click on the video and go to another video, you know, create that Web. That interconnected Web on your website, which now tells Google which pages on your website have more authority because there's a lot of traffic, a lot of linking going towards a specific page, you know, So that page becomes a dominant page of that cluster because that, you know, like a would call that a pillar coaster, Um, that more on that later. Maybe, But you know, there are other ways. You know, there's additional things you can do, optimize and also increase the amount of traffic coming organically to not only that video , but to your website. 23. 23 Call To Actions in Your Video: So now let's talk about one of the most overlooked aspects of video and video marketing, and that's a strong Carter action, you know, if any and usually most people forget to even do a call to action to give all this great information. And they're like, OK, thanks a lot for watching the video. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. You need to be like And this is what I want you to do next. Thanks for watching this video we'd like you to do if you enjoyed this video. Sam called the action like the page. I don't care if even if you say, like the page, which is a very weak got action. But it's better than not saying anything at all because you want to tell them to do something today so somebody could take action. So you want to set a goal to measure so that you want to drive traffic to a specific page and you know, so out of everybody that watched the video, how many people actually went to that page? I said go. That you could measure, customize and offered to be consistent with the message. So if you're planning a series of videos that are aligned around a specific product. Then you know that you're gonna drive all that traffic from those series of videos. That one place. Or maybe you're gonna do a video for each one of your products and drive traffic to each one of those videos. Okay, you can do something like that. Um, make sure that you offer in real value. Um, it knows, called actions. So, you know, is it is it a stronger card action to get on the phone with you for consultation? Or do you send them to another e book or something that dive a little deeper and gives them a little bit more information, you know, do you all from a little bit of both? You know, if you're ready to move forward now, give me a call. Our schedule appointment with me, Or you can If you're not ready for that, I recommend that you read this bar post on this that you can drive into a block pose. You know what? You want to see them toe optimize page. Not your home page. You know, you should never be sending peak traffic to your home page. You know, they confined that generally through a search of your business of your company. But you want to be sending traffic to a specific page based on your topic so you can continue a conversation. And that's what this is all about, continuing a conversation so they can get into your system somehow. So then you can have a relationship that you can start to nurture to you, to the point where they feel that you know, I want to spend money with this person. I want to be able to connect him and be around this person a lot. 24. 24 Video Hardware: So now let's talk about some of the hardware and I mentioned before. This course is not about how to produce video, but I'll give you some tools that you should definitely have, so you can do it easily. You should have a camera, a DSLR camera, you know, very cheap these days or at the end of day your camera phone cause there's just as good now in regards to the quality of the picture. But what needs to be always taken into consideration is the audio recording source. So your microphone, whether it's ah, Mike like the one I'm using here to record this course or lab earlier that connects two year your you know, your shirt and you can get wired Laval ears. You know that if you're using your phone, you can go to like a B NH or order one online and you know it could be a six foot wire. You run it on your shirt clipping here, and then you plug the other end into your phone. So you've got great audio, you know, a decent lighting source. And so you know, you need to make sure that you lit well. Don't record the video with your back to the sun because you're gonna silhouette out, turn around if you're outside and make sure the sun is hitting you in the face. So you're lit, you know, indoors. Make sure it's not too dark. Um, platforms, let's talk about, you know, you gotta make sure that, you know, depending on the platform. So when do I use whist, AEA or when I use video versus YouTube? YouTube is for traffic video Wednesday. A is for marketing, you know, advanced marketing. So my, my, my traffic generating videos, or usually on YouTube and sometimes on whisky of or video, depending on how high leverage them. You know, um, if I have training videos that I want to reserve for people who start interacting with me, I don't put them on YouTube because then that makes them accessible to everybody. Even if I If I say the video is either private or I say the video is unlisted universe, unlisted people can share that video. When I put it on, um, video, I can set restrictions on Lee. Certain people are only certain domains can get access to that video. They can't download it. They can't you know they can't do certain things? That video. So this is where you start looking at. How do I leverage these different hosting platforms? At the end of the day, the most important thing is making sure you have great content. It doesn't matter how pretty the video is if the content is boring or the content is not compelling enough or the content is not original or unique to you. If you have the means, a telephone to some type of teleprompter once you start producing five or six or seven videos and those videos of three minutes four minutes, five minutes, 10 minutes long, and you really want to make sure that they're what they're supposed to be, that teleprompters saves your. But you know, you know, without my teleprompter. I have a teleprompter. I use it probably 30% of the time now and ask usually for more cells videos, because there's things I definitely want to see in the video. I want to try to keep it short and sweet and and I just got to make sure that certain things were said and so you can use a teleprompter. And at the end of day. Just keep it simple. You know, I rather you talked with for 30 seconds and get something out and try to talk for two minutes, repeating yourself and not sure and, you know, just just keep it simple. Start with what you got. Get your foot in the water and, you know, get some videos out there, okay? 25. Additional Options for Producing Video: Here's some other great options for helping you produce great content. You can use outsourcing websites like 99 designs and fiber company sites like that that can either help you editing that can help you do bumpers. They can. You know, you can find freelancers that will come to your office or your place of business or your home and film you, you know, do you know Internal Team? Maybe you've got a team of people in your office, your your ah, practice, a dental practice, chiropractic practice. A law firm Got to be somebody in that office that likes to the likes to do video that has the capability of doing some basic editing. That doesn't doesn't mind being the video producer on call for the company, you know, freelance professionals going to freelance Web sites. And then, of course, hiring a production company that specialize in video production. Well, you're probably going to spend a bit of money, you know, because now you're talking, Maybe there bring it. Like I said, they're doing the aerial stop they're doing, you know, they're bringing in actors. Maybe they're, you know, they're taking your production double to the next level you're gonna need a professional production company. Do that. So these are the other options here. So sometimes what my clients to do is they are hired before the four day they get 10 hours on short with my equipment. And we did some pre pro in advanced preproduction, and we kind of mapped out all the things that we want to talk about, Um, in videos. And I just roll camera and we film as much as we possibly can in either 1/2 day time or a full day time and all that is under one price and then the at and is separate, You know, maybe the editing. Yet the editing is a separate cost, but at least you can knock out. You can only would do one video. You need to work on that. But if you could knock out 10 15 videos when you got yourself about the content that you can go all right now, you know, I want to look at how I could monetize this for me and my clients. I'm always looking like looking at all right. This is great. This is an investment. So how are we going to try to figure out how we're gonna monetize this, you know? So this is not an expense. It is an investment. 26. 26 Editing Software: Let's talk about editing software real quick. There is some free software, whether you're on PC or whether you're on Matt. I'm a final cut pro guy. I also have Adobe Premiere, but I don't use it as much. Final cut pro was specifically for for eyes specifically for Mac Adobe from mirrors for Mac and PC Apple Movie and, of course, is apple moviemakers. Apiece is a PC based camp. Tasia is definitely PC. It might be Mac, I'm not sure. Screen flow, DaVinci resolve boomer rain after effects and apple motion. So these air, you know, based video editing systems, but also graphic design grant motion graphic editors as well. So the pendant out you know how crazy you want to get these air. This is some of the editing software I recommend. 27. 27 Video Platforms: So let's talk about those video platforms that I mentioned before. So you've got your basics. You got your YouTube, your Facebook, which I could say that the in the date for May or your social media channels and what I mean by that is they have a built in audience. So they already have people that can immediately start to, um, you know, engage with your content a whisky of video, daily motions, a sprout video, bright, bright cold vidyard hippo video. They don't have a built in audience, so that's why that's the difference. So they're just the platform. But their biltmore for businesses to be able to look a deeper analytics to be able to focus more on conversion to be able to focus on, you know, you know, at what point in the video are people dropping out so I can? And at that video, And here's a big difference between a whiskey and video toe, a Facebook and YouTube, especially YouTube YouTube. You can't upload. You can't re upload a video, um, and replace it because you lose all the juice that that video has got are the views, everything you can do that on video, and I think you could do it on whiskey as well. Yes, you can. Actually, just recently did that. So you can replace the video and keep the keep the statistics from the original video. Could you probably usually just made a quick and easy edit to it. Maybe there was a misspelling of a worry or something. You cannot do that on YouTube. And I don't think you can do that on Facebook. I have to double check. OK, but these are some of the big differences. But like I said, I leverage social media and wisdom. I mean, and video. I actually use video. Now, um, one thing you want to keep in mind people may ask. Well, you know which one should I use? You can actually use all of them because, unlike content where you unlike, like, actual blam polls, where you can't post block post on multiple platforms like you can't you can't post the ball post on medium, and it also posted on your on your on your website and then post it on. Say you're writing for Entrepreneur Magazine and posted there because that's looked at a duplicate content. But what you can't. But you can't do that with video. You can upload it to numerous, um, you video platforms at the same time and it is not considered duplicate content. Don't know why, but that's good for people who do video. It just gives you more opportunity to get more eyeballs on that video. So you know, the key is when you're driving traffic intentionally, where you sit in traffic and I'll use you. Send the traffic on bed, the video on my home page, and that's always where I'm going to send my traffic. When I'm specifically in charge of directing traffic somewhere. I'm not sitting in traffic to another site. I'm not sending traffic to YouTube. I'm not sending traffic to Facebook. I'm not sending traffic to video. I'm sending traffic to the video that I bet it on my website or my client's website 28. 28 Publishing and Marketing: Now let's get into the final phase of this course, which is publishing and marketing, and then this one we're not going to dive too deep is just gonna be enough for you to understand, because as of right now, there's a lot for you to do based on everything that I've covered so far. So he was just a few things you're gonna wanna look at doing. Look at setting up as you're getting deeper into this entire, you know, video marketing thing. So you're gonna want to use some type of marketing calendar. And if you already have a calendar for your blog's and for your Social Media Post, you could just add this into that. You know, Either way, you should have some type of content marketing calendar that you're using. So you do know what's going on because a calendar is not just for, you know, trying to plan out stuff like this. You also can have holidays in there and things that matter to your industry in there. So now you're you're preparing yourself in advance. So next to you know, Halloween is here on Wednesday and and you're going, Oh, man, we could have did something cool for Halloween for video. But you know, these calendars really help you prepare not only now, but way in advance of things that makes you look so prepared and you're able to capitalize on on on that. So create a shooting published schedule and don't miss it. So, you know, designated day one day of the month. The first Monday of the month is our content, video content, creation days when we sit down and we hash out some constant ideas and then maybe the second, the third Monday of the month, we shoot every third Monday of the month, we shoot what we talked about. Could you need some time to prepare the content? You know, whether you have to write it, whether you're you're repurpose in it from a block post from an e book from a book that you may have written. And now you're just taking content out of that. Wherever you're sourcing your content, you know, you got that shoot day and now you know, you got two weeks after that shoot day that that content ready to start to be dripped out that following month, so create your shoot date and you're publishing date. Okay, plan your social media outreach and this is our party A calendar include video thumbnails in those emails because, like I said, when you don't skip this step, make it compelling enough for people to want to click on these emails. Now let's look at leveraging technology so your CRM customer relationship management tool. This is where the difference comes in. Using YouTube versus a video Oresteia of emu on Wisteria will integrate directly into your CRM where u two will not where you can now start to use the data that you're getting from the people. Viewing your videos, mrs. With Small Business Marketing site comes in. Um, you can score them. Someone who watched the entire cells Video gets the highest score. There's someone who only watched 25% of that video your marketing automation platforms. You can tie it to your email service, provided your entire two year your marketing platform. If you're in a tough spot, you know they had to help spot marketing platforms. You know, your email campaign software, like your active campaigns and your constant contacts and all those you know there's an opportunity there for you delivers technology. In addition to that, to transfer that data somewhere where you can start to leverage other tools to deliver a mawr custom response to the people that you've been courting for probably the last two weeks, month to month, six months, what have you and being able to see that history And then you want to set those KP eyes, you know, determine what what it is that you're trying to achieve, you know? And then you want to be able to look at the analytics, and I can say this is another key component to you leveraging a video or a wish CIA over YouTube because you can see that real data, how people are interacting with those videos where they're dropping off if they're making it through the whole video that they watch two of those videos if they watch five of those videos now what? I have to die back here and can continue to hammer this home when you have somebody who's in your CRE, um, a prospect or lead, and you can't tell by on YouTube if they watch three videos from you. But if you've been using a tool that's tied to your C area like a wish Dio or video, you can you can see that this person watch seven videos in the last month They're engaged. What do I need to do to put something in front of them? Because obviously they're they're they're in need of something from me. That information is powerful. Lead scoring, like I said and conversion tracking. So these were things you want to look at when it comes to publishing and additional marketing, which I should say, actually stay here analytics as well. So these are things that you want to look at. 29. 29 Conclusion: Finally, I like to say congratulations. You have completed the course. We're gonna have a few downloads for you that you can use to kind of continue this and actually leverage some of the stuff you learn here today so you can get started with your video marketing program immediately. So don't wait. Go ahead and start getting started. And we hope to see you guys making great videos on the Internet. Keep us, Keep us posted and let us know how you're doing. We love to see your progress. Finally, I want to say again is my pleasure to be able to bring this course to you today. My name is Jimmy News An. You can reach me directly at Jimmy and jimmy newsome dot com. You can reach it to reach out to me at 6466437881 you can request a free inbound marketing assessment. Or you could just talk to me in general about other things that you're doing and we'll see if I could help you find me on social media. Definitely connect with me there. And, you know, I just love marketing. I lived with this Stop. So again, thank you. And congratulations for completing this course