Developing New Habits And Eliminating Bad Ones So You Can Thrive | Marc Guberti | Skillshare

Developing New Habits And Eliminating Bad Ones So You Can Thrive

Marc Guberti, Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer, Author

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19 Lessons (1h 1m)
    • 1. Introduction Habits Course

    • 2. You Dont Have To Be Flawless To Start

    • 3. Envision The Big Picture

    • 4. Creating A Plan For Gaining Certain Habits

    • 5. How To Properly Factor In Your Schedule

    • 6. Heres How Habit Formation Works

    • 7. Identify The Habits That You Want To Have

    • 8. Dont Stress About What You Cannot Control

    • 9. Dont Try To Do Too Much At Once

    • 10. Do A Little Bit Each Day

    • 11. Expanding Upon Current Habits

    • 12. The Way You Master One Habit Can Be Used To Master Another Habit

    • 13. Keep The Streak Alive

    • 14. Surround Yourself With The Right People

    • 15. Make Yourself Accountable

    • 16. Write In A Journal Every Day

    • 17. Reward Yourself When You Complete The Work

    • 18. What To Do When You Are On A Cold Streak

    • 19. Conclusion Habits Course


About This Class

You have ambitions that you think about every day. You envision your ideal life and strive to make that envision a reality. Regardless of what types of goals you are pursuing in your life, you need to develop habits that will help you get there.

Habit development allows us to make certain tasks become effortless. For better or for worse, habits already play a strong role in our lives. Some people can effortlessly write blog post after blog post while other people struggle to get their goals done.

What you accomplish in your lifetime is dependent on the habits you build. Your habits define who you are and who you become. The most successful people in the world are led by the right habits. 

The biggest misconception about habits is that we are born with our habits. The way we are is the way we will always be. However, habits can be changed and morphed at any time, but only if you know how habit development works.

In this course, you will discover how to build the right habits in your life and eliminate the habits that are slowing you down.

If you are ready to take your habit development to the next level, then click "Take This Course" now.

What are the requirements?

  • You can use this course with any level of experience in habit development

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Learn the exact cycle of habit creation so they can change the habits that they live by
  • Discover how habit development works so they can eliminate bad habits for good
  • Respond to the work associated with habit development so the workload is neither too difficult nor overwhelming
  • Students will learn how to transform their lives by changing one habit at a time

What is the target audience?

  • If you want to transform your life by eliminating the bad habit,s and adding more of the good habits to your life, then you may benefit greatly from taking this course