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Developing Leadership Skills: Leadership Personality, Motivation, and Creativity

teacher avatar Mathias Sager, Happy Colorful Growth

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

12 Lessons (1h 24m)
    • 1. Developing Leadership Skills Lecture 1 V03 final

    • 2. Developing Leadership Skills Lecture 2 V03 final

    • 3. Developing Leadership Skills Lecture 3 V04 final

    • 4. Developing Leadership Skills Lecture 4 V03 final

    • 5. Developing Leadership Skills Lecture 5 V02 final

    • 6. Developing Leadership Skills Lecture 6 V02 final

    • 7. Developing Leadership Skills Lecture 7 V02 final

    • 8. Developing Leadership Skills Lecture 8 V02 final

    • 9. Developing Leadership Skills Lecture 9 V02 final

    • 10. Developing Leadership Skills Lecture 10 V02 final

    • 11. Developing Leadership Skills Lecture 11 V04 final

    • 12. Developing Leadership Skills Lecture 12 V02 final

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About This Class

Intro video:

The course ‘Developing Leadership Skills’ is a compelling summary of latest research and good practices that may well become your passport to explore new ways of effective leadership styles, increased levels of motivation, and untapped creativity. 

Whether you are an HR practitioner, an aspiring or current leader, an executive coach, or a student, this logically structured course will help you in becoming personally and professionally more effective and efficient. You are offered practical tools for insight and understanding of your possible

- roles in team situations, 
- conflict management style, 
- successful negotiation strategies, 
- stress management, 
- motivation, 
- better decision-making, as well as 
- unlocking of your innovation capacity. 

The goal of this course is to make sure you will find answers to the questions that are relevant for personal growth and a thriving career. Compact, straightforward, and with numerous references to further information, the interdisciplinary, innovative, and cross-cultural knowledge and perspectives presented in the twelve short lectures will benefit your well-being and success as a dynamic leader and the common good alike.

Meet Your Teacher

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Mathias Sager

Happy Colorful Growth


Hello and welcome!

I was born in Zurich in 1975 and grew up in Switzerland. Currently, I'm living in Tokyo. I love open-minded people everywhere. I am passionate about and working relentlessly for developing human potential, which is an overarching theme throughout all my work that is inspired by extensive managerial experience, organizational psychology research, and learning and development practice.

I have worked as a teacher, a leadership trainer, as well as a senior manager responsible for client relationships, counseling, and virtual teams around the world. Also, I'm a social entrepreneur and serving as a strategy and leadership advisor in different ways. My goal is to inspire with interdisciplinary, innovative, and cross-cultural a... See full profile

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1. Developing Leadership Skills Lecture 1 V03 final: Hello and welcome to the course. Your leadership skills. Developing self efficacy, motivation and creativity. Thanks for having chosen this, I hope, comprehensive and yet very compact course that leads you through personal, organisational and contextual aspects of leadership and personal development. The's Course provides you with a summary of latest research on good practices that may well become your passports to explore new ways off effective leadership styles, increased levels of motivation and untapped creative. I have designed this course to benefit you personally on keeping in mind how to help you to make a difference in the team's you are working with. You will find plenty off opportunity to one learning about the latest theoretical concepts . Second, deepening the information with real life cases and illustrative examples. And third, applying your knowledge and train your skills with short practical reflections on exercise . Whether you are an H R practitioner, aspiring, your current leader, an executive coach or a student is logical. Instructed course may help you in becoming personal professionally, more effective and efficient. You are offered practical tools for inside on understanding off your possible roles in team situations. Conflict management's died, successful negotiation strategies, stress management, motivation. Better decision making, as well as unlocking off your innovation capacity is always a big promise, I know, but I really wanted indeed to make sure that you will find the relevant questions and answers to help you develop personal growth and the thriving carrier. I also hope that you'll find it helpful. That document and many references to further information. The questions this course addresses are what is your personal leadership, Stan, How can you always come? Cognitive bias on become a selfish What does it take to be an authentic leader who is able to enhance team members intrinsic motivation? What's the key to creating new value and innovative change? How can you psychologically empower yourself on others and increase opportunities and performance not only at the individual level but also at the organization of level? I'm very happy to have you here. I'd like to invite you to introduce yourself in the Q and A respectively command section on , or to visit my block and connect with me on social media. Leadership skills are such an important and interesting topic. I'd really love to further discuss it in time. My name is not your soccer on this you can hear are applying a certain accent in my non native English. Can you guess what the accent is? German? Almost the Swiss Germans are welcome. Swiss German means creating. Now you might understand. So So I hope this accent often accent is not distracted too much from them, as I think, great quality content that I'm so happy to present at this place. Also, I'd like to think the great video creation team that was an amazing help to realize the mission. Thank you quickly regarding my background. Have always bean passionate about developing human potential. Beat as a teacher, a leadership trainer, a senior manager responsible for plant relationships, direct reports and virtual teams around the world, or as a social entrepreneur, as I'm currently living in Japan and serving as a strategy and leadership advisor in different ways. Now I wish you good learning with this courses combination off interdisciplinary, innovative on cross cultural perspectives presented in 12 short lectures aimed that began benefiting your well being and success was a dynamic leader. Hands the common good alike many things and see you soon again 2. Developing Leadership Skills Lecture 2 V03 final: Hello and welcome to the lecture Leadership. Steals and stats Leadership can be alert, understanding and developing leadership skills. It's a fundamental redlined throughout this whole course. There are many was fortuitous to assess use for examples. Feedback. Also, one can read about leadership reserves leaders. Success stories learn taking on trained leadership competences. However, real world experience is still the best methods in combination with above mentioned to develop leadership skills. While there have bean debates about how much leadership skills are genetically predisposed and how much they are learned, it seems to be clear that the ship can you learn through more or less effort put into the learning person. True leadership may always involve hard work combined with vision to develop leadership skills. Disgusting. This corsage are, amongst others, self awareness, self efficacy, conflict management, negotiation, decision making skills, stress management as well as cranky. The understanding on successful development of those skills. Hands on a significant over are keeping state off mind. Ah, healthy and wise state of mind is determining positive human experience for temple in a car joy, creativity and thriving, for example, good decision making on honest treatment. A big old exorcists, you know such positively radiating leaders. What this relationship between these leader on his heart follows. What do you think you need to know? To develop such qualities is, well, transformational leadership. Leadership style definitions are Nunes one off the most commonly described. His transformation. Transformational leadership is based on the exemplary leader is characterized by five nature princes. What modeling the way by integrity through alignment. Hey, year on ideal personal professional mums. Second, inspiring a shared vision by fostering participation, improvement and possibilities. Third, challenging process by its very mentally, with majorities on ideas for enabling others to act by facilitating collaboration. It's just come community, allowing choices fifth, encouraging the heart by recognising others contribution to the community. Do you think about the possible chief heart months? CH. Transformational leadership Stein is especially super before situations that's required information sharing, early learning and development. Transactional leaders are required for generating more competitive. Importantly, when choosing your leaderships, time considered that it is not only an economic function. For that you have an impact from society overall, sometimes two terms. Manager leader All confused. Simply put these courses about leaders a lot about management in the sense off administration and control produces. Also, you won't find much about skills. The human resource manager, H M Business Strategy government executed field in his course. Instead, you will find a focus on social emotional aspects of ammunition. Social emotional aspects of leadership are becoming increasingly needed popular on reserved because communication perspective is found to be essential for participatory forms that foursome or emperor involvement according to democratic principles, especially also multicultural environments. Shrugs cultural values. A single description off to primary factors for leadership, success independent, off culture or country of origin of a person. Openness versus conservation and south enhancement versus self transcendence are critical for learning and development. Savva figures on individual is self efficient. When you're she believes in, the ability and possibility could be successfully. The completion of a test believe in training and education as improving self efficacy is in irritable Wisconsin. For your well being and current belief in your ability to learn how to be successful is inclusive, I'd be able to service a role model yourself. If you're not curious yourself, how can you spark interest in others? On only fear inspired can inspire your colleagues and helping yourself and obviously, leadership qualities, everything. The resulting increase for the dignity of the whole team and produce better results for organization, self confidence and a positive attitude. South confidence means believing in one self, which is increasing likelihood. Others to just two on a pre requisite for collaboration. Loyalty, organization of cultures and values and attitudes influenced that people's self confidence is, well. It is difficult to change an entire cult if all about it is always possible, for example, to strange self esteem and promote positive attitudes to create desired behavior. James. To reflect on your leadership style tendency on possible opportunities for improvement, you can take a quick online leadership assessment that man stones that come I highly recommend to take a few minutes. Visit is free website. It is reflected in the results. You will find further, for example, personality based on related explanations. Next chapters as well pleased with known case of any questions or feedback. Thanks and see you soon again 3. Developing Leadership Skills Lecture 3 V04 final: and in black intellectual three personality and two big five years. What is personality, humanistic and psychodynamic? Models trying to determine that consciousness of humans reveals their personality. In other words, personality and behavior are influenced by a person's perception off the South concept. It is impossible to predict human behaviour accurate. Too many are the choices. We have any given point in time. Influences are men for, such as sociological, biological and psychological. However, there is a strong desire to understand and explain behaviour for example, to answer the following questions. Why do people behave in certain ways? How can future behavior be predicted? How can people and organisations helped and supported in going through change? Unfortunately, personality characteristics often are over generalized To simplify the explanations of behavior. It is essential to see personality as a set of tendencies and how people tends to react in a given situation. We don't act from our attendances full time, but rather we managed to adapt behavior as the situation requires. I might experience, for example, that my behavior sometimes differs between private and is installations. Why is it so important to understand personality? Personality theory is especially useful in business environments. Andi Organization Contacts to find the ideal candidates in recruitment on too much employees, idealistic working ones. For that purpose, psychologic assessments are performed. Please, no scars in such tests needs to be complemented through conversations to verify the results and to make a meaningful administration off. Psychometric tests should also be led by trained psychologists to ensure its correct application on meaningful interpretation. The importance of self awareness self awareness is part off the concept off social intelligence and, more specifically, off emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence mainly means understanding off one's emotion as well as those off others. Several awareness is extremely useful, and it is even considered to be the most crucial aspect off emotionally intelligence. If you don't understand yourself, how can you possibly start to understand others and in the Bible is fulfilling itself when the ideal self image corresponds Mr Actual Behaviour. Can you recall that feeling off fulfillment in a situation and you could prove yourself that you really have measured up to your ideal self? We all have to desire to be our biggest problems. Self awareness is to starting going for any such learning process. Simply put, if you don't know what you don't know. You cannot learn what you don't know. Personal differences, too Big Five Personality inventory This lecture introduces you could Big five Personality Elementary, While NATO Lessons will also introduce concepts such as internal locus of control, tolerance of ambiguity, learning styles and course in for evaluation, the Big Five personality change are the best accepted on most commonly used model of personality and psychology. Also, there are, um, limited personality constellations. Five factors proved to be suitable to summarize a significant portion, often individuals personality. However, one week, five factor alone. It's not true. LaBrie pathetic. Predict job performance, for example, so one needs to look at the combination. Of all the factors. Big fan factors can be described as follows. Somebody who is scoring high on extra version is considered to be outgoing and social. Emotional stability. Neuroticism means negative emotionality. Agreeableness stands for friendliness and optimism on high level in conscience, consensus nous and indicates tendency for careful delight and organized behavior on individuals with high scores in intellect. Imagination tends to be quite open to experience and unconventional personality traits, and intelligence should not be confused. Trades make suggestions how an individual may potentially coach work. In comparison, intelligence describes what a person knows, having mentioned that the Big Five trades explain a lot of ones. Personality, in fact, explained 56% which is a lot of not everything. Remaining explanation for personality needs to take into account other factors, such as emotion, engines and cultural contexts, as you will see throughout the course, taking the Big Five personality system. In my experience, taking personality tests can be intimidating. Kind off embarrassing. However, if you get yourself openly into it can be very rewarding reflection and your funds. Are you ready to take it so you can take a free assessment at, for example, open psychometric? Answering these 50 questions is done in a couple of minutes, and you will get a result looking somewhat like one displaced, I suggest to analyze than the result along the following Let Where do you have your care stands? That's the results in reasonable to your green. What was the result that most surprised? It's crucial that you don't see results as carved into stone north. Psychological advice. In state, it is a possible starting point for reflection and behavior patterns as it is vital for your career and you need to ship develop. Average score results in huge population showed that contentiousness Andi Emotional stability seemed to be especially important for leadership career. However, this may depend a lot on the environment. Type of career leader, in reserved, for example, may required completely different trades in somebody in sales. It is possible, with any trade constipation to become success. So most important, be aware off your tendencies so you can use them as the situation. This will help you to become more successful yourself. 4. Developing Leadership Skills Lecture 4 V03 final: allow and welcome to the lecture course, self evaluation and leadership stance. For a definition, core self evaluation is defined as the fundamental premises that individuals hold about themselves and their functioning in the world. It's a personality trait. Core self revelation refers to how favourable on individual is regarding his for herself on and represents the combination for other well researched personality correct systems, which are south esteem, self efficacy, emotional stability on locus of control, self esteem, self esteem is about how much we value ourselves. Boosting service team is critical to increasing job satisfaction and performance. Employees can be supported in their self esteem by celebrating and appreciating their contributions. Being kind and compassionate to South Africa's self efficacy is the degree to which somebody believes in the possibility to get things done. Self efficacy determines whether we abandon a task because we considered to be impossible to accomplish or whether we persevere under finally succeed. The following recommendations are useful when developing self efficacy in people well encourage colleagues regardless off their theoretical practical inexperience or limiting believing their capabilities. Second group and plays with singer skills together so they can develop a can do attitude together. Three provide positive feedback besides explaining improvement potential in this important way under reward for any progress. That this for create the learning environment that supports in physical and psychological welding allows from steaks and creates a lot off encouraging edge emotional stability. Emotional instability would mean that somebody's experiencing negative emotions such as anger, stress or depression. Easily social, emotional intelligence and consequently ability to connect with others is severely impaired by emotional instability or neuro disease, as it is called sometimes too through, for example, cognitive behaviour coaching emotional stability can be improved for locus of control. Concept of locus of control will be explained in more detail in a separate lecture in So In short, though, individuals with an internal locus of control believe that their own efforts can lead to success. Well, it externally focused leaders attribute outcomes. Instead, fate, destiny or any other circumstances is outside of the culture. By asking the right questions, one can review the locus of control and work to itself empowerment off employees to let them take their happiness and productivity into their own hands, Organization of context and leadership styles in today's dynamic globally, this burst and self managed teams employed. Proactive behavior is essential for organizations. Success only if we have a positive self concept are contributing deliberately to our social environment. That is why core self evaluations, like employees with high course of revelation levels, tends to perform well in their jobs. However, to result in Acto behavior, the trade needs to be activated. Better environment, organizational context, therefore, his decisive behavior, it incentivizes and still related performance creates leadership. Styles are an essential factor that influences whether the motivation is billed for proactive behavior or not authentic leadership. Authentic leadership is considered to be a positivity instrument in fostering intrinsic motivation on goodwill from colleagues. Asked the weapons in the context off authentic leadership, together with empowerment, positive personality, as measured by course in revelations, can develop and thrive together. The authentic leadership environment on the employer is positive. Course. Off evaluation lays the ground for positive experience and high performance in the organization. Ethical leadership. Not forgotten, is the financial crisis in the often mouth off ethical scandals, for example and on, and calls for improved ethical standards in management are increasing. There is a key yearning for moral leadership on all those research has found that leaders core self evaluation is positively related to ethical leadership. This is not surprising, I hope. Just think of any situation when somebody feels beautiful. He or she is acting beautiful. If we have a positive self concept on outlook on how we function in this world, we behave accordingly, positive in harmony with the world surrounding this servant leadership, servant leadership was found to contribute to effective leadership as well. Studies also indicated that leaders course of revelations positively correlate with servant leadership on ultimately with leadership effectiveness. This is a further supportive example of how vital positive core self evaluations are for positively, the perception on successfully in conclusion, positive behavior on leadership come from positive course of evaluations which itself can be forced by supportively the ship styles such as authentic, ethical. And so she Thanks a lot, please let me know in case of questions or feedback and see you soon again 5. Developing Leadership Skills Lecture 5 V02 final: allowing back into the lecture the benefits off internal locus of control leadership education has undergone a substantial shift. The life working was seem to have become more complex with competing urgencies and our would dynamic developments of issues that challenge the required qualities off the next generation of leaders leaders do they need to be able to find every new solutions and the patient's challenging situations. This can be traced back, for example, growing world population and increased economic growth expectations that cause growth issues in the following areas. Space, agricultural yields, natural resource management, energy production and consumption, climate change and global health organizations keep high aspirations in increasing profits , acting ethical, promoting incredible communities and environmental sustainability. How will it be possible to optimize all these aspect while not doing it at the cost of any other one entries that it requires leaders who believe they can respond to these challenges through their own will and efforts? A concept that this coined as locals off control definition off internal vs external locus of control, locus of control is about a person's confidence that he or she can control events in their lives. Individuals with an internal locus of control have strong sends off self responsibility on that they have to power change their lives externally controlled videos in the other, and beneath that they are not in control off their lives. Instead, good in stands. Instead, the chance opportunities and other individuals on circumstances that's determined. Arrested according to research of worse consequences from an external locus of control are heightened levels of intolerance. Anxiety on Khyber, Out traits, internal locus of control. On the other hand is associative individuals who are gathering more information, which improves that decision making process effectiveness and cheap. That's internally controlled videos benefit from increased South Africa's and is in line with these results. For example, it was found that teams with videos or relatively high internal locus of control are able off high performance in self reliant way, respectively, without the control off a supervisor. Also people with an internal locus of control, generally enjoying more happiness. Adaptation off, leadership style locus of control is one aspect off. Personality leaders with an internal locus of control can adapt their leaderships time as required to achieve the leadership objectives effectively and the fish. What's your locus of control? You can find a couple free or paid assessments related to locals of control on the intimate . The following example structure Smokers of control test results along different dimensions of life, such as achievement, career relationships and health. Comparing different tests you will see soon that becomes quite clear. How to distinguish between internal external locus is very for sure, be helpful for you to develop So Ben. Efficient self. Three lines for a leadership role Workplace are for success in your pocket. Please let me know in case any questions. Feedback. Thanks a lot and see you soon again. 6. Developing Leadership Skills Lecture 6 V02 final: allow and were counted electric tolerance for ambiguity as a performance, the necessity for tolerance for ambiguity. Today's professionals need to succeed in technology rich environments. Information age organizations are characterized by rapid change and uncertainty. Progressing globalization poses challenges through ambiguities that are caused for ever normal, complex and change ings. Also economical, environmental, technological and workforce factors. The ability to tolerate ambiguity, therefore, is increasingly vital for a successful leaders on employees alike. The definition The torrents for ambiguity or intolerance for ambiguity construct relates to a person's disposition or tendency in addressing uncertain situations. Concept is also described in organizational behaviour as a coping mechanism for dating this organization of change tolerance for ambiguity. As a performance driver, Torrance for ambiguity was found to support organizational performance drivers. So just mindfulness receptivity for cross cultural work and collaboration. Flexibility and adaptability, tolerance for failure, risk taking, creativity and innovation, South monetary entrepreneurship, managerial performance of first financial and market performance on cross culture competences. Indeed, studies have found that expatriates high tolerance for ambiguity adjust and perform better in global workplaces and cross culture environments. As Disney's Joe's tolerance for ambiguity influences one's behavior and consequently need a shipment decision making style. I recently had a discussion from my blogger on how different the application off the tolerance for ambiguity concept would be. For example, in a war situation, this might be a separate topic. Indeed, my experience and what we are studying together here is more about living and working rapidly changing societies and different countries rather than surviving in an environment off, even physical danger. Being from Western Europe myself, I'm now living in Japan. I'm often challenged in it after two entirely different approaches to how things are done. In that sense, it requires a lot of tolerance to understand except and collaborate is the ambiguity between the European champions culture. This answer still cost my discussion partners to evaluate this kind of lectures to introductory senior talk that is really theoretical and not really thankful for this challenge. I I think it is indeed use for telling the topic back, even toe the basics of human life. It is have to remember that whether we are living in a sort of war or ivory tower, nobody is absolutely safe. Death can knock at everyone starting time. From such a point of view, we all are exposed to insecurity also re tends to deny our mortality. Everyone should be fundamentally aware off that fact and concert country. We all have to deal with ambiguity and uncertainty in our lives. Actually, how we managed any situation in our life ultimately reflects how we handle all our affairs . Leaders. Qualities order for not only relevant and everything in the workplace, but at any given point to come back to the war rather than safe workplace situation. When I researched in more detail about intolerance, off uncertainty and ambiguity came to the conclusion that hope, as part of resilience, might be critical in helping people in threatening situations to endure. The uncertainty relates to their future and their for better cope with present situations off ambiguous information that requires an open mind. This practice stressful conditions. Somebody may experience also easier sense and done. It is possible to learn to stay perseverance, intolerance and not fall back to mean yourself defense, however tough the situation, individuals who are able to do so are rewarded with not only safety but even personal growth and related benefits off psychological health and well being that come with it. Where did you experience ambiguity. What's your success story in how you turned in terms for your into tolerance? Please let me know in the Q and A section. That would be an interesting discussion. Dealing with ambiguity is seldom talk. That's cool, but higher performing leaders tends to understand that uncertainly can be a gateway to opportunity. Did you have the opportunity to learn about the concept in school? Practicing tolerance for ambiguity, Learning and development should adopt toe the rapidly evolving business world, for example, by providing innovative learning strategies such as simulations, potential for improvement of learning. Progress related to tolerance for ambiguity can be measured with according psychometric assessments and monitored as a key leadership ability. So I hope this all has inspired you a little for learning even more about development off tolerance for ambiguity. Please let me know in case of any questions and feedback. Thanks and see you soon again 7. Developing Leadership Skills Lecture 7 V02 final: Hello and welcome to the lecture group work and across culture of teamwork. Definition Off Group Team A group off employees consists off individuals who simply coordinates their efforts. Team, on the other hand, builds stronger times by committing to a common purpose and challenging goals in that sense , for leadership in the organizations that term teamwork might be closer towards, we understands to be necessary to achieve collective works is benefits of teamwork. Bid for learning work Teamwork is considered a top personal development competence and indeed, teamwork is an integral part of many of today's complex workplaces. Why do you think is that so from your experience? What are possible? Benefits from teamwork? Indeed, there are plenty of benefits. For example, the following increased creativity and innovation, higher quality decisions, improved quality overall, better aligned processes, global competitiveness reduced employee turn over on absent days and last but not least more fun. High performing teams, High performing teams exert some common characteristics that are either task oriented or people oriented task oriented characteristics. Our commitment to technical success on schedule on boxing performance and commitment to producing high quality results. People oriented characteristics are high involvement, work, interest in high energy capability to solve conflicts. Good team spirits on mutual trust. The Team Development Stage Mother. Before being able to reap the benefits of high performance teams, one has to pay attention toe successful team development process. Team building generally follows certain process. Also, the sequences sometimes can somewhat differs on some process. Stages may have to be gone through even more than once. For example, when the team development falls back to a previous stage, people gathering into a team first moved to Orange themselves in formation off the new social situation, the purpose needs to be clarified. Why often leaving needs to provide some guidance and direction early in the process. In the so called storming stage, team members tried to negotiate the situation and want to position themselves. His potentially leads to conflict, which is important fill in order to clarify the purpose and structure the norm ing phase them team members roles and responsibilities become peer on agreements are found. Our leader facilitates this face can have team significantly establishing the required norms around the purpose and goal off the teamwork before it is possible to perform on the highest level as a team and before work can be effective delegated to commit its timbers. Finally, for example, a project tender when every task control and he may start to disengage as a leader, don't forget to appreciate and support individuals. Also, in this process off the solution may also help next time when people come together for teamwork again. Now let's practice a bit how leadership can support teams. Can you find the matching pairs off team needs and leader responses? What's the appropriate leader response for a Teams must be. Really Yes, it is, too. Number three. Make a Who is who in the What's the match for B teams needs comparing direction. Absolutely right. A leader should articulate a key direction for his for her team. How can leaders respond to the fact that number C teams need enabling structures exactly by making sure there is a right mix off members and to your norms? What when teams need support? If organization right do ensure good rewards and information systems are in place. And of course, because last number E teams need expert coaching leaders provide coaching in steam. France's well done multicultural teams, often international teams, comprise stopping reels from different cultures finally difficult to work together because 1st 1 side is used to multi disciplinary team work while the other side is used to specialist Second one is knowing market and culture X dollars in every market and countrywide. They're somebody may be used to flat hierarchies and others and more used to dominant leaders forth. Some team members are working times on a while. Others are operating from times on the fifth spoken languages can, for example, German or English, respectively. Any other language? Six. Someone may be familiar with homogeneous teams, while somebody else is familiar with more heterogeneous sevens. There, our team members who may have experiencing working in virtual teams and on land communication so, maybe mainly was to face to face complications. Eighth. There could be tendencies for expanding culture, stare typically or higher cultural sensitivity and individual recognition. The appliance with the others. As many industries continue to grow globally, there is high demand for the skills necessary to work successfully in interdisciplinary and multicultural teams. Organizations can significantly improve the creativity and innovation capacity through harnessing team members, different nationalities, knowledge about markets and knowledge about cultures. If they managed to resolve conflicts and build effective teams that are logistically. While organized cross cultural skills on sensible M bridging language pairs and successful in using risk for misunderstands, I think that the more diverse teams are mawr face to face. Communication opportunities should be provided to create social emotional basis that fosters understanding and agreement. Agreement in heterogeneous teams has a leading, culturally diverse environments. Please keep in mind that differences within multicultural teams should be recognized and personal characteristics acknowledged as individuals. Off team wants to be allowed to be genuinely themselves and not just representative, austere tactical culture or that group. In that sense, cultural understanding is not about making everybody same but recognising and appreciating individual differences. As always, please let me know in case of any questions or few picks, thanks a lot and see you soon again. 8. Developing Leadership Skills Lecture 8 V02 final: Hello and welcome to the lecture conflict mentions importance off conflict managers rather than the wished perfect harmony. Disagreements and arguments are reality. That's the workplace to what is at risk. Is employees well being work, performance and productivity? There's a chance today that conflict management isn't anymore. The human resource departments responsibility alone, but rather each line managers responsibility to conflict seemed to have negative teamwork on business, hindering consequences such as people become self versus other oriented communication. Effective Mr Climbs into group relations decline and dysfunctional behavior arises. But conflict can also be a catalyst and support organizations in their change, adoption and survival growth, evolution off the organization and in their innovativeness reasons for conflicts. Reasons for conflict, among others, can be incompatible goals that are letting parties feel that there goes interfere with each other. Power status differences, which creates dependencies on cooperation problems, scars. Resource is a situation that can motivate competition for the resource is on big was rules that create uncertainty and there for threatened goals. Group identification, which increases, for example, stereotype types of conflict Research has found the three main categories of conflicts which are one task based conflict caste based conflict pretends to discussions about work in dumb has a high potential for resolution. Can even provide very cool for creative thinking through stimulating multiple perspectives . Second, relationship based, coffee based confidence of type of conflict that tends to interpersonal interaction among individuals. On this believed to inhibit cognitive function that's producing Suboxone Province, third process based, coffee process based conflict pertains to how to work. Lead roles and responsibilities are assigned accomplished. This can be very disruptive in an organization. Function at the beginning off a project when deciding goals and location of resources. What's your conflict? Managements That well established on popular Conflict Management style assessment is based on the five modes of Conflict Management US initiative Thomas Killman in the 19 seventies. This organization conflict inventory is based on the two dimensions off assertiveness and corporate business assertiveness. Is the level off one being able to stand up for his her own self interest and for other people's rights in a calm and positive way without being either aggressive or positive? Cooperative? Nous, on the other hand, is the degree to which a person is generally agreeable in their relations with other people as supposed to electricity being self centered of hosting assertiveness and corporate weakness. So would you like to take tests regarding your assertiveness and competitiveness? Think about the way you behave when injecting with one person or group of people. For example, sports, teammates, classmates, social groups central. Answer the 15 questions about how you common caking those interactions. You can download the test questions from his course. That's no. What's your conflict handling Stein? Thes self assessment is designed to help you identify your preferred conflict. Managements that respond to the questions related to the conflict at work that you can like a test before download. From this course, When you have completed the test on score calculation, you will have found out. What do you have high levels in some off the five conflict management stance. To interpret the results, you can take the following descriptions as a guidance for what you're conflict management stands tends to be one. Accommodating, accommodating or yielding involves giving in completely to the other side situations or at least cooperating with little or no attention to your own interests. This style involves making unilateral concessions, unconditional promises and offering help with no expectation of resin broken help. Second, compromise compromising involves looking for position, which your losses are offset by equally valued games. It involves matching other parties, concessions, making conditional promises or threats. Andi actively search for middle ground between the interests off to practice. Third, avoiding avoiding tries to smooth over or avoid conflict situations on together presents a low concern for both self and the other party. In other words, Award is trying to suppress thinking about conflict, competing, competing or forcing even tries to win the conflict at the other's expense, he comes hard influenced happens particulary assertiveness to get once own way. Collaborating, collaborating or problem solving tries to find a mutually beneficial solution for both parties. Information sharing is an important feature off this time because balls bodies need to identify common ground and potential solutions that satisfy both or all collaboration or problems of this style of handling, conflict was positive, He relates to social intelligence, has the capability of understanding and responding feelings, behaviors of oneself and others is positively associated with a problem solving style off. When should each style use type off issue? Can situation influence our conflict? Management Following table gives some indication for what conflict management styles are typically suitable for what type of issues. For example, if the issue is highly important competition labia likely response from the other hands accumulation might be a more suited, conflict ending style in case of relative flow. Issue points in case off high importance relationships as in a longer and partnership. For example, accommodation, collaboration. Maybe the conflict handle style of choice rather than force from competition. Passive avoidance. Is there a high large power differential as, for example, between established experts on the newcomer? If so, competition might be required to have a saying in the conflict resolution, while accommodation with like it turned out to be never ineffective, compromising may be appropriate lift powers equally distributed among the conflict partners when there are high pressure time concerts, Sometimes there just isn't time for compromising on the quick all but suburb in conflict resolution through accommodation avoidance or all the competition maybe chose leadership and conflict management stance. Leadership characteristics influence the outcome. Off group, for example, servant leadership was found to support cooperation among followers for mutually beneficial conflict resolution. Conflict resolutions seem to require sometimes some mediation guidance. In that sense, laissez faire leadership was found to be counterproductive in reducing conflicts that can result, for example, unhindered bowling. That's the workers culture and workplace conflict management. To show how culture can shape conflict management. The introduction off the three cultural logics maybe happen in dignity cultures. Concept off individuals is one of relatively equal people way, each having a stable and internal sense of worth examples for dignity. Cultures are western Europe and the US individualistic cultures. Face cultures are more hierarchical in comparison, they emphasize in group Armani, and modest face cultures can be found in East Asian collectives. Cultures, mainly on their cultures, put greater emphasis on the need to establish on defense, divergent on himself In one scoop, examples of other cultures are within the Mediterranean. South Asian Latin American cultures. Studies have found that depending on the culture, different types of self worth off people conflicts to can arise from different reasons and handled differently, depending on whether someone is from the before mentioned dignity, face or on our culture's negative emotions from conflict, anger, shame a boat as the table interest rates mortgage training to enhance conflict management skills, conflict status may be parking determined by individuals natural disposition. But training can definitely have improvement of that conflict management skills significant . We can learn to use different strategies for conflict resolution on the choose less confronted the approaches, for example, in favor of exploitative styles that are built on negotiation that fascinated giant solutions. As we will see in the next lecture about negotiation strategies as well. Please let me know in case of questions or and feet back in time. Thanks and see you soon again. Yeah. 9. Developing Leadership Skills Lecture 9 V02 final: Hello and welcome to the lecture negotiation strategies introduction definition. Any kind of deal involves negotiation whenever interdependent parties interact for business with each other, a negotiation is a communication process in which multiple parties discussed problems and attempt to solve them by a dialogue. Perception of bias one off the great distances to effective communication of negotiation is unconscious bias for leaders. Even the tiniest unconscious biases have him outsized impact. The following are common areas of such bias bounded around nous when cognitive blinders prevent the person from seeing, seeking, using or sharing highly relevant, easily accessible and readily perceivable information during the decision making process. Cultural differences. Sometimes our perceptions can be misguided, and things are not always as they see our interest, values and culture act as filters which need us to distort, block or even trade What we choose to see and hear unconsciously, we bring our own culture frame off interpretation culturally influenced misperceptions such as stereotyping and projected similarities. Perception is selected as there are too many steam only in the environment, observed the screen out. Most of what we see, hear and feel. We allow only selected information through our perceptual screen our conscious mind perception is learned. We are not born seeing the world a certain way. Our experience teaches us to see the world specifically based on our cultural background on perception is constant whilst we see something in a particular way, intends to continue to see it that way. Seeing this image, what do you think it represents after having asked, different people have listed some possible answers that show how different the situation could be perceived by different people. The interpretations are as different as a meeting between father and starter. She could have a problem. A man angry with the woman and teaching her a lesson to friends but who are not on good terms for the time being. A man trying to talk to a woman who turns her back to him. A doctor helping her old father, husband. Healthy life, tenderness, kerchief, a pickpocket and so forth. Negotiation form. It's actually, while countless types of negotiations exist, there are only two main formats in which these negotiations take next. With this positional bargaining and principled negotiation, positional bargaining is distributing, arguing based on extreme positions, resulting in a win lose separations and it can be suitable for price negotiations in times of crisis for, for all other situations, principal negotiations, the better alternative as it is integrity, creating shared interests and resulting in a win win situations. Negotiations time. Also, you can find more details about negotiation styles and lecture about conflict management and handling styles provided summer here as well. Competition is the most others aerial style because it creates winners and losers. Competing negotiators seem aggressive and strategic. The competing start works best when, on the time Persian competing can create deadlocks and damage relationships. Though accommodation is a submissive style and quite the opposite of the competing stein, the style in making concessions can be successful when one wants to protect relationship. If this need is not critical, however, commodity if style risks to avoid too much without getting value back in return. Avoidance is passive can appear non transparent. Even these honest. Because of the lack of communication, a Reuters may be used in highly emotional member stations. However, normally this time results in resentment on stained constraint relationships. Compromise involves meeting halfway, one said. Make some concessions where the understand make some concessions to. In the end, there are no clear winners, but rather what is believed to be a fair result. Instead occurs. It works especially well when there is an ongoing and strong relationship with the other party. Compromising helps keeping the relationships drawn. Also, the agreements are usually not the most optimal ones for both pacts. Collaboration involves enjoying that both parties needs are met parties. Brains don't how to create use value outside of the box, collaborating on a solution. Collaborating is all about value creation and is commonly encouraged by those who supports the principle. Negotiation for this style is great at forming strong bonds, maintaining good relationships. However, color brightens. Diet is the most consuming and the most mentally explosive style. Also, it does not work equally well. Is competing Stein negotiate this as they may try to take advantage of suppression collaboration as an integrity negotiations. Time is increasing pi value. That's what makes it so worth striving for. It's simply not true that what one wins somebody else's losing. If all interested, well understood, collaborative negotiation results can increase the value for all of their for creating new value, which is not just a solution. Often existing pay negotiation preparation starts this a myth that there is no need for preparation. It would be wise to use the 80 20 rule rules of for negotiation. 80% of this preparation, 20% is actual neighbors. She's one of the most popular forms of negotiation. Preparation uses a seven compliments approach, as described in the famous book Getting to Yes by Roger Official Willing Ury and Bruce Path . The seven elements include interests options, negative leg day, missing alternatives, communication relationship and commitment. By considering all off the seven competence, you can go into a negotiation fully prepared and opportunity informed. Also, these approached her sister commendation two separate people from the issues to see the real interest come up with more problem solving options and to neutralize conflict by applying principles. Fairness. The parties to a negotiation ideally, do not only determine the French a best case outcome off a negotiation but also the best alternative to a negotiated agreement so called partner, which means an acceptable worst case scenario. Compared to the preference the combination of both parties button us and your preference for what is called persona possible agreement or soap as shown in the graph. As you can see both the Negotiator a, for example, by the party being, for example. In that case, the seller have a range of acceptable prices between their brother and their preference. The following approach can help your in practice. No, you're open and find out. Most other party spots NYSE make the first offer you are prepared, which is called anchoring. Make bilateral, not unilateral concessions. Focus on role playing issues, not personalities again. Separate person from issues. Craze value. Ask diagnostic questions, expand issues on the table, Reveal information about interests and priorities. Make multiple offers or equivalent value negotiation strategies. Trust an appreciation stripped negotiation can rely on questions and answers Q and A or substantiation and offers a solo performers associated with high trust between the negotiation parties, the latter with low trust. If there is little trust Pakistan not to want to share information because of distrust, questions and answers, air seen exposing possible vulnerabilities. The counterpart. Because of the resulting lack off information, little joint gangs can hard negotiation tax. I also need you to make aware of some hard topic tactics that you might better prepare for not to be caught off guard by some counterparts may employ the following extreme demands. Follow it by up by small, slow concessions. Downplayed commitment that it's pretending that there is no negotiation space. Take it or leave it. Negotiation strategy, which actually is no negotiation. Inviting on reciprocated offers Rebel without making own concessions, trying to make you flinch by making Great and Kravica months personal insults, bluffing and lying threats and warnings, believing your alternatives and the good cop bad cop gain. Also always ball. Sit in the same boat except to negotiate future negotiation. Exercise. It's like it is with everything, but the negotiation comes with practice, and you can use the following four exercises. If you want to condition yourself. You ever negotiate in any area off while practicing No to listen to. Others observed behaviour and popular thing Conduct research for negotiate everything, which means to reserve relocation to become a better as always, please let me know in case of any questions and feedback Thanks and hope to see you soon again 10. Developing Leadership Skills Lecture 10 V02 final: Hello and welcome to the lecture. Stress and time, relation, causes and consequences of occupation. Stress ever increasing job volumes. Town restrictions, High requirements at work. Customer dissatisfaction on conflict situations are causing workplace stress. Senior employees occupations just can have the two mental consequences. For example, it can change whole organization of cultures through leadership on the pressure, becoming less democratic on thereby demonstrates that it is not able to adapt to circumstances. Also, for example, or the Gates, it was found that lawyers have significantly high rate with drinking, destructive impact of stress and long hours for leadership coaches, for example, it is important to uncover also more subtle symptoms of stress. Research has identified five carriers of signs of senior executive stress. First appearance, for example, seem patterns, eating habits, weight throw exercise, energy levels and hypertension. Second performance, for example, ability to take decisions, concentration and memory, innovation capability and generating new ideas. Third Growth and South Development, for example, satisfaction with opportunities for personal growth and learning. Is it too much or not enough? Fourth, a sect manager for simple ability to feel, understand, control and show emotions of property. Fifth relationships, for example, perceived quantity and quality of relationships with life partners, family, friends and professional peers and superiors. What stresses you? What's you? Personality? Predisposition, for example, tends to be type A or Type B personality. And how is your emotional stability stare person organization with, for example, in the form of under over qualification or not having dr tools and resources? How stressful, Mr Organization culture for you, for example, the hierarchies been use communications are their role conflicts and review. Its, for example, argue in middle management, where they are unclear. Role boundaries, personality Prey's position. Type A B to predict the likelihood for person flails, stress personality types A and B can be useful as a model. And he was Type A characterised its arm or restless, tense, impatient, achievement oriented workaholic and processing domineering, correct use its whereas individuals with that characteristics arm or complacent, easy going relaxed with ours. Unsurprisingly, studies found that individuals with type a personality tends to be more prone to stress. You can assess whether you in kind more tools eight or P personality at psychology today that come Weddell from free. Second, the relationship between stress and job performance. High complexity, rapid change risk taking and innovation are characterised its productive work places. But the same cannot be perceived as stressful as the potential result in high world close pressure on uncertain. So as long as stress does not become all running and chronic to employees, stressful conditions of high demand environments are positively correlated with hyper. There is a level off idea pressure that results in optimal performers. Thes relationship can be industry that by the so called inverted you diagram, as you can see if there is too little pressure employees may get there's interested the motivated board while on the other hand, too much pressure cause excitement and strain with the negative effects discussed in election until up to total personal break down because of stress. What can you do? Can you resolve your stress with the hope chocolate coffee look, They are crossed over can or even a double espresso. Joke aside, how stress is managed personally on with improvisations. That's a lot to do with leadership and related leadership starts. Self leadership, self leadership training decreases stress on increases, self efficacy and positive emotional self readership is there for a preventive stress management approach, and we belive strategies such as gold set in south morning during several what focus on intrinsically motivating aspect of past on work is and for increased meaning. Andan joinem scholars recommends that the teaching of South leadership should be emphasized more any management course to increasingly this ability to cope with stress effect. Transformation allusion Transformational leadership has been found to help in reducing stress through the promotion of possible and believe ahead. Appreciated leadership. Often what it mainly takes by management to reduce stress and teams is to give employees what they need. Your garden appreciation care appreciated leaders create an environment off trust and respect where good communication and plenty recognition, flexibility of control and cultural differences are all land Indeed, daily the hose off simple praise and gratitude Even leaders customers are co workers, significantly predicts serenity work. It's which needs more joy on dwelling overall time. Managing some persons was leadership aspirations, and some working environments may feel guilty and little productive. If they don't work overtime. Don't feel delayed and don't over complicate even outside of working hours. How last time management is an essential leadership competency rather than follow might be true if you are busy as there neither. Who are doing something wrong? Tips for effective time management Time management provides You may want to develop your time management. Following three profiles may be helpful. Remembering some useful peppers centralized Mona crops they do preferentially one thing that appear to be self in place by their centralized match in style on stands not to delegate power procrastinate managers. They are passive from the news that the school delegate without morning don't go on are unaware off their procrastination. Decentralized PolyGram's. They have preference for room two or more activities. At the same time, Our multitasking intentionally Andrews Time Management, taking effective studies indication is you found that most of the main leaders were broke last in active managers. Also, this is the least effective time management he centralized party crafts, war founds to manage their time best. However, please keep in mind that's these findings come from an organizational, linguistic environment, other situations. Full education with one thing at a time rather than Paul crimes may be more appropriate. Einstein, for example, at his sentencing breakthroughs. Not during this multi tasking employment time at the patent office in Bern, but when he focused consequently on his research organizations. SAVAGES There are some organization strategies that will benefit the individual leader as well as the organization in there. These are planning on girls sitting, writing it down. Staying focused Delegation clarifying decision authority. Arms maintaining work, life balance Finding Also, it may be against your aggression. Do what its most important not what is just version. In fact, many survey results show that employees often spent too much time on seeming urgent tasks while neglecting the important ones that would promise to dramatically increase the quality of the work. Accomplished as always, please that, you know, in case of any questions, feedback, thank you so much and see you assume again. 11. Developing Leadership Skills Lecture 11 V04 final: Hello and welcome to the lecture Motivation. What This motivation Moderation is a process that explains how hard person tries effort, where his or her efforts are directed. Direction on how long the effort is maintains to cheating ago. Persistent What It's you, What's the order off in partners following possibly motivators at workers Effort, Direction, Persistence, Road Rage is feeling off being in on phones, interesting work, personal loyalty to employees, good working conditions, job security, appreciation of work down, sympathetic helping personal problems, emotions and growth, the organization or a tactful discipline. When doing this exercise myself, I thought that the contacts that which I think is influencing my pressurization also have found that all the time the importance of some servant promise change. How is it for you? Theories off motivation, achievement, motivation. The traditional approach to explain right levels of speculation. Riedel's Kiss that achievement motivation, which states that people's strive for achievement. It's a personality. This position also the personal desire to choosing usually do. First, being tau understands behavior it, despite the considered situation on the environmental characteristics rather than person, intrinsic extreme population in Dreams Inc. We contrast extrinsic population is behavior that is driven by internal, naturally satisfying rewards rather than external material compensation. It was found that in drinking motivation increases the lightness of services that employees are providing. He sounds somewhat larger. Cats intrinsic motivation that lost love, what they do. Job characteristics, model of war, population. The notion off intrinsic motivation was looking further by psychologists in the 19 seventies. Kinkade's toe specific psychological states as necessary predecessors off motivation is psychological. States include states off a meaningfulness responsibility on knowledge. The psychological states are believed to depend on job characteristics, as described by the coal job dimensions off skill variety, task, task, significance, job autonomy as well as food back. We see he's together with a result positive work outcomes that are heightened internal work . Motivation. I called work performance high satisfaction with the work low absenteeism and turnover comes the morning little seeks and experiences growth in personal development. These mechanisms escape. Think of it as a positive. The relationships between core chopped Imation's critical psychological states on personal work outcomes, part of highest importance for employers on Lucas, who wants their employees to proactively engage that responsibility on optimally before South determination. You're more recent advances in motivation signs. Specifically, the development of self determination Theory called for a shift from the focus for corn population Person has for a goal to the quality of their population. Low quality motivation impact short term ends for our performance. While high quality population foster sparked, a functioning translates into high job performance improved in the long term well being on Friday Jump in region, for example, this one means to promote the quality improved carrier success perception of the fact that you can help keep the emperor motivation high. I'm ensure their attention in the company, using the lessons learned from self determination theory, spark passion in employees and get their South motivation for increased work presentation. Woman resource development practices are advised. He developed a following three competences in their employees are increasing, expected by the younger generation. A encourage or stolen invite. Its flooring choices within agreed upon bounties. Call Liberty is at golds. People relatedness show employees how they can contribute to something greater. Helping Negroes to align work with their own values on work related purpose on see build competence emphasized learning goals are just performers girls problem solving so solely on alternative strategies your leadership stance. Dynamic leadership. 40 marketers. Dynamic leadership helps improve T motivation rather than just foreign videos, as teams achieve more than the sum of read wells leadership for a few more organizations. Dynamic leaders who are facilitating team operation are characterized that focused energy on the never loads compassion. Promoting success that is not based on any one leader but on the entire team. Seeing opportunities and obstacles, taking races, inspiring and influencing people rather than just demonstrate hierarchical command and control supporting employees in defensive stations, fairness and alignment his age are impacts leadership from operations to develop. This is also the task of your source management. HRM also influence top design and work planning organization in many days, as they can bring in personalized, more conventional designs. All development as always, Please let me know in case of a question and feedback many things and see you soon again 12. Developing Leadership Skills Lecture 12 V02 final: hello and welcome to the lecture decision making and treated prior to all leader behaviour , a decision making process was performed. It is not the machines, despite the hype about artificial intelligence, for example, that are ultimately responsible for the decisions leading to the creation of Noel Outcomes . With these people, good human decisions are king for the survival of any business on health care, for example, that decisions are number one reason for death because more than 80% off the health expenses. So skills for decision making, information sharing, competitiveness and pioneering new markets depend a lot on the generation of value. Today's information age information sharing collaboration among teams, including virtual teams, is vital for Canadian informed decision making and related relatedness. Leaders who can relates to situations and people can make more money out of which helps them to engage in more robust on inclusive decision making processes. Collective problem solving intelligence I average individual intelligence and a team on the way a team collaborates needs to hire collective intelligence as a result of high quality intelligence, high problem solving abilities. The quality of decisions was found to prove as well beyond rationalization, rationality in decision making is considered on essential factor for organizational leadership, since since nationalization in decision making is about one collecting evidence on Second, analyzing the information to make a final Joyce. However, desire for rationality often over it uses the complexity of situations which may make life insurance short term but have severe, detrimental consequences for the future. Modern decision making embraces the recommendation off paradise. Andi is using complexity as a source for creative strategies rather than us and obstacles toe over Simply, you might have learned about the benefits of a shared wishing to, which is good thing. But what they want to say here is that we need to rethink such single version approaches. Shared Vision imposes a rationalized, sameness limited set of possibilities. If you like probably very different stakeholders of organization, in fact, with early recognition off the different interests and needs as well emotional intelligence to mitigate cognitive violence, biases, perception habits can also render our decisions buyers. We all too easily fall into learned patterns of thinking without too much questioning anymore. This is what sometimes is called expert, as I often say, we not only need to learn but also considering following fandoms for example, 90% off five year old are created from 10% off 17 years over on Lee. A further half off, 5% off 20 years old are still trade. To detect the virus, emotional intelligence is right. Compute high competence in south winds. Self expression, interpersonal communication and stress mention participation for psychological safety. Participative decision making is depending on how psychological safe members off team Fear used to participate of climate is good. Decisions are generally to these is mainly because because giant decision making is positively related to team creativity. But this enhanced with team members, feel safe creativity. Not only is creative it important for decision making, as we have seen, but creativity is also directly related to increased business performance, especially in constantly changing environments, educational or Corporates. Imagine a plane iron barred. It has a $5 worth. You create horseshoes from it, value increases to 10 jobs. For example, if you create on the other hand, luxury watch from it, more value up to 200,000 can be created. This difference between the $5 to $1000 is creativity too authentic leadership researchers found, and great creativity increases through attentive leadership. Authentic leadership is about psychology psychologically empowering employees through the encouragement off Aventis, which is the ideal premises. So when encouraging for trust and psychological states of safety, intrinsic motivation and autonomy, leaders can increase performance on individual employees and overall organizational level. Asked this plate rough distances round as a further mediating information sharing my leaders, teams on team members alike was found to find a climate in which creativity Florence is especially well. How creative are you? What do you think? So I hope you have found the import off his lecture and the whole course Helpful toe identifying potential possibilities. How to improve your leadership skills. Please let me know in case if you have any questions or feedback. Thanks a lot. I hope to see you soon again.