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16 Videos (16m)
    • 1. Trailer: Developing A Mobile Business

    • 2. Business Type and Research

    • 3. Local Business Help and Resources

    • 4. What Financial Assistance Is Available?

    • 5. What Kind Of Lists Do I Need?

    • 6. Location and Target Market

    • 7. How To Register A Business

    • 7. Will I Need Employees?

    • 8. Rules and Regulations To Follow

    • 9. Be Creative!

    • 10. Accounting, Legal Advice and IT Help

    • 11. Promoting Your Mobile Business

    • 12. What Is Your Niche?

    • 13. What Services Do You Provide?

    • 14. Marketing and Supplies

    • 15. Project Challenge and Encouragement


About This Class

Thank you for checking out my class!

This course is for those who want insight into how to develop a mobile business.

***Bonus: I am also including a bonus article I wrote called "Esthetics the Progressive Industry.

I have been in the Esthetics Industry for over 15 years, both as a Cidesco Certified Esthetician and a College skin care Instructor. This course is not only for those in the Aesthetic Industry, but for anyone who can transfer their skills to a mobile business.

Mobile business services are becoming more a necessity. Many are in a position that prevents them from being able to leave the home. Due to physical limitations, being in a position of caring for others, or the desire to just have the convenience of receiving business right in the comfort of your own home.

After working a full work week, many clients find it is another full time job to just run simple errands.

The items taught in the class will include but are not limited to the development, research, resources, and execution plan for the overall success of opening a mobile business.

You will be given a "Try it For Yourself" challenge at the end of the class to give you a chance to look at yourself and see what existing services  may be applicable in a mobile setting.

Thank you for taking my course and I love your feedback and reviews!





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Skin2u Esthetics

Expert Skincare by Dara Cardoza

Skin2u Esthetics offers over 17 years of expertise in Esthetics. My hands on approach to improving skin concerns are my top priority. My clients receive custom designed treatments from head to toe.

At Skin2u I provide professional treatments using dynamic products with expert advice. The passionate approach I take to skincare is surrounded by quality care and effective results.

My qualifications include a diploma in Esthetics received from Seneca College of Applied Arts and...

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